Chapter 1989 – Going To Battle By Himself

A mangled corpse had fallen from the sky, but how could any of them be unable to recognize that it surprisingly belonged to Li Wentai who’d left at dust yesterday?

As the Sect Master of a first-rate power in Serene Swallow Universe, the Darksea Sword Sect, and as a great figure at the Imperial Monarch Realm, Li Wentai had actually been killed, and even his corpse had been trampled on!

In an instant, the expressions of all the members of the Xue Clan including Xue Changkong had changed. Exactly who did this?


Right at this moment, an enormous rift suddenly exploded extremely far away in the sky, and then numerous figures appeared there.

Surprisingly, it was that refined man from the Gongye Clan who was in the lead!~

Moreover, numerous figures with mighty imposing auras and monstrous divine might were by his side. There were both men and women amongst them, and there was 11 of them.

As soon as their group appeared under the lead of the refined man, this expanse of the heavens and the earth was enveloped by a terrifying and suffocating pressure that caused the world to dim down while the Grand Dao wailed!

Shockingly, all of them were Region Lords!

“It really is those bastards from the Gongye Clan!”

“But there’s also the Luo Clan, the Di Clan, the Jin Clan, the Pei Clan, the Kunwu Clan…. My god! Could it be that all the top-rate powers of the Imperial Region have joint forces and dispatched a Region Lord from their ranks?”

“How could this have happened? Why is this happening?!”

All the members of the Xue Clan were instantly restless, and their expressions changed when they saw those 12 mighty figures who stood proudly in the sky.

It was 12 Region Lords!

Such a force was sufficient to sweep through the entire Serene Swallow Universe!

Who could have imagined that after such a long delay, then Gongye Clan would actually bring such a shocking and monstrous force to take revenge?

Indescribably terror started to spread through the air. It caused the entire bodies of those clansmen of the Xue Clan to feel cold, and all of them fell into a state of helplessness and despair.

How could they possible survive such a force?

At this moment, even the hearts of Xue Changkong and all the great figures of the Xue Clan had fallen to rock bottom, and they felt like a great calamity had descended upon them.

Could it be that our Xue Clan will really be unable to escape calamity this time?

“The heavens seek to doom our Xue Clan!” The Grand Elder Xue Wenqing was overcome by sadness as he sighed, and his expression was extremely dim.

Their Xue Clan was merely a first-rate power in Serene Swallow Universe. Even though there was no lack of Imperial Monarchs in the clan, they were utterly unable to produce a single Region Lord.

Under such circumstances, how could they fight against those 12 Region Lords who came from top-rate powers in the Imperial Region?


Why has this happened?

All of them were frustrated, fearful, and uneasy.

Only Chen Xi and Tu Meng seemed to be extremely calm. They’d naturally noticed those 12 Region Lords as well. Especially when they noticed that it wasn’t just the Region Lords of the Gongye Clan who’d arrived here, and they included Region Lords from the Luo Clan, the Di Clan, the Jin Clan, the Kunwu Clan, and the others top-rate powers of the Imperial Region, Chen Xi instantly understand that they were clearly coming for him!

Because Chen Xi had killed Luo Shaonong, Gongye Zhefu, Di Jun, Jin Qingyang, Kunwu Qing, and a few more Spirit Gold Exalts at the Desolate Manku Ruins all those years ago.

These fellows were respectively from those top-rate powers in the Imperial Region!

So, when he confirmed the identity of the refined man and the others, Chen Xi immediately determined that their objective was clearly to annihilate him.

If it was merely for the sake of dealing with the Xue Clan, then there was entirely no need to dispatch so many forces.

It was even to the extent that Chen Xi guessed that the reason the Gongye Clan hadn’t come to take revenge for the last three months was clearly because it was secretly communicating with the other top-rate powers, and they intended to accumulate even more forces to annihilate him!

They really think highly of me! Chen Xi sighed with emotion in his heart while his gaze was already completely piercingly cold and indifferent.

The atmosphere was tense, and it seemed like a storm was about to descend.

The world here had dimmed down and fallen into a state of absolute silent. Even the air seemed frozen, and it gave others the misconception that they were suffocating.

The refined man laughed coldly as he stood in the sky, and his gaze swept through the surroundings before it descended onto Xue Changkong. After that, his icy cold voice that carried extreme hatred reverberated through the world. “Haha! I never expected that you would have already awakened after just three months, Xue Changkong. It’s truly quite unexpected. However, it isn’t important anymore. In any case, no matter if it’s you or the entire Xue Clan. All of you must die!”

The expressions of everyone from the Xue Clan changed, and their expressions grew even more dreary. Moreover, many young clansmen of the Xue Clan couldn’t help but shiver and fall into inextricable states of terror.

They were simply like ants when compared to these Region Lords, and they didn’t even have the courage to struggle.

Because the gap in their strengths was too huge. It was simply no different than knocking an egg against a rock if they were to go against those Region Lords.

“Chen Xi, take that little girl, Xue Yun, and leave. I believe that you’ll definitely be able to escape with your strength. I only hope that… you’ll be able to take good care of Xue Yun. Then I can die without regret.” Right amidst this extremely pressing situation, Xue Changkong had suddenly sent a voice transmission to Chen Xi, and his voice carried sorrow and resolution.

Obviously, Xue Changkong had lost all confidence towards Chen Xi and Tu Meng when facing the refined man and the other 11 Region Lords, so he’d prepared for the worse.

