Chapter 1991 – Successive Annihilation

This expanse of the heavens and the earth shook while divine treasures flew through it. The world shook while techniques rained down within it, and it was like numerous scorching suns were exploding while terrifying gales and fluctuations from the battle whistled through the surroundings.

The place where the Xue Clan resided had instantly been transformed into ruins, and it was covered in a scene of desolation.


A pitch black shuttle shaped divine treasure flew over. It surged with sharp and fierce Divine Dao Laws as it pierced through space and stabbed forcefully at Chen Xi’s throat.

Chen Xi flicked his sleeve and blasted this attack away, and then he continued towards Luo Qianchi. Because Luo Qianchi had been heavily injured earlier, and his combat strength was slightly reduced. So, even Chen Xi would feel regretful if he didn’t seize this opportunity to kill Luo Qianchi.

“Die!” Suddenly, another divine treasure that was like disk floated up into the sky, and it emanated a myriad of specs of light that were hazy like a mist, and they possessed a lethal corrosive effect towards the soul.

“Fuck off!” Chen Xi’s voice was like the first thunderclap during spring. His shout was like a dragon’s roar that rumbled as it blasted the disk flying, and the disk wailed incessantly.

He revealed monstrous divine might as his figure moved through space, and he was boundlessly supreme and imposing.

The refined man and the others were both shocked and furious. They’d successively utilized their trump cards and done all they could to besiege Chen Xi, and they didn’t dare be careless at all.

They felt that Chen Xi was too heaven defying, and there would probably be no one capable of suppressing him in the future if he wasn’t eliminated today!


The battle grew more and more intense and violent, and this expanse of the world fell into a chaotic state of destruction and collapse.

Under such circumstances, Tu Meng could only ceaselessly bring the member of the Xue Clan along to retreat repeatedly in order to avoid being swept into the battle.

“Fellow Daoist Tu Meng, why don’t you seize this opportunity to lend Fellow Daoist Chen Xi a hand? As for the matters here, just leave it to me.” Xue Changkong suddenly sent a voice transmission to Tu Meng. He didn’t doubt how formidable Chen Xi’s combat strength was, but he was slightly worried about the situation Chen Xi was in. After all, it was the joint forces of 12 Region Lords, so the consequences would be unimaginable if any mishaps were to occur.

According to his knowledge, Tu Meng’s combat strength was extremely formidable indeed because Tu Meng alone had made the refined man flee in fear, and Tu Meng had even crushed 8 Imperial Monarchs from the Gongye Clan at that time.

So, it was a slight waste of ability to make Tu Meng stay behind and protect them now.

“There’s no need for that.” Tu Meng hesitated briefly before he shook his head and refused in the end. He naturally wished for nothing more than to go forward and fight by his Martial Ancestral Uncle’s side. But he was very clearly aware that his responsibility was to protect the members of the Xue Clan. It was his Martial Ancestral Uncle’s orders, and he couldn’t disobey it.

“Aren’t you worried?” Xue Changkong was stunned, and he couldn’t refrain from asking this question.

“I am.” Tu Meng replied without the slightest hesitation. “But I believe that since Martial Ancestral Uncle dared to act in this way, then he’s definitely fully confident in his ability to attain victory in the battle!”

Xue Changkong was stunned. Is it really like that?”

The pressure Chen Xi endured during the battle grew greatly, but he wasn’t afraid at all. Conversely, he grew more and more courageous as the battle progressed. His originally tranquil eyes were surging with blazing battle intent right now.

His will to fight was burning!

This was his first battle since he’d returned to the Ancient God Domain from the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos, and it was also his first battle since becoming a Third Star Region Lord.

In his eyes, the refined man and the others weren’t opponents but sharpening stones, and they just happened to be able to allow him to test the limits of his strength!

After all, every single realm of cultivation represented obtaining a completely new force. Not to mention that Chen Xi had refined an entire nine Region Quintessences before he’d advanced into the rank of Region Lords! It could be said to be unprecedented, and his reserves were so deep that there was probably no one in this world who could compare to him.

Most importantly, Chen Xi wasn’t a First Star Region Lord anymore, he was a Third Star Region Lord! Even though it was only a gap of two levels, the gap between the strength he possessed was like the gap between the heavens and the earth.

In other words, his strength had already arrived at an inconceivable height even amongst Third Star Region Lords, so he urgently needed a well-matched battle to analyze his strength.

In this way, not only would he be able to obtain a deeper understanding of his combat strength, the tempering from the battle would even allow him to familiarize with and completely take control of this completely new strength of his!

So, the battle before him had undoubtedly played the role of being his sharpening stone. It allowed Chen Xi to analyze himself through battle, and as he grew familiar with the strength he possessed, the might he revealed grew strong and stronger as well.

The gradual change that Chen Xi revealed in battle caused the pressure that the refined man and the others experienced the gradually increase. It was originally an equally matched situation, but it was faintly moving in favor of Chen Xi.

This caused the expressions of the refined man and the others to become much more solemn and even more unsightly. No matter how they wracked their brains, they were unable to figure out how Chen Xi’s combat strength could be so heaven defying because he was actually able to gradually improve in battle. This was simply despair inducing!

“Dammit!” Suddenly, an old man was unable to restrain himself anymore, and he roared in a grim voice while withdrawing an ancient and simply bamboo scripture. The scripture covered half the sky as rows of profound and mysterious markings of the Dao swiftly drifted out from within it, and they formed the shape of lightning that struck down forcefully towards Chen Xi!

