Chapter 1977 – Huge Variable

The intense pain was like a blade that hurt Chen Xi to the point his sea of consciousness was on the verge of exploding.

The eight completely different Era Brands were like wild horses that had struggled free of their restraints, and they were rampaging about his sea of consciousness. Every single collision caused Chen Xi to feel indescribably sharp pain.


Chen Xi practically instinctively utilized all his strength to circulate the energy within his body with the intention of sealing these Era Brands before removing them from his sea of consciousness.


However, before he could even act, the River Diagram that was originally deathly silent within his sea of consciousness had acted before him!

It emanated an obscure fluctuation that transformed into a huge net, and it instantly enveloped those eight completely different Era Brands.

The intense pain in Chen Xi’s sea of consciousness reduced sharply, and his consciousness was slightly recovered. However, to his surprise, the River Diagram actually swallowed all the eight Era Brands after it restrained them!

What…. Chen Xi’s body instantly stiffened on the spot as he was caught off guard by this scene.

How could he have imagined that the eight Era Brands that he obtained with great difficulty would actually be swallowed by the River Diagram!?

After all, he still had to rely on refining and absorbing them to search for the true secrets of the Ultimate Path towards the Dao and search for the method to leave the Land of Catastrophe!


After it swallowed those Era Brands, the River Diagram didn’t fall back into a deathly silent right after, and it emanated an even stronger and mysterious fluctuation.

Chen Xi could clearly see that the River Diagram was actually transforming at this moment. It became even more crystalline, translucent, brilliant, and radiant. Moreover, it was enshrouded by strands of hazy light that was like the glow of the Grand Dao, and it revealed a profound aura that shook the soul.

It trembled incessantly while seeming to emanate clear howls. Moreover, the aura that effused out from it actually made Chen Xi forget everything at this instant, and his mind became blank while he fell into a state which he couldn’t free himself of.

It was too profound!

It was indescribably profound!

This was a form of energy that struck directly at the heart. It was difficult to describe and impossible to explain. It was like the extremely ethereal Heaven Dao.


While he was under this strange state, Chen Xi had utterly not noticed that a wave of grand rumbling had suddenly resounded within this grey and hazy world.

Later on, the entire Land of Catastrophe was rumbling while numerous thick, large and mysterious Divine Chains of Order suddenly surged down from the sky. They descended like tribulation lightning of the last days, and they flickered and danced about through the world while emanating a might sufficient to obliterate the world.

For a time, gales raged while thunderclouds roiled throughout the grey and hazy world. The Divine Chains of Order danced about wildly like bolts of lightning, and they made it seem like the end of the world had descended to the Land of Catastrophe and it was about to suffer destruction.

Chen Xi seemed to have not noticed all of this.

Only the River Diagram fragments were trembling ceaselessly in his sea of consciousness, and they grew more radiance, crystalline, and pure. They were suffused with the aura of the Dao, and mysterious light flowed through them.


A Divine Chain of Order tore through the sky like a blade, and it slashed down forcefully towards Chen Xi.

It was extremely terrifying. The aura it emanated made it simply seem as if the actual Heaven Dao was descending with the intention of bringing obliteration to everything!

Not to mention Chen Xi, even an actual Daolord would probably have no choice but to avoid this attack and not dare go head-on with it at all.

The most dangerous aspect was that Chen Xi still seemed as if he hadn’t noticed it, and he stood on the spot without moving at all!


Right at this extremely critical moment, a vortex appeared in the space above Chen Xi before that Divine Chain of Order could slash down at Chen Xi.

As soon as it appeared, it emanated a terrifying and irresistible devouring force, and it instantly swept Chen Xi into its depths. Chen Xi swiftly vanished within it.


At practically the exact same moment that Chen Xi vanished, the Divine Chain of Order had descended, and it crushed the vortex into powder. Moreover, this area was affected by this strike as well, causing the ground to explode into piece and the space here to shatter into powder. Everything was actually obliterated and transformed into nothingness!

If Chen Xi were to witness this extremely terrifying scene, he would probably not dare believe his eyes.

Unfortunately, Chen Xi was unable to notice all of that after he was sucked into the mysterious vortex in space….

At the bottom of the Grand Abyss of Catastrophe.

Countless bones and skeletons were piled up here into a seemingly boundless ocean.

The Door of the Last Days stood towering amidst these bones and skeletons.

At this moment, the Door of the Last Days suddenly trembled, and then the grey and hazy Last Days Tribulation Lightning on its surface rumbled and surged before they revealed numerous extremely terrifying scenes.


Right at this moment, space suddenly split apart here, and then a blood red figure appeared.

He had his hands behind his back while his eyes that were brilliant like the sun and moon swiftly locked onto the Door of the Last Days, and then astounding radiance erupted from his eyes.

After a long time, the unexpected changes in the Door of the Last Days gradually vanished, and it fell to silence once more. On the other hand, the blood red figure seemed to have fallen into deep thought and remained silent for a long time.

“A variable…. It really was a huge variable…. Unfortunately, I’m unable to see through what exactly happened in there….

“However, that kid has probably escaped by now…. Perhaps he has already obtained the true secrets of the Ultimate Path towards the Dao?

“No matter what, I must grab ahold of this opportunity!”

