Chapter 1988 – A Corpse Falling From The Sky

Tu Meng’s heart jerked as he knew that Chen Xi had misunderstood. He hurriedly said, “Martial Ancestral Uncle, the Xue Clan’s Patriarch insisted on giving this to you, and I was unable to refuse even after trying repeatedly.”

Chen Xi’s brows raised as he said, “Why did he do that?”

The Daofuse Cauldron was an extraordinary and rare Natural Spirit Treasure, and it was even related to the Snowspirit Seven Secrets Energy, so even if Xue Changkong wanted to thank him, there was no need to give him a gift that was too precious like this one.

Tu Meng said, “According to Xue Changkong, the most valuable part of the Daofuse Cauldron is the Snowspirit Seven Secrets Energy sealed within it. According to rumor, it’s a treasure that was born from within the Chaos and possesses inconceivable uses. Especially when utilized to charge into the Daolord Realm, it’s even able to provide immeasurable benefits!”

As he finished speaking, his voice even carried a wisp of surprise.

Yes, Tu Meng was extremely surprised when he found out about all of this. It was a treasure that was beneficial when utilized to charge into the Daolord Realm. It wasn’t just precious; it was simply something that could only be chanced upon by luck!

Chen Xi was shocked in his heart, and he seemed to be lost in thought while he said, “So that’s how it is. No wonder the Gongye Clan mobilize so many of its forces with the intention of seizing this treasure….”

He was very clearly aware that perhaps the Snowspirit Seven Secrets Energy was extremely precious to ordinary cultivators, but it was of no use to them at all. However, it was absolutely an unprecedentedly rare and precious treasures to those who aspired to charge into the Daolord Realm.

The Daolord Realm!

They were existences who stood at the top of the pyramid in the Ancient God Domain! Very few in the entire world were capable of attaining this level of cultivation!

For example, the reason the top-rate powers of the Imperial Region were able to possess monstrous authority was because they had Daolords amongst their ranks.

On the other hand, Daolords were still extremely important pillars even in the five extremes of the Imperial Region.

There was no other reason than because such a level of cultivation had already broken through the ordinary path of cultivation, and they’d started to comprehend the Grand Dao of Destiny!

This clearly showed how rare it was for any power to possess a Daolord amongst their ranks.

Yet the Snowspirit Seven Secrets Energy actually possessed such a miraculous ability and was capable of providing immeasurable benefits when charging into the Daolord Realm, so it was obvious how shockingly precious it was.

It was no wonder that the Gongye Clan had dispatched a Region Lord and 8 Imperial Monarchs earlier. Because anyone would arouse feelings of greed if they found out about this.

However, while he understood all of this, Chen Xi still felt slight disbelief that Xue Changkong had actually given it to him….

“Perhaps even they are aware that just the strength of their sect is definitely unable to protect this treasure. So, instead of suffering such a fate, it would be better to give it away in exchange for survival and peace.” Tu Meng spoke of his deductions. “As it’s said, a man’s wealth is his ruin. Since they don’t have the strength to possess such a treasure, then the wisest choice would be to give it away.”

“Moreover, not only would they be able to repay our favor by doing this, they would indirectly become related to Oracle Mountain as well. It’s absolutely beneficial to them.”

Chen Xi instantly glanced at Tu Meng with surprise after he finished listening to Tu Meng’s analysis, and then he praised. “Your analysis isn’t bad.”

Tu Meng scratched his head and revealed a silly smile on his face.

After that, he sighed. “However, now that we’re speaking about it. We rescued them out of consideration for the friendship between us and Miss Xue Yun, and we didn’t seek any treasures from them at all. Their actions make me feel slightly uncomfortable.”

Chen Xi pondered deeply for a moment and said, “Disregard all of that. Xue Changkong gave it a lot of thought before doing this. As the Patriarch of the Xue Clan, he naturally has to consider the interests of their clan. You should be aware that once anything is associated to interests and gain, then it would become completely different.”

Chen Xi paused for a moment and said with a smile on his face, “This is human nature, so you don’t have to give too much thought to it. Let’s just take it as helping Xue Yun.”

Tu Meng nodded.

On that very night, the Xue Clan’s Patriarch, Xue Changkong, had specially arranged a banquet for Chen Xi when he found out that Chen Xi had emerged from his cultivation.

Jade Radiance Hall.

It was the location where the Xue Clan received its guests. At this moment, it was brightly illuminated with lanterns.

All the great figures of the Xue Clan were seated while Chen Xi, Xue Changkong, Xue Wenqing, Xue Yun, Tu Meng, and a few others were seated at the central seats.

As for the ordinary clansmen of the Xue Clan, they didn’t have the qualifications to be seated here, and this clearly showed the standards of the treatment that Chen Xi received.

After they ate and drank their fill, the atmosphere had become bustling and harmonious.

Xue Changkong’s injuries had just been healed, so he was in good spirits. He’d been repeatedly toasting Chen Xi since the banquet had begun, and he was extremely hospitable.

Chen Xi couldn’t bear to refuse Xue Changkong’s good intentions, so he never refused a single drink, and it caused all the clansmen of the Xue Clan who were present here to feel even more respectful towards Chen Xi.

As a personal disciple of Oracle Mountain, Chen Xi’s attitude was so humble and polite, and he didn’t seem haughty or arrogant at all. So, it really was ease for them to have a good impression of him.

Later on, even Xue Yun started to toast Chen Xi. She’d intentionally dressed up nicely today. Her starry eyes were tender like water, her skin was even whiter than snow, and her delicate and beautiful face had even become slightly rose after she drank a few cups of wine, causing her to seem delicate, striking, and elegant.

