Chapter 1998 – The Seal Of The Shaman (Part 1)

Looking for something that was right in front of you? Wu Xuechan couldn’t help but chuckle, and he smiled as he led Chen Xi into the hall.

The hall was deathly silent and spacious, and there was only a single coffin that was translucent like glass and bright like jade at the center of the hall.

Strictly speaking, it wasn’t a coffin but a treasure, and it was completely suffused with strands of clear radiance and the aura of the Dao. It was of extraordinary quality.

At this moment, Zhen Liuqing’s figure was lying there. Her plain clothes covered her entire body while her jet black and beautiful hair were spread out around her head. Her eyes were closed, and her gorgeous face was covered in a tranquil and calm expression.

A wisp of a smile still hung on the corners of her lips that were ghastly pale like cherry blossoms, and it was like she was having a sweet dream.

Chen Xi’s heart was filled with complicated emotions as he gazed at this familiar face, and he felt guilty, resentful, sad, uneasy….

All those years ago when he was at the Desolate Manku Ruins, Chen Xi had finally found out that Zhen Liuqing was being oppressed by the Gongye Clan, and she’d even been inflicted with an extremely malicious poison called the Divine Black Lich Venom.

At that time, if Jia Nan hadn’t arrived in time, then Chen Xi would have almost thought that Zhen Liuqing had perished and left him forever.

After that, Chen Xi had traversed boundless expanses of space and arrived at South Sea Region’s Arambha Temple in order to save Zhen Liuqing. He’d experienced all sorts of ups and down before he was finally able to make the Goddess of Arambha Temple lend him a hand and fully suppress the energy of the Divine Black Lich Venom within Zhen Liuqing’s body.

However, the Goddess was incapable of completely eliminating it, and that was why Zhen Liuqing had still not awakened until now.

But now, Chen Xi possessed the ability to completely resolve this matter. So, while he still felt complicated emotions, he felt even more excitement and hope.

After a long time passed, Chen Xi took a deep breath, and his mental state eased up.

Only now did he notice that his Eldest Senior Brother had left without him noticing it, and only he alone remained in the spacious hall.

No, Zhen Liuqing was here as well.

The Divine Black Lich Venom was a mysterious technique that had survived from the last era, and it was practically lost in the annals of time. So, very few had heard of it in this era.

This was exactly why both Wu Xuechan and the Goddess of Arambha Temple were so helpless when they found out that Zhen Liuqing had been inflicted with the Divine Black Lich Venom, and they were unable to fully eliminate this mysterious energy that resided within her.

So, since the very beginning, Chen Xi had intended to head to the Gongye Clan and force them to hand over the method to eliminate the Divine Black Lich Venom.

However, all of this was different when he returned from the Land of Catastrophe.

Now, Chen Xi didn’t even have to rely on any external forces to deal with this problem.

The reason for this was extremely simple. He possessed the Era Brand of the last era, the Seal of the Shaman!

Shaman was the 9th Savior of the last era, and he possessed the complete inheritance of the Shaman Civilization.

On the other hand, the Divine Black Lich Venom was from the Shaman Era as well. Under such circumstances, Chen Xi merely had to refine and absorb the Seal of the Shaman before he could easily determine a method to eliminate the Divine Black Lich Venom!

This was exactly why Chen Xi felt that he was looking for something which was right in front of him.

However, even though he’d figured all of this out, there was still a problem standing in Chen Xi’s way, and that was how to refine and absorb the Seal of the Shaman!

Because at this moment, this Era Brand was sealed within a River Diagram fragment, and it was slightly troublesome to refine and absorb it.

Chen Xi sat cross-legged in silence by the side of the coffin which seemed to be made of jade, and he pondered deeply for a long time before he finally took action.


He took a deep breath before he slowly closed his eyes. His vital energy circulated by itself while strands of dazzling violet gold divine radiance arose and made him seem even more extraordinary.

On the other hand, Chen Xi’s consciousness was like tidewater within his sea of consciousness, and it started to move towards the River Diagram fragments that were in a deathly silent state.

It wasn’t long before he locked onto the fragment which had the Seal of the Shaman sealed within it.

At this moment, Chen Xi became extremely careful. His mind was completely tranquil and clear like the blue sky that was illuminated brightly by moonlight, and he entered into an extremely calms state.

He divided a strand of his consciousness and carefully entered the Seal of the Shaman before he started to carefully search and sense it….


