Chapter 1997 – The 8 Saviors Before Him

Chen Xi was utterly shocked.

When he’d just started cultivating, he’d heard from Ji Yu that the Master of Oracle Mountain, Fuxi, had obtained the River Diagram by chance, and Fuxi had deduced the true profundities of the workings of the heavens through the River Diagram. It allowed him to step onto the peak of the Grand Dao and establish Oracle Mountain.

While he was in the Desolate Manku Ruins, he’d encountered a Will Brand left behind by the Master of the Manku Period, and he’d found out that ‘Xuan’ had relied on the River Diagram to comprehend the ultimate path of the Sword Dao.

When he was at the Land of Catastrophe, he’d come into contact with the Saviors of various different eras, and he was clearly aware that they’d relied on the River Diagram to ascend into supreme positions and possess peerless might.

However, Chen Xi had never imagined that regardless of whether it was Fuxi or Xuan, both of them had merely obtained a single fragment of the River Diagram!

Why exactly was it like that?

Chen Xi was very clearly aware that with the extraordinary cultivations that Fuxi and Xuan possessed, it would be sufficient for them to find even more fragments of the River Diagram. So, why did they only obtain a single one?

Could it be that there’s some sort of unknown limitation?

But right after that, Chen Xi had acutely noticed a problem. According to his Eldest Senior Brother, Wu Xuechan, only the 9th Savior of an era could gather the complete River Diagram.

Could this be some sort of restriction by an unseen force?

Could it be that the mysterious Door of the Last Days can only be opened by gathering the complete River Diagram?

The more he thought about it, the more chaotic his thoughts were. All sorts of thoughts surged into his mind, and it caused him to stare blankly in silence. It seemed as if he’d been possessed.

After a long time passed, Chen Xi finally laughed bitterly and said, “Isn’t the River Diagram a little too mysterious?”

Wu Xuechan roared with laughter, and then he patted Chen Xi on the shoulder and said, “Do you still remember that questions which I asked you just now?”

Chen Xi nodded.

Wu Xuechan restrained his laughter and said seriously, “When you obtain the last fragment of the River Diagram one day, then perhaps you’ll be able to understand everything, and you’ll be able to deduce exactly how the River Diagram had been shattered all those years ago!”

Even if Wu Xuechan didn’t say all of this, Chen Xi would have still figure it out. Because the complete River Diagram just happened to have been shattered into pieces in the world, and this itself seemed extremely unusual.

“Actually, since you’ve started cultivating until now, Little Junior Brother should have noticed that your path of cultivation was practically constantly influenced by the River Diagram, and our Oracle Mountain hasn’t really passed down much guidance or inheritance to you.” Wu Xuechan spoke about a different topic. “This isn’t because our Oracle Mountain is intentionally keeping it from you and is unwilling to pass it down to you. It’s because our Oracle Mountain’s inheritance was created by Master, Fuxi, and he’d received enlightenment from a River Diagram fragment when he was establishing Oracle Mountain. So, in your case, possessing the fragments of the River Diagram is like possessing the most complete inheritance of Oracle Mountain.”

Chen Xi thought for a moment and quickly understood this principle.

Wu Xuechan smiled and continued. “Moreover, the inheritances you’ve obtained encompasses all the inheritances obtained by the last 8 Saviors of this era.”

Chen Xi was extremely surprised when he heard this, and he couldn’t help but ask. “The last 8 Saviors of this era?”

Wu Xuechan nodded and said, “Right.”

When he spoke up to here, Wu Xuechan couldn’t help but be surprised, and he frowned. “Could it be that you still don’t know who the last 8 Saviors of this era are?”

Chen Xi felt a wave of embarrassment and said, “I’m only aware that the 8th Savior was Master, and the 7th was the Master of the Manku Period, Xuan. I have no knowledge of the identities of the 6th Savior and those before him.”

