Chapter 1987 – Where Did The Cauldron Come From?


Xue Yinghai who’d been reduced to a cripple earlier was hung high atop the gallows, and Xue Yun sentenced him to death with a single strike of her blade while the myriad of clansmen from the Xue Clan watched.

Blood sprayed and tainted the sky red.

However, the clansmen of the Xue Clan didn’t reveal even a trace of pity. Conversely, many felt extremely happy when they saw Xue Yinghai being sentenced to death.

They were very clearly aware that if Xue Yun hadn’t brought the personal disciple of Oracle Mountain, Chen Xi, with her, then the Xue Clan might have really been annihilated!

Even though all of this had been arisen because of the Snowspirit Seven Secrets Energy, the culprit was undoubtedly Xue Yinghai.

So, no one felt pity when they watched Xue Yinghai being sentenced to death.

After she finished doing all of this, Xue Yun was accompanied by Li Wentai and the Grand Elder of the Xue Clan, Xue Wenqing, as she headed towards Tu Meng.


The crowd automatically opened up a path, and their gazes converged successively onto Tu Meng who stood in the distance. Moreover, they couldn’t help but reveal a wisp of curiosity on their faces, but there was even more respect and gratitude there.

Presently, all of them were clearly aware of what had happened before this, and they were clearly aware that Tu Meng was a disciple of Oracle Mountain. Besides that, it was exactly Tu Meng who’d acted righteously and helped them deal with the danger that loomed over their clan.

Such a figure was naturally worthy of their heartfelt respect and gratitude.

“Fellow Daoist Tu Meng, thank you.” Xue Wenqing cupped his hands and bowed. He was the Xue Clan’s Grand Elder. Now that the Patriarch, Xue Changkong, was unconscious, it was naturally Xue Wenqing who had to deal with all the affairs of the clan.

Tu Meng smiled lightheartedly and said, “Don’t mention it. My Martial Ancestral Uncle is friends with Miss Xue Yun, so it was something that I should have done.”

“Then may I know if… I can meet Fellow Daoist Chen Xi?” Xue Wenqing had hesitated for a short moment yet couldn’t restrain himself in the end.

Just like everyone else, Chen Xi’s name was like a thunderclap that reverberated by his ear, and Xue Wenqing was extremely familiar with all of Chen Xi’s deeds.

So, when he found out that this calamity had been resolved by this legendary personal disciple of Oracle Mountain, Xue Wenqing was extremely excited in his heart.

Tu Meng said casually, “I’m sorry, my Martial Ancestral Uncle is cultivating behind closed door. However, he has decided to stay here for now, so as to prevent the Gongye Clan from attacking once more.”

Just these words alone caused Xue Wenqing’s body to shake before he revealed a wisp of excitement on his face. He was originally worried about this problem. After all, an entire 8 Imperial Monarchs from the Gongye Clan had died in the Xue Clan.

Even though Chen Xi and Tu Meng had helped them deal with this danger, but what if the Gongye Clan came to take revenge after Chen Xi left?

So, when he heard Tu Meng’s answer, it was simply like timely rainfall to Xue Wenqing, and it made him simply feel extraordinarily grateful to Chen Xi.


At this moment, Xue Wenqing actually knelt down abruptly, and then he kowtowed to Tu Meng. “Thank you, thank you for your generous assistance, Fellow Daoist. If you have any requests in the future, then my Xue Clan will definitely be willing to lay down our lives for you!”

Tu Meng was instantly stunned. Never had he imagined that this Imperial Monarch from the Xue Clan would actually kneel down and express his gratitude to him.

But in next to no time, an even more surprising scene had appeared. After Xue Wenqing knelt down, all the other clansmen of the Xue Clan including Xue Yun herself had actually knelt down at the same time, and they spoke simultaneously….

“We’re willing to lay down our lives!”

“We’re willing to lay down our lives!”

“We’re willing to lay down our lives!”

Their orderly voices resounded through the heavens and the earth, and it caused the atmosphere here to seem solemn and stately.

Tu Meng hurriedly helped Xue Wenqing up, and then he laughed bitterly in his heart. Now, we can’t leave even if we wanted to….

However, when he witnessed such a shocking scene, Tu Meng couldn’t help but sigh with emotion in his heart as well. This Xue Clan does know how to repay its debts. Martial Ancestral Uncle and I didn’t help them in vain.

Chen Xi was naturally unaware of all of this. At this moment, he was cultivating in the region within Tu Meng’s body.

Earlier, the reason why he’d instructed Tu Meng to ask the Xue Clan to refrain from exposing their whereabouts was very simple. He had too many enemies in the Ancient God Domain, and he was currently still in an extremely weak state. So, if his enemies were to hear news about this and rush over, then the consequences would be unimaginable.

Of course, Chen Xi was very sure that the refined man would definitely not expose the news after he fled. After all, Chen Xi’s identity was too shocking, and if Oracle Mountain were to find out about it, then the Gongye Clan would definitely suffer calamity.

It was exactly as Chen Xi had expected. After the battle came to an end, all news about the battle had been locked down, and the outside world didn’t even know that a terrifying battle had erupted in the territory of the Serene Swallow Universe’s Xue Clan.

Time flowed by swiftly.

On the first month of Chen Xi’s cultivation, he’d finally relied on his vital energy to mobilize the energy of the region within his body.

Once the region within his body had started to circulate, it allowed the Divine Dark Parasol Tree that had fallen into deathly silence to awaken once more, and it ceaselessly emanated pure and thick divine energy.

So, during the next period of time, Chen Xi’s strength started to recover at an inconceivable speed, and he’d recovered more than half of his combat strength is less than half a month of time.

