Chapter 1983 – Stepping Forward

The atmosphere in the Offering Hall was deathly silent and oppressive.

Xue Yun stood there all by herself with a gloomy expression that changed indeterminately. She seemed like she’d lost her soul, and she stared blankly ahead while remaining silent.

Li Wentai’s expression was livid while his eyes almost split apart from rage. He was on the verge of being overwhelmed from rage. If it wasn’t out of consideration for the situation, he would have disregarded everything and attacked.

Not only did Xue Yinghai feel no guilt as he gazed at their expressions, he even spoke with extreme impatience instead. “Xue Yun, it has already come to this, so just quickly go along with it. Second Uncle won’t be able to protect you if you stubbornly refuse to give in.”

Those Imperial Monarchs from the Gongye Clan revealed mocking expressions as they watched this in a carefree manner. They seemed as if they were in control of the entire situation and the outcome was withing their control.

At this moment, Xue Yun seemed to have been agitated when she heard Xue Yinghai, and she completely lost control. Her entire body shuddered as she pointed a finger at Xue Yinghai, and then she gnashed her teeth and said, “You traitor! You didn’t just betray my father. You betrayed the entire Xue Clan! You’ll definitely die a horrible death! You definitely will!”

Her voice was hysterical, and it was filled with boundless rage, hatred, and curses.

Xue Yinghai’s face instantly turned gloomy, and he said in a stern voice. “How presumptuous! Xue Yun, don’t blame Second Uncle for being merciless if you continue acting in this way!”

“Kill me if you dare!” Xue Yun took a deep breath, and then a wisp of madness and determination surged into her clear eyes. “I will absolutely not betray the clan!”

Xue Yinghai was instantly exasperated. He was just about to speak but was stopped by the refined man who sat at the center.

He smiled warmly, and then spoke slowly to Xue Yun. “Are you sure that you want to do that? Don’t forget that all the clansmen of your Xue Clan are being held in the Divine Snowspirit Realm. If you die, then they’ll probably be… unable to survive.”

His words were spoken casually but the content was extremely malicious. He’d used the lives of the entire Xue Clan to threaten her, and it was simply like an icy awl that stabbed forcefully into Xue Yun’s heart. It caused Xue Yun to feel as if she’d fallen into an icy pit, and her face instantly turned extremely ghastly white.

“I’ll give you one last chance. Hand over the Snowspirit Seven Secret Energy and we’ll leave immediately and stop interfering in the matters of your Xue Clan. If you don’t….” When he spoke up to here, the refined man’s expression had become indifferent and cold. “Your entire clan will die with you!”

Xue Yun’s pretty face turned even paler while she bit hard on her cherry lips, and she experienced an unprecedented feeling of torture in her heart. At this moment, she wished for nothing more than to die right now.

However, she just happened to be clearly aware that once she died, then it wouldn’t just be her life that was lost, and it would be the entire Xue Clan….

What should I do? Xue Yun’s mind droned and was completely blank.

“Young Miss….” Li Wentai intended to say something, but he was stunned by a few words spoken by the refined man.

“I heard you’re the Sect Master of a Sword Sect called Darksea? If you don’t want your entire sect to be buried with you, then it’s best that you shut up obediently!” Just these words alone made Li Wentai’s expression change violently. He was extremely conflicted in his heart, and he was very sure that these bastards from the Gongye Clan would definitely dare to do as they’d said.

A wisp of extreme despair suddenly surged from Xue Yun’s heart when she heard all of this, and her expression darkened with dejection.

She seemed to have decided to give up on resisting.

Actually, it was obvious that if anyone else was in Xue Yun’s place, that person would probably be helpless and have no choice but to comply, right?

Xue Yinghai had clearly noticed the chances in Xue Yun, and he struck while the iron was still hot. “Xue Yun, that’s right. Once Second Uncle takes the position of Patriarch, I’ll immediately appoint you as the next successor to compensate your properly.”

The members of the Gongye Clan revealed slight complacent smiles as well when they witnessed this. Because it was rather pleasant to obtain what they wanted without using force.

“I….” Xue Yun spoke with a low and hoarse voice while she glanced at the surroundings with a dazed and helpless expression. Her enemies were right before her, but she was powerless to do anything. Wasn’t this worse than death?

Right at this moment, a voice suddenly resounded in the hall. “Miss Xue Yun, you’re tired. Leave everything to me.”

This voice was flat, but it seemed like a thunderclap when it resounded during such an extremely tense moment, and it drew the attention of everyone within the hall.


The gazes of the refined man and the others from the Gongye Clan swept over like a blade, and they couldn’t help but chuckle when they saw that it was the weak young man who they’d overlooked like an ant.

There were also some that were extremely infuriated. Because it was such a critical moment where Xue Yun was about to give the Snowspirit Seven Secret Energy away. However, it had been spoiled by such an insignificant little fellow. So, they felt that he was simply courting death!

An Imperial Monarch from the Gongye Clan asked with a low voice while his gaze that was filled with killing intent shot over like a bolt of lightning. “Who’s that?”

Xue Yinghai was extremely angry when he heard Chen Xi interrupt all of this, and he hurriedly explained upon hearing that Imperial Monarch. “That little bastard is called Chen Xi….”

Chen Xi!? Before Xue Yinghai could even finish speaking, their pupils had constricted simultaneously while their hearts shook.

