Chapter 1978 – The Xue Clan

Chen Xi suddenly noticed that his Karmic Luck seemed to have undergone a change after he entered the Door of the Last Days.

He’d fallen unconscious successively and was unable to control his fate time and time again. It was even to the extent that he didn’t possess any ability to resist sudden and unexpected events!

At this point, even if he’d confirmed the fact that he’d escaped the Land of Catastrophe, Chen Xi sighed helplessly as he’d noticed that he’d once again fallen into an extremely hard-pressed situation.

Not only had his energy dried up, even his aura had become extremely weak. He was simply like a cripple that was at death’s door.

If he hadn’t been rescued, then Chen Xi wondered whether he would have lost his life if he encountered some sort of danger while he was unconscious.

Actually, at the bottom of it all, Chen Xi was clearly aware that it wasn’t that he wasn’t sufficiently strong, and it was instead because that the Door of the Last Days was too astounding and beyond common sense. Moreover, the energy that existed within it was inconceivably formidable.

A Third Star Region Lord like him could only move along with the current and was utterly without the ability to resist at all. This clearly showed how terrifying the Door of the Last Days was.

Chen Xi even suspected that even if a Daolord were to enter that place, the consequences would probably be unimaginable.

After all, regardless of whether it was Shaman, Martial, or Dao, all the Saviors had combat strengths that were comparable to Daolord or even more formidable than Daolords!

Under such circumstances, Chen Xi was already lucky to be able to escape the Land of Catastrophe.

Chen Xi stopped thinking about all of this, and he started to investigate the condition of his body.

Because his aura was too weak, it made it very difficult for his energy to recover, and it was even to the extent that he couldn’t circulate his cultivation.

Such a state meant that Chen Xi was at least temporarily no different from a cripple, and he didn’t have any strength to fight at all.

Fortunately, his extremely weak aura was recovering bit by bit, and so long as it became stronger, then he could mobilize his vital energy to circulate and completely recover his strength.

However, this process would at least require three months of time.

If it was any ordinary time, then three months of time would be a mere instant for an existence like Chen Xi.

But it wasn’t the same right now. He’d completely lost his ability to fight. So, if he were to encounter any mishap, then the consequences would simply be unimaginable!

So, Chen Xi could only hope that no mishaps occur during this period of time….

“Eh, you’ve woken up?” Suddenly, the carriage’s curtain was pulled up, and then a pleasing and warm voice resounded with a trace of pleasant surprise in it.

Chen Xi raised his eyes to look over, and then a pretty and delicate face appeared in his field of vision.

It was an extremely pretty woman. She had red and tender lips, pupils that were black as ink, and fair and tender skin that glistened like jade.

She wore an emerald green dress while her dense jet black hair was tied into a bun behind her head. Every single move she made carried a unique bearing that was dignified, modest, and warm.

Her beautiful brows were originally knit together tightly as if she was laden with anxiety and troubles. However, her brows instantly eased up when she saw Chen Xi who’d opened his eyes, and her starry eyes revealed a wisp of happiness.

Obviously, it was this woman who’d saved Chen Xi that day.

Chen Xi wanted to sit up. However, he noticed that he wasn’t even able to move a single finger. He opened his mouth slightly yet realized that he didn’t even have the strength to speak a single word.

This instantly caused him to laugh bitterly without end.

The woman had clearly noticed Chen Xi’s plight as well, and she couldn’t help but smile sweetly before she said warmly, “Fellow Daoist, there’s no need to say anything. Since you’re unwell, then just meditate and recuperate.”

She paused for a moment, and then she introduced herself. After that, she described the entire process of how she’d rescued Chen Xi.

It turned out that the woman was called Xue Yun, and she was a descendant of the Xue Clan in Serene Swallow Universe.

A few months ago, when she and a senior of her clan were heading to Devil Vanquish Swamp, they’d stumbled upon Chen Xi who was heavily injured and unconscious.

Because Chen Xi’s injuries were too heavy and showed no signs of recovery no matter what they tried, Xue Yun obtained the agreement of that senior from her clan and decided to bring Chen Xi back with them in the end.

Presently, they were on the way to the Xue Clan.

After he found out about all of this, Chen Xi finally confirmed that he’d left the Land of Catastrophe and was teleported to Devil Vanquish Swamp by chance.

For a time, he sighed endlessly with emotion in his heart. He knew that if Xue Yun hadn’t lent him a hand, then he would have probably been utterly unable to survive for even a month in Devil Vanquish Swamp while he was in such a state.

“Young Miss, those damnable….” Meanwhile, an aged voice sounded out from outside the treasured carriage. Along with this voice, a capable and valiant old man pushed over the curtain and walked in. The old man instantly shut his mouth and didn’t speak further upon noticing that Chen Xi had awoken.

“Uncle Li, look! This Fellow Daoist has woken up.” Xue Yun grinned happily as she spoke.

The old man nodded, and then his gaze seemed like a bolt of lightning as it swept coldly towards Chen Xi while faintly revealing a trace of hostility.

“May I ask which clan Fellow Daoist is from and why you were unconscious at Devil Vanquish Swamp?” The old man spoke with an overbearing tone. Obviously, he was very much against lending a hand to this unwelcome guest.

Chen Xi was naturally able to sense this. However, it was very understandable to him. After all, no one could avoid feeling vigilant and cautious after suddenly rescuing someone of unknown origins and background.

