Chapter 1998 – The Seal Of The Shaman (Part 2)


Chen Xi didn’t hesitate to send his consciousness into the Seal of the Shaman.

Unlike the last time, Chen Xi had gathered his entire consciousness and sent it completely into the Seal of the Shaman.

This was extremely dangerous. Because if anything unexpected occurred, then it could cause the collapse of his consciousness. This would cause his soul to suffer a heavy injury, and it might even make him suffer from qi deviation.

However, the matters of the world were always like this. If one wanted to obtain something, then one had to bear the corresponding risk and danger.

Chen Xi had made up his mind, so he would naturally not act hesitantly.

In next to no time, the familiar scenes of the Shaman Civilization had appeared once more, and they flashed incessantly through Chen Xi’s mind.

When these scenes started to gradually warp and become multicolored ribbons, Chen Xi suddenly circulated the energy of his Talisman Dao, and he started to analyze and deduce all the transformations of this era.


In an instant, the multicolored scene in Chen Xi’s mind suddenly exploded apart, and it transformed into fine and dense specks of light.

The rain of light was too dense and like a vast ocean, and it covered the heavens and the earth. It was the fragments of the Shaman Civilization!

Every single fragment was a fine and unique inheritance, and the dense fragments jointly formed the entire Shaman Civilization.

At the moment, Chen Xi had to utilize the energy of his Talisman Dao to completely comprehend the inheritances contained within every fragment, and then replace them with Talisman Markings!


A strand of consciousness swept out and instantly locked onto one of these fragments. At the same time, a completely unfamiliar profundity of inheritance was reflected in Chen Xi’s mind.

It was an inheritance from the Shaman Civilization, and it was unique and obscure.

To Chen Xi who’d just come into contact with this sort of inheritance, it was clearly challenge for him to fully deduce their profundities with the Dao of Talismans and completely replace them with Talisman Markings in the end.

However, since he’d started cultivating until now, Chen Xi had experienced all sorts of dangers and difficulties. So, he’d started working on it as soon as he locked onto that fragment of the Shaman Civilization.

Om! Om!

Strands of consciousness transformed into the tiniest talisman markings, and they were like fine tentacles which infiltrated the Civilization Fragment and quickly enveloped it completely.

After that, the talisman markings started to glow and circulate as if they were breathing, and they cooperated with each other from afar.

At the same time, all sorts of comprehensions started to surge into Chen Xi’s heart. They were unfamiliar, obscure, and they suffused his heart like water.

Even though it was merely a single fragment that seemed tiny like a drop of water in an ocean, the profundities and inheritances contained within it was extremely shocking.

Chen Xi exhausted an entire three months of time before he was finally able to fully comprehend its profundities.


In the end, this fragment suddenly transformed into a strange talisman marking, and it swished off before it was drowned beneath the dense rain of light.

Every single ‘droplet’ in the rain of light was a fragment of the Shaman Civilization, and they could be said to be dense like the vast starry sky and covered the world.

Presently, Chen Xi had to spend three months of time before he was finally able to refine and absorb a single fragment, and this clearly displayed how long it would take for him to fully refine and absorb the fragments of the Shaman Civilization.

However, Chen Xi clearly couldn’t be bothered about all of this. After he refined and absorbed the 1st fragment, he hadn’t stopped at all and subsequently locked onto a second fragment. He wasn’t willing to waste even a shred of time.

Another three months passed.

Chen Xi had refined and absorbed the second fragment.

After a year had passed, Chen Xi had refined and absorbed four fragments.

Two years later, Chen Xi had refined and absorbed nine fragments.

On the third year, Chen Xi had refined and absorbed 15 fragments.

Perhaps even Chen Xi himself had never imagined that he would have already exhausted 3 years of time to refine and absorb the Seal of the Shaman.

Moreover, he’d merely completely absorbed 15 fragments. When compared to the dense fragments that covered the world, it was simply like a drop in the ocean, and it wasn’t worth mentioning at all.

If it was any other person, that person would have probably given up by now. After all, if it continued according to this speed, then it would probably be impossible to complete without exhausting over 10,000 years of time.

However, Chen Xi didn’t.

It was even to the extent that he’d never aroused such a thought. Since he started to refine and absorb the Civilization Fragments with the energy of the Talisman Dao, his entire attention had been immersed in this task. He was completely concentrated, and he didn’t have any other thoughts.

On the 4th year, Chen Xi had refined and absorbed 7 more fragments.

On the 5th year, Chen Xi had refined and absorbed 8 more fragments.