At this moment, Xue Yun seemed to have obtained Xue Changkong’s voice transmission as well, and she couldn’t restrain the sorrow in her heart any longer. She cried as she spoke, and she seemed extremely helpless and dreary. “Father! I won’t go! I want to be together with everyone! Even in death!”

“Leave? How laughable!” The refined man suddenly swept his gaze over, and his voice was cold and sharp like a blade. “All of you can dream of leaving alive today!”

“Chen Xi! Quickly take her and leave!” Xue Changkong gazed at Chen Xi with an anxious expression, and his voice even carried a wisp of a pleading tone.

At this moment, Chen Xi couldn’t help but sigh. He stepped forward, patted Xue Yun on the shoulder, and then said to Xue Changkong, “They came for me. So, I’ll deal with them myself.”

What!? Xue Changkong was stunned, and he almost didn’t dare believe his ears. Has this fellow gone mad? That’s 12 Region Lords over there!

It wasn’t just Xue Changkong, all the other members of the Xue Clan in the vicinity had extremely astounded expressions as well.

Chen Xi didn’t pay any attention to all of this. At this moment, he’d already stepped forward, and his attention had locked onto the group of figures in the distance.

“Martial Ancestral Uncle, I’ll go with you….”

Tu Meng had followed Chen Xi with excitement, but he hadn’t even finished speaking when Chen Xi interrupted him and said, “You stay behind and protect the others. Leave this battle to me.”

Just these words alone caused Tu Meng to be stunned on the spot. He wanted to strive for a chance to fight, but he instantly discarded this thought when he saw Chen Xi’s cold and indifferent expression. He moved back dejectedly and sighed endlessly in his heart.

“Chen Xi, you aren’t serious, right?” At this moment, Xue Changkong was finally sure that Chen Xi was actually not joking, and Chen Xi really intended to fight 12 Region Lords by himself!

“This enmity is between me and them, so I naturally have to deal with it myself.” Chen Xi spoke indifferently. His voice hadn’t even finished resounding through the air when he’d soared into the sky, and he stood in the sky with his hands behind his back as he gazed at the refined man’s group from afar.

“Who’s that?”

“Chen Xi!”

“Is he going to deal with this danger for our Xue Clan? Awesome!”

“Don’t get happy too soon! That’s 12 Region Lords over there. How could Chen Xi… possibly be a match for them by himself?”

“What should we do? If it’s like that, then wouldn’t it be no different than giving his life away?”


When they saw Chen Xi appear in the sky, many clansmen of the Xue Clan were alarmed and spoke successively.

But in the end, none of them looked favorably upon Chen Xi. It wasn’t that they weren’t confident in Chen Xi’s ability, and it was because the enemies were truly too formidable instead!

For a time, the hearts of many couldn’t help but constrict. They were worried that Chen Xi was be crushed and killed, yet they also hoped that he would be able to turn the situation around and create a miracle. Their thoughts were simply complicated to the extreme.

When they saw Chen Xi step forward all by himself, the refined man couldn’t help but be stunned and seemed slightly surprised.

After that, a wisp of viciousness and resentment that couldn’t be concealed appeared on his face while he gritted his teeth and said, “Chen Xi! I thought that you’d have fled a long time ago, and I was worried that this mission would fail to achieve its objective. But I never expected that you would give me a pleasant surprise. You really are brave!”

“He’s Chen Xi!”

“So it’s that damnable bastard!”

“Good! Good! Brother Gongye didn’t deceive us. This little bastard really is still here. This is a superb opportunity that’s extremely difficult to come by.”

At this moment, all the other Region Lords by the refined man’s side had spoken successively, and they either laughed coldly, spoke with excitement, or spoke cruelly.

It was just as Chen Xi had expected. The reason these old fellows from various different top-rate powers in the Imperial Region had converged here was entirely for the sake of killing him!

Of course, if Chen Xi was in Oracle Mountain right now, then they wouldn’t dare to make such a decision no matter what.

The reason they’d set out this time was none other than because they discerned that Chen Xi was alone, and it just happened to be the best opportunity to kill him.


Chen Xi withdrew the Talisman Armament, and then he casually pointed it at them before he said indifferently, “It’s time to deal with this enmity.”


In an instant, an expanse of brilliant and golden divine radiance surged from Chen Xi’s body and shot into the nine heavens. His imposing aura was supreme, haughty, and carried the lofty divine might of an Imperial Sovereign!

Especially the projection of a region that had appeared above him. Numerous universes circulated within it while a myriad of stars moved about while emanating boundlessly brilliant radiance.

In their daze, everyone in the surroundings had the misconception that Chen Xi had become a completely different person. His divine might was peerless, and his imposing aura was powerful to the extreme. It caused many people to actually be unable to help but feel reverent and wish for nothing more than to kneel down in worship.

A Third Star Region Lord!

In an instant, the hearts of the refined man and the others shook fiercely as they noticed that the aura Chen Xi emanated actually possessed the might of a Third Star Region Lord!

How could this be possible?

He was merely a Universe Enlightened Ancestral God during the Dao Discussion that was held a few hundred years ago. But not only has he broken through in this short period of time, he has even broken through successively to become a Third Star Region Lord. Isn’t such a speed of cultivation too heaven defying!?

It wasn’t just them, even Tu Meng couldn’t help but open his mouth wide and gasp. It was also the first time he’d found out that his Martial Ancestral Uncle actually possessed such a terrifying cultivation!

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