Chapter 1985 – One Against Many


A terrifying sound of collision resounded in the hall while divine radiance raged like an ocean, and it swept towards the surroundings with blazing and terrifying might.

Stomp! Stomp! Stomp!

Tu Meng was blasted three steps back from the collision, and every single step he took stomped the ground into pieces and made countless rifts crack apart.

He seemed to have not gained an advantage in the collision at all, but to the horror of everyone in the surroundings, Tu Meng had actually forcefully dispersed the attacks of the refined man and the other Imperial Monarchs!

It was the joint attacks of a Region Lord and 8 Imperial Monarchs. However, Tu Meng had actually forcefully resisted such an attack, and this scene was simply astounding!

This caused the expressions of Xue Yun and Li Wentai who were feeling extremely worried in the distance to stiffen, and they were dumbstruck. Isn’t this fellow… a little too ferocious?

But it was very obvious that Chen Xi wasn’t satisfied by this. He frowned because he felt that Tu Meng should be stronger.

It was as if he’d noticed Chen Xi’s displeasure, or perhaps he was slightly embarrassed by his display, but a green glow flashed on Tu Meng’s face while his imposing aura became even stronger and overbearing.


He let out a thunderous roar as he held a golden ax and waved it forcefully. He was simply like a primeval dragon that crushed through space, trampled on the world, and was overbearing to the extreme.

This entire expanse of space was confined by Tu Meng’s strength. Terrifying killing intent surged like tidewater as he charged forward, and it locked onto all the great figures of the Gongye Clan.

At this moment, Tu Meng had really revealed his true combat strength because he wasn’t willing to let his Martial Ancestral Uncle look down upon him!


This area was covered in blazing divine radiance. Tu Meng’s figure that was robust like a mountain rampaged through the hall in an overbearing and arrogant manner, and it caused a chaotic scene to appear here.

“Dammit!” The refined man roared furiously as he withdrew a divine sword that seemed like translucent white jade, and it carried a peerless glow as he brought out his strength to its limits.

Tu Meng’s imposing aura was too formidable, and his combat strength was formidable beyond imagination, so it caused the refined man’s plans to instantly fail.

The refined man was very clearly aware that he had to suppress Tu Meng’s spirits if he wanted to turn the situation around, and only then could he seize an opportunity for the others to annihilate Chen Xi.

So, at this moment, the refined man had revealed his full strength as well, and he intended to ruthlessly crush Tu Meng’s spirit.


A strand of sword qi that was translucent and white like jade carried terrifying divine radiance of the Grand Dao, and it seemed like the Divine Dao Laws that was like lightning as it shot forcefully towards Tu Meng.

“Fuck off!” Tu Meng roared loudly, and his voice reverberated throughout the surroundings. He moved the ax backward in a horizontal motion to crush that strand of sword qi.

At practically the exact same moment, he suddenly grabbed with his left hand, and numerous mysterious and obscure Divine Talismans soared into the sky and crushed down towards the 8 Imperial Monarchs who were charging at him.


One of the Imperial Monarchs who was in the front of the ground was struck by a Divine Talisman, and the impact caused his bones to almost split while a mouthful of blood suddenly sprayed from his mouth

Even though the others had resisted this attack, their expressions still couldn’t help but change when they witnessed how ferocious and brutal Tu Meng was.

How could this bastard’s combat strength be so terrifying?

How could they have been unable to discern that Tu Meng was merely a First Star Region Lord. So no matter how heaven defying his combat strength was, he would definitely not be a match for their group of 9 under normal circumstances.

But it just so happened that Tu Meng had succeeded!

This unimaginable scene instantly caused everyone including the refined man to be shocked and furious. They finally realized that their opponent couldn’t be judged by convention at all.

They didn’t dare act carelessly at all, and then withdrew all sorts of treasures and jointly executed numerous supreme techniques as they joined forces with the intention of killing Tu Meng.


In an instant, the entire Offering Hall trembled violently. The stone pillars collapsed, the ground cracked apart, and the walls were blasted into pieces like they were made of paper.

In the end, this ancient hall that had existed for countless years had actually been obliterated amidst an explosion that made the world quake, and it was transformed into a desolate expanse of ruins.

Meanwhile, Chen Xi and the others had noticed that the situation was bad, and they’d flown out of the hall and watched the battle while standing in the distance.

“Kill!” Tu Meng’s shout resounded through the nine heavens and even blasted apart the sky that was covered in icy mist. Moreover, terrifying killing intent enveloped the area, causing the surroundings to dim down and wail incessantly.

His courage grew as the battle progressed. His entire body was covered in golden light, and he seemed like a peerless devil that was swinging a golden ax in an imposing manner. He was rather violent, domineering, and peerlessly mighty.

Such attacks had actually kept the refined man and the others busy, and they were utterly unable to extricate themselves to deal with Chen Xi.

As the battle continued, the buildings in the vicinity started to explode into pieces and collapse, the surroundings were thrown into chaos, and divine radiance raged throughout this area. This expanse of the heavens and the earth was covered in a terrifying scene of desolation.

Xue Yun and Li Wentai were completely stunned and flabbergasted by such a world shocking battle between peak experts.

When had they even witnessed such a terrifying battle in the past?

After all, the parties to the battle were all Imperial Monarchs, and there were even two Region Lords who possessed Region Energy!

Every single figure like this possessed the ability to incinerate the sky, boil oceans, and turn the world upside down. Yet now, they were in a chaotic battle, and such a scene was simply immeasurably shocking.

If it was in the outside world, it would have probably caused an unimaginable calamity.

