Chapter 200 – Five Element Tempest

Chapter 200 – Five Element Tempest

Dao Insight was a cultivator’s comprehension towards the Heaven Dao, and if one’s comprehension ability wasn’t high, one would be unable to comprehend a trace for one’s entire lifetime, whereas, this Dao Insight Origin Pill was instead able to allow one to instantly comprehend a Dao Insight after swallowing it. This type of effect that seized the fortune of the heaven and earth was simply heaven defying!

A supreme rarity like the Dao Insight Origin Pill is actually contained within Qian Yuan’s Treasure Vault? Chen Xi was greatly moved in his heart as well upon hearing this, and he had a dreamy expression.

If it was said that the Postnatal, Congenital, Violet Palace, and Golden Hall Realms competed in the thickness of one’s True Essence, then after the Golden Core Realm, besides the thickness of one’s True Essence, it was more a competition of Dao Insight!

The more Dao Insights a cultivator comprehended, the higher the cultivator’s strength would rise to be. Most importantly, one’s assurance in overcoming the Heavenly Tribulations and becoming a Heavenly Immortal would be greater…

Take a Golden Core Realm cultivator as an example, the quality of the cultivator’s golden core depended on the quality of the Yin and Yang qi absorbed and the amount of Dao Insights comprehended by the cultivator.

The Yin and Yang Qi were the foundation, the essentials, as only by using it to temper one’s True Essence would one be able to condense one’s Golden Core, whereas, the Dao Insight was the soul, the core. Without the soul, then no matter how great the quality of the Golden Core was, it would only be an empty shell, a puppet.

When some Golden Core Realm cultivators went against their enemies, they only had to look from afar at the amount of Dao Insights contained on their enemy’s golden core to roughly determine their enemy’s strength and cultivation before adapting their tactics to battle or flee.

Of course, Dao Insights were also divided by Minor Daos and Grand Daos, and their might naturally couldn’t be compared.

For example, amongst the four types of Dao Insights comprehended by the Han Clan’s Patriarch, Han Guyue, only the Slaughter Dao Insight was a Grand Dao, and the other three were only Minor Daos. But even then, his strength was much stronger than some Golden Core Realm cultivators that had comprehended over 10 Minor Daos, and the key was that the Slaughter Dao Insight he comprehended was a type of Grand Dao of the heaven and earth. The strength of every single Grand Dao was capable of crushing all Minor Daos!

Of course, Grand Daos were developed by countless Minor Daos, so the more Minor Daos accumulated and the deeper one’s comprehension of them, the higher one’s chance of developing them into a Grand Dao would be.

For example, the Grand Dao of Water was developed from the Tidal, Lake, Snow, Ocean, Rain, and many other Minor Daos that contained the energy of water. So long as one completely comprehended these Minor Daos, it would be equivalent to mastering the Grand Dao of Water.

Thus, one could know from this exactly how great the difference was between a Grand Dao and Minor Dao.

Cultivating until now, Chen Xi’s day and night visualization of the Fuxi’s Divine Statue had allowed his comprehension ability to become extraordinary and peerless, and the Universe Starslayer Bodyforging Arts and Myriad Convergence Sword Scripture he cultivated faintly contained numerous profundities of the Heaven Dao. Up till now, all the 11 types of Dao Insights he’d cultivated were supreme Grand Daos, and he could be said to have already possessed an extremely deep potential in the Grand Dao. So long as he unearthed this enormous potential and completely mastered their quintessence, then the achievements he would be able to attain would absolutely far exceed an ordinary person.

But Grand Daos were extremely deep and profound.  Presently, his Dao comprehension stage was only at the point of peeking into the doorway of these 11 types of Grand Daos, and if he wanted to completely comprehend them, it would be an extremely long process. Moreover, the time and energy consumed would far exceed an ordinary person by more than a few times.

“Alright, everyone, let’s head out now. Our journey to search for Qian Yuan’s Treasure Vault this time requires us to pass through countless dangerous areas and even encounter demon beasts that move in groups, so everyone must watch out. Patriarch Tantai must pay more attention as well and guide our path, otherwise, if we go on the wrong path in the Oceanic Desert, we’d die a graveless death.” Huangfu Chongming’s gaze swept past everyone as he spoke out with a clear voice, and then he was the first to fly up and head deeper past the Devil’s Rock.

