Chapter 1990 – Heaven Defying Battle

Chen Xi faced the refined man and all the other Region Lords by himself beneath the night sky. His imposing aura was deep like an ancient abyss, and he revealed an imposing aura that seemed capable of holding back an army.

At this moment, when they noticed the imposing aura of a Third Star Region Lord that Chen Xi revealed, many of the people in the surroundings were shocked and felt disbelief.

In a mere few hundred years of time, Chen Xi had transformed from a Universe Enlightened Ancestral God into a Third Star Region Lord, and such a speed of advancement was simply unprecedented and astounding!

“No wonder he dared to act so confidently. So it turns out that his strength has already arrived at such a terrifying state….” Xue Changkong muttered while a wisp of a complicated expression appeared on his face. There was shock there but even more excitement.

It was like he’d found a trace of hope and light amidst the darkness of despair, and it allowed his helpless and sorrowful emotions to ease up greatly.

“This is what a disciple of Oracle Mountain is like. He really isn’t someone that we can hope to fathom.” The Grand Elder Xue Wenqing sighed endlessly with emotion.

A Third Star Region Lord!

Such a terrifying cultivation was extremely rare even in the entire Ancient God Domain!

The expressions of the refined man and the others had instantly turned gloomy because the imposing aura Chen Xi revealed had exceeded their expectations as well.

Fortunately, they’d made sufficient preparations this time and dispatched an entire 12 Region Lords, and there was even no lack of Third Star Region Lords amongst them.

Besides allowing the refined man to feel much more at ease, he couldn’t help but firm his intentions to annihilate Chen Xi. This little bastard’s speed of cultivation is too swift. If he’s allowed to continue living, then exactly how formidable will he become in the future!?

“Everyone, if the disciples of our clans weren’t killed by this kid in the Desolate Manku Ruins all those years ago, then they would have… probably been able to possess such accomplishments as well, right?” The refined man spoke in a low voice that carried extreme hatred because he’d recalled Gongye Zhefu who’d perished at Chen Xi’s hands.

Just these few words had caused a wisp of hatred to involuntarily seethe within the hearts of the others.

Right. If all of them didn’t die all those years ago, then how could their current accomplishments be inferior to that kid?

In an instant, the heavens and the earth was filled with boundless and ghastly killing intent. The gazes all of them shot at Chen Xi were extremely icy cold, and they seemed to wish for nothing more that to swallow him up.

“Old bastards, don’t blame me for not giving all of you a chance if you continue talking nonsense.” Chen Xi couldn’t help but shake his head while a wisp of ridicule appeared on his face. These old bastards are simply getting sillier the more they live. They’re even comparing me to Luo Shaonong and the others? How truly laughable!

“Bastard! Die!” Suddenly, a shocking shout resounded as a gold robed old man strode forward, and a crimson red sword appeared in his palm before he slashed towards Chen Xi.


The sky seemed as if it had been torn apart as a strand of crimson sword qi smashed down towards Chen Xi while seemed like an ocean of lava that carried violent might.

At this instant, the heavens and the earth in an area of 500,000km fell into a state of collapse. It wailed violently while it exploded successively, and numerous enormous rifts that stretched out in all directions had cracked open.

This was the power of a Region Lord. Especially because this gold robed old man called Luo Qianchi was a Third Star Region Lord who’d made a name for himself a very long time ago. He was an outstanding existence even in the Imperial Region, and he possessed a widespread reputation.

At this moment, he’d attacked with rage, and merely a single strike had vividly displayed the might he possessed.

The expressions of all the clansmen of the Xue Clan had changed, and it was like they were facing the end of the world. Their entire bodies had stiffened, and they even wondered if they were about to suffer calamity and perish!

It was too terrifying.

The attack of a Region Lord was sufficient to destroy stars and even crush the sun and moon. If one was struck by such might, then the severity of the consequences was clear.


At practically the exact same moment, Chen Xi acted as well. The Talisman Armament let out a clear howl that resounded through the nine heavens, and then a wisp of bright, profound, and simply sword qi shot out and collided head-on against the Luo Qianchi’s attack.

This expanse of the heavens and the earth exploded into pieces while space was blasted into a torrent of fragments that surged towards the surroundings. The entire territory of the Xue Clan had been struck to the point of being covered in a scene of desolation.

Fortunately, Tu Meng had noticed that the situation was bad before the collision had erupted, so he’d utilized his full strength to forcefully take those clansmen of the Xue Clan with him and move far away to avoid this calamity.

Otherwise, once the aftershock of the collision was to spread, then at least half the clansmen of the Xue Clan would have suffered calamity.


Luo Qianchi’s figure suddenly shook in midair, and then his figure staggered back. He’d actually been forced back by Chen Xi during this collision!

This made his expression turn grim while he felt extremely shocked in his heart. This damnable little bastard is actually strong to such an extent?

Stomp! Stomp! Stomp!

At this moment, Chen Xi had pierced through space and strode over. Every single inch of his skin emanated sword qi, and he seemed like he’d transformed into an ocean of the sword. Violet gold divine radiance covered the heavens and the earth, and it was an extremely terrifying scene.

“Kill!” Luo Qianchi attacked once more. The crimson red sword in his palm violently transformed into a myriad of strands of flaming sword qi, and then it swept forward with all-powerful might.

The refined man and the other Region Lords didn’t hesitate. Their figures flickered as they stood on guard in the surroundings, and they observed and sensed Chen Xi’s flaws with the intention of seeking an opportunity to kill Chen Xi with a single strike.

As far as they were concerned, Luo Qianchi who possessed the strength of a Third Star Region Lord was more than enough to deal with Chen Xi who’d just advanced into a similar realm of cultivation, and Luo Qianchi’s strength was sufficient to crush Chen Xi.


