Chapter 1986 – Potential Trouble

Just as Chen Xi analyzed, regardless of whether it was the refined man or the 8 Imperial Monarchs, they were utterly unable to compare to Tu Meng in both strength and ability.

Firstly, Tu Meng was a disciple from one of the five extremes of the Imperial Region, Oracle Mountain, and he cultivated within Oracle Mountain all year long. No matter if it was his physique or natural talent, they both far exceeded ordinary geniuses.

This was very clear from the Dao Discussion that had been held by the five extremes of the Imperial Region. Every single disciple who could participate at that time was an extraordinary genius that looked down upon the other geniuses of the world. Moreover, since Tu Meng was able to stand out from this group and ascend into the top 30, it clearly showed how outstanding his physique and natural talent were.

Secondly, Tu Meng had refined and absorbed the Region Quintessence of an unestablished region in the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos. Merely that alone was sufficient to make many Region Lords in the Ancient God Domain feel embarrassed by their inferiority.

After all, even Empress Yu Che hadn’t been able to refine and absorb Region Quintessence that was completely untouched. Moreover, the reason Chen Xi and the others had worked hard and taken great risks to enter the mysterious Forgotten Grounds of Chaos was exactly for the sake of possessing extraordinary strength when they advanced into the ranks of Region Lords.

Under such circumstances and coupled with the supreme inheritances of Oracle Mountain that Tu Meng possessed, it was obvious how terrifying Tu Meng’s combat strength was.

On the other hand, even though the group from the Gongye Clan had an advantage in numbers, their overall strength wasn’t able to compare with Tu Meng at all.

So, this situation was predestined since the battle had begun.

At this moment when he finished listening to Chen Xi’s analysis of the battle, Li Wentai was sure that this was definitely that personal disciple from Oracle Mountain!

Because the ability to provide such an in-depth analysis proved that the strength Chen Xi possessed had definitely surpassed the strengths of both parties to the battle. Otherwise, it was utterly impossible to accomplish this.

However, Li Wentai was puzzled because Chen Xi’s aura was clearly extraordinarily weak to the point Chen Xi seemed as if he couldn’t resist a single attack. What’s going on?

“Chen Xi, what about you?” Xue Yun was obviously puzzled by that as well, and she couldn’t help but voice it out.

“Me?” Chen Xi was stunned. He quickly realized what Xue Yun meant, and he couldn’t help but shrug and speak with a helpless tone. “I suffered a mishap, but I’ll be able to recover soon.”

“Then if you were at your prime, would you be able to annihilate all these fellows?” Xue Yun followed up with another question while her clear eyes glistened with extremely bright light.

“Yes.” Chen Xi nodded but didn’t go into any specifics. Because that would make it seem like he was blowing his own trumpet. He was very sure that if he was the one who fought the battle in Tu Meng’s place, then the battle could be ended in just a short moment and there would be utterly no need to exhaust so much effort like Tu Meng had.

“Silly girl, did you not hear that Fellow Daoist Tu Meng address Fellow Daoist Chen Xi as Martial Ancestral Uncle? Fellow Daoist Chen Xi’s strength is naturally much stronger.” Li Wentai sighed with emotion from the side, but he felt extremely bitter in his heart.

He still remembered that regardless of whether it was Chen Xi or Tu Meng, both of them were merely existences at the peak of the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm during the Dao Discussion all those years ago.

But both of them had actually grown to such a level after a short period of a few hundred years. It was even to the extent that an Imperial Monarch like him felt embarrassed of his inferiority. It was extremely unimaginable.

Perhaps, this was the resources and reserves of Oracle Mountain. As disciples of Oracle Mountain, they were naturally not existences who could be judged by convention.

Li Wentai stared blankly ahead.

“AH!!” Suddenly, an extremely miserable and shrill cry resounded.

An Imperial Monarch from the Gongye Clan had actually been chopped into two by Tu Meng’s ax, causing blood to spray towards the surroundings. The scene of his death was extremely terrifying.

In an instant, Li Wentai and Xue Yun were stunned. How ferocious!

The death of this Imperial Monarch was like a fuse, and it wasn’t long before his enemies died miserably in succession.

They either had their heads chopped off, their souls crushed by Divine Talismans, or the bones within their entire bodies were blasted into pieces….

The battlefield was covered in blood that tainted space red while miserable and disgruntled shrill cries resounded incessantly.

On the other hand, Tu Meng was like a bloodthirsty devil that was completely drenched in the blood of his enemies, and it made the divine might he possessed seem even vaster, piercingly cold, violent, and horrifying.

“Kill!” Tu Meng shouted incessantly while battle intent surged from his entire body, and he fought while drenched in blood. As his ax moved about, it simply seemed as if it intended to chop the world apart and destroy everything.

The refined man and the others roared loudly. However, their voices were filled with rage and resentment instead, and it was even to the extent that there was some fear and panic.

At this point in the battle, how could they be unaware that it was utterly impossible for them to be a match for this violent and ferocious fellow with the strengths that they possessed!

Especially after their companions were annihilated in succession, the gap between them was ceaselessly expanding….


It wasn’t long before the 7th Imperial Monarch had his chest crushed by a single kick from Tu Meng. Blood sprayed through the air, and he didn’t even have the chance to let out a shrill cry before he perished on the spot.

At this point, only the refined man and another Imperial Monarch remained, and they were in utter despair!

Boundless terror started creeping through their entire bodies like tidewater, and it made them feel as if they’d fallen into an icy pit while their souls almost left their bodies!

At this moment, they’d forgotten about killing Chen Xi or crushing Tu Meng because even preserving their lives had become uncertain.