Fortunately, they were within the Xue Clan’s territory and the surroundings were defended by restrictions, so it had imperceptibly dispersed the destructive force that was sweeping through the surroundings.




Tu Meng’s shouts were simply like thunderclaps that surged through the heavens and the earth. At this moment, he seemed like a devil that had gone completely berserk, and he’d fallen into frenzied and seething slaughter. His combat strength grew more and more stronger, and the pressure his opponents fell grew increasingly greater.

This caused the expressions of the refined man and the others to change repeatedly, and all of them exerted every single ounce of strength they possessed as they madly besieged Tu Meng.

How could they have imagined that a fellow who respectfully addressed Chen Xi as Martial Ancestral Uncle would actually possess such a formidable and heaven defying combat strength?

Could it be that all the disciples of Oracle Mountain are so abnormal?

At this moment, the refined man and the others were aggrieved and furious to the extreme.

It was even to the extent that they didn’t have any intention to kill Chen Xi anymore, and they’d gathered all their attention onto Tu Meng.

This fellow was too formidable, and this situation would be impossible to change without killing him.

“This… this Fellow Daoist is simply… simply too formidable!” Li Wentai was shocked to the point of stuttering while he watched the battle from afar, and he hadn’t even been able to form a complete sentence as he was slightly dazed.

As the Sect Master of the Darksea Sword Sect, he was a Second Star Imperial Monarch at any rate, and he was even one of the few top-rate figures in the entire Serene Swallow Universe. It was even not exaggerated to say that he commanded immense authority.

However, at this moment, as he gazed at the battle between Tu Meng and those figures from the Gongye Clan, he suddenly noticed that he was actually unable to compare with any one of them….

The gap between them was too huge!

This caused Li Wentai to be unable to help but feel quite frustrated.

“Chen Xi….” Xue Yun suddenly glanced at Chen Xi yet hesitated to speak. Moreover, her expression was reverence, slightly perturbed, and extremely complicated.

“Be frank if you have something to say. Aren’t we friends? If you change your attitude towards a friend just because of status, then you’re really like a snob that places too much emphasis on such things.” Chen Xi smiled as he teased her. He’d immediately noticed her thoughts, and he was clearly aware that she’d unconsciously become apprehensive towards him because of his identity as a personal disciple of Oracle Mountain.

“I didn’t mean that. I just….” Xue Yun hurriedly explained but she was actually at a loss for what to say.

Chen Xi patted her on the shoulder and consoled her. “You’re my life-saving benefactor. So, I’ll really be too ashamed to stay here any longer if you continue treating me like an outsider.”

His voice was warm like a spring breeze that caressed one’s face. Xue Yun’s heart felt incomprehensibly warm when she noticed Chen Xi’s serious expression, and her feelings eased up greatly.

She blinked before she said, “I’m definitely keeping a friend like you. No one can take you from me!”

Chen Xi chuckled and nodded.

“Who’s that Fellow Daoist? He’s really formidable.” Xue Yun gazed at the battlefield, and she couldn’t help but exclaim with admiration as she gazed at Tu Meng who seemed ferocious and valiant in battle.

Perhaps it was because she was by Chen Xi’s side, but she’d become calm at this moment. She wasn’t so filled with despair, helplessness, pain, rage, and frustration like she had been just now.

“He’s Tu Meng, a top-rate figure amongst the third generation disciples of Oracle Mountain.” Chen Xi spoke casually. “Actually, it isn’t that Tu Meng is very strong, and it’s because those fellows from the Gongye Clan are too mediocre.”

When his gaze glanced over and noticed the deep curiosity that Xue Yun revealed, he couldn’t bear to disappoint her and immediately provided her an explanation.

“Look, even though Tu Meng is a First Star Region Lord, he refined and absorbed the quintessence of a Region that hadn’t been established in the past. On the contrary, even though that Second Star Region Lord of the Gongye Clan possesses a cultivation that surpasses Tu Meng by a level, the amount of Region Quintessence he refined and absorbed was clearly extremely scarce. It can even be said that it might have been forcefully seized from other Region Lords, so he can’t compare to Tu Meng at all….

“As for those other 8 Imperial Monarchs, if they didn’t have the presence of a Second Star Region Lord on their side, then they would have been easily slaughtered by Tu Meng a long time ago. They aren’t even worth mentioning.

“Oh, you’re probably unaware of it but Tu Meng entered into the top 30 of the Dao Discussion that was held all those years ago. His natural talent and ability are considered extraordinary throughout the entire Ancient God Domain. So, now that he has advanced into the ranks of Region Lords and is fighting with the complete Region Energy of a region, it’s naturally impossible for an ordinary expert to be a match for him….

“Look at their techniques in battle….”

Chen Xi paid attention to the battle while analyzing the combat strengths of both parties for Xue Yun. He spoke in a calm and flat voice, but it seemed as if it contained magic that firmly absorbed Xue Yun’s attention.

If it was based on her cultivation at the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm, then she was utterly unable to sense the secrets of the battle in the distance. On the other hand, Chen Xi’s explanation was like the opening of a door to a new world for her, and it was unprecedentedly shocking and fresh to her.

At this instant, even Li Wentai’s attention was drawn over by Chen Xi’s explanation, and he grew more and more immersed as he listened. He actually felt as if he was suddenly enlightened.

Li Wentai had never experienced such a feeling in the past!

As it was said, listening to the words of the wise surpass reading for 10 years. Even though Chen Xi was merely analyzing the strengths of the two parties of the battle, the wisdom and cultivation he possessed made it so that the content of his explanation was something that was impossible for others to provide.

This was undoubtedly a rare form of guidance to Li Wentai, and it would provide immeasurable benefits to his cultivation and battles in the future.

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