When he thought up to here, the blood red figure suddenly took a deep breath, and then his imposing aura actually became extremely mighty while his gaze swiftly descended onto the vast expanse of bones and skeletons.

“Countless years of silence for an opportunity in the present!” The blood red figure’s entire body seethed with monstrous radiance of a Holy Shaman, and then he suddenly waved his hand.

In an instant, the heavens and the earth dimmed down while a strand of terrifying force swept out, and it enveloped the vast ocean of bones and skeletons.


The skeletons that had been buried here for countless years had actually suddenly started to tremble, and then they emanated hissing sounds while they seemed to have awakened from death.

“I’ve given all of you a chance. A thousand years from now, I’ll take your incomplete wishes along with me as I launch an expedition against the world and seize the final secrets of becoming eternal!” The blood red figure had vanished while his supremely dignified voice resounded.

On this day, the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos was completely covered in a scene of obliteration, and the aura of destruction filled every inch of space here.

On the other hand, a fine rift had soundlessly and suddenly appeared on the Dao Restraint Tribulation Energy that enveloped the surroundings of the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos.

This rift was extremely inconspicuous and was like a vein on a leaf. It was covered amidst the mist formed from Dao Restraint Tribulation Energy, so it was utterly impossible to notice.

Moreover, it was ceaselessly expanding at an extremely slow speed….

If this continued, then the day would come when this rift would transform into an enormous hole, and it would become a passageway which allowed passage in and out of the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos!

Chen Xi felt like he was a piece of straw amidst tempestuous waves, and he was covered by a strand of terrifying force, causing him to be powerless to struggle and had no choice but to move along with the current.

He was unable to open his eyes because it felt like the strength within his entire body had been sucked out, and he felt extremely exhausted and weak from inside out.

He was even unable to figure out exactly what had happened.

This feeling was exactly similar to when he’d just entered the Door of the Last Days. His consciousness was unclear, and his entire body was floating in the pool of muddy water while being powerless to do anything.

The only difference was that Chen Xi hadn’t fallen completely unconscious.

But even then, he could only allow himself to move along the current like a straw that was carried by the force of the current.

In the end, Chen Xi calmed down completely. He stopped paying attention to everything, and he started to ponder about exactly what had happened.

The River Diagram acted in an unexpected manner and swallowed the 8 Era Brands…. After that, it underwent a transformation…. Right after that…. Chen Xi’s mind fell into greater chaos the more he thought about it. He was utterly unable to clearly remember when he fell into such a state.

How could this be? Before Chen Xi could continue thinking, a strand of exhaustion that couldn’t be resisted surged into his heart, and it caused his consciousness to instantly become blurry before falling into darkness.

After an unknown period of time that seemed like boundless years yet seemed like an instant as well….

A sigh resounded by Chen Xi’s ears. “Young Miss, it looks to me that there’s an 80% chance that it’s impossible for him to wake up. His aura comes and goes intermittently and is extremely weak. Moreover, there’s actually no effect no matter how any spirit pills and medicinal herbs we feed him. We’re really powerless to save him.”

After that, a wave of footsteps sounded out from afar and approached Chen Xi.

“Uncle Li, why don’t we wait a while longer? Since we encountered him, then we can’t just leave him here.” A warm and pleasant voice resounded.

“Young Miss, we don’t have much time anymore. If we’re unable to return to the clan in time, then I’m afraid that….”

“Then let’s take him with us.”

“But…. We already have enough problems….”

“Uncle Li, just do as I said. No matter how many problems we have, adding one more wouldn’t make a difference.”


Chen Xi heaved a sigh of relief when he listened up to this point. Even though he was powerless to open his eyes, he was able to determine that he had probably left the Land of Catastrophe!

This caused Chen Xi to instantly feel delighted. He’d never imagined that he would actually have such a bizarre experience.

Devil Vanquish Swamp?

Where is this?

Chen Xi pondered silently in his heart. He’d decided that once he was able to wake up completely, then he would definitely repay the person that saved his life this time.


Before Chen Xi could continue thinking, a familiar feeling of exhaustion surged once more through his mind.

“Motherfucker….” This was the helpless sigh that Chen Xi couldn’t help but voice out before his consciousness fell into darkness once more.

After another unknown period of time, Chen Xi whose consciousness was quite dazed felt his entire body shake, and then he somehow mustered up the strength to suddenly open his eyes.

When his field of vision cleared up, Chen Xi noticed that he was lying in a treasured carriage by himself. This treasured carriage was decorated in a simple and refined manner. It was elegant, comfortable, and suffused with strands of refreshing fragrance that gladdened the heart.

The owner of this carriage was clearly a woman.

Chen Xi instantly determined this, and then he recalled the pleasant and warm voice he’d heard that day. Obviously, they hadn’t abandoned him after they left the ‘Devil Vanquish Swamp’.

Swish! Swish!

A weave of ear piercing whistled resounded, and it allowed Chen Xi to determine that the treasured carriage was dashing through space at full speed. It didn’t seem like they were traveling, and it seemed like they were fleeing instead because their movements carried an nervous aura.

They’re fleeing? Chen Xi was stunned, and then he couldn’t help but laugh bitterly.

At this moment, his consciousness had completely recovered to a clear state. Unfortunately, his entire body was completely devoid of strength, and his body was still in an extremely weak state.

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