Chapter 1975 – Inconceivable


The mysterious fluctuation grew stronger, and it covered the heavens and the earth like tidewater.

Dao could clearly see Chen Xi’s Era Brand emanate a mysterious glow. It was like a lighthouse that was drawing over all the strands of blood that was raining down in the surroundings to converge to it.

The rain of blood was formed from Chen Xi’s body that had exploded into pieces just now. They were originally raining down through the heavens and the earth, yet now, they seemed as if they’d come to life. They were converging towards Chen Xi’s Era Brand. It was an extremely inconceivable sight.

At this moment, Dao’s composed and dignified expression had suddenly changed. His pupils had dilated while he’d fallen completely into a furious state.

He was unable to control his body and unable to release his strength. It was to the extent that even his consciousness was confined, and it couldn’t exit his body!

At this moment, he simply seemed like a prisoner who was nailed on a cross, and he was unable to move an inch!

How could this be possible?!

Dao was confident that his current combat strength was sufficient for him to annihilating anything with a flick of his finger and sweep through any enemy throughout the cosmos. Besides the extremely ethereal Heaven Dao, there was nothing in this world that could be a match for him!

Yet now, he was shackled by an invisible and mysterious fluctuation, and he couldn’t even lift a finger. So, how could he not be shocked and furious?

What exactly is going on? Dao’s heart shook violently while he still didn’t dare believe it. He was sure that he’d killed Chen Xi just now. But he was utterly unable to deduce anything from the events that were occurring in front of him.


The mysterious fluctuation grew even stronger while its rumbling became even more ear piercing. It reverberated through the heavens and the earth, and it even made Dao feel sharp pain from his ears. Moreover, even his consciousness seemed to be on the verge of being shackled!

“No!!!” Dao howled with boundless terror, shock, fury, and frustration. Why? Why is this happening? I’ve patiently waited for nine eras! Why has such an unexpected event occurred now?

But the scene that occurred next caused a wisp of indescribable coldness to surge from within Dao’s heart. Because he noticed to his shock that even his voice couldn’t spread out anymore!

It was like he’d been shackled by a mysterious and invisible force, and even his voice had been restrained.

After that, Dao was utterly stunned. Because at this moment in his field of vision, the Era Brand that belonged to Chen Xi seemed like a ball of blood, and it was covered by strands of blood.

The ball of blood was wriggling incessantly, and it emanated rhythmic thumping like a heartbeat. It seemed like a life was being nurtured within it.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Later on, the rhythmic thumping from the ball of blood grew louder and louder. It was simply like a god striking a drum. It shook the heavens and the earth, and it seemed to be extremely powerful.

Under such rhythmic thumping, the ball of blood actually faintly formed the indistinct outline of a person within it, and it was ceaselessly absorbing the blood in the surroundings.

Is that fellow about to be resurrected? At this moment, a wisp of horror couldn’t help but appear on Dao’s face, and his eyes almost split apart from rage. Even with the extraordinary wisdom he possessed, he was utterly unable to imagine that something like this would occur in the world.


The mysterious fluctuation swept incessantly through the heavens and the earth while the ball of blood thumped rhythmically without end. Moreover, the indistinct outline of a person within the ball of blood had started to become clearer….

On the other hand, Dao, an extraordinary figure who’d lived for almost nine eras of time was like a shackled prisoner, and he could only watch as all of this occurred, causing his face to be covered in an expression of terror and frustration.

This scene seemed to be extremely inconceivable, horrifying, and beyond imagination!

The River Diagram! Right! It’s definitely the River Diagram!! Suddenly Dao seemed to have thought of something, and he suddenly revealed a savage and agitated expression.

It’s definitely that damnable thing! It’s the only thing in the world that can produce such might and suppress me! Dammit! Why! How could that little bastard have brought it through the Door of the Last Days? Could it be that this era is unlike the eras of the past?

Dao howled repeatedly. However, no matter how he struggled, he was utterly unable to struggle free of his shackles. This made him gnash his teeth with hatred, and he seemed as if he’d gone mad.

At this moment, even though Dao wasn’t able to figure out exactly what unexpected event would appear before him, he was sure that it was all because of the River Diagram!

Otherwise, Chen Xi would definitely be unable to accomplish all of this with the little bit of strength that Chen Xi possessed!

Only the River Diagram could make Dao feel so terrified. Because since he’d started cultivating until now, the source of his strength was closely related to the River Diagram.

He was the Savior of the 1st era, and he was a Comprehender of the River Diagram as well!

Yet now, it might be because of the River Diagram that Dao was restrained and had been completely reduced into a state where he was like a lamb waiting to be slaughtered. So, this simply made Dao feel furious to the extreme.

Could it be that this is the cycle of karma?

The River Diagram intends to take away the might I inherited from it?

Dao didn’t dare think further because if it was true, then it was simply astounding.


Right at this moment, a world shocking explosion resounded. It was like the Chaos had just been split apart, and a terrifying force that struck directly at the heart appeared here.

After that, Dao noticed that the ball of blood formed by Chen Xi’s Era Brand had actually exploded at this moment, and then a tall figure walked out from within the explosion.

That figure had a handsome appearance, eyes that were deep like the starry sky, dense black hair that fluttered with the wind, and a calm and indifferent expression.

Surprisingly, it was Chen Xi!