Obviously, it was an extremely formidable Natural Spirit Treasure, and it revealed extraordinary might as soon as it was utilized.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

However, at practically the exact same moment, three bright golden coins suddenly shot out from Chen Xi’s palm, and they let out a clear howl that shook the heavens as they instantly restrained the bamboo scripture!

“Shit!” The old man’s expression changed because he’d recognized the Copper Coin of Treasurefall.

Unexpectedly, Chen Xi didn’t seize this opportunity to attack the old man, and his figure flashed and charged towards the side instead.

What’s he doing? The old man was stunned.

“AHH!!” Right at this moment, an extremely miserable and shrill cry resounded. Luo Qianchi who stood far away in the distance had been minced into pieces by a wisp of sword qi, causing blood and flesh to rain down.

Obviously, Chen Xi had adopted the strategy of misdirection, and he’d taken Luo Qianchi’s life before Luo Qianchi could even react!


“Brother Luo!”

The expressions of the refined man and the others turned grim, furious, and embarrassed. Not only had they been unable to kill Chen Xi while jointly attack him, they’d even allowed Chen Xi to seize an opportunity and kill Luo Qianchi who was heavily injured. All of this was simply like an extremely heavy blow to them, and it caused their eyes to turn red.

“One down!” Xue Changkong spoke with shock in the distance. “He’s too formidable! He’s too strong….” He ceaselessly repeated these words as he wasn’t able to find any other words to describe his current emotions.

On the other hand, the clansmen of the Xue Clan in the vicinity were still stunned with disbelief, and then a wave of cheering erupted from them while they felt extremely excited.

Who would have imagined that Chen Xi would actually still be able to annihilate a Third Star Region Lord from their ranks while amidst such a situation?

No one had!

So, it was extremely shocking to them when they witnessed this scene.

“I knew it. If Martial Ancestral Uncle was unable to accomplish that, then it would truly be unusual….” Tu Meng muttered with a proud expression as he took pride in Chen Xi’s accomplishment.

“Everyone, we have to go all out!”

“This bastard has matured. If we still don’t go all out, then none of us will be able to leave today!”

“Exactly. If Oracle Mountain finds out about what happened today, then we’ll definitely suffer in the future. So, we must kill him no matter what price we have to pay!”

Luo Qianchi’s death caused the refined man and the others to go completely berserk. They were like numerous primeval ferocious beasts, and they seemed to intend to fight desperately as they continued their siege against Chen Xi.

“Unfortunately, that’s all the strength you possess. Then, let’s end the battle.” Chen Xi sighed when he saw this. The combat strength they revealed was already unable to pressure him to the point of feeling suffocated. So, he was very clearly aware that it was already impossible for him to continue tempering himself through this battle.


The Talisman Armament rumbled while its impetus suddenly arose by a level, and then it slashed down swiftly.

This strike was like the bolt of lightning that struck the Chaos apart. It tore through the sky and was blazing to the extreme.

In an instant, the whole fell into silence. Everything had lost their ability to make a sound, and an extremely horrifying feeling of terror stretched through the hearts of everyone. It caused their expressions to change while their souls almost left their bodies.

What sort of attack was this?

It was impossible to describe and seized the energy of creation. It displayed the sharp and murderous force of the Sword Dao to its limits, and it revealed an all-powerful and unstoppable might.

On the other hand, this strike seemed like the sickle of the god of death to the refined man and the others, and it seemed like it intended to reap their lives!

They practically instinctively circulated their strengths to its limits, and they practically madly executed their strongest abilities without daring to hold back at all.


An empty area appeared in this expanse of space. Everything within it was crushed and obliterated because this wisp of sword qi was too sharp and powerful.

Even though the refined man and the others had evaded it successfully, they were all in an extremely sorry state, and their expressions were complicated, unsteady, and savage.

This attack was too formidable, and they had an extremely strong lingering fear as they gazed at the empty area.


Before they could even react, Chen Xi had already shot towards them. His Sword Insight surged towards and penetrated the surroundings. It shot through the world while revealing boundless profundities, and it illuminated the world.

The sword qi shot out in succession, and every single one was more terrifying than the last. It simply caused the refined man and the others to have no choice but to evade incessantly, and they were in an extremely embarrassing state and actually didn’t dare to bear the brunt of these attacks.


But an old man was unable to dodge in the end, and he was struck by one of these strands of boundlessly vast sword qi. In an instant, his entire body was blasted into pieces, and he was transformed into powder on the spot!

A rain of blood poured down while the shrill cry he let out before death surged through the world. It shocked and astounded everyone. One more of them is dead!

“No!!” The refined man and the others howled loudly with rage and sorrow. They found it extremely difficult to accept such an outcome. When they came over to denounce Chen Xi’s crimes earlier, how could they have imagined that such an unexpected event would occur even after they’d made sufficient preparations?

Flames of extreme anger and unwillingness raged within their hearts, and it caused their eyes to almost split apart. All of them had flared up with rage, and their faces were livid and warped to the extreme.

However, Chen Xi seemed as if he hadn’t noticed all of this at all. His expression was calm and indifferent as if he had no emotions at all, and he’d attacked once more with a fierce and oppressive imposing aura after he killed that old man.

From this moment in the battle, Chen Xi didn’t intend to allow any one of them to survive!

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