Chapter 1999 – Mysterious Woman

A light barrier that reflected the scene of a region had appeared above Chen Xi. It was completely round and dazzling. Numerous universes circulated within it while a myriad of stars cycled through it, and it revealed boundless profound scenes.

Chen Xi’s back was ramrod straight, and he seemed steady like a pine tree as he sat cross-legged there while being bathed beneath divine radiance. His entire body was covered by strands of violet gold energy, and he seemed solemn, tranquil, and otherworldly.

On the other hand, the region within his body was like a great void that had surging divine energy whistling through it, and they rumbled like thunderclaps.

Under such a state, his vital energy, vital blood, strength, soul…. Everything within him seemed lively and seething, and it was extremely miraculous.

Besides that, a new and dazzling Violet Gold Imperial Sovereign Star had arisen above his Soul Divine Flame. It enhanced the radiance of the other three Violet Gold Imperial Sovereign Stars, emanated violet gold energy, and illuminated Chen Xi’s entire soul and covered it with a layer of a divine aura.

The Fourth Star Region Lord Realm!

Chen Xi had merely refined and absorbed the inheritances within the Seal of the Shaman through 20 years of closed door cultivation in order to rescue Zhen Liuqing. However, he’d actually coincidentally broken through by luck, and his entire strength had obtained another tremendous transformation!

The region within his body had expanded once more, his strength had improved again, and the strength of his soul had risen every higher. Even the essence, energy, and spirit within his body was dense and seething to the extreme!

Even Chen Xi himself felt slight disbelief that his strength had advanced to a higher level in a short period of 20 years. If news of this were to spread, the world would definitely think he was a freak.

However, Chen Xi was clearly aware that it was absolutely because of the Seal of the Shaman that he was able to accomplish this!

The complete inheritances of an entire era was converged within the Sea of the Shaman, so the energy within it was extremely vast. Now that it was refined and absorbed by Chen Xi, the benefits he obtained were naturally beyond imagination.

If I were to continue along this speed of cultivation, then wouldn’t my cultivation rise steadily by just refining and absorbing the other 7 Era Brands? After experiencing the pleasant surprise he felt in the beginning, Chen Xi had calmed down and seemed to have thought of something.

Refining and absorbing the Seal of the Shaman had already allowed him to obtain complete knowledge about how to deduce the inheritances of different eras with the Talisman Dao.

Under such circumstances, Chen Xi was very confident that he would definitely not encounter any obstructions if he were to refine and absorb another Era Brand!

But Chen Xi couldn’t help but shake his head right after that. He was able to sense that his cultivation had arrived at a full state, and it was probably impossible for him to digest the energy within even more Era Brands within a short period of time.

He was like a full pool, and the pool had to be expanded and enlarged in order to accumulate even more water.

The current state of Chen Xi’s cultivation was just like that, and it was on the verge of becoming full. However, he didn’t lack additional water. He merely lacked further tempering so that his body could be expanded, allowing him to absorb even more energy and advance into a higher level.

“As expected, it’s clearly impossible to attain success in one go….” Chen Xi laughed bitterly but didn’t feel disgruntled. It was even to the extent that the refinement and absorption of the Seal of the Shaman was like the opening of a new door to him, and he’d obtained great gains and was extremely pleasantly surprised.

Firstly, he was sure that even if the Era Brands were restrained within the River Diagram fragments, they weren’t barriers to him anymore, and they were unable to stop him from refining and absorbing the Era Brands.

Secondly, the Era Brands were like well-prepared sources of energy for him to advance further in his cultivation, so he didn’t have to look for any other fortuitous encounters while he cultivated. He just had to wait for that critical factor, and then he could utilize the Era Brands to rise steadily in his cultivation.

Lastly, the benefits he obtained from the refinement and absorption of the Era Brand wasn’t merely reflected by a change in his cultivation. Most importantly, the inheritances contained within it had been completely grasped by Chen Xi!

This was Chen Xi’s greatest gain.

For example, the inheritances contained within the Seal of the Shaman included all the systems of cultivation, cultivation techniques, cultivation knowledge, and various others from within the Shaman Civilization

Under such circumstances, if Chen Xi was placed in the last Era, then he could absolutely be considered to be an all-knowing existence!

He would be no different from Senior White who was considered to be the ‘teacher of all’.

Besides that, since Chen Xi had grasped these inheritances during this era, it would absolutely be able to bring forth unimaginable effects.

Just like this very moment, even Wu Xuechan were helpless against the Divine Black Lich Venom that Zhen Liuqing was inflicted with, and there were even very few people in the entire world who could overcome this secret technique.

However, in the opinion of Chen Xi who’d completely refined and absorbed the Seal of the Shaman, the Divine Black Lich Venom was merely a Soul Secret Technique from the Black Lich Tribe of the last era, and he knew how to deal with it.

In next to no time, Chen Xi stood up, and then his gaze descended onto the translucent jade coffin.


He opened it up and carefully carried Zhen Liuqing out from within it, and then he placed her on a meditation cushion.

After that, he took a deep breath while he silently recalled the method to eliminate the Divine Black Lich Venom. After he confirmed that there were no mistakes in any of the specifics, Chen Xi finally acted.


He formed seals with his hands, and he drew numerous mysterious and odd Shaman Markings with the tip of his finger. These Shaman Marking surged like streams of water and entered into Zhen Liuqing’s body.

Outside the hall, Tu Meng sat cross-legged on the ground.

Since the moment Chen Xi had started his closed door cultivation 20 years ago, Wu Xuechan had arranged for Tu Meng to reside here so that Tu Meng could notify him as soon as Chen Xi emerges from within the hall.