This name couldn’t be any more familiar to them because the most outstanding young genius of heir clan, the next successor of the Gongye Clan, had suffered a miserable death at Chen Xi’s hands.

So, how could they not know this name?

Coupled with the fact that Chen Xi had risen like a shooting star in the past few years and had become a renowned and peerless figure in the world. How could they possibly forget this name?

Chen Xi!

This name was like an indescribable humiliation to the Gongye Clan. No matter how formidable and monstrous the forces of their clan was, it instantly dimmed extremely in comparison if it was compared with the Oracle Mountain that stood behind Chen Xi.

It was even to the extent that it was exactly because of these reasons that their Gongye Clan didn’t dare to take action and seek revenge from Chen Xi even when they were clearly aware that it was Chen Xi who’d killed Gongye Zhefu!

Now, when they heard that the young man who spoke earlier was actually Chen Xi, it was instantly like the scar in their hearts had been torn apart, and it was the reason why their reactions seemed so intense.

Based on this situation, Xue Yinghai instantly realized that they’d misunderstood, and he hurriedly explained. “Fellow Daoists, you’ve misunderstood. This kid is….”

In next to no time, he described how Xue Yun had rescued Chen Xi and pointed out that this Chen Xi wasn’t Oracle Mountain’s Chen Xi.

When Chen Xi, the concerned party, witnessed all of this, he couldn’t help but feel speechless in his heart, and then he couldn’t be bothered to pay any attention to all of this. Because it didn’t make any difference to him.

However, when they found out about all of this, it still made the refined man and the others from the Gongye Clan unable to help but heave a sigh of relief.

After that, their expressions became hostile. They felt like they’d been played, and they felt slightly embarrassed and annoyed.

Who could have imagined that just a name had made a group of great figures from the Gongye Clan react in that way?

It was slightly amusing indeed.

“Haha! He actually dared to use such a name. He really doesn’t know what’s good for him!”

“No matter who it is, anyone that uses that name should be killed!”

“The ignorant truly are fearless. An ant actually dares to speak arrogantly in front of us. It’s simply unforgiveable!”

Those Imperial Monarchs from the Gongye Clan spoke successively while surging with killing intent, and it caused the deathly atmosphere in the hall to be oppressive to the extreme.

At this moment, Xue Yun was both moved and anxious when she saw that Chen Xi had actually stepped forward with the intention of helping her.

Especially when she noticed that they’d aroused killing intent towards Chen Xi, Xue Yun had practically instinctively said, “This is my friend. I’d rather die than hand the Snowspirit Seven Secret Energy over if you touch even a hair on his body!”

Her voice was resolute and determined.

The refined man frowned, and then he glanced at Chen Xi with slight detest before he said, “It’s just an ant, yet you intend to protect his life. You really can’t stop yourself from being compassionate, huh? Fine, I’ll agree out of consideration for the Snowspirit Seven Secret Energy.”

However, Chen Xi didn’t agree. He sighed, stepped forward, and then gazed at Li Wentai as he said, “You just have to take care of Xue Yun’s safety later. Leave everything else to me.”

Li Wentai was astounded, and he almost didn’t dare believe his ears. Has this kid gone mad? Could it be that he doesn’t understand the situation we’re in?

Even if Li Wentai was extremely aggrieved and resentful at this moment, he was still dazed when he witnessed such a scene and heard such words. He was almost unable to restrain himself from cracking Chen Xi’s head open and seeing exactly what was in these. Because he felt that Chen Xi was simply… acting rashly!

However, when he saw Chen Xi’s serious and clam expression and the deep and piercingly cold gaze in Chen Xi’s eyes, Li Wentai’s heart felt incomprehensibly cold. He actually felt a form of indescribable pressure that made him feel suffocated, and it was like he’d been stunned on the spot. He obediently acted according to Chen Xi’s instructions and stood on guard by Xue Yun’s side.

“Uncle Li, Chen Xi, what are the two of you doing! Are the two of you trying to throw your lives away!?” Xue Yun was bewildered and infuriated by this scene, and she felt anxious and despaired to the point of being on the verge of tears. It’s already at a time like this yet they’re still acting rashly like this!

It wasn’t just Xue Yun, the brows of the group from the Gongye Clan had knit together tightly as well. What exactly does this ant intend to do?

A matter that was about to be concluded successfully had been spoiled by this damnable bastard, They’d exercised forbearance towards him once, but they hadn’t imagined that this fellow wouldn’t know where to stop and try to take a yard when given an inch!

This is intolerable!

In an instant, those Imperial Monarchs from the Gongye Clan stood up from their seats and intended to annihilate Chen Xi.

“Fuck off!” However, someone was even faster than them, and it was Xue Yinghai. He was simply overwhelmed with rage when he saw Chen Xi court death repeatedly. So, how could he restrain himself now?


It took some time to describe yet happened in an instant. Xue Yinghai’s palm whistled through the air as it slapped down towards Chen Xi, and it carried monstrous force and the might of an Imperial Monarch.

“No!!” Xue Yun let out an extremely miserable and shrill cry while her mind went blank. Never had she imagined that Chen Xi would lose his life because of an internal matter of her clan!

Chen Xi seemed as if he hadn’t noticed at all. It was like he’d been terrified and was stunned on the spot.

This scene caused those members of the Gongye Clan to be unable to help but roar with laughter. This stupid little bastard is really… an idiot!

But in merely an instant, their laughter had stopped abruptly, and they opened their eyes wide as if they’d seen a ghost.

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