Chen Xi and the others flew up into the sky right away and followed behind Huangfu Chongming.

At this time, groups could be discerned. Chen Xi and Tantai Hong were together, whereas the Earthly Heaven Sect’s Lin Moxuan and the Nine Cauldrons Immortal Sect’s Xiao Linger had moved closer together. The two brothers Teng Huaji and Teng Huaxu and instead formed a group with Huangfu Chongming.

Their group of seven people had instead divided into three groups. When this scene entered into Chen Xi’s eyes, he was even more certain that even if they entered Qian Yuan’s Treasure Vault, disputes would arise because of the unfairness of the distribution of treasures, and even battles between each other couldn’t be excluded.

“Chen Ke, you have to watch out. Your strength is the weakest amongst all of us, and once we encounter danger, I’m afraid that even I will be unable to be of much help to you.” As they flew, Tantai Hong sent a voice transmission and instructed Chen Xi.

“I understand.” Chen Xi nodded. He was pondering a single thing. Earlier, when they’d just set out, he’d unintentionally noticed that the Bloodcrescent Devil Sect twins seemed to have been always secretly watching him with flickering gazes and mysterious expression as if they’d noticed something.

These two people are surely the subordinates of that Hall Master, Fan Yunlan, whereas, that Fan Yunlan ought to have seen my appearance during the Hidden Dragon Rankings a few years ago. Could it be… These Teng surnamed brothers have already guessed my identity? Chen Xi deliberated in his mind as he secretly started taking precautions against them.

At the same time, Teng Huaji and Teng Huaxu that flew ahead of him were communicating with each other as well. “Big Brother, this Golden Hall Realm kid is surely Chen Xi, without a doubt. Look.” As he spoke, a Mirage Jade Slip appeared in the hands of Teng Huaxu.

Teng Huaji glanced imperceptibly at the surroundings when he heard Teng Huaxu, and then when he saw no one was paying attention to him, he swept out with the energy of his soul right away and instantly saw the figure of a handsome young man gush out from the jade slip. The young man was tall and extraordinary, and he was exactly similar to Chen Ke that followed behind them!

“It really is this despicable kid! Not only did he kill 32 of our Bloodcrescent Demon Sect’s Devilspirit Guard, he even stole the Lord’s Nine Syllables of Truth talisman and the Buddha’s Pagoda. Because of this matter, our Hall Master Fan suffered the fierce punishment of the Lord and was reduced to carrying out missions in Oceanic City. He’s truly detestable!” Teng Huaji gnashed his teeth as he spoke via voice transmission.

“Hehe, Big Brother, calm your anger. That kid has delivered himself right into our hands now. Let’s find an opportunity to kill him and seize the Nine Syllables of Truth talisman and the Buddha’s Pagoda. That’s a great merit and Hall Master Fan will surely heavily reward us brothers. In this way, our status in the sect will surely rise along with this and we’ll be able to enjoy various resources that we’ve dreamed of for a long time.” Teng Huaxu smiled ominously, and his eyes revealed killing intent.

“Alright! If we don’t properly grasp such an opportunity sent by the heavens, then we’ll really suffer the wrath of the heavens.” Teng Huaji laughed coldly without end. “I heard this kid is ranked at the top in some Hidden Dragon Rankings and is well known throughout the southern territory. He looks just like an ant to me and is bound to die at the hands of us brothers.”

“Big Brother, when are we making our move?” Teng Huaxu asked.

“There’s no hurry. If we make a move now, it will probably draw the attention of the others. It would be really bad if those two treasures were seen by them.” Teng Huaji pondered for a moment and said, “Perhaps…”

Roar! Roar! Roar! Roar!

Right at the instant before Teng Huaji could finish speaking, shrill and ferocious beast roars and terrifying cries suddenly sounded out from extremely far away in the desert, and a myriad of multicolored clouds and mist enveloped the skies and covered the earth.

“Shit! That’s the Five Element Tempest, and within the tempest is the Five Element Ruins where an inexhaustible amount of formidable demon beasts reside!” Huangfu Chongming’s eyes squinted before he shouted out explosively.

At this time, Chen Xi had noticed the gorgeous and multicolored tempest as well, and it was so beautiful, yet so dangerous!

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