Chapter 199 – Arriving In A Throng

Chapter 199 – Arriving In A Throng

“Miss Xiao Linger, you’ve arrived.” When he saw the young woman in a fiery red robe, Tantai Hong smiled, and at the same time, he sent a voice transmission into Chen Xi’s ears. “This is the central plains Nine Cauldron Immortal Sect’s core Golden Core Realm disciple, Xiao Linger. Her cultivation is unfathomable, and she’s an existence on the same level as Lin Moxuan.”

“I encountered the Whitecrane Sect’s Qing Xiuyi and wanted to have a spar with her, yet regretfully, that woman kept avoiding me and didn’t want to fight.” Xiao Linger faintly sighed. She was lightly stunned when she looked around and noticed Chen Xi, yet she didn’t ask anything.

But Chen Xi sensed that this woman possessed a pressure that caused him to feel fear, and the trace of faint aura surrounding her body contained a violent energy that was fierce like fire and heavy like a cauldron and could suppress everything in the world. Obviously, she was an extremely formidable figure.

“What? You encountered Qing Xiuyi? She’s come as well?” Lin Moxuan was visibly moved, and he spoke with a burning gaze. “That woman is a reincarnated Heavenly Immortal and is looked favorably upon by the leaders of many sects. I originally thought that she’d already broken through to the Rebirth Realm since long ago, yet now it would seem like she has been bitterly suppressing her cultivation as well and is waiting for the Allstar Meeting five years from now to amaze the world with a single brilliant feat!”

“Speaking of suppressing cultivations, aren’t you the same, Senior Brother Lin? After all, the more Dao Insights comprehended while at the Golden Core Realm, the more benefit one would obtain when charging into the Nether Transformation Realm. As for the Rebirth Realm… Hmph! It’s only a passing period. Relying on my ability, so long as I possess sufficient baleful energy of Yin and Yang, I’ll be able to extremely easily pass through the seven temperings of the Rebirth Realm.” Xiao Linger glanced at Lin Moxuan with deep meaning in her eyes, and then she said unhurriedly, “Not to mention once one advances to the Rebirth Realm, one would have lost the chance to participate in the Allstar Meeting, which would be equivalent to losing the chance to participate in the Primeval Battlefield and battle the monstrous geniuses of the other Dynasties. Under these circumstances, who would be stupid to the point of charging into the Rebirth Realm?”

Lin Moxuan grunted coldly and said, “Junior Sister Xiao, aren’t you suppressing your cultivation as well?”

Xiao Linger smiled yet didn’t say anything further.

Suppressing their cultivation?!

So these fellows already possessed the qualifications to charge into the Rebirth Realm long ago. According to what that Xiao Linger said, they seem to be preparing and accumulating sufficient strength so that after they charge into the Rebirth Realm, they can press on until the Nether Transformation Realm!

The more he heard, the more he felt shocked in his heart, and if he didn’t compare himself with them he wouldn’t know, yet once he compared himself with them, Chen Xi realized that there was always someone stronger, no matter how strong one was.

At this moment, he deeply felt that his cultivation was lagging too much behind and was too insufficient, and he urgently yearned to possess strength in his heart. Because he knew that if he were to participate in the Allstar Meeting, these people would possibly be his opponents, and if he didn’t cultivate bitterly and diligently, and he would probably be unable to enter the Dark Reverie for his entire lifetime…

At the side, Tantai Hong’s expression was slightly unsightly. Especially when he heard Xiao Linger say ‘who would be stupid to the point of charging into the Rebirth Realm’ his face even revealed a gloomy expression.

Because before this, he was in closed door cultivation to charge into the Rebirth Realm, and he was even almost killed by the sneak attack of an enemy during that period. Xiao Linger’s words had undoubtedly drawn out a painful memory in his heart, and it caused him to be exceedingly embarrassed.

Crack! Crack!

Right at this moment, a wave of the sound of space shattering resounded out.

