Chapter 1996 – The River Diagram’s Origins

Chen Xi stared blankly ahead as he stared there, and he felt slightly oppressed.

The conversation between Di Shun, Wen Daozhen, and Wu Xuechan revolved around the word ‘variables’. It was extremely profound, and it caused Chen Xi to feel as if he’d understood, but when he thought about it in detail, he felt that he didn’t understanding anything instead.

What do they mean by Samsara has appeared, and the Last Days are about to arrive?

Could it be that the calamity which might come from behind the Door of the Last Days will unavoidably descend onto the Ancient God Domain in the end?

If it’s like that, then could it be that this era will be obliterated as well?

Chen Xi was unable to figure all of this out.

What did they mean when they said that there are numerous variables, so it’s impossible to pinpoint just one? What did they mean when they said that it’ll probably be impossible to pry into the secrets of the heavens form now onward?

Could it be that the variables they speak about are related to the Heaven Dao in some way?

Chen Xi was still unable to figure it out.

So, while Di Shun, Wen Daozhen, and Wu Xuechan were conversing with each other, Chen Xi could only listen silently and was unable to say anything.

However, this conversation had at least allowed him to confirm that his master, the Master of Oracle Mountain, Fuxi, was still alive!

Chen Xi was even able to faintly guess that the reason for Fuxi’s disappearance was probably closely related to the search for the so-called true secrets of the Ultimate Path towards the Dao.

After the time for an incense stick to burn, Chen Xi who had a bellyful of questions had been led by Wu Xuechan to bid farewell to both Di Shun and Wen Daozhen, and then they left the Secret Realm.

When they walked out into the outside world, the sky above was completely clear while the surroundings were quiet and beautiful. The air was enshrouded with a clear, lively, and beautiful aura, and it caused Chen Xi’s spirits to be raised.

“Little Junior Brother, perhaps you still have many questions. However, the matters that our Martial Uncles were considering are too obscure and vague. Moreover, they aren’t closely related to you for now, so you don’t have to feel perturbed because of it.” Before Chen Xi could open his mouth and ask, Wu Xuechan had taken the initiative to explain. “However, I can help you answer some questions related to the River Diagram.”

Chen Xi remained silent for a moment, and then he nodded and smiled while he said, “Alright.”

The two of them strolled along a remote and craggy path on the mountain. The atmosphere here was tranquil, and it wasn’t so oppressive like it was during the conversation with Di Shun and Wen Daozhen.

“Eldest Senior Brother, exactly what sort of treasure is the River Diagram?” Chen Xi thought for a moment before he asked the easier question, yet it was also one that was the most difficult to answer.

In the past, Chen Xi had never considered where exactly the River Diagram was from or why it was so mysterious.

He was merely aware that the River Diagram had once caused the gods and devils of the world to fight in the three dimensions all those years ago, and it caused an upheaval and endless bloodshed.

Later all, when he possessed it himself, he noticed that it was extremely mysterious. Not only did it contain numerous unprecedentedly shocking secrets, it even possessed unimaginable strength.

In his path of cultivation after he’d obtained it, the River Diagram had awakened on more than one occasion, and it had helped Chen Xi deal with numerous inconceivable calamities.

When he returned from the Land of Catastrophe, Chen Xi finally understood that the River Diagram had existed since the 1st era, and it had existed for 9 eras now!

This was extremely inconceivable.

Most unimaginable to Chen Xi was that the destruction of every single era was actually related to the 9th Savior of that era. Moreover, these Saviors definitely possessed the River Diagram in order to open the Door of the Last Days.

All of these facts made the River Diagram seem even more mysterious. It made Chen Xi start to consider these questions carefully and wonder exactly what the origins of the River Diagram was!

Wu Xuechan was clearly stunned when he heard this question, and then he sighed with emotion after quite some time had passed. “I’ve always wanted to know the answer to that question as well. When Master was still here, I’d heard him say that the River Diagram had probably been born from the Chaos of the three dimensions, and it was even to the extent that it might have appeared before the Chaos of the three dimensions existed. As for exactly when it had appeared, even Master was unable to determine the answer.”

“The Chaos of the three dimensions?” Chen Xi was stunned. According to his knowledge, the time before the Immortal Dimension, Mortal Dimension, and Netherworld were born was the Prehistoric Times. At that time, the three dimensions hadn’t been formed, the entire world was a single whole, and it was called the Prehistoric Times.

The period before the Prehistoric World was called the Primeval Times, and it was a time that belonged to the Innate Fiendgods and sages.

Even further before this was the Chaotic Times.

It was where everything was fostered. There was no reasons or earth at that time, and it was mysterious and unfathomable!

But if the River Diagram was said to have been born in the Chaos of the three dimensions or before that, then it would conflict with everything Chen Xi knew.

Because the Chaos of the three dimensions belonged to this era as well, and according to Chen Xi’s understanding, the River Diagram had appeared a long time ago during the 1st era!

So, when he thought up to here, he asked Wu Xuechan about it.

Wu Xuechan smiled and seemed to be not surprised at all, and then he said casually, “Actually, you’re not wrong. However, you’ve mistaken one thing. The Chaos of the three dimensions appeared during the 1st Era….”

What!? Chen Xi’s heart shook violently, and he felt slight disbelief.