“No!! How could this be possible!? He… he… he…. I clearly killed him. How could he have come back to life?” Dao howled with extreme horror, and he felt like he’d fallen into an icy pit.

He’d killed Chen Xi with his own two hands, and he was clearly aware that even a Daolord would be unable to survive his attack, let alone Chen Xi!

Yet now, this little fellow… had actually… come back to life!

All of this was simply like an extremely heavy blow to Dao, and it caused him to be slightly dazed.


Why has this happened?

During this period of time, Dao had voiced out such a question on more than one occasion. However, when he saw Chen Xi who he’d killed come back to life now, he was even more puzzled than before.

Even with his memories and wisdom that spanned over nine eras, he was still unable to imagine all of this.

“Are you very surprised?” Meanwhile, Chen Xi strode over from afar, and he gazed at Dao with an indifferent expression while his voice didn’t contain any emotion at all.

The ball of blood had vanished while the rain of blood that covered the sky had vanished as well. Only the strand of mysterious fluctuation was still spreading incessantly through the heavens and the earth.

It was also such a scene that allowed Dao to instantly discern that the mysterious fluctuation which was restraining him was actually coming from Chen Xi!

At this instant, Dao actually become surprisingly calm. He gazed at Chen Xi who was approaching him and said coldly, “It’s because of the River Diagram?”

Chen Xi nodded, and he seemed very frank. “Yes.”

A few months ago when he hadn’t even arrived here, Chen Xi had been constantly pondering about how he should deal with this mysterious and formidable expert, Dao!

After he obtained the information related to Dao from within Martial’s memories, Chen Xi didn’t dare be careless at all when facing Dao.

So, Chen Xi had prepared a huge amount of strategies to adapt to the situation and even made an enormous amount of preparation. Of course, he relied the most on the River Diagram and the energy of Samsara.

It was even to the extent that for the sake of avoiding any extremely unexpected situations, Chen Xi had placed his soul within the River Diagram.

So, even though his body had been blasted into a rain of blood when Dao killed him just now, his soul was hidden within the River Diagram since the beginning.

At that time, after the River Diagram noticed Dao who was a Savior, it had finally activated on its own, and it emanated a fluctuation of energy that was sufficient to suppress Dao.

Everything else that happened after that was just as how Dao saw it. Chen Xi’s soul relied on the River Diagram to rebuild his body that was in pieces, and he recovered in the end.

All of this seemed to be very ordinary, but it was actually extremely dangerous when it occurred, and the slightest mistake would have cost Chen Xi his life.

Fortunately, the River Diagram didn’t disappoint Chen Xi.

At this moment, Dao had an extremely complicated expression on his face. He remained silent for a long time before he sighed. “I never imagined that while I didn’t lose at the hands of others, I lost at the hands of the River Diagram. The matters of the world… are truly impossible to predict.”

Chen Xi said calmly, “This is fate. You have to accept it.”

Dao was stunned when he heard this, and then he suddenly laughed and said, “No, I was able to survive from the 1st era until now and even the Heaven Dao could do nothing to me, let alone now!”

His words were filled with arrogance and confidence.

Chen Xi frowned and was slightly surprised by Dao’s reaction.

“If I’m not wrong, the River Diagram can merely suppress my strength, but it’s unable to kill me.” At this moment, Dao seemed like a despaired beast that had found a trace of hope, and he seemed extraordinarily calm and composed. “On the other hand, even if I stand without moving, you’re utterly unable to harm me at all with your current bit of cultivation!”

He paused for a moment before his smile grew even wider. “Most importantly, the energy of the River Diagram will weaken and vanish sooner or later. At that time, I’ll still be the final victor!”

Chen Xi listened silently until Dao finished, and he had no choice but to arouse admiration towards Dao’s ability of deduction. It was practically without error, and it made Dao seem extremely wise and experienced.

However, this wasn’t the only thing Chen Xi had prepared in order to deal with Dao.

Chen Xi started smiling as well, and a wisp of a thought provoking arc had curled onto the corners of his mouth. He said, “The outcome has been decided. You’re just unaware of it.”

“Oh?” Dao’s brows raised, and then he stared at Chen Xi for a short while before he couldn’t help but laugh with ridicule as he shook his head. “Exaggerations! Little Fellow, I’ve experienced nine eras of time. So, the more you speak in that way, the more it proves that you’re already out of tricks. Otherwise, why haven’t you immediately attacked and killed me?”

Chen Xi said indifferently, “Actually, I really want to kill you in the same way that you killed me earlier. It’s the most straightforward method. However, it’s just as you’ve said, I’m utterly unable to harm you with my strength alone. So, I can only wait.”

Dao’s eyes narrowed. “Wait for what?”

The arc of the corners of Chen Xi’s mouth grew clearer, and he seemed to be ridiculing Dao yet sighing with emotion at the same time. “Could it be that you still haven’t noticed?”

Just these words alone made Dao’s heart jerk, and he felt a strand of indescribably horror arise within him.

After that, his expression suddenly changed, his pupils constricted into the size of needles, veins bulged on his forehead, and his entire body couldn’t help but tremble.

“This… this….” Dao spoke with a trembling voice, and he was actually terrified to the extreme. Because he’d noticed to his astonishment that the energy within his body was actually vanishing without a sound….

Even his body’s vital blood, vital energy, lifespan…. Everything was ceaselessly dropping sharply and weakening incessantly!

At this instant, Dao finally understood what Chen Xi was waiting for!

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