However, to Tu Meng’s surprise, this wait had continued for 20 years of time.

Of course, this little bit of time was nothing for a Region Lord like Tu Meng. The true source of his bewilderment was that his Grand Martial Ancestral Uncle, Wu Xuechan, had actually came over no less than 10 times, and it seemed like Wu Xuechan had something important to discuss with Chen Xi.

However, because there had been no sign of movement from Chen Xi until now, Wu Xuechan could only leave helplessly every single time.

“Why exactly is Grand Martial Ancestral Uncle looking for Martial Ancestral Uncle? Could it be related to that mysterious woman?” Tu Meng’s thoughts had wandered off.

During the last 20 years, news related to the current situation of the Ancient God Domain had been ceaselessly sent over to Oracle Mountain.

Tu Meng paid the most attention to a string of bloody incidents that had occurred 18 years ago or two years after Chen Xi entered into closed door cultivation. Because seven Region Lords had perished in succession!

Moreover, the murderer was the same person, a mysterious woman of unknown background and origin!

Most puzzling of it all was that all 7 Region Lords that the mysterious woman had killed were actually from various different powers, and they weren’t related at all. So, it was impossible to determine if she was acting out of revenge or some other reason.

But no matter what, this string of bloody incidents had quickly caused the entire Ancient God Domain to be stirred, and everyone fell into panic and were worried about their own lives.

Even the top-rate powers in the Imperial Region had made sufficient preparations against the possibility that she would pay a visit to them.

According to rumor, even powers like the Sovereign Sect, Divine Institute, Dao Institute, and Nuwa’s Dao Palace had dispatched experts to investigate the matter, and they’d even dispatched Daolords.

But in the end, they were actually unable to obtain any clues!

This was extremely unusual.

A few years passed after that before a Daolord from the Divine Institute had encountered the mysterious woman by chance, so he attacked ferociously with the intention of capturing her.

But unexpectedly, the mysterious woman had actually been able to escape successfully!

As soon as news of this had spread, it instantly caused the Ancient God Domain to be even more shocked and filled with uproars. Everyone was unable to imagine that the mysterious woman could actually escape safely from a Daolord.

Who exactly is she?

Why have we never heard of such a formidable figure in the past?

No one knew the answer to these questions.

However, the rumors related to that mysterious woman were like snowballs that grew larger and larger as they moved along, and it made her become the center of attention in the Ancient God Domain.

It was even to the extent that even the limelight that was shining strongly upon Chen Xi had faintly showed signs of being surpassed by her.

After all, even though the incident where Chen Xi annihilated 12 Region Lords was shocking, everyone was clearly aware that he was a personal disciple from Oracle Mountain. Moreover, he’d been rather famous a very long time ago and was like a peerlessly monstrous genius.

So, everyone naturally paid more attention to the mysterious woman.

Most importantly, the strength possessed by her was actually sufficient for her to escape a Daolord, and this was too terrifying.

Merely this alone made it impossible for Chen Xi to compare to her.

Coupled with the fact that her whereabouts were unknown, and that she’d annihilated numerous Region Lords in succession. No one was sure if she would stop, so the amount of attention they focused onto her was naturally greater than Chen Xi.

Step! Step!

A wave of flat and slow sounds of footsteps jolted Tu Meng awake from his wild thoughts, and then he raised his head to gaze at the person who’d arrived. After that, he hurriedly stood up, bowed, and greeted. “Grand Martial Ancestral Uncle.”

It was naturally Wu Xuechan who’s arrived here.

“Is there still no movement from within the hall?” Wu Xuechan glanced at the tightly closed door of the hall and couldn’t help but frown.

Tu Meng shook his head. “None at all.”

“Looks like… I can only wait until next time.” Wu Xuechan sighed lightly and was just about to turn around and leave.

However, right at this moment, the tightly closed door had suddenly creaked open.

“Eldest Senior Brother, what do you need from me?” Chen Xi’s tall figure walked out from within while he gazed at Wu Xuechan with a puzzled expression.

“Hahaha! Little Junior Brother, you’ve finally shown yourself.” Wu Xuechan roared with laughter while he sized up Chen Xi from top to bottom. After that, he couldn’t help but exclaim with admiration. “Your cultivation has actually advanced once more after a short 20 years of time. Extraordinary! Extraordinary!”

Tu Meng opened his eyes wide while he gasped, and he said in his heart, My god! Martial Ancestral Uncle is truly abnormal! Such a speed of advancement is simply too much!

Chen Xi rubbed his nose, shrugged, and laughed bitterly. “It was all a result of luck and coincidence. Even I’m slightly surprised by it.”

Tu Meng forcefully restrained his impulse to roll his eyes at Chen Xi. Coincidence? Why have I never encountered such a fortunate event?

Wu Xuechan nodded instead and said, “How is it? Has the Divine Black Lich Venom been eliminated from Miss Zhen?”

Chen Xi immediately revealed a smile when this was mentioned, and he said, “Thank you for the concern, Elder Senior Brother. I’ve completely resolved that problem.”

He paused for a moment and continued. “However, she has been unconscious for too long, and her vital energy is weak to the extreme. So, I’m afraid that she’ll have to recover for a long time before she can regain consciousness.”

Wu Xuechan smiled and said, “It’s fine so long as she can regain consciousness.”

Chen Xi said, “Elder Senior Brother, is there something you need?”

He’d just happened to have heard Wu Xuechan’s sigh from before, so he faintly sensed that his Eldest Senior Brother had definitely not come here just to pay him a visit.

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