Wu Xuechan was stunned, and then he said, “Actually, you’ve imperceptibly come into contact with all of them during your path of cultivation throughout the years, and you merely didn’t think in that direction.”

After that, he explained. “The 1st Savior was the Chaotic Divine Lotus, and you’ve met both the strands of will, Evil Lotus and Dao Lotus, that he left behind upon death while you were cultivating in the Dark Reverie’s Nine Radiance Sword Sect.”

Chen Xi’s heart instantly shook as he recalled Dao Lotus and Evil Lotus, and he recalled the Dao Calamity Sword that he’d obtained in the past!

However, he’d never imagined that the Chaotic Divine Lotus had been the 1st Savior of this era.

“The 2nd Savior was the Divine Dark Parasol Tree. The fragment of the River Diagram which you obtained behind the Door of Profundities in the Dark Parasol’s Abyss was left behind by it.” Wu Xuechan’s voice continued resounding through the surroundings.

The Divine Dark Parasol Tree!

A wave of ripples arose in Chen Xi’s heart. He hadn’t just obtained that fragment of the River Diagram there, he’d even obtained a strand of the Quintessence Energy left behind by the Divine Dark Parasol Tree, and it was the Dark Parasol Sapling that he’d always hid within himself.

However, the Divine Dark Parasol Tree’s mind had awakened, and its spirit had drifted off to pursue the vague ultimate path towards the Dao and had only left the Divine Dark Parasol Tree itself behind. Even until now, it still resided within Chen Xi’s body and was immeasurably beneficial to him.

“The 3rd Savior was the Heavenshaker Ant Emperor….”

Before Wu Xuechan could finish speaking, Chen Xi spoke with astonishment. “Who’s that?”

Wu Xuechan glanced at Chen Xi with surprise and said, “Could it be that you didn’t meet it at the Dark Parasol’s Abyss? It was the Divine Dark Parasol Tree’s good friend, and its true form was the most ordinary and tiny ant. However, it relied on its supreme will to step foot onto the peak of the Grand Dao in the end.”

“So it was the Ant Exalt!” Chen Xi instantly recalled that this was exactly the Ant Exalt! While he was behind the Door of Profundity, he’d saved an ant there, but he’d never imagined that the ant would reveal monstrous divine might in the end, and it helped the tiny cauldron to crush the white haired Saint Emperor from the Xeno-race!

At that time, Chen Xi had once laid eyes upon a scene of the tiny ant cultivating while he was in a dazed state. It started from when the ant had started cultivating until it finally stepped foot onto the peak of the Grand Dao, and Chen Xi had witnessed all of it, allowing him to benefit greatly from it.

However, Chen Xi had never imagined that the Heavenshaker Ant Emperor who his Eldest Senior Brother spoke about would actually be the 3rd Savior.

Wu Xuechan continued his explanation when he saw that Chen Xi had come to an understanding. “The 4th, 5th, and 6th are from the Netherworld, and they’re respectively the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Netherworld Emperors. At the same time, they’d respectively comprehended the supreme inheritances of Paramita, Oblivion, and Terminus from the River Diagram. They should be familiar to you.”

Chen Xi found it difficult to control his emotions when he listened up to this point. Even though the 1st and 2nd Netherworld Emperors were extremely unfamiliar to him, but the Grand Dao profundities of Paramita and Oblivion which he’d comprehended had come from these two Saviors!

As for the Third Netherworld Emperor, he was even more familiar to Chen Xi because not only had Chen Xi obtained the Netherworld Register and Condemn Evil Brush because of the Third Netherworld Emperor, he’d even been able to comprehended Samsara.

At this point, the identities of the other six Saviors had been exposed, and it they were included with Xuan and Fuxi who were the 7th and 8th Savior respectively, then they just happened to complete the total of 8!

