Chapter 1993 – A Hand That Covered The Sky


When she found out that Chen Xi was about to leave right now, Xue Yun still felt slightly reluctant, and her eyes carried a wisp of sorrow.

Xue Changkong couldn’t help but sigh when he witnessed this.

Before this, he’d spared no effort to urge his daughter to pursue Chen Xi. However, after he witnessed that world shocking battle, he’d instantly realized that his daughter was probably utterly unable to pursue a peerlessly outstanding figure like Chen Xi, and forcefully striving to accomplish it would only end in failure.

“Little girl, don’t be like that. Chen Xi shoulders a huge amount of responsibilities, so how can he possibly stay here for long. If you take him to be a friend, then you can always go visit him in the future.” Xue Changkong patted Xue Yun on the shoulder and persuaded her in a warm voice.

Chen Xi had naturally faintly discerned some of Xue Yun’s thoughts. However, he really didn’t have the fortune to enjoy such feelings.

This was one of the reasons why he was leaving in a hurry. He was worried that if it continued, then he would probably have to shoulder the feelings of another woman. So, he felt it was best to act swiftly and decisively to destroy it before it could mature.

“Then… take care of yourself.” Xue Yun took a deep breath, and then she stared at Chen Xi with her clear eyes as she spoke in a low voice.

Chen Xi smiled lightheartedly and said, “You too.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he was just about to leave with Tu Meng. However, right at this moment, an extremely dangerous aura suddenly appeared in his heart. It caused his entire body to suddenly stiffen, and he raised his head instinctively to look up into the sky.


The others couldn’t help but be stunned when they noticed this, and they looked up along Chen Xi’s gaze and gazed towards the sky. The place they looked at was completely empty, and there was nothing unusual about it. This caused them to be unable to help but feel puzzled. What’s wrong with him?

Only Tu Meng seemed to have noticed something, and his face fell while he said, “Martial Ancestral Uncle, it seems like….”

“Don’t say anything!” Chen Xi waved his hand to interrupt Tu Meng, and his expression had become solemn.

The hearts of the others jerked when they witnessed this scene. Chen Xi didn’t even reveal such a solemn expression when facing those 12 Region Lords just now. What exactly is going on?

“Alas, I’m still too late.” Right at this moment, an extremely aged voice suddenly drifted through the world. It was like mist that drifted indeterminately and was extremely faint, causing others to be utterly unable to determine the exact position of its owner.

The hearts of everyone in the surroundings turned cold when they heard this voice, and they felt horrified. It was like indescribable terror had descended upon them.

Many with weak strengths even started trembling violently while their countenances turned pale, and they almost fell to the ground!

Yet this was merely from the might of a voice!

“It’s a Daolord….” Chen Xi’s pupils suddenly constricted while his expression turned solemn to the extreme.

A Daolord!

When they heard these words, even the expressions of Tu Meng, Xue Changkong, Xue Wenqing, and the others had changed, and a wisp of an extremely strong feeling of danger surged into their hearts.

Exactly which Daolord is it? Could he have come to… take revenge?

“Little Fellow, you killed so many members of my Gongye Clan. So, all of you must pay with your lives in order to mourn the souls of my clan’s fallen!” The aged voice resounded once more. However, it carried a wisp of piercingly cold and resolute killing intent this time.

In an instant, the world dimmed down while all things wailed, and even the Grand Dao trembled. This expanse of the world was covered and terrified by a strand of terrifying killing intent!

This was the imposing aura of a Daolord. Every single word or action of a Daolord carried a form of supreme might.

“Could it be that you’re not afraid of offending my Oracle Mountain?” Tu Meng shouted loudly in a grim voice. Even at this moment, they were still unable to lock onto this Daolord’s exact location, and it caused their hearts to tremble. It was impossible for them to calm down.

“HAHAHAHAHA! Oracle Mountain counts for nothing once I’ve decided to do something!” The aged voice roared with laughter, and it reverberated through the world.

In an instant, Tu Meng’s expression changed indeterminately. Never had he imagined that this Daolord from the Gongye Clan would actually act so recklessly.

On the other hand, Chen Xi finally understood what the Goddess of Arambha Temple had told him all those years ago….

Every single existence that had attained the Daolord Realm was ruthless and fearless. They weren’t restrained by the karma and rules of the world. If they wanted to kill, then they would act immediately, and they would completely disregard the person’s origins and background!

Now, Chen Xi finally experienced the meaning behind her words, and he couldn’t help but feel extraordinarily pressured.

He practically instinctively sent a swift voice transmission to Tu Meng. “The situation is dangerous. I’ll fight with all my might later. You immediately take….”

He hadn’t finished speaking when his expression had instantly changed.

An aged hand that covered the entire world had suddenly filled his field of vision, and it had silently appeared in the sky.

The hand was truly vast. It completely covered both ends of the sky, and it seemed like it was on the verge of covering the entire star that they resided on!

The energy contained within the hand was too terrifying. The striations on its palm seemed like the brands of the Grand Dao. They were filled with the energy of supreme Laws, and the aura they emanated smashed down upon the world to the point it exploded into pieces, collapsed, and sunk down!

On the other hand, Chen Xi felt suffocated. The vital blood within his entire body seemed as if it had been frozen, and he actually had the misconception that he was on the verge of death.