During this period of time, the Xue Clan had returned to calm once more. The Gongye Clan actually didn’t come over to take revenge for a long time, and it allowed Xue Wenqing and the other members of the Xue Clan to unconsciously heave sighs of relief.

Their hearts had been constantly in a tense state throughout these days because they were worried that the forces of the Gongye Clan would suddenly assault them.

The most elating development to them was that their Xue Clan’s Patriarch, Xue Changkong, had finally awoken after he consumed the Dragonskin Jade Herb that Xue Yun had gathered, and he was recuperating. They believed that it wouldn’t be long before he could recover.

On the 2nd month of his cultivation, Chen Xi’s strength had recovered completely. The vital energy within his body surged while his divine energy rumbled, and he’d recovered to a peak state of his current cultivation.

It was also at this moment that Chen Xi relied on his formidable will to finally notice some secrets of the River Diagram fragments in his sea of consciousness!

The River Diagram was deathly silent and motionless in his sea of consciousness just as it had always been.

However, when Chen Xi’s will entered into the River Diagram fragments, he noticed to his surprise that each of the eight fragments confined an Era Brand within them!

Moreover, the energy that confined the Era Brands… were clearly from Chen Xi himself!

This allowed Chen Xi to instantly determine why he’d become so weak after he escaped the mysterious Land of Catastrophe. It turned out that his strength had actually been taken by the River Diagram fragments!

Obviously, the River Diagram fragments had done all of that with the intention of restraining the Era Brands that had almost caused Chen Xi to collapse.

But why did the River Diagram do that?

Those Era Brands were rampaging incessantly through his sea of consciousness, and it had almost caused him to suffer qi deviation. Even though the River Diagram resolved that problem in the end, Chen Xi had a faint feeling that the River Diagram’s objective behind doing all of that was absolutely not so simple.

Chen Xi continued his investigation but came back empty handed in the end. This caused him to fall into deep through.

8 River Diagram fragments, 8 Era Brands. All of them conform to each other. Could it be that some sort of link is hidden behind all of this?

Since the 1st era began, it’s already the 9th era now, and I’m the 9th Savior of the 9th era…. So, some sort of a brand that belongs to this 9th era definitely exists within me….

If it’s like that, then would the 9th River Diagram fragment that I haven’t found until now be linked and conform to the Era Brand that exists within me?

Nine is the extreme of numbers. If it’s compared to the path towards the Dao, then does this 9 represent the end of the Ultimate Path towards the Dao?

If I go along this inference, then wouldn’t I find the true secrets of the Ultimate Path towards the Dao when I find the 9th River Diagram fragment?

Chen Xi deduced and pondered incessantly, and the outcome was that he grew more and more shocked as his thoughts progressed. It was like he’d pushed open layers of mist and came into contact with the truth that was like a taboo.

That truth caused him to feel yearning in his heart, but he was horrified at the same time. It was an extremely conflicting feeling, and it made Chen Xi feel dazed.

He was the 9th Savior of the 9th era, and he possessed the Era Brands of the last 8 eras and 8 River Diagram fragments.

Under such circumstances, the 9th era’s Era Brand definitely existed within him. Even if Chen Xi didn’t know exactly where it was.

Moreover, the 9th piece of the River Diagram definitely existed in the world. However, Chen Xi was similarly unaware of its whereabouts.

But based on this inference, then perhaps some incidents that even he wouldn’t dare believe might occur when he found the 9th fragment of the River Diagram one day.


In the end, Chen Xi took a deep breath and awoke from his deep thought.

He was unable to determine if his deductions were correct. However, he was very sure that something would definitely occur when he gathered the complete River Diagram!

It wasn’t long before Chen Xi emerged from his cultivation.

“Martial Ancestral Uncle, you’ve recovered?” Tu Meng was pleasantly surprised.

Chen Xi nodded. Only now did he notice that they were in a grand and luxurious palace of ice. Moreover, only Tu Meng and Chen Xi were within the entire hall, causing it to seem extremely empty.

Chen Xi asked casually. “Did anything occur lately?”

Tu Meng shook his head. “Three months have passed already, but there’s still been no movement from the Gongye Clan. Martial Ancestral Uncle, do you think they’ve given up completely?”

Chen Xi was stunned, and then he shook his head and said, “That’s impossible. Losing 8 Imperial Monarchs is an extremely heavy blow to any top-rate power of the Imperial Region, so the Gongye Clan will definitely not swallow this loss.”

Tu Meng frowned. “Could it be that they’re accumulating strength in secret and intend to strike a lethal blow against us?”

Chen Xi thought for a moment and said, “It’s very likely. No matter what, let’s just wait for a while. We’re in no rush to return to the sect now that I’ve recovered completely.”

Tu Meng nodded, and then he seemed to have thought of something. He chuckled as he flipped his palm, and then a jade cauldron that glistened brilliantly appeared.

“Look at what this is?”

“That’s…. That Daofuse Cauldron of the Xue Clans? What’s it doing in your possession?” Chen Xi immediately recognized it as the jade cauldron that resided at the center of the Xue Clan’s Offering Hall on that day. It was a rare Natural Spirit Treasure that was comparable to the Overarching Heaven Net and the Copper Coin of Treasurefall!

Most importantly, it was very likely that this cauldron was related to the Snowspirit Seven Secret Energy!

Yet now, it had actually appeared in Tu Meng’s possession.

What’s going on? Chen Xi glanced at Tu Meng while feeling puzzled in his heart. He wouldn’t have asked for it from the Xue Clan by force, right?

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