Chapter 1980 – The Sequence Of Events


Chen Xi’s voice was still drifting through the air when a wisp of a faint fluctuation of energy had suddenly appeared at a corner of the carriage, and then it formed into a figure.

This figure was robust like a mountain, had a rugged appearance, a broad forehead, and a formidable aura that was solid like a rock. Surprisingly, it was Tu Meng!

When he heard Chen Xi, Tu Meng hurriedly said, “Martial Ancestral Uncle, this is my duty. You absolutely must not speak in that way.”

Chen Xi smiled, and then he glanced at the curtain of the carriage.

“Don’t worry Martial Ancestral Uncle, I’ve set up restrictions on this carriage. It’s utterly impossible to listen to our conversation from the outside world.” Tu Meng had instantly discerned Chen Xi’s thought. When he spoke up to here, he spoke with a slightly puzzled expression, “Martial Ancestral Uncle, why do you still conceal your identity?”

Chen Xi said helplessly, “I’ve already been reduced to such a state. So, who would believe me even if I didn't?”

Tu Meng couldn’t help but chuckle, and then he said, “Martial Ancestral Uncle, we’ve already helped them deal with that lethal danger, so why don’t we seize this opportunity to leave and let me take you back to the sect?”

Obviously, it was Tu Meng who’d annihilated Xue Yun’s enemies!

He’d advanced into the ranks of Region Lords in the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos, and Chen Xi had kept him within the Netherworld Register along with Gu Yan and A’Liang.

During these past few days, Chen Xi had only been able to recover a trace of strength. Even though he was unable to move, it was sufficient for him to activate the Netherworld Register. So, he’d summoned Tu Meng from within it to stand on guard by his side. Earlier, when he noticed that danger was about to arrive, Chen Xi had immediately dispatched Tu Meng to deal with the lethal danger than Xue Yun’s group faced.

At this moment, as he gazed at the weak state Chen Xi was in, Tu Meng couldn’t help but feel extremely worried. So, he’d spoken with the intention of swiftly taking Chen Xi back to the sect to recuperate.

However, Chen Xi decisively refused this suggestion. “It isn’t the time right now.”

Tu Meng was stunned, and then he scratched his head and spoke with a bewildered expression. “Martial Ancestral Uncle, could it be that you’ve taken a liking to that little girl?”

Chen Xi laughed as he scolded. “Fuck off! Nothing decent comes from your filthy mouth.”

Tu Meng chuckled endlessly.

“Xue Yun’s group helped me greatly, and it’s no different than saving my life. This kindness is too great, so I must do my best to repay them, otherwise, I would feel eternally regretful in my heart.” Chen Xi took a deep breath before he’d spoken seriously.

This was how Chen Xi did things. If someone was good to him, then he would repay that person tenfold!

“Alright, then I’ll accompany Martial Ancestral Uncle through this.” Tu Meng nodded. He absolutely displayed unconditional obedience to Chen Xi’s decisions.

“You’ll be in-charge of protecting them in secret from now on, whereas, I’ll be meditating and striving to recover as soon as possible.” After he made his decision, Chen Xi didn’t waste anymore time, and he immediately closed his eyes and entered into deep levels of meditation.

On the other hand, Tu Meng’s figure immediately flashed, and he silently transformed into an ethereal shadow that hid in the shadows of the treasure carriage.

Gurgle~ Gurgle~

Within Chen Xi’s body, a strand of his aura led his vital energy along as it circulated incessantly throughout his body like a stream.

During the past few days, Chen Xi had finally been able to mobilize his vital energy and cultivate. However, the strand of vital energy was still too weak, and the energy it could guide along was pitiable tiny.

If he recovered according to this speed, then it would take him at least two months before he could fully circulate the region within his body and utilize the energy of the Divine Dark Parasol Tree.

However, Chen Xi didn’t give up just like that. Besides cultivating, he’d been constantly observing the River Diagram fragments in his sea of consciousness.

He clearly remembered that it was the River Diagram that had acted unexpectedly while he was in the Land of Catastrophe and had swallowed the 8 Era Brands that were rampaging incessantly within him.

It was exactly because of that unexpected event that his consciousness fell into a strange state. In the end, he was even unable to figure out exactly what had happened before his entire body was carried by a terrifying force and taken from the Land of Catastrophe via a bizarre method.

Even though Chen Xi was still unable to figure out the exact reason until now, he was able to roughly determine that it was probably the River Diagram that caused him to be so weak right now!

Exactly what did it intend to do?

That was precisely the question that Chen Xi was most concerned about right now!

Since he entered the Land of Catastrophe, the River Diagram fragments seemed as if they’d changed and were acting unexpectedly in succession. They seemed to be acting extremely unusually. This caused Chen Xi to faintly feel a sense of anxiety, and he urgently desired to understand all of this.

Unfortunately, no matter how he tried, he was unable to determine anything from the River Diagram fragments.

It had fallen into a silent and motionless state once more, and Chen Xi was utterly helpless against it.

8 River Diagram fragments just happened to swallow 8 Era Brands. Was this a coincidence or is there some sort of link between them?

Perhaps I’ll be able to solve this problem once I find the last fragment?

“What happened?” While Chen Xi had entered into meditative cultivation, Li Wentai was chatting with Xue Yun who’d just returned from Chen Xi’s carriage.

“I can confirm that it wasn’t him.” Xue Yun was slightly dejected as she spoke these words.

