Chapter 1974 – Sudden Attack

Dao represented the 1st era, the Dao Civilization.

The Dao mentioned here wasn’t the Dao of the world, and it was a cultivation system. It was an era that was Daoist oriented.

At the same time, just the word ‘Dao’ alone clearly displayed how formidable the cultivators of that era were because they dared to call themselves Dao Masters. It was an unimaginable act.

As the Savior born in that era, it was obvious how formidable Dao’s strength was.

So, even if he’d acted with the intention of annihilating Dao and seizing Dao’s Era Brand, Chen Xi didn’t dare be careless at all.

It was even to the extent that Chen Xi didn’t dare be absolutely sure of his victory by relying solely on the strength of Samsara and the River Diagram fragments.

He wasn’t afraid of battle nor was he too cautious. It was merely because he had a deep understanding of his enemy because only in this way would he be able to adopt the right strategy in battle.

As far as Chen Xi was concerned, perhaps only abnormal strategies would be able to be of inconceivable effect when facing such an abnormal opponent.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

Chen Xi teleported incessantly as he flashed forward through the grey and hazy world.

He hadn’t laid eyes on any scenery for an entire three months of time. The world was filled with a hazy, grey, and deathly silent atmosphere, and it caused others to involuntarily have a slight feeling of loneliness.

It was like flying through a boundless grey colored world without knowing where the end was or where its beginning was.

Chen Xi finally experienced why both Shaman and Martial felt so miserable and lonely. Everything within the Land of Catastrophe was so empty and deathly silent. So, as time passed, it was impossible to avoid getting lost in this atmosphere no matter how formidable one’s strength was.

They were like beasts that were trapped by shackles. Even though they couldn’t see any shackles, the world itself was an unbreakable shackle.

It was impossible to imagine exactly how the Land of Catastrophe was created or why it had existed until now.

It was already extremely inconceivable that it was able to experience the rise and fall of nine eras and survive until now.

It was unimaginable to Chen Xi, and he couldn’t be bothered to give it any further thought. He hadn’t come here to explore the secrets of the Land of Catastrophe. All he wanted was to leave as soon as possible and never return to this place!

A few more months passed.

The blurry outline of a building had finally faintly appeared in the distance, and this made Chen Xi who was already vigilant to become even more cautious.

A Dao Temple! When he arrived close to it, Chen Xi finally saw it clearly, and it was an ancient Dao Temple that was mottled with the marks of time.

It stood towering in the grey and hazy world as if it had existed since the beginning of the world, and it emanated a primitive aura of indescribable natural beauty and simplicity.

This was where Dao resided!

Since he annihilated those four Saviors and was unable to completely refine and absorb their Era Brands, Dao had never left the Dao Temple, and this made him seem extraordinarily mysterious and unfathomable.


Chen Xi took a deep breath. The energy of Samsara started circulating silently within him while the River Diagram fragments floated within his sea of consciousness. Even though the River Diagram fragments hadn’t made any movement, Chen Xi was clearly aware that so long as he entered into battle and it noticed the aura of a Savior, then the River Diagram would come to life on its own.

“Young Brother, I’ve been waiting for you.” These were the first words that Chen Xi had heard from Dao when he arrived here and before he could even approach the temple.

Dao’s voice was warm like jade, melodious like a flute, and resounding like a bell. It was like a gust of spring breeze had swept by, and it was like reuniting with an old friend after many years. It was indescribably comforting.

However, Chen Xi’s eyes suddenly narrowed while a form of indescribable terror arose in his heart. It was the aura of extreme danger!

It was like an invisible sword was at his throat, and the hairs on his entire body couldn’t help but stand on end.


Before Chen Xi could even react, he felt his vision go dark while his entire body felt like it had been grabbed by an enormous invisible hand, and then it exploded into pieces!

In an instant, blood rained down in the surroundings and dyed the world red.

Since those years where Chen Xi was unconscious in the pool of muddy water, Chen Xi had encountered danger on more than one occasion, and there was even an occasion where his body had exploded into pieces and only his head remained.

But in the end, he’d recovered completely.

However, at this moment, when he’d just arrived near the temple and heard Dao’s voice, Chen Xi didn’t even have the time to react before his entire body had exploded into pieces and transformed into a rain of blood. This sudden and unexpected event was something that even Chen Xi had never imagined.

It was too sudden!

It was too ruthless!

Chen Xi didn’t even have any chance before he suffered calamity!

“I pity you, Young Brother. I never intended to give you a chance since the moment that I noticed your arrival.”

A sigh resounded as a figure appeared where Chen Xi had stood just now.

He had a handsome appearance, wore a Daoist robe, and possessed a profound and indescribably obscure aura. As he stood there casually, it seemed like he’d fused with the ages. He was exactly the 1st Savior, Dao!

He stretched out his hand to pitch up a strand of blood that was drifting through the air, and then he placed it on the tip of his tongue. After that, a wisp of surprise couldn’t help but appear on the corners of his mouth. “What pure vital blood. Unfortunately, he was born in the wrong time, otherwise, he would definitely become an extraordinary figure in the future.”

As he spoke, his eyes that were deep like abysses swept through the surroundings, and he noticed numerous treasures floating amidst the rain of blood. They were enshrouded with brilliant radiance and possessed shocking appearances.

