Chapter 1973 – Dao Temple


Along with the death of Martial, this courtyard suddenly collapsed, and then a terrifying aftershock swept out incessantly.

In the end, the destructive force swept throughout Martial Emperor City, and the streets, buildings, people, sky…. Everything started to be destroyed.

In merely a short while, the entire city had vanished just like that, and the world returned to its grey, hazy, deathly silent, and desolate state.

All of this had been formed from Martial’s strength, so they had naturally vanished and ceased to exist after his death.

Chen Xi stood on the spot and watched everything vanish. He couldn’t help but sigh with emotion in his heart. He was such an extraordinary and formidable figure. However, once he entered the Land of Catastrophe, he could only rely on his own strength to create a city to distract him from the loneliness he felt. What a pity.

In next to no time, Chen Xi’s gaze descended onto two completely different and mysterious symbols that floated before him while emanating unique auras of their own.

One of the Seal of the Martial, and the other was the Seal of the Illusion. They represented the inheritance of two unique civilizations and eras.

Chen Xi opened his mouth and swallowed them into his body.


In an instant, a familiar scene appeared within his sea of consciousness. The aura of two completely different eras suffused his sea of consciousness, and then inheritances surged like tidewater from within them.

It was the inheritance of the Martial Civilization and the Illusion Civilization, and they were two completely different cultivation systems!

Coupled with the inheritance of the Shaman Civilization that he’d prior to this, Chen Xi currently possessed three Era Brands!

If he was able to fully refine and absorb them, then it was obvious that the inheritances of these three eras that had been destroyed in the annals of time would appear once more in Chen Xi!

At that time, what sort of tremendous change would his strength undergo?

It was unimaginable!

Such a force was too profound and obscure. For example, Martial and Dao were both extraordinary figures. However, they were still unable to fully refine and absorb the Era Brands in order to fuse them into one even after going through countless years of effort. This clearly showed how powerful the Era Brands were.

Under such circumstances, Chen Xi didn’t refine and absorb them immediately, and he seemed to be extremely calm instead. Because he was very clearly aware that it was an utter waste of time to attempt all of that when he wasn’t fully prepared.

Time was of the essence to Chen Xi because he wanted to leave the Land of Catastrophe and return to the Ancient God Domain. After all, there were many things that he had to do!

However, Chen Xi didn’t leave right away.

He sat cross-legged on the ground and fell into deep through.

Chen Xi had finally been able to confirm something when he killed Martial just now. He’d confirmed that the energy of Samsara and the River Diagram fragments that he possessed were sufficient for him to fully suppress the other Saviors within this land that was without the Heaven Dao, without Laws, and without any order!

This sort of suppression wasn’t reflected by his cultivation, and it was a form of absolute suppression of energy.

According to Chen Xi’s inference, every single one of these 8 Saviors were Comprehenders of the River Diagram during their respective eras! In other words, the strength they possessed was similarly related to the River Diagram. However, they lost the River Diagram when they entered the Door of the Last Days.

On the other hand, Chen Xi was different. He was the only Savior who was able to bring the River Diagram into the Land of Catastrophe!

Under such circumstances, Chen Xi who possessed the River Diagram fragments was like an Emperor who held the Imperial Seal in battle. He innately possessed the ability to deter and crush them!

Merely this wouldn’t be sufficient to kill them. After all, no matter how deterred they were, it was utterly impossible for him to kill them with his cultivation at the Third Star of the Imperial Monarch Realm.

Under such circumstances, the energy of Samsara played a key role.

Because Samsara was a lethal threat to all the Saviors!

Chen Xi wasn’t sure of this in the past. However, after he killed Martial, he was finally certain that while the energy of Samsara might not be sufficient to provide him an absolute advantage against other experts, it was inconceivably destructive when utilized against the Saviors.

To put it in simple terms, Samsara innately countered and annihilated Saviors!

As for why exactly that happened? Even Chen Xi was unable to figure it out.

Even though he couldn’t figure it out, confirming that the energy of Samsara could counter and annihilate Saviors was sufficient.

Just think about it, even Chen Xi was a Savior as well. However, he possessed the River Diagram and Samsara right now, so that itself was extremely unusual.

Hmm? Suddenly, Chen Xi seemed to have realized something, and he flipped his palm before the Netherworld Register that was suffused in an illusory and ethereal glow appeared there.

“Interesting. He actually possesses the River Diagram and Samsara. This new fellow Savior is unusual.” At an expanse of the grey and hazy world that was extremely far away from Chen Xi was an ancient Dao Temple. At this moment, a figure who had his hands behind his back was standing in front of the Dao Temple.

He had a handsome appearance, a powerful figure, and wore a large and wide Daoist robe. Moreover, his aura was profound and indescribably obscure.

Especially his eyes, they were deep like an abyss. They seemed capable of containing the variations of all things in the world and observing the minute changes in all things. They were extremely terrifying.

As he stood there casually, it was as if he’d fused with the ages and time was unable to corrode him. It simply seemed as if he could control the myriad of Daos in the universe!

“Based on the current time, it just happens to be the 9th era, and this young man just happens to be the 9th Savior of the 9th era. All nines return to one. The old is destroyed while the new is established. So, the end is finally arriving?” This Daoist who stood in front of the temple muttered while his eyes were filled with a profound and obscure glow.