Chen Xi raised his eyes to look and saw three people stepping on the sky as they flew over. Every single stride they made caused a ripple of shattering in the space they strode on, and it revealed their extremely formidable cultivation.

These three people were led by the person in the front that wore a feathered crown and dragon robes, and he revealed a dignified and peerless aura. On his sides were two twins who had similar appearances and wore similar clothing. They possessed a deep gaze and a formidable aura. Every single one of them wasn’t inferior to Lin Moxuan and Xiao Linger.

Especially the young man in the lead, the pressure he brought upon Chen Xi was much greater than the others and much more terrifying. Obviously, this young man with a feathered crown was the strongest amongst these experts of the younger generations.

However, Chen Xi’s attention was instead drawn by the pair of twin brothers, because he acutely sensed that the aura on these two people was practically identical to the Bloodcrescent Devil Sect’s Xiao Jun!

“You’ve come.” Tantai Hong couldn’t help but grin from ear to ear when he saw these three people.

Of course, he sent a voice transmission to Chen Xi at the same time. “Chen Ke, amongst these three people, this pair of twins are called Teng Huaji and Teng Huaxu, and they’re the disciples of a mysterious female cultivator that saved my life while I was trying to charge into the Rebirth Realm a few days ago. The person in the center is called Huangfu Chongming, and he’s the Little Prince of the Darchu Dynasty’s Wise King's Estate, a kinsman of the emperor that possesses a respected status and monstrous authority, and his strength is unfathomable. The cultivation technique, Nine-Python Dragon Transformation, is an ultimate technique of the Imperial Family and is extremely formidable. You must not offend this person!”

Chen Xi sensed a trace of deep fear from Tantai Hong’s words. Obviously, this Huangfu Chongming brought an extremely great pressure to Tantai Hong.

But he wasn’t concerned with all this, and he’d already confirmed one thing now, that pair of twin brothers were surely members of the Bloodcrescent Devil Sect!

What mysterious female cultivator? Saving Tantai Hong’s life during his moment of danger? All of this was a scheme of the Bloodcrescent Devil Sect with the objective of getting close to Tantai Hong and then relying on the map in his possession to enter Qian Yuan’s Treasure Vault. It was even to the extent that Chen Xi guessed that the mysterious female cultivator might be the person Xiao Jun spoke of, Hall Master Fan, Fan Yunlan!

The reason why Chen Xi was so sure was extremely simple, and everything was because of the female disciples of the Bloodcrescent Devil Sect, Xiao Jun. She was a pawn the Bloodcrescent Devil Sect placed by Tantai Zixuan’s side, and when she found out about the treasure map in Tantai Hong’s possession, she told Fan Yunlan of it. After that, they used the Han Clan to attack the Tantai Clan, and then they seized this opportunity to play out an act of saving Tantai Hong and gaining Tantai Hong’s trust and gratefulness.

What a scheme! Making use of another and deception that could be said to be linked layer by layer together. Whether the Han Clan was sacrificed or not utterly didn’t affect the overall situation. Chen Xi couldn’t help but praise in his heart as the Bloodcrescent Devil Sect’s methods were indeed exceedingly ruthless and cunning.

Of course, all of this was his inference, and he wouldn’t rashly tell Tantai Hong before obtaining a confirmation, so as to avoid being reduced to a villain and become caught between enemies from both sides.

Most importantly, there was one more link that Chen Xi couldn’t understand, and that was why Huangfu Chongming would be together with this pair of twins. Could it be that this Little Prince, Huangfu Chongming, has already come to a certain agreement with the Bloodcrescent Devil Sect?

Instantly, countless thoughts flashed within Chen Xi’s mind. They weren’t numerous and disorderly but were instead inferred in an orderly manner by him. This was precisely the strength of the Deducing Arts of the Dao of Talismans. For example, the topmost difficult to cultivate sword technique in the world, the Myriad Convergence Sword Scripture, was slowly deduced by him, thus wanting to deduce the cause and effect of some things were naturally exceedingly easy.

