Chapter 1994 – A Mighty Uproar

Eldest Senior Brother!

A trace of ripples had suddenly arisen in Chen Xi’s tranquil heart when he saw the appearance of this person, and he was extremely excited.

Never had he imagined that he would actually see his Eldest Senior Brother, Wu Xuechan, arrive at the Xue Clan’s territory within Serene Swallow Universe!

When he thought about the unexpected events that had occurred during the past few years and saw his Eldest Senior Brother who he was reunited with at this moment, Chen Xi actually felt dazed.

He’d already found out from Tu Meng that almost 600 years had passed since they entered the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos.

In other words, if the 10 years within the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos were disregarded, Chen Xi had been trapped within the Land of Catastrophe for over 500 years!

At that time, Chen Xi didn’t have any idea of the time that had passed. After all, he’d been constantly in an unconscious state since entering the Land of Catastrophe, and it was exactly that unconscious state which had allowed his cultivation to break through successively into to become a Third Star Region Lord.

Later on, the 8th Savior, Shaman, had suddenly made an appearance and intended to seize Chen Xi’s Era Brand, and it had imperceptibly provided a form of stimulation that allowed Chen Xi to awaken from his unconscious state.

But it was undoubtably that a few hundred years had passed during the period that he was unconscious!

Now, he’d finally escaped from the Land of Catastrophe and returned to the Ancient God Domain. Moreover, after he experienced that shocking and unexpected event that put him on the verge of death just now and saw Wu Xuechan here now, it was obvious how complicated his emotions were.

He sighed with emotion, felt dazed, experienced excitement, and various other emotions.

“What’s that?”

“Could it be that… he’s the owner of that hand which covered the sky?”

“Doesn’t that mean that he’s a Daolord from the Gongye Clan?”

The clansmen of the Xue Clan had noticed Wu Xuechan’s arrival, but they didn’t recognize him at all, and many even mistook Wu Xuechan for the Daolord from the Gongye Clan.

This caused the expressions of many to change.

Chen Xi’s mental state was extremely unsteady just now, but he was instantly amused and speechless when he heard these sounds of discussion.

However, he was very clearly aware that they’d never seen Wu Xuechan while such a major unexpected event had occurred earlier, so it was very normal for them to mix up his Eldest Senior Brother’s identity.

However, Tu Meng was unable to restrain himself and couldn’t help but roar loudly. “What the heck!? That’s my Grand Martial Ancestral Uncle, Oracle Mountain’s Grand Lord, Wu Xuechan!”

His voice was like a thunderclap that surged through the world.

Wu Xuechan!

When they heard this name, all of them including Xue Changkong and Xue Wenqing couldn’t help but feel as if they were struck by lightning. Their bodies stiffened while their pupils couldn’t help but dilate.

The Grand Lord! It’s actually Oracle Mountain’s Grand Lord, Wu Xuechan!

In the opinions of Xue Changkong and the others, this name was like an irreplaceable legend, and it was truly too famous. There wasn’t anyone in the entire Ancient God Domain who could compare to him.

Yet now, such a legendary and extraordinary figure had actually appeared right before their very eyes, so it was obvious how shocked they felt.

For a time, they were actually stunned on the spot and fell into silence.

Chen Xi couldn’t be bothered about all of that. After he recovered from his shock, his figure had flashed over to Wu Xuechan, and he said, “Eldest Senior Brother, what’re you doing here?”

His voice carried extreme happiness.

Wu Xuechan sized up Chen Xi from top to bottom, and then he sighed with emotion after a long time had passed. “If I didn’t come, then how would I know that my Little Junior Brother has already attained such a state in his cultivation?”

As he spoke, Wu Xuechan had actually taken the initiative to give Chen Xi a hug. This was the first time Chen Xi had enjoyed such treatment, and besides feeling moved, he felt a rare feeling of ease.

“You did well this time.” Wu Xuechan patted Chen Xi on the shoulder and spoke while smiling.

“Eldest Senior Brother, that old fellow from the Gongye Clan….” Asked Chen Xi.

Wu Xuechan spoke casually. “Gongye Zheng? He’s dead.”

Chen Xi instantly understood that the owner of the enormous hand from before was the Gongye Zheng that his Eldest Senior Brother spoke about, and it was very obvious that it had exploded apart at the critical moment just now because his Eldest Senior Brother had acted from the shadows.

When he thought about how his Eldest Senior Brother had soundlessly annihilated a Daolord, Chen Xi couldn’t help but sigh with admiration in his heart. Exactly how formidable is Eldest Senior Brother?

“Grand Lord!” Meanwhile, Xue Changkong and the others had recovered from their shock, and they bowed simultaneously while revealing respectful and reverent expressions.

Wu Xuechan and Chen Xi exchanged glances and smiled at each other, and then they stopped catching up.

Wu Xuechan flicked his sleeve, and then a rain of divinity instantly enshrouded this expanse of the heavens and the earth.

The cracked up and desolate ground recovered….

The buildings that had been destroyed and transformed into ruins rose from the ground once more….

The landscape that was in a mess seemed to have come back to life at this moment, and it was ceaselessly rebuilt….

In merely a few moments, the originally destroyed territory of the Xue Clan had actually recovered to its original state. The entire surroundings were covered in icy mist that drifted through the air, divine energy that suffused the surroundings, and it was filled with exuberant vitality.

