Chapter 1995 – Wen Daozhen

On the way back to Oracle Mountain, Chen Xi finally found out why his Eldest Senior Brother, Wu Xuechan, had been able to find him.

It turned out that when the Gongye Clan had joined forces with the other powers to dispatch 12 Region Lords, all of that had been noticed by Wu Xuechan.

After all, it was a mission that was jointly carried out by numerous top-rate powers of the Imperial Region, and they’d even dispatched an entire 12 Region Lords!

Under such circumstances, it was difficult for it to not draw the attention of others.

Perhaps it wasn’t anything special to others, and it was far from being something that was worthy of too much attention. However, when Wu Xuechan heard of this news and especially when he determined the identities of those top-rate powers, he’d instantly started paying attention to it.

Because Wu Xuechan clearly remembered that Chen Xi had suffered oppression from these top-rate powers when Chen Xi returned from the Desolate Manku Ruins.

The reason for this was extremely simple. Chen Xi had killed numerous Spirit God Exalts in the Desolate Manku Ruins like Luo Shaonong, Gongye Zhefu, Kunwu Qing, Di Jun, and Jing Qingyang.

So, when he noticed that those top-rate powers had actually joined forces once more, it instantly alarmed Wu Xuechan.

Later on while he was investigating this matter, he’d even noticed that the Daolord of the Gongye Clan, Gongye Zheng, had actually gone with the group, and it made Wu Xuechan feel that this matter was slightly fishy.

After that, when he noticed that Gongye Zheng really did intend to kill his little junior brother, Wu Xuechan who was hiding in the shadows had resolutely chosen to attack ferociously, and he caught Gongye Zheng off guard and annihilated Gongye Zheng in one go!

Chen Xi couldn’t help but be slightly visibly moved when he found out about all of this. He wasn’t surprised that Wu Xuechan had killed Gongye Zheng, and it was instead because he hadn’t imagined that his Eldest Senior Brother had actually noticed that something was unusual through some small details and was able to rescue him in time.

Didn’t this mean that his Eldest Senior Brother had been constantly thinking about him throughout the years that he’d been missing? Otherwise, it would have probably been impossible for Wu Xuechan to accomplish this.

This was the main reason why Chen Xi was visibly moved.

Oracle Mountain.

The scene here was the same. The landscape was quiet and beautiful, and it was covered in a beautiful and divine aura.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but sigh endlessly with emotion when he stepped foot into the sect again after a few hundred years of time. If it was possible, he would rather stay in the sect forever. Unfortunately, he shouldered too many things, so he could only imagine it in his heart.

“Oh, your Ancestor, I, was wondering who it was. But I never expected that it would actually be you who’d returned!”

When Chen Xi, Wu Xuechan, and Tu Meng had just arrived at the peak of Oracle Mountain, they suddenly heard a sharp voice resound from afar.

After that, the wings of an extremely beautiful white bird fluttered as it soared into the sky, and then it placed its wings behind its back while it stared at Chen Xi and spoke proudly.

“Senior White, long time no see.” Chen Xi was stunned and then he smiled. Surprisingly, the white bird was Senior White who was called ‘the master of all’.

“Hmph! It has merely been a few hundred years of time, it’s like a blink of the eye to me.” Senior White grunted coldly in a proud tone. He’d always been like this. He was harsh and unkind, and he loved to assume the position of a senior.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but chuckle when he saw that Senior White was still the same and hadn’t changed at all.

Senior White started laughing as well, and then he charged into the sky and flapped his wings as he shouted in a sharp voice. “Quickly come take a look! Quickly come take a look! This fellow, Chen Xi, has finally returned!!!”

In an instant, Senior White’s sharp and resounding voice filled the world.


“Chen Xi?”

“He’s back?”

In merely an instant, numerous figures had torn through the sky from all directions. Surprisingly, it was Chen Xi’s Third Senior Brother Tie Yunhai, Fourth Senior Brother the Old Scholar, Ye Yan, Wen Ting, Hua Yan, and the others.

It was even to the extent that the disciples from the Third Founding Ancestor, Wen Daozhen’s, line had rushed over upon hearing this, and all of them were extremely happy when they saw that Chen Xi really had returned. All of them greeted Chen Xi in succession, and it seemed extremely bustling here.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but feel extremely happy while he gazed at these familiar faces. In his daze, he felt as if he’d finally returned home.

On that very night, Chen Xi, his friends, and all his fellow members of Oracle Mountain had gathered at the peak of Oracle Mountain. They sat there while drinking wine and sipping tea, and they discussed their experiences during these years.

When the night had calmed like water, the icy cold, bright, and completely round moon hung high above in the sky and emanated clear and chilly light that descended like a soft veil.

Chen Xi and the others drunk beneath the moonlight, and the chatted happily.

Chen Xi had brought both Gu Yan and A’Liang from within the Netherworld Register as well, and they were seated here and were chatting with everyone.

Most of the time, it was still Chen Xi alone who was speaking while the others listened about his experiences throughout these years.

However, when Chen Xi spoke about entering the Door of the Last Days, he was interrupted by Wu Xuechan before Wu Xuechan changed the topic.

Chen Xi instantly understood that the Door of the Last Days was a taboo, and he couldn’t speak of it, so he’d just skipped that part.

After that, Chen Xi found out that Ye Yan, Senior White, and the others had been in closed door cultivation within Oracle Mountain throughout these years, and they’d lived peaceful and quiet lives. Chen Xi slightly envied them for that.

This banquet continued until the second half of the night before all of them dispersed successively, whereas, Chen Xi was brought into a Secret Realm by Wu Xuechan.

A chaotic world resided within the Secret Realm. It was completely empty, and only an ancient Dao Platform resided at the center of the area.