“Dammit!!” The refined man had a savage expression as he howled extreme resentment. Never had he imagined that a superb opportunity to annihilate Chen Xi would actually be destroyed because of Tu Meng!

Never had he imagined that a First Star Region Lord like Tu Meng would actually be able to reveal such a ferocious and formidable combat strength!

It was exactly because he hadn’t expected it that he felt so furious and disgruntled as he watched his companions perish one by one.

Moreover, he felt extreme terror as well!

The terror he felt on the verge of death caused the refined man to practically not hesitate at all, and a strand of extremely dazzling jet black light suddenly surged out explosively from him.

The jet black light shot into the sky, shot through the restraints of space, and emanated an aura of obliteration.

Tu Meng frowned and evaded instinctively.


At practically the exact same moment, the strand of dazzling jet black light suddenly exploded. It transformed into droplets that dispersed towards the surroundings, whereas, the refined man had actually vanished on the spot as if he’d evaporated into thin air.

“He’s gone?” Xue Yun and Li Wentai were both stunned. Never had they imagined that the extremely arrogant refined man who was domineering over them just moments ago had actually left his companions behind and fled now!

“What a fucking coward!” Tu Meng spat on the ground while his eyes that were large as bells had swiftly locked onto the last remaining Imperial Monarch from the Gongye Clan. That Imperial Monarch was standing all by himself, and his face was covered in terror and despair.


Tu Meng didn’t waste his breath before he forcefully swung the golden ax in his hand. Only a moment passed before that final Imperial Monarch from the Gongye Clan had been annihilated on the spot.

Tu Meng heaved a long sigh of relief when he finished doing all of this, and then he seemed to have realized something. He scratched his head and walked over to Chen Xi with an embarrassed expression on his face. “Martial Ancestral Uncle, just now….”

Chen Xi said casually, “If he fled, then he fled. It isn’t your fault.”

Xue Yun and Li Wentai’s mouths opened wide when they witnessed this scene. He has already killed so many great figures of the Gongye Clan, but this Tu Meng actually seems to be guilty as if he has done something wrong?

Especially when they witnessed Chen Xi’s casual expression, it caused both of them to be dazed, and they didn’t know how to describe what they felt right now.

“Alas, I was careless just now. I still feel slightly guilty even if Martial Ancestral Uncle refuses to punish me.” Tu Meng sighed with a distressed expression on his face. He blamed himself for being unable to kill the refined man.

“That’s enough.” Chen Xi glared at Tu Meng and said angrily, “While you didn’t kill him this time, it wouldn’t be too late to kill him when we meet again.”

“Oh.” Tu Meng nodded with a straightforward expression.

Xue Yun and Li Wentai were both astounded once more upon witnessing this. Is he still that Region Lord who was peerlessly mighty and fought in a ferocious and overbearing manner just now?

Chen Xi suddenly said, “Xue Yun, now that your enemies are dealt with, you should quickly rescue those clansmen of yours.”

This caused Xue Yun to return completely to her senses, and she nodded repeatedly.

The Xue Clan’s Offering Hall had been destroyed. Even all the buildings in an area of 5,000km around it had been crushed into powder while the ground had split apart. It was in a mess.

Chen Xi sat on a shattered rock and pondered deeply in silence. Tu Meng stood by his side and carefully protected Chen Xi.

Xue Yun and Li Wentai had headed to the Divine Snowspirit Realm to rescue Xue Yun’s clansmen, and Chen Xi naturally didn’t poke his nose into it because it was an internal matter of the Xue Clan after all.

The true source of his worries was that the Gongye Clan would definitely not let the matter rest after experiencing such a defeat. Even if they didn’t dare to deal with him, they would definitely vent their rage onto the Xue Clan.

“How troublesome.” Chen Xi sighed.

“Martial Ancestral Uncle, I was really too careless just now,” said Tu Meng in a low voice.

Chen Xi waved his hand and said, “It’s not your fault. Even if you did kill that fellow, it still wouldn’t take long for the Gongye Clan’s attention to be drawn over.”

Tu Meng frowned as he said, “Then what should we do?”

“We have no choice but to stay here for a while longer. I can seize this opportunity to fully recover.” Chen Xi pondered deeply for a moment before he’d spoken these words. He hadn’t left just like that because the consequences would be unimaginable if the Gongye Clan came to take revenge on the Xue Clan.

As far as Chen Xi was concerned, since he’d already helped Xue Yun, then he naturally couldn’t stop halfway and leave a mess for her.

Chen Xi took a deep breath and stated in a calm tone. “Of course, all of this is only temporary. I’ll head to the Gongye Clan myself once I’ve recovered my strength, and I’ll eliminate all potential troubles then.”

He hadn’t just made this decision for the sake of helping the Xue Clan, and it was also for the sake of dealing with the enmity that had been formed between him and the Gongye Clan all those years ago.

At that time, Zhen Liuqing had almost died from the Divine Black Lich Venom that Gongye Zhefu had infected her with. Moreover, even her master, Daoist Dao Que had been killed by the Gongye Clan.

Chen Xi would never forget these incidents!

Meanwhile, a wave of clamorous voice suddenly resounded from afar, and it caused Chen Xi to awaken from his deep thought.

“Martial Ancestral Uncle, it’s probably the clansmen of the Xue Clan who were rescued,” said Tu Meng.

Chen Xi instructed in a casual manner. “You go meet those clansmen of the Xue Clan. Remember that you must tell them not to expose the news of our presence in the Xue Clan.”

Tu Meng couldn’t help but ask. “Martial Ancestral Uncle, then what about you?”

“Me?” Chen Xi smiled as he stood up. “I’m naturally going to cultivate in meditation for a period of time. Right, let me use the region within your body….”

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