In his gaze, Chen Xi seemed to have entered into a desolate world. Grand Shamans roamed freely in this world while monsters raged through it, and the entire world was suffused with a rough, primitive, ancient, and mysterious aura.

The Heaven Dao here was unique as well. It was suffused with a supreme and lofty aura of the ‘Shaman’, and it was like an ethereal mist that densely covered every corner of this world.

Chen Xi was clearly aware that the aura of ‘Shaman’ was the ‘Dao’ of this world, and it represented Order that was supreme and inviolable.

In next to no time, all sorts of scenes started to flash in front of Chen Xi’s eyes, and it was a dream-like scene which felt like time was passing swiftly before his eyes.

Amongst those scenes was a Grand Shaman cultivating on a sacrificial platform, war being waged on a battlefield, experts overcoming the tribulation after comprehending the Dao or trying to defy the heavens, death, and so on and so forth….

There were truly too many scenes, and every single one of them was different. All of them were scenes that Chen Xi had never seen or heard of, and then were dazzling, strange, and unusual.

In the end, Chen Xi could only feel something flashing before his eyes. Those scenes had started to warp, and they’d transformed into expanses of multicolored and gorgeous light that whistled through the annals of time.


After an unknown period of time, Chen Xi felt as if he’d been struck by lightning. All the scenes had exploded apart, and he’d returned fully to his senses.

At this moment, he noticed that the strand of consciousness which he’d sent to investigate the Seal of the Shaman had collapsed completely and vanished.

That should have been the World of the Shaman…. All of those scenes displayed the passage of time during the era. Merely a strand of consciousness is utterly insufficient to investigate the inheritance of the Shaman Civilization within it…. Chen Xi muttered in his heart. He wasn’t terrified but delighted instead because he’d faintly grasped a method to refine and absorb the Seal of the Shaman.

No, it should be called a method to refine and absorb the Seal of the Shaman from within the River Diagram fragment.

Because he’d already deduced a method to refine and absorb the 8 Era Brands a long time ago while he was still in the Land of Catastrophe.

It was obvious that every single Era Brand represented a completely different civilization, and the vastness and obscurity of the inheritances within it was obvious as well.

It was practically impossible to completely refine and absorb it. For example, those 8 Saviors in the Land of Catastrophe had bitterly searched for countless years and exhausted a huge amount of effort. But in the end, only the Savior of the 1st era, Dao, had been successful.

However, even with Dao’s wisdom, he’d merely been able to refine and absorb two Era Brands, and he’d almost suffered qi deviation and perished while refining and absorbing the 3rd Era Brand.

This clearly showed how enormous and boundless the profundities contained within these Era Brands was, and it clearly displayed how difficult it was to fully refine and absorb them.

However, all of this wasn’t a problem for Chen Xi anymore. Because he’d found a completely feasible method a long time ago.

This method was the Talisman Dao!

No matter if it was the Dao Civilization, Confucianist Civilization, Devil Civilization, Buddha Civilization, Illusion Civilization, Soul Civilization, Martial Civilization, or Shaman Civilization, all of them had markings and scriptures of their own.

They could be deduced into the form of Dao Markings, Devil Markings, Confucianist Markings, Soul Markings, Illusion Markings, Martial Markings, and Shaman Markings. In the same way, all of these markings could be combined into a Dao Scripture, a Devil Scripture, a Confucianist Scripture, a Soul Scripture, an Illusion Scripture, a Martial Scripture, and a Shaman Scripture!

Simply speaking, the secrets of these civilizations could be displayed, explained, and replaced by the Talisman Dao!

This was the method that Chen Xi had deduced!

Unfortunately, he’d impatiently attempted to refine and absorb the 8 Era Brands at that time, and he’d overlooked a single thing. Even though he’d deduced a method, his own strength was utterly incapable of controlling the energy within those 8 Era Brands, and he’d almost suffered calamity because of that.

Fortunately, the River Diagram awoke in time, and it helped him avoid this danger.

Now, the situation was completely different.

The 8 Era Brands had been sealed within the River Diagram fragments. Chen Xi had launched an investigation just now, and he’d successfully relied on the energy of his consciousness to enter the Seal of the Shaman and sense the inheritances possessed within it.

Under such circumstances, Chen Xi merely had to utilize his Talisman Dao as the method to deduce and comprehend the inheritances within the Seal of the Shaman, and then it would be enough for him to completely refine and absorb it!

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