However, in the next moment, a scene that astounded them occurred. Chen Xi raised his sword and attacked casually, yet it actually forcefully blasted Luo Qianchi’s attack apart! Luo Qianchi’s attack was utterly unable to stop Chen Xi’s attack at all!


The others didn’t even have the chance to react before Chen Xi had attacked once more. The Talisman Armament in his hand formed a grand and mysterious sword formation as it smashed down ferociously.


The crimson red sword in Luo Qianchi’s hand exploded into pieces, and it transformed into specks of light that rained down in the surroundings. On the other hand, his entire body seemed as if it had been struck by a myriad of mountains. He was forcefully blasted flying, and he coughed up mouthfuls of blood while his countenance swiftly turned extremely ghastly pale.

In an instant, everyone was stunned.

In merely three collisions, Luo Qianchi who revealed boundless strength was actually no match for Chen Xi and had been completely defeated!

How could this be possible?

They’re both Third Star Region Lords, and Luo Qianchi had even attained such a cultivation a long time before Chen Xi had. He’s like an old monster in the Luo Clan. Yet now, his divine treasure was actually blasted apart by merely three attacks, and he himself was completely defeat!?

This was too shocking!

The expressions of the refined man and the others had instantly changed. The battle had just begun yet the situation had actually undergone such a shocking change. Moreover, the might Chen Xi revealed had truly exceeded their imagination and expectations.


Chen Xi paid no attention to all of this. After he thwarted Luo Qianchi’s attack, he didn’t stop at all and continued following up with another attack because he wasn’t willing to miss this superb opportunity to kill his opponent.

Luo Qianchi’s countenance grew even paler, and he sensed the smell of lethal danger.

How could he have imagined that this opponent would have actually been so difficult to deal with? It had completely exceeded his expectations. If he knew that this would happen, then he would have definitely not rushed hastily into battle.

However, there was no room for regret now. When he noticed that danger was arriving, he’d practically instinctively howled hysterically, and a bronze mirror appeared from his chest and emanated brilliant divine radiance.


A strand of sword qi blasted over, and it struck forcefully against the bronze mirror. As soon as they collided with each other, the bronze mirror was instantly blasted into pieces, whereas, the bones throughout Luo Qianchi’s body cracks while blooded seeped out from his entire body. He let out a shrill cry as he crashed to the ground.

Fortunately, he had the bronze mirror to protect himself, otherwise, Luo Qianchi would have definitely suffered calamity and perished from this attack!

At this moment, even Tu Meng was stunned, and he muttered with an astounded tone. “Martial Ancestral Uncle… is much more ferocious that I am….”

As for those clansmen of the Xue Clan, their mouths were opened wide, and they seemed to be dumbstruck at this moment.

They were originally worried that Chen Xi wouldn’t be a match for Luo Qianchi, but they’d never imagined that Chen Xi’s combat strength would actually be so terrifying!


A violet gourd soared into the sky and emanated a profound chaotic glow. It blocked Chen Xi's assault, and it helped Luo Qianchi deal with the danger he faced.

It was the refined man and the others who’d acted. After they witnessed all of that, how could they possibly dare to continue watching? They simultaneously withdrew their treasures and attacked ferociously from all directions.

For a time, violet winds raged throughout this expanse of the heavens and the earth. Gales roared, lightning rumbled, space collapsed, and the world was covered in various terrifying phenomena.

When a group of Region Lords had set out into battle, they caused monstrous energy of destruction to arise throughout the surroundings, and it truly seemed as if the end of the world had arrived.

The entire star that the Xue Clan resided on had started to tremble violently. The living beings that lived on the star were shivering as they fled in panic. The entire star was covered in a scene of upheaval and chaos.

Tu Meng’s expression became solemn, and he was slightly worried. After all, he had no choice but to worry about Chen Xi’s safety when Chen Xi was facing the joint attacks of 12 Region lords.

The clansmen of the Xue Clan were at a loss for what to do because their minds had been thrown into chaos from the shock they felt. It was even to the extent that they were unable to see the battle clearly and could only pray in their hearts that Chen Xi could turn the situation around.

However, to everyone’s disbelief, even though Chen Xi was all by himself in midair, he hadn’t been suppressed by them. On the contrary, it was an equally matched situation that was revealed there!

This made everyone gasp endlessly. That’s a group of 12 Region lords from the top-rate powers of the Imperial Region, but they’re actually unable to do anything to Chen Xi who’s all alone?

This was too shocking. Chen Xi had utilized a few hundred years of time to advance at an inconceivable speed and attain the ranks of Third Star Region Lords. Just this accomplishment was inconceivable, yet now, he’d actually gone head-on against 12 Region Lords without losing. He was simply formidable to the point he could be described as being heaven defying!

How many people throughout the entire Ancient God Domain could accomplish what Chen Xi had accomplished? It was probably even impossible to find one!

Especially the refined man and the others, they were extremely shocked and furious at this moment.

They’d already realized that Chen Xi wasn’t just formidable when he’d defeated Luo Qianchi with just three attacks, but they’d never imagined that they would actually be unable to suppress Chen Xi after the 12 of them acted together. How could this not astound them?

They were even slightly unable to accept this. How exactly did such a little bastard cultivate to possess such heaven defying combat strength?

“Kill! We must use all our strength to kill this bastard! Otherwise, we might suffer misfortune today!” The refined man shouted loudly as he realized how severe the current situation was.

“Kill!” There was no need for him to remind them. The other Region Lords had realized this as well, and they instantly revealed ferocious gazes as they exerted all their strength.

The battle instantly became even more dangerous and terrifying!

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