Moreover, if one analyzed it carefully, then it wasn’t difficult to notice that regardless of whether it was the Chaotic Divine Lotus, the Divine Dark Parasol Tree, the Heavenshaker Ant Emperor, the 1st Netherworld Emperor, 2nd Netherworld Emperor, 3rd Netherworld Emperor, Xuan, or Fuxi, they more or less had a unique link to Chen Xi.

It was even to the extent that Chen Xi had unintentionally obtained the inheritances and comprehensions of these 8 Saviors, and it had imperceptibly brought about immeasurable benefits to his cultivation!

At this point, Chen Xi finally understood what his Eldest Senior Brother meant earlier. Indeed, the accomplishments he possessed now were closely related to those 8 Saviors who came before him.

Moreover, this entire relationship was formed with the River Diagram at its foundation!

After he figured out all of this, besides feeling suddenly enlightened, Chen Xi couldn’t help but feel slightly dazed. Was all of this a coincidence?


It’s like an invisible force had made all of this revolve around me, and it develops around the River Diagram!

Chen Xi was unable to describe what he felt right now as it was too complicated. When he suddenly looked back, he noticed that all cause and effect seemed to have faintly conformed with each other since a long time ago. So, how could this not be shocking and bewildering?

“Eldest Senior Brother, do you think I’ve unknowingly become the puppet of the River Diagram? And all my actions were unknowingly influenced by it?” After a short while, Chen Xi finally spoken these words with a bitter expression on his face, and it was even to the extent that he had the impulse to toss the River Diagram away and completely escape all of this.

“Little Junior Brother, there’s no need to think too much about it. We cultivators are tainted by Karma as soon as we step onto the path of cultivation. If we’re without this Karma, then it would be impossible for the two of us to have become senior brother and junior brother, and it would be impossible for Oracle Mountain to have another heir.” Wu Xuechan seemed to understand Chen Xi’s current state of mind, and he patted Chen Xi on the shoulder and said warmly, “Similarly, your parents, friends, enemies, and everything you’ve done seem to be completely normal, but if you deduce it carefully, you would notice that the secrets of Karma are hidden within them all.”

He paused for a moment and pondered deeply before he continued. “In short, this isn’t a bad thing.”

Chen Xi remained silent for a long time before his mental state eased up greatly, and then he couldn’t help but shake his head and sigh. “But it can’t be considered to be good as well, right?”

Wu Xuechan roared with laughter and nodded. “Yes, it’s neither good nor bad. It’s extremely normal, and there’s nothing shocking about it. Moreover, there’s no need to persist on diving deeper into it. It’s just like the path of cultivation. Comprehend the Heaven’s Dao and stay true to your heart. As for everything else, why bother about it?”

“Stay true to my heart…. Stay true to my heart….” In the end, Chen Xi muttered these words repeatedly while his tightly knit brows had eased up, and his eyes gradually grew brighter and brighter before they regained their firmness and indifference.

Yes, Chen Xi had figured it out at this moment. It was sufficient to just do things according to his heart, and all Karma, the River Diagram, being a puppet, and everything else wasn’t important before his mental state.

As they spoke, they’d moved along the quiet mountain path and arrived in front of an ancient and lofty hall before they even realized it.

At this point, Wu Xuechan suddenly stopped moving. He gazed at the hall and said, “Little Junior Brother, do you still remember Miss Zhen Liuqing? She was placed here.”

Chen Xi suddenly raised his head, and then he gazed over and said with excitement, “Eldest Senior Brother, could it be that Miss Zhen has… awoken?”

Wu Xuechan shook his head and said, “I can’t cure the Divine Black Lich Venom.”

Chen Xi was stunned, and then his excitement dimmed down.

“However, you already possess the ability to deal with this problem now.” Wu Xuechan grinned as he gazed at Chen Xi.

“I do?” Chen Xi was stunned.

“Yes.” Wu Xuechan nodded.

Chen Xi pondered briefly, and then he suddenly slapped himself on the forehead and roared with laughter. “I understand now. I was looking for something that was right before my very eyes!”

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