“Uncle Li, this Fellow Daoist just woke up, and his body is still extremely weak. So, he doesn’t have the strength to speak. It wouldn’t be late to talk with him after some time has passed.” Xue Yun smiled as she spoke in a warm voice, and then she said to Chen Xi, “Fellow Daoist, this is a very good friend of my father’s, the Sect Master of the Darksea Sword Sect of Serene Swallow Universe, Li Wentai. He’s called Imperial Monarch Wentai.”

Her voice revealed a wisp of pride.

However, to Xue Yun’s surprise, Chen Xi seemed as if he didn’t know Li Wentai at all, and he made a very calm display and provided no reaction at all.

This caused her to be unable to help but mutter to herself. Could it be that he isn’t from Serene Swallow Universe?

Just as Xue Yun had said, Li Wentai was a rather renowned cultivator in Serene Swallow Universe, and his cultivation had attained the Imperial Monarch Realm a long time ago. He could be considered to be a great figure that commanded great authority in Serene Swallow Universe.

Unfortunately, Chen Xi had really never heard of Li Wentai, and it was even to the extent that he didn’t know which region Serene Swallow Universe belonged to.

After all, there were over a thousand regions in the Ancient God Domain while every single region encompassed countless universe, and every single universe had innumerable stars which cultivators could live and cultivate on.

Even though Chen Xi had been in the Ancient God Domain for quite some time, it was impossible for him to remember every single universe in the entire Ancient God Domain.

In the end, the Ancient God Domain was truly too huge. Not to mention Chen Xi, even some extremely old seniors were probably unable to possess knowledge about every single region in the Ancient God Domain.

However, when he saw that an Imperial Monarch was actually following by Xue Yun’s side, Chen Xi instantly determined that the clan Xue Yun belonged to was probably not ordinary.

“Fellow Daoist, it naturally great that you’ve woken up. I’m not a cold-blooded person. However, I have to tell you some things in person.” Li Wentai revealed an awe-inspiring appearance as he spoke in a low voice. “Presently, we’ve encountered some trouble that’s rather difficult to deal with. I’m afraid that I’ll be utterly unable to take care of Fellow Daoist during our journey. Thus, I hope that Fellow Daoist will leave as soon as possible once you recover your strength in order to avoid being implicated as well. We do wish to help but are powerless to do so.”

He paused for a moment, and then his voice suddenly became stern. “Of course, it’s best that Fellow Daoist knows your place as well. If I notice you carry out any unusual actions that are harmful to the Young Miss, then I’ll definitely kill you at once!”

His voice carried a wisp of warning that wasn’t disguised at all.

Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed while he couldn’t help but laugh bitterly in his heart. If I recover completely and want to harm you, then even 10 of you wouldn’t be a match for me….

Xue Yun glanced at Chen Xi and seemed to feel slightly bad. She was just about to explain when Li Wentai pulled her out of the treasured carriage.

“Young Miss, one must always be vigilant against others. His origins are unknown, and he seems extremely strange. You have to be careful in the future.”

“Uncle Li, I understand. Right, you seemed to have come to see me about something just now?”

“Yes, I noticed just now that those damnable bastards have probably followed us….”

Chen Xi was able to faintly hear their conversation. Unfortunately, they moved further and further away, causing their voices to grow softer to the point he couldn’t hear them anymore.

Chen Xi just laid there constantly like a corpse that couldn’t move, yet his mind was pondering swiftly. He’d currently confirmed that his previous judgment wasn’t wrong, and Xue Yun’s group was clearly fleeing. Moreover, a force was pursuing them from behind.

Obviously, Li Wentai wasn’t lying. Their group really had encountered trouble. Under such circumstances, Li Wentai couldn’t be blamed for being so against rescuing Chen Xi.

Because they were already in enough trouble. So, anyone would be against having to take care of a stranger on the way as well.

However, Xue Yun had still resolutely chosen to help him under such circumstances. This made Chen Xi feel even more grateful towards that warm and refined woman.

I’ll definitely repay this kindness once I’ve recovered…. Chen Xi took a deep breath and stopped thinking about all of this. He started to take the initiative to try and guide the thread of extremely wear aura within his body.

Just like that, Chen Xi followed Xue Yun and Li Wentai on their journey. Because his body was weak, he was only able to stay within the treasured carriage all day, and he laid there while ceaselessly trying all sorts of methods to quickly recover his strength.

All along the way, Xue Yun would chat with Chen Xi occasionally.

Chen Xi was finally able to speak after recovering for a few days, and it caused Xue Yun to be unable to help but feel extremely happy for him. It felt as if she’d done an extremely extraordinary thing.

This caused Chen Xi to occasionally sigh with emotion. Xue Yun really is a good young woman with a heart of gold.

Chen Xi even wondered which bastard actually dared to ruthlessly attack such a kindhearted woman.

Who exactly is her enemy?

Unfortunately, Xue Yun would always shake her head and remain silent when he asked about it. Obviously, she wasn’t willing to make Chen Xi worry, and she merely told Chen Xi that he should be at ease and recuperate.

However, the more it was like this, the worse Chen Xi felt because he felt like he’d burdened them.

In the end, Chen Xi’s resolution to help her deal with this predicament grew even stronger.

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