After a long time passed, he frowned and shook his head incessantly. “No, this variable is uncertain and unknown. Looks like I’ll only be able to deduce everything once I seize everything that young man possesses.”

When he thought up to here, the Daoist took a deep breath while his eyes became calm and composed again. He stood before the Dao Temple with his hands behind his back, and he gazed at the grey and hazy sky in the distance. He finally spoke again after a long time had passed. “Quickly come here. I’ve been waiting 9 eras for you….”


The Netherworld Register glowed, and then an ethereal screen of light appeared.

Within the screen of light was a grand world. It had the Nether Springs Path, the Paramita Flowers, the Six Paths, King Yama’s Hall, Granny Meng’s Palace, and various other places in it. It was like everything within the Netherworld had been reflected on this screen of light.

Chen Xi’s gaze locked onto one of the halls, and he couldn’t help but heave a sigh of relief when he saw Gu Yan, Tu Meng, and A’Liang who resided within the hall were fine. Fortunately, they’re fine.

Chen Xi faintly remembered that when he was on the verge of annihilating Aruye before he entered into the Door of the Last Days, he had resolutely sent the three of them into the Netherworld Register in order to prevent them from being affected by the battle and its aftermath.

However, his consciousness had fallen into an unconscious state after he entered the Door of the Last Days, and he’d actually almost forgotten about it.

Now, after he confirmed that Gu Yan, Tu Meng, and A’Liang were fine, Chen Xi put the Netherworld Register away in a careful manner.

He didn’t intend to tell them about everything that was happening here in order to prevent them from worrying. After all, the Land of Catastrophe was too mysterious. So, if they did encounter any danger, then Chen Xi wouldn’t even have the chance to rescue them.

Three days later.

Chen Xi was ready and had set out. He flashed towards the grey and hazy lands in the distance.

Presently, only Dao remained in the entire Land of Catastrophe. He was the 1st Savior, and his strength was unfathomable.

Chen Xi had fully understood how terrifying Dao was by searching through the memories of Martial.

Dao was extremely mysterious, and he was simply an invincible existence in Martial’s memories. So long as Dao set his mind onto something, then there was practically nothing he couldn’t accomplish.

The story had to be told from when Martial arrived at the Land of Catastrophe….

At that time, the atmosphere here was still very calm. Martial had even become friends with Dao, Illusion, Buddha, Confucianist, Devil, and Soul.

During the endless years they resided here, all of them had conversed and discussed the Dao, causing their relationships to grow closer as the days went by.

However, no matter how close they became, Dao’s status in the hearts of the Saviors still couldn’t be shaken. He was like a prophet who was deeply respected and revered by the other Saviors.

Later on, as the went by, it became dull and boring no matter how many topics of conversation they had, and they finally started to feel lonely, restless, and bored.

Just like that, a very long time passed before Dao proposed a shocking idea one day — Could they find the true secrets of the Ultimate Paths towards the Dao by refining and absorbing the Era Brands of the others? And could they leave the Land of Catastrophe by doing that?

All the other Saviors were shocked when this idea was proposed, and their thoughts had changed without them realizing it. Before they could even realize it, cracks had appeared in the close friendship they had with each other. They started to doubt each other, be vigilant against each other, scheme against each other….

In the end, they divided a piece of territory for themselves, and they stopped all forms of communication with each other.

If this was the end of it, then they could have lived in harmony. However, a string of events that happened later on caused Martial to feel as if he’d fallen into an icy pit, and he was utterly horrified.

For the sake of finding the true secrets of the Ultimate Path towards the Dao, or perhaps it was for the sake of escaping the Land of Catastrophe, Dao had gone on a cruel and bloody mission.

Confucianist, Buddha, Devil, and Soul had died successively at Dao’s hands, and their Era Brands were seized by him!

All of this made Martial feel that it wouldn’t be long before he died at Dao’s hands. Fortunately, Dao suddenly stopped!

It wasn’t that Dao was benevolent and hesitant, and it was instead because Dao had encountered a huge problem when he was refining and absorbing the Era Brands that he’d seized.

That was exactly the reason why Martial was able to escape calamity!

While he found out about all of this, Chen Xi could even sense that Martial’s memories were still filled with reverence and fear towards Dao. It was like an ant that was facing a hawk that it couldn’t defeat.

All of this allowed Chen Xi finally possess a deep understanding of how terrifying Dao was.

Dao was able to easily kill the other Saviors and was able to make an existence who was comparable to a Daolord like Martial to be fearful to such an extent! So, how could Dao possibly be an ordinary figure?

If it was possible, Chen Xi would rather not face such an opponent. Unfortunately, he had no way out now.

Presently, only he and Dao remained in the entire Land of Catastrophe, so a battle would erupt between them, sooner or later. So, choosing to withdraw at this moment was clearly unwise.

Not to mention that Chen Xi suspected that Dao had probably noticed his arrival a very long time ago….

Under such circumstances, Chen Xi didn’t intend to hesitate anymore. Because the longer he delayed, the more disadvantageous it would be for him!

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