“In other words, the Chaos of the three dimensions and the River Diagram are the same. They’ve experienced the alternation of numerous eras and have survived until now.” Wu Xuechan’s voice was low and carried a distant tone. “The only difference is that the Chaos of the three dimensions had never changed during the 8 eras before our era, and it only started to transform during this era….

“It was split apart. The clear energy within it rose and became the heavens; the muddy energy within it descended and formed the ground. The innate beings fostered within the Chaos charged out from within it, and they brought the order, Heaven Dao, and all things to the heavens and the earth….

“At that time, the gods and devils fought for supremacy, the sages discussed the Dao, and all of them tried to take control of the world. It caused a long and vast period of war, and that was precisely the primeval times of the three dimensions….

“Later on, some of our predecessors from the primeval times had broken out of the three dimensions, and only then did they notice that the Chaos of the three dimensions hadn’t just given birth to the three dimensions. There was another place that was suitable for the gods to reside and cultivate, and that was… the Ancient God Domain!

“In other words, even though the Ancient God Domain possesses over a thousand regions, numerous universes, and innumerable places that were born from within the Chaos. However, if they were traces back to their source, then the birth of the Ancient God Domain was still from within the Chaos of the three dimensions!

“To be more precise, since the moment that the Chaos of the three dimensions had started to transform, the civilization of this era had been born!

“After that, the Ancient God Domain and the three dimensions were fully separated, and they moved towards different directions. The former was where the gods cultivated, and the situation there didn’t change too much throughout the annals of time. On the other hand, the latter was constantly transforming. It experienced the Prehistoric Times, the separation of the three dimensions, the fall of the Fiendgods…. In the end, it transformed into its current state.

“While the three dimensions can’t be compared to the Ancient God Domain now, and even the gods disdain to enter the three dimensions, take it to be a lower plain, and take the living beings there to be ants. However, only a few people in the world are probably aware that regardless of whether it’s Oracle Mountain, Nuwa’s Dao Palace, the Sovereign Sect, the Dao Institute, or the Divine Institute…. All of them originated from the three dimensions!

“This is what’s special about the three dimensions. There are too many secrets hidden within it, and it’s far from being as simple as ordinary people think.

“Just like Samsara. Throughout the entire world, such a force has only been born in the three dimensions, and regardless of whether it’s the Ancient God Domain or the other 8 eras, all of them didn’t possess the cycle of reincarnation!

“A further example would be the River Diagram you possess, and it’s the same. All of this represents that as the source of this era’s civilization, the three dimensions is absolutely not something that any other place can compare to.”

Wu Xuechan’s words carried too much information, and it caused Chen Xi to be unable to fully digest it all after he listened to everything.

In the past, Chen Xi was merely aware that the three dimensions were extremely extraordinary, but he didn’t know how extraordinary it was. At this moment, after he heard Wu Xuechan’s analysis, he finally understood that the Chaos of the three dimensions was actually so unique and beyond imagination.

To put it simply, the Chaos of the three dimensions had experienced the rise and fall of 8 eras before it finally started to transform during this era.

At the beginning, it was divided into the Ancient God Domain and the three dimensions. The Ancient God Domain remained eternally the same, and it was a place suitable for the gods to reside and cultivate at.

On the other hand, the three dimensions underwent its own unique transition. It experienced numerous transformations before it finally split into the current situation where it was made up of the Mortal Dimension, Netherworld, and Immortal Dimension.

The most unique part about it was that only the three dimensions possessed the unique and unprecedented force called Samsara!

When compared to the Ancient God Domain, the current strength and system in the three dimensions was extremely weak indeed. However, the three dimensions was were the civilization of the current era had originated from. It was like the source of everything, and even the five extremes of the Imperial Region had originated from the three dimensions!

After a long time passed, Chen Xi finally frowned and said, “But since the three dimensions are so important, then why has it been forgotten by the Ancient God Domain now, and it’s even to the extent that practically no one returns to the three dimensions from the Ancient God Domain.”

Wu Xuechan sighed and said, “It’s very simple, we’re restrained by the Heaven Dao. All gods are definitely unable to return to the three dimensions. For example, even our Oracle Mountain, Nuwa’s Dao Palace, and the Sovereign Sect had to rely on special secret techniques to suppress our cultivations and disguise ourselves as immortals in order to return to the three dimensions. However, once our strength is exposed in the three dimensions, then we’ll definitely suffer punishment from the Heaven Dao!

At this moment, Chen Xi finally came to an understanding, and he had a deeper understanding of how unique the three dimensions was.

Perhaps it’s exactly because of this that a mysterious treasure like the River Diagram could have been born from within it, right?

Suddenly, Wu Xuechan seemed to be lost in thought and said, “Little Junior Brother, according to what you said, you’ve already gathered 8 of the River Diagram fragments, and you only need the last one to gather the complete River Diagram. However, do you know how the River Diagram was shattered all those years ago?”

Chen Xi was stunned, and he shook his head to display that he didn’t know.

Wu Xuechan smiled and said, “I don’t know as well. However, I’m clearly aware that the River Diagram has always been in a shattered state since the 1st era. Only the 9th Savior of every single era is able to gather the complete River Diagram.”

He paused for a moment and spoke of a secret that astounded Chen Xi. “Most importantly, every single one of the 8 Saviors during this era had merely obtained a single fragment of the River Diagram, and this includes our Master as well. But you aren’t the same!”

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