On the 6th year, Chen Xi had refined and absorbed 9 more fragments.

It was obvious from the changes that had occurred during the last three years that Chen Xi’s speed was increasing incessantly with every fragment he refined and absorbed. Unfortunately, this improvement still seemed extremely insignificant as he was only able to refine and absorb one extra fragment every single year.

However, all of this had started to undergo a shocking change from the 7th year, and it was even to the extent that it could be described as a change in the situation.

Because Chen Xi had refined and absorbed an entire 36 fragments during the 7th year, and it was four times the amount he’d completed during the 6th year.

On the 8th year, the amount of fragments Chen Xi had refined and absorbed successfully had multiplied again. It had risen to a total of 180! This was an entire 5 times more when compared to the 7th year!

He refined 6 times more than the previous year, on the 9th year.

He refined 7 times more than the previous year, on the 10th year.

He refined 8 times more than the previous year, on the 11th year.

It multiplied more and more as every year passed, and the speed Chen Xi refined and absorbed these fragments of the Shaman Civilization had gradually arrived at an astounding level.

It was very obvious that he wasn’t satisfied with merely refining and absorbing a single fragment at a time any longer, and he refined and absorbed multiple fragments at the same time.

Meanwhile, the speed that he refined and absorbed them grew quicker and quicker….

All of this revealed a trend of advancing by leaps and bounds, and it was shocking!

All of this was because Chen Xi was completely unfamiliar with the Shaman Civilization in the very beginning, so he couldn’t avoid stumbling and encountering all sorts of difficulties when he deduced, refined, and absorbed them.

But as he refined and absorbed more and more fragments, he slowly started to become familiar with everything within the Shaman Civilization. It wasn’t so unfamiliar to him anymore, so he naturally accomplished refining and absorbing it with ease and skill.

This was comparable to learning to write. When one had just started learning, one had to remember all sorts of strokes and components, and it required countless rounds of practice before every single character could be written nearly.

However, once one had written and practiced a huge amount, then no matter what sort of unfamiliar character one encounter, one could write it smoothly by memorizing its strokes.

The course of refining and absorbing the fragments was just like writing to Chen Xi. However, if the fragments were compared to numerous individual characters, then Chen Xi was like a tentacle monster that could write over 100 characters at the same time!

On the 15th year, more than half of the dense fragments that covered the world had been refined and absorbed by Chen Xi. They were transformed into numerous odd talisman markings that flickered about in the surroundings like stars.

On the 16th year, Chen Xi’s speed of refining and absorbing them grew even more terrifying. He was capable of refining and absorbing a fragment with a single sweep of his consciousness!

On the 17th year, less than 20% of the fragments remained.

On the 18th year, all the fragments had been refined and absorbed!

It was also on this year that the appearance of the Seal of the Shaman within Chen Xi’s sea of consciousness had changed completely.

It had transformed into an expanse of talisman markings that were dense like the starry sky, and they were strange and mysterious as they flickered about like a shoal of fish.

However, while they seemed like talisman markings, they contained the purest inheritance of the Shaman Civilization!

On the 19th year, the dense expanse of talisman markings started to link together under the deductions that Chen Xi had completed, and they formed numerous Talisman Marking Diagrams.

After that, these diagrams combined together once more like numerous Divine Chains of Order, and they started to conform to each other.

On the 20th year, the Divine Chains of Order that were formed from the dense talisman markings suddenly formed all sorts of phenomena, and they started to transform incessantly.

Shockingly, these scenes were the scenes of the passage of time during the last era which Chen Xi had witnessed before!

However, these scenes had been completely replaced by talisman markings, and they were completely different when they were displayed within Chen Xi’s mind this time.

It was like a piece of unrefined gold revealing its essence or like a young woman removing all her clothes, and every single inch of her skin was vividly displayed before him down to the slightest detail. Chen Xi captured all the profundities within these scenes clearly, and they were reflected within his heart.

At this point, after exhausting 20 years of effort, the Era Brand of the Shaman Civilization had been completely refined and absorbed by Chen Xi!


At practically the exact same moment, Chen Xi who was seated cross-legged on the ground didn’t even have the time to feel happy when he felt his entire body shake. The vital energy within his entire body seemed like a volcano that had been deathly silent for a long time, and it rumbled before it started to rise at an inconceivable speed!

At this moment, even his cultivation and strength were undergoing a shocking transformation from the transformation of his vital energy.

This sort of transformation continued for an entire month before everything returned to calm once more.

When Chen Xi fully recovered his consciousness, he noticed that his cultivation had actually attained another breakthrough!

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