Moreover, once this type of Deducing Arts attained the limit, not only was it able to deduce the changes in the cycle of the heavens, it was even able to deduce a person’s heart, thoughts, karma, fortune, and fate, allowing one to master the boundless variations between the heaven, earth, and humans.

Of course, Chen Xi was still exceedingly far away from this level, and even a Heavenly Immortal might not be capable of attaining it. In the rumors, only those almighty figures that were born in the primordial era were able to thoroughly understand a trace of its true essence.

“Why is there a Golden Hall Realm kid?” Huangfu Chongming noticed Chen Xi, and his reaction was even more intense than Lin Moxuan, causing his to frown and shout out coldly. His imposing aura roared like a mountain and sea as it fiercely pressed onto Chen Xi.

Chen Xi instantly felt pressure gush over from all directions, and it wanted to make him submit and prostrate himself. However, how formidable was his Dao Heart? He concentrated his mind and soul, and he remained unmoved no matter how monstrous the pressure was, causing him to faintly reveal the trace of the feeling of an old monk in meditation.

But in the depths of his heart, Chen Xi was instead furious to the extreme, and his killing intent surged. This fellow is arrogant and overbearing. The day will come where I’ll suppress him like this and make him kowtow and prostrate himself before me!

“Prince Huangfu, this person is a junior of mine and we have a deep relationship. He will surely not cause trouble for everyone during our movement this time. I hope that you can show mercy and let him off.” When Tantai Hong saw Huangfu Chongming’s fierce deterrence towards Chen Xi, he hurriedly explained and pleaded on Chen Xi’s behalf.

“Oh? Then I’ll forgive you this time for the sake of Patriarch Tantai.” Huangfu Chongming’s expression eased up as the imposing aura surrounding him instantly vanished completely without a trace remaining, and he recovered his poised and noble appearance.

Chen Xi’s heart went cold as he instantly realized that this person wasn’t overbearing and unreasonable as he seemed on the outside and was instead not simple. Perhaps everything from before was faked by him for the sake of probing me.

Moreover, Chen Xi also noticed that along with the appearance of Huangfu Chongming, Lin Moxuan and Xiao Linger had restrained themselves greatly and didn’t continue chatting amongst themselves as if they had a trace of fear towards Huangfu Chongming.

“I heard that Qian Yuan’s Treasure Vault was left behind by a peerless Heavenly Immortal from a few tens of thousands of years ago. Not only are there countless treasures of heaven and earth, Magic Treasures, and medicinal pills within it, there are even Immortal Artifacts of legend and the Dao Insight Origin Pills condensed by this Heavenly Immortal from his own comprehension of the Heaven Dao. Immortal Artifacts are too unreal, and whether we obtain one will completely depend on our fortune. But those Dao Insight Origin Pills are real and supreme precious treasures, and so long as anyone obtains a single one of them, one would be able to instantly master a type of Dao Insight. It’s simply a fortune that is a work of man yet rivals nature itself. Patriarch Tantai, I wonder if all this information is true or false?” Huangfu Chongming asked unhurriedly.

Dao Insight Origin Pills?!

Chen Xi was shocked in his head, and some information instantly appeared within his mind. Supposedly, some formidable figures at the Heavenly Immortal Realm would refine their comprehension of the Heaven Dao into medicinal pills before they ascended. So long as someone obtained one of these pills, the person would be able to master a Dao Insight in an extremely short period of time, and it was really extremely miraculous. But, every single Dao Insight could only be condensed into a single one of these pills. Moreover, it required the consumption of a strand of the Heavenly Immortal’s Blood Essence, so it could be said to be extremely precious.

In the current cultivation world, the appearance of every single Dao Insight Origin Pill was able to cause great bloodshed, and it was simply a priceless treasure that everyone dreamed of.

Tantai Hong nodded and said, “This rumor does indeed exist, and it ought to not be fake.”

After they obtained Tantai Hong’s confirmation, not only did Huangfu Chongming revealed a trace of burning desire, even Lin Moxuan, Xiao Linger, Teng Huaji, and Teng Huaxu were the same as well.

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