With a casual wave of his hand, the heavens and the earth had been transformed!

Such extraordinary ability that rebuilt the world had instantly caused those clansmen of the Xue Clan to be astounded once more, and they were shocked beyond compare.

“Thank you for taking care of my Little Junior Brother. If you encounter any troublesome matters in the future, then please feel free to come to Oracle Mountain.” Wu Xuechan revealed a tranquil expression as he spoke in a warm tone.

As soon as he finished speaking, he turned to gaze at Chen Xi and said, “Little Junior Brother, the affairs here have been resolved, so return to the sect with me.”

Chen Xi nodded. His gazed had glanced over inadvertently and saw that Xue Yun was looking at him right now, and her face faintly carried a slightly dazed expression.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but sigh when he witnessed this. In the end, he only cupped his fists in and said, “Farewell.”


Wu Xuechan flicked his sleeve, and he brought Chen XI and Tu Meng along as he tore through space and instantly vanished on the spot.

The heavens and the earth returned to calm once more, and the figures of Chen Xi, Tu Meng, and Wu Xuechan had vanished from here.

All the clansmen of the Xue Clan gazed at the buildings of their clans that had returned to their original state, and they couldn’t help but feel that they were dreaming when they recalled everything that had occurred just now.

Too many incidents had occurred today. It started with 12 Region Lords arriving menacingly, then Chen Xi turned the situation around by himself and crushed all his enemies. After that, a Daolord of the Gongye Clan arrived, and he formed a hand that covered the sky and descended down towards them. However, the Gongye Clan’s Daolord was killed in the end because Oracle Mountain’s Grand Lord, Wu Xuechan, had arrived here….

Practically everything could be considered as an unexpected and world shocking event. It made them feel shocked, despaired, resentful, excited, delighted….

It was filled with all sorts of ups and downs, so they felt like ages had passed until now.

At this moment, this storm had finally calmed down, but the hearts of Xue Changkong and the others couldn’t calm down in a short period of time.

It was also from this day onward that news about Chen Xi’s return to the Ancient God Domain had started to spread through the Ancient God Domain at an inconceivable speed.

“What? Chen Xi has returned!?”

“A few hundred years have passed since then. Everyone thought that fellow perished in the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos, but who would have imagined that… he would actually make an appearance in the Ancient God Domain again!?”

“It isn’t just that. I heard that Chen Xi had unexpectedly appeared in the remote Serene Swallow Universe, and he relied on his cultivation at the Third Star Region Lord Realm to annihilate 12 Region Lords in one go and helped the Xue Clan deal with a calamity!”

“My god, only a few hundred years have passed until now. How could he have… transformed to the point of becoming so strong?”

“He definitely obtained a supreme fortuitous encounter in the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos. Otherwise, how could he possibly break through from the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm into the Third Star Region Lord Realm in such a short period of time?”

“No, it’s absolutely not so simple. It’s too inconceivable for him to be able to annihilate 12 Region Lords by himself while at the Third Star Region Lord Realm. After all, those Region Lords were from top-rate powers throughout the Imperial Region. Not a single one of them was an ordinary figure! But in the end, all of them perished at Chen Xi’s hands. This clearly shows how formidable Chen Xi’s current combat strength is!”

“Exactly. I heard that even the Grand Lord, Wu Xuechan, made an appearance in the end, and he killed the only Daolord that the Gongye Clan had!”

“My god!”

During the next period of time, numerous rumors related to Chen Xi were being ceaselessly brought forward, and the entire Ancient God Domain was covered in waves of mighty uproars.

No one had imagined that as soon as Chen Xi made an appearance after vanishing for a few hundred years, he would cause such a mighty uproar that caused the entire world to be stirred. It was simply inconceivable.

Moreover, his deeds of advancing into the Third Star Region Lord Realm in such a short period of a few hundred years and annihilating 12 Region Lords by himself had even become a topic that the cultivators of the world took delight in discussing.

While some were delighted, there were definitely some who felt sorrowful and worried.

In next to no time, the identities of those 12 Region Lords had been exposed, and it instantly caused a monstrous uproar.

Because those Region Lords were actually from top-rate powers of the Imperial Region like the Gongye Clan, Luo Clan, Kunwu Clan, Jin Clan, Di Clan….

It was even to the extent that even the identity of the Daolord, Gongye Zheng, who was killed by Wu Xuechan had been exposed.

In an instant, the entire world was stirred. This was simply a world shocking event, and its effect on the situation in the Imperial Region was immeasurable. It was even to the extent that it might cause a string of huge events. So, how could anyone ignore this incident?

Numerous powers had also noticed that the Xue Clan which resided far away in Serene Swallow Universe had undoubtedly obtained the greatest benefit from this string of events. Because no one would dare offend them while they were protected by Oracle Mountain.

This alone caused many people to feel envious of the Xue Clan. Moreover, they started to guess exactly what methods the Xue Clan had utilized to form a relationship with Oracle Mountain.

In short, Chen Xi who’d vanished for a few hundred years had returned, and a string of unexpected and huge events had occurred along with his return.

On the other hand, while the outside world was having animated discussions about these events, Chen Xi had returned to Oracle Mountain along with Wu Xuechan.

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