These were all the treasures that Chen Xi had left behind. They included the Talisman Armament, the Overarching Heaven Net, the Copper Coin of Treasurefall, and various other treasures.

Dao flicked his sleeve and took all of them, and then he inspected them carefully before he sighed with praise. “What extraordinary treasure. These are probably the Natural Spirit Treasures of this era. They’ll be of use to me once I leave the Land of Catastrophe in the future.”

As he spoke, his gaze finally descended onto the Condemn Evil Brush and the Netherworld Register.

“The aura of Samsara….” In an instant, a strand of shocking light erupted from Dao’s eyes. He seemed to be extremely excited. However, he merely stared at them for a long time yet didn’t try to look through them.

On the contrary, he placed them carefully on the ground as if he was deeply afraid of being tainted by even a trace of their aura.

“I’ll be able to control the Samsara once I’ve refined and absorbed everything this kid possessed. HAHA! HAHAHAHAHA! After waiting for an entire nine eras, the time has finally come!” He roared with laughter with a voice that sounded like a dragon’s roar, and it surged through the world while emanating extreme happiness and excitement.

After a long time had passed, he finally calmed down slightly, and he continued looking through Chen Xi’s possessions.

The rain of blood descended like a horrifying yet gorgeous mist, and it dyed the grey and hazy world with a wisp of scarlet red.

Dao’s gaze shot through the rain of light and quickly found his three targets. They were three mysterious and completely different symbols. They respectively represented the Seal of the Shaman, the Seal of the Martial, and the Seal of the Illusion.


Dao didn’t hesitate to open his mouth and swallow them into his body.

“Even though I’m unable to refine and absorb them for now, the day will come when all your strengths will become mine. The inheritances of an entire nine eras. It would be enough for me to search for the true secrets of the Ultimate Path towards the Dao!” Dao sighed with satisfaction. “Now that I speak of it, this little fellow is really my lucky star.”

Hmm? In next to no time, Dao frowned and muttered. “Wait! Where’s the River Diagram? And that little fellow’s Era Brand! Why have they vanished?”

In an instant, a wisp of an oppressive aura effused out from his body. It threw the surroundings into disorder while his terrifying consciousness swept out like thunder and enveloped this entire area as he searched.

After a long time passed, a wisp of a smile appeared on the corners of Dao’s mouth while his gaze locked onto a part of the rain of blood.

In his field of vision, the blood that was raining down in that area was seething incessantly and gradually moving and fusing together. They were faintly forming the outline of a mysterious symbol.

Even though it wasn’t clear, Dao was still able to discern that it was an Era Brand!

Dao stood at the side, and he muttered as he waited. “Young Brother, even until the moment of your death, you probably hadn’t figured out that the Era Brands aren’t fused in that way. Their energies conflict with each other like eight completely different Orders of the Heaven Dao. So, how could they be fused so easily?”

“I exhausted numerous eras of time and was only barely able to fuse the Era Brands of Buddha and Confucianist, and I almost suffered from qi deviation and died in the process of fusing with the Seal of the Devil. Even if you were still alive now, how could you possibly accomplish this with that little bit of ability you possess?

“This is the will of the heavens!

“All of you eight Saviors were fortune that the heavens arranged for me. So long as I refine and absorb everything that all of you possessed, then I’ll definitely become an eternal existence that tramples on the damnable Heaven Dao!” As he finished speaking, Dao’s revealed a wisp of a haughty and arrogant expression.

He was truly too lonely through these years. He’d endured a bellyful of boredom and dullness to finally succeed at this moment. So, how could he not be excited?

Indeed, his cultivation and ability were extraordinary, but he was helpless in this deathly silent Land of Catastrophe, so he could only endure loneliness as well.

That was why he was so excited, delighted, and arrogant at this moment!


A strange fluctuation of energy resounded, and it made Dao calm down slightly. Only now did he notice that the Era Brand which belonged to Chen Xi had started to take form.

However, Dao couldn’t avoid being stunned when he saw it clearly. Because the aura contained by this Era Brand was too unusual!

It possessed the aura of the Dao Civilization and the aura of the Buddha Civilization. It was even to the extent that if he sensed it carefully, then he could even sense the aura of the Devil Civilization, Confucianist Civilization, Soul Civilization, Martial Civilization, Shaman Civilization, and Illusion Civilization!

How could this be possible? Dao’s pupils constricted abruptly while he felt disbelief.

An Era Brand represented the unique inheritance of an era, and it was absolutely impossible for it to be the same as an era of the past. So, why did this Era Brand possess the aura of so many civilizations?


At this moment, Chen Xi’s Era Brand had finally taken form, and then it suddenly emanated a strand of an extremely mysterious and obscure fluctuation that swept towards the surroundings!


Rumbling resounded throughout this expanse of the heavens and the earth, and it was like the rumbling of the Dao.

At this moment, the rain of blood that was formed by Chen Xi’s shattered body had actually started moving in reverse. It was like they possessed intelligence of their own, and they moved according to the same trajectory that they’d descended on and actually started to fuse together once more.

Such an inconceivable scene caused Dao’s heart to shake fiercely, and he realized that the situation was bad. So, he didn’t give it any thought and instinctively acted to stop all of this from happening.

However, a scene that utterly astounded him appeared.

At this moment, he was actually unable to control his body at all, and it was even to the extent that he couldn’t even release an ounce of strength!

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