The Dao Platform was branded with the mottled marks of time, and it seemed to have experienced the baptism of countless storms. It was ancient and divine.

When Chen Xi was brought here under Wu Xuechan’s lead, he noticed two might figures were seated cross-legged on the Dao Platform.

The figure on the left wore a linen robe and a violet gold crown of feathers. His backbone was like a pillar that held up the sky, his shoulders were wide like mountains, his face was clear and simple, and the space between his brows carried a serious and dignified expression.

When looked at from afar, it was like he wasn’t a person but the Creator who watched over the world. His imposing aura was boundless, divine, and supreme!

He was the Second Founding Ancestor of Oracle Mountain, Di Shun!

When Chen Xi arrived at Oracle Mountain for the first time and went to temper his cultivation in the Tower of Beginnings, Chen Xi had met Di Shun there.

The figure on the right was an old man who had grey hair, a lean face, a thin figure that was tall like a pine tree, and a sage-like bearing.

As he sat there casually, he was like a strand of smoke, a clear spring, a pond of lucid water, a wisp of the glimmer of dawn. He revealed a natural, primitive, and simple aura, and it caused others to unconsciously arouse an extremely tranquil and comfortable feeling in their hearts.

When Chen Xi and Wu Xuechan arrived here, the old man with a lean face was the first to open his eyes, and it instantly descended onto Chen Xi.

His eyes were clear, plain, and warm. Moreover, they carried a form of pureness and curiosity that was usually possessed by a child, and there was no oppressiveness within his eyes. Chen Xi’s heart couldn’t help but tremble when he met the gaze of these eyes, and he actually a form of invisible restraint.

“Little Junior Brother, you’ve met Second Martial Uncle, and that’s Third Martial Uncle, Wen Daozhen.” Wu Xuechan smiled as he introduced them.

Wen Daozhen! Chen Xi’s heart shook, and then he hurriedly bowed and said, “Martial Uncles!”

“I just happened to be cultivating behind closed doors when you returned the last time. Don’t blame Martial Uncle for not welcoming you at that time.” Wen Daozhen grinned as he spoke. His voice was clear like precious stones and melodious like the morning bell. It caused others to feel like they’d been brushed by the breeze of summer and had heard the natural tune of the Grand Dao.

Chen Xi hurriedly said, “How could disciple dare to do that?”

“There’s no need for formalities. Quickly come over and have a seat.” Wen Daozhen smiled while revealed a calm and indifferent bearing. He had a completely different imposing aura when compared to Di Shun, and Chen Xi was unable to see through him.

Wu Xuechan immediately led Chen Xi up the Dao Platform, and then he sat casually at the side before he said, “Little Junior Brother, I brought you here this time because I had something to ask you.”

Chen Xi nodded and said, “Eldest Senior Brother, feel free to be frank.”

When he saw both Di Shun and Wen Daozhen here, Chen Xi had already faintly guessed some things.

Sure enough, Wu Xuechan spoke frankly in the next moment. “Little Junior Brother, what exactly did you encounter behind the Door of the Last Days?”

As he spoke, both Di Shun and Wen Daozhen’s eyes had shot towards Chen Xi in unison because this matter was of the utmost important to the two of them as well.

Chen Xi ordered his thoughts before he said, “When I entered the Door of the Last Days….”

After entire 10 minutes had passed, Chen Xi had finally described all the details of his experience upon entering the Door of the Last Days, and it included the changes in the River Diagram fragments and the energy of Samsara. He hadn’t concealed anything.

There was nothing to conceal because most members of Oracle Mountain had long since been aware that Chen Xi possessed the River Diagram fragments, the Netherworld Register, and the Condemn Evil Brush.

Most importantly, Chen Xi still had many questions until now, and he needed the wisdom of Di Shun, Wen Daozhen, and Wu Xuechan to help him figure out the answers he sought.

However, no matter if it was Di Shun, Wen Daozhen, or Wu Xuechan, all of them had fallen into silence after they finished listening to him, and they seemed to be deducing something.

After a long time had passed, Di Shun who had a dignified and solemn expression had suddenly sighed and said, “I never expected it. I truly never expected that a land of catastrophe would reside behind the Door of the Last Days.”

Chen Xi couldn’t help but ask. “Second Martial Uncle, do you know the exact origins of the Land of Catastrophe?”

Di Shun shook his head to indicate that he didn’t.

Wen Daozhen said, “Let’s put that aside for now. Chen Xi, you’re currently… grasped all the profundities of Samsara?”

Chen Xi nodded. “The situation was dangerous at the time, so I had no choice.”

Wen Daozhen thought for a moment, and then he couldn’t help but sigh with emotion. “The last days resides in the grand abyss, the karmic tribulation of Samsara rises. The Buddha’s prophecy from all those years ago is really true.”

Wu Xuechan spoke with raised brows. “Martial Uncles, so the rumored true secrets of the Ultimate Path towards the Dao will really be born during this era?”

“It should be like that.” Di Shun and Wen Daozhen nodded in unison. “However, when such an unprecedented fortuitous encounter descends into the world, it’ll probably be accompanied by all sorts of shocking and unexpected events.”

Wu Xuechan pondered deeply before he said, “Then… will my Master be fine?”

At this instant, Chen Xi’s heart suddenly shook. This was the first time that he’d heard his Eldest Senior Brother, Wu Xuechan, speak about the Master of Oracle Mountain, Fuxi.

“The variables are unclear; the outcome is impossible to determine.” Wen Daozhen sighed lightly, and then he rubbed the center of his forehead before he muttered. “Samsara has appeared, and the Last Days are about to arrive. There are numerous variables, so it’s impossible to pinpoint just one. It’ll probably be impossible to pry into the secrets of the heavens from now onward….”

His voice was low, and it carried a wisp of indescribably complicated emotions.

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