Chapter 1970 – The Seal Of The Shaman

Miserable? Chen Xi was indifferent towards this. He was thinking about Shaman’s words. I can obtain the true secrets of the Ultimate Path towards the Dao by refining and absorbing the brands possessed by the other Saviors?

Is that really true?

“There’s no Heaven Dao or any Laws in the Land of Catastrophe. There’s only deathly silence and emptiness.” Suddenly Shaman muttered with a dazed expression. “In the future, you’ll notice how boring, lonely, and miserable living here is. But you can only endure it all for the sake of survival….”

Chen Xi frowned but didn’t interrupt Shaman.

“Unfortunately, even with all the ability I possess, I can only remain exiled here like a prisoner that’s unable to escape this cage. It’s even to the extent that it’s difficult to even find someone to speak to.” Shaman’s voice was low, bleak, and carried a strand of indescribable sorrow. “If I knew this would have happened…. I would have preferred to perish along with that era than come to this place.”

When he spoke up to here, Shaman gazed at Chen Xi, and then he suddenly revealed a wisp of a ridiculing smile. “Perhaps you’re unable to understand all of this, but you’ll understand in the future. I’m even sure that you have no choice but to aimlessly endure this sort of misery and torture like we have.”

We? Chen Xi acutely noticed this word, and he said, “There are others here?”

Shaman nodded and said, “Of course. Could it be that you’re unaware that a total of 8 eras have been obliterated in the annals of time until now?”

The destruction of 8 eras meant that there were 8 Saviors who had arrived inside the Door of the Last Days!

Chen Xi was naturally clearly aware of this.

“In other words, you’re the 9th Savior who has arrived here.” Shaman’s voice carried a wisp of pity as he spoke these words.

Chen Xi remained silent for a moment before he asked in a direct manner. “Where are the others?”

“Every single Savior has their own territory, and they would absolutely not leave their territory under normal circumstances.” When he spoke up to here, Shaman pointed at the muddy pool and said, “Look, that’s your territory, and my territory is outside that pool.