Xue Yun drank another cup of wine. Her starry eyes were misty, and she seemed to be slightly intoxicated as she spoke with a voice that carried a wisp of sorrow. “Chen Xi, thank you so much. I’ve been constantly worried that you wouldn’t… wouldn’t recognize me as a friend in the future….”

“I won’t do that.” Chen Xi patted her on the shoulder and consoled her.

Xue Yun blinked and said, “Since we’re friends, then will you come visit me in the future?”

Chen Xi was stunned, and he finally understood what she meant. He was clearly aware that she was worried they wouldn’t be able to meet again once he left.

“Don’t worry, I definitely will.” Chen Xi smiled. “Not to mention that even if I didn’t come to look for you, you can come to Oracle Mountain to look for me.”

Xue Yun’s eyes lit up, and she said with glowing with joy, “Remember what you said.”

Chen Xi said lightheartedly, “Of course.”

Xue Changkong who’d been constantly watching all of this from the side couldn’t help but roar with laughter, and he acted as if he was joking when he said, “After so many years, it’s the first time that I, her father, have noticed that this little girl actually cares so much about a friend. In the past, she has never been nice to any man. Chen Xi, don’t betray this friendship.”

He’s intentionally placed emphasis on the word ‘friendship’.

The other clansmen of the Xue Clan started laughing when they heard this, and their gazes towards Chen Xi and Xue Yun had unconsciously carried a wisp of an ambiguous expression.

Chen Xi frowned imperceptibly. He glanced at Xue Yun yet noticed that she was intoxicated and seemed to have not noticed everything that was occurring in the surroundings.

This caused Chen Xi to remain silent in the end. However, he’d decided in his heart that he would leave immediately upon dealing with the Gongye Clan.

Because he was worried that if he stayed here any longer, then Xue Changkong would definitely try to betroth Xue Yun as his Dao Companion. He didn’t want to lose Xue Yun as a friend because of that.

“Martial Ancestral Uncle, the situation is slightly off. That fellow, Xue Changkong, seemed to intend to betroth Xue Yun to you. If it’s like that, then the Xue Clan would become part of our Oracle Mountain, and our Oracle Mountain would have to act no matter what happens to the Xue Clan in the future. That old fellow is really aiming high….” Tu Meng had suddenly sent Chen Xi a voice transmission.

Chen Xi interrupted Tu Meng before he could finish speaking and said, “I know, there’s no need to say anything.”

Tu Meng was stunned. He acutely noticed that Chen Xi was slightly displeased, and he instantly shut his mouth and fell silent.

At this moment, Chen Xi sighed in his heart. He was very sure that this was absolutely not Xue Yun’s idea, and it was entirely Xue Changkong’s intentions.

On the other hand, Xue Changkong had probably not done this merely because of Chen Xi, and there were numerous other intentions mixed within it.

This caused Chen Xi to subconsciously feel rejection towards it. However, he glanced at Xue Yun then restrained himself from saying anything in the end.

Xue Yun was kind, pure, warm, and virtuous. She’d even taken great care of him after she recued him on that day. Chen Xi had been constantly grateful for that, so out of consideration for Xue Yun, Chen Xi refused to form a bad impression of the entire Xue Clan.

“Right, why don’t I see Fellow Daoist Li here?” Chen Xi changed the topic because he’d suddenly noticed that Li Wentai who’d escorted Xue Yun back to the Xue Clan wasn’t in the hall here.

“That fellow was concerned about his disciples in the Darksea Sword Sect, so he left hastily at dusk yesterday.” Xue Changkong smiled as he explained this. He knew that it wasn’t appropriate to continue on that topic when Chen Xi had changed the topic. He knew when to stop.

Chen Xi nodded.

Right at this moment, a figure suddenly charged and stumbled into the hall, and then he cried out with terror. “Enemies are here! Enemies are here!”

In an instant, all the voices in the extremely bustling hall had vanished, and everyone stopped what they were doing before they simultaneously gazed towards the figure that had charged in. They recognized that figure as a servant of the clan, and they were instantly surprised and bewildered.

The atmosphere became deathly silent.

“What exactly happened?” Xue Changkong frowned and berated in a low voice.

The servant stuttered slightly and said, “Enemies…. Enemies have trespassed into the sect. Many of them!”


The pupils of many clansmen of the Xue Clan constricted. Could it be that the Gongye Clan has come to take revenge?

“Come, let’s go out and have a look!” Xue Changkong stood up with a gloomy expression on his face, and he strode out of the hall with large strides.


In an instant, the other stood up successively and surged out behind him. An originally bustling banquet had instantly been interrupted by a sudden and unexpected event.

“Let’s go have a look as well.” Chen Xi stood up. His eyes that were black like abysses were suffused with a piercingly cold glow. In this heart, he was even slightly anxious for the enemies to be the forces dispatched by the Gongye Clan.

“Alright!” Tu Meng roared with laughter while a wisp of a ferocious smile arose on his rugged face, and he seemed to be rather excited.

“I’m coming as well.” The intoxication she experienced had been instantly eliminated by her shock and Xue Yun had sobered up completely, and she followed Chen Xi out of the hall as well.

The area outside the hall was extremely spacious, and an icy cold moon that emanated piercingly cold radiance hung high above in the sky.

Numerous members of the Xue Clan were already gathered here.


Chen Xi’s figure had just walked out of the hall when a black shadow suddenly fell from the sky, and it smashed onto the ground like a sandbag.

It was a corpse, and it was completely mangled. Moreover, it didn’t make a single sound because the owner of it had been dead for some time.

Chen Xi’s eyes instantly narrowed when he saw the appearance of this corpse clearly.

Shockingly, it was Li Wentai!

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