Thump! Thump!

Even Chen Xi was like this, let alone the others. In merely an instant, most of the clansmen from the Xue Clan had fallen unconscious on the ground.

Those who were still standing were shivering as well, and they had ghastly pale countenances. Moreover, the space between their brows was covered in a wisp of terror that couldn’t be concealed.

Who could have imagined that the Gongye Clan’s revenge would actually arrive in succession? Who could have imagined that a Daolord who was said to have broken through all rules would even make an appearance in the end?


The entire star they resided on was trembling violently. The mountains, rivers, and oceans on its surface seemed to be unable to endure this heavy burden, and they rumbled as they exploded into pieces.

At this moment, countless amongst the myriad of living beings that resided throughout the star had perished, and it was simply no different than the end of the world.

If one looked down from high above in the universe, then one would notice that the star which Chen Xi and the others resided on was simply tiny as a pellet when it was enveloped by the enormous and aged hand, and it was on the verge of being grabbed by the hand.

If that occurred, then not only would this star be easily crushed, even Chen Xi and the others would perish!

This was the strength of a Daolord. It was unimaginably formidable. They were said to be supreme existences in the Ancient God Domain, and every single one of them possessed the terrifying might to crush a world and trample through the heavens and the earth.


Life threatening danger!

This was the first time that Chen Xi was really facing the killing intent of a Daolord. Because of the energy of Samsara and the River Diagram, he’d been utterly unable to truly experience how terrifying this realm of cultivation was while he was in the Land of Catastrophe.

Now, he’d experienced it, and he finally understood that the strength he possessed was still extremely tiny and weak before such existences.

However, Chen Xi didn’t intend to give up just like that. He’d never stood helplessly and waited for death to arrive in his entire life!


He withdrew the Talisman Armament while a myriad of strands of violet gold divine radiance surged explosively from his entire body, and he circulated his strength to an unprecedented height.

But even then, Chen Xi still felt that suffocated as if he was completely restrained. So, he didn’t dare hesitate at all, and he instinctively shot swiftly into the sky.

I’ll fight!

I’d rather die fighting than be killed in despair!

“Martial Ancestral Uncle!!” Tu Meng howled hysterically, and his voice was sorrowful and furious to its limits. He was very clearly aware that taking the initiative to attack right now was simply no different than courting death.

However, in the next moment, Tu Meng took the initiative to attack as well. He refused to watch helplessly as his Martial Ancestral Uncle charged to his death. He felt that if they were going to die, then they should they together!

Crack! Crack!

However, right when Chen Xi and Tu Meng had charged up and were halfway there, they’d noticed to their surprise that a wave of extremely ear piercing sounds of bones breaking had suddenly resounded from that hand which covered the sky.

After that, they saw the fingers of the hand collapse inch by inch into pieces, and then strands of blood erupted from them and dyed the sky red.

What’s going on?

Chen Xi and Tu Meng were stunned. This unexpected event was too sudden, and it had even exceeded their expectations.


Before the two of them could recover from their shock, the hand’s palm had actually started to explode into pieces as well. It was like a volcano that was collapsing. Surging blood sprayed out from within it and covered the sky.

In an instant, it was like a rain of blood was descending down upon this star. The dense aura of blood covered the heavens and the earth, and it dyed the ground of the entire star red!

The enormous and aged hand that covered the sky had completely collapsed. Only pouring rain was still descending from the sky, and it dyed the entire world red.

Moreover, from the beginning until the end, the voice of that Daolord from the Gongye Clan had actually not resounded again!

What exactly is going on?

Chen Xi and Tu Meng were stunned. Even at their level of cultivation, they were unable to discern anything, and no matter how they wracked their brains, they were unable to figure out exactly what had occurred.

As for Xue Changkong and the others, they were already stunned on the spot. They’d lingered by death’s door just now. So, when they saw the rain of blood that covered the sky right now, their minds had gone blank, and they’d fallen into a daze.

None of them had imagined that such a shocking and unexpected event would actually occur at such a critical and dangerous moment.

The enormous hand that covered the sky had vanished. The voice of that Daolord from the Gongye Clan had completely vanished as well. Everything was so inconceivable and unimaginable!

“It turned out to just be a false alarm….” A wisp of a complicated expression arose on the corners of Chen Xi’s mouth after some time passed. Even though it was like that, this experience had allowed him to fully understand the gap between his realm of cultivation and the Daolord Realm.

“Good! Good! HAHAHAHA!” Tu Meng hadn’t recovered from his shock yet. At this moment, he couldn’t help but grin from ear to ear and roar with laughter, and his voice carried a tone of rejoice from surviving such a calamity.

Chen Xi muttered. “But… what exactly happened?”

After that, Chen Xi’s entire body stiffened while a wisp of extremely bright light erupted from his eyes.

Because a mighty and handsome figure had suddenly and soundlessly appeared in the starry sky extremely far away.

That figure had snow white hair, a warm expression, eyes that seemed to contain a universe and formed boundless phenomena. As he stood there, he was like the overlord of this expanse of the world, and he made others feel calm and completely without any worries.

It seemed like so long as he was here, then even the collapse of the sky would be trivial.

That figure naturally belonged to Oracle Mountain’s Grand Lord, Wu Xuechan!

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