“I told you that he isn’t Oracle Mountain’s Chen Xi.” Li Wentai smiled as he spoke, yet he heaved a sigh of relief in his heart as well. Because while he was waiting just now, he’d resolved that if it was really Chen Xi who’d killed those enemies of theirs, then he wouldn’t even hesitate to kneel and kowtow to Chen Xi.

Now, when he obtained a certain answer from Xue Yun, Li Wentai instantly felt relaxed.

“Uncle Li, who do you think helped us just now? All of those damnable bastards were from the Gongye Clan, so would anyone in the entire Serene Swallow Universe be bold enough to act against them?” Xue Yun frowned and was extremely puzzled.

“I can’t say for sure as well.” Li Wentai sighed. “However, I can confirm that our benefactor is definitely not from Serene Swallow Universe. After all, not a single existence that can annihilate 3 Imperial Monarchs in a short period of time can be found within Serene Swallow Universe.”

Xue Yun suddenly asked. “Could it be an enemy of the Gongye Clan?”

Li Wentai was stunned, and then he said, “Perhaps. In short, no matter who it was, we were lucky enough to avoid such lethal danger this time. The important matter at hand is to seize this opportunity to hurry on with our journey and strive to return to the clan as soon as possible so that your father can be healed.”

Xue Yun nodded and stopped thinking about all of this. However, she couldn’t help but shoot a glance back at the 2nd carriage that Chen Xi resided in. In the end, she fell silent and didn’t say anything.

Half a month later, the three treasured carriage tore through numerous expanses of the starry sky under Li Wentai’s lead and finally entered a galaxy that was in the shape of a bird.

This galaxy was called Durin Galaxy, and the enormous forces of the Xue Clan resided on one of the stars here.

Xue Yun was clearly excited when they arrived here.

On this day, she came to Chen Xi’s carriage and said, “Fellow Daoist, we’ll be returning to my clan in a few hours.”

Even though Chen Xi’s body was still weak after recuperating throughout this period of time, he was able to move on his own. At this moment, he sat cross-legged there while making tea and sipping it in a carefree manner.

When he heard this, Chen Xi couldn’t help but smile and invite her to join him, and then he poured a cup of tea for her before he said, “Then allow me to congratulate Miss Xue Yun in advance.”

Xue Yun smiled sweetly and said, “Once we return to my clan, I’ll look for some seniors that are skilled physicians to take a look at your injuries.

Chen Xi’s heart felt warm because he’d rarely encountered such a pure and kindhearted woman in the past few years. Obviously, she’d taken him to be a friend.

“Right, since we’re about to arrive, then can you tell me exactly what sort of trouble you’ve encountered?” This wasn’t the first time Chen Xi had asked this question.

This time, Xue Yun merely thought about it for a moment and didn’t refuse anymore. She told him everything in a brief manner.

It turned out that the Patriarch of the Xue Clan, Xue Changkong, who was Xue Yun’s father had suddenly suffered a heavy injury half a year ago, and his soul had been shackled, causing him to fall into a comatose state. This incident caused the entire Xue Clan to panic.

After all, Xue Changkong was the patriarch of the Xue Clan. So, if he were to suffer calamity and perish, then it was no different than an extraordinary earthquake to the entire Xue Clan.

For the sake of resoling this calamity, Xue Yun had chosen to head to Devil Vanquish Swamp while being accompanied by Li Wentai. She intended to search for a divine herb called Dragonskin Jade Herb. Because the miraculous abilities of this herb just happened to be able to cure Xue Changkong’s injuries.

Devil Vanquish Swamp was exactly where she’d rescued Chen Xi.

Unfortunately, someone had leaked the news of her journey, and it caused Xue Yun’s group to suddenly suffer the pursuit of their enemies on their way back from Devil Vanquish Swamp.

After he found out about all of this, Chen Xi instantly came to an understanding, and then he couldn’t help but ask. “Miss Xue Yun, do you know who that enemy of yours is?”

Xue Yun hesitated for a moment, and then she said in the end, “It should be the Gongye Clan from Thousand Illusion Region. However, Fellow Daoist, you absolutely must not tell anyone about this.”

Chen Xi nodded while a wisp of piercingly cold killing intent arose in his heart. The Gongye Clan? What a coincidence!

All those years ago, it was exactly because of the Gongye Clan that Zhen Liuqing had inflicted with Divine Black Lich Venom and had almost perished. Chen Xi still hadn’t sought revenge for this enmity!

Perhaps it’s time for me to head to the Gongye Clan once I’ve recovered….

“Fellow Daoist Chen Xi?” Xue Yun couldn’t help but call out to him when he remained silent for so long.

Chen Xi instantly awoke from his disorderly thoughts and said, “Right, do you think that the injuries your father suffered were caused by the Gongye Clan?”

Xue Yun’s expression was slightly gloomy, and she gritted her teeth and said, “It should be related to them.”

“Why exactly did they do all of this?” Chen Xi was very sure that the Gongye Clan would probably not make a move against Xue Changkong for no reason, and they were definitely seeking something.

“That….” Xue Yun was hesitant.

“Brother Li! You’ve finally returned after so many months!” Right at this moment, a bright and heroic voice suddenly resounded from outside the carriage.

“Second Uncle? What’s he doing here?” Xue Yun was stunned. Her beautiful brows knit together, and she got up hastily and left the carriage in the end.

Chen Xi who was staring blankly ahead was left alone within the carriage.

After a short time, he said while seeming to be lost in thought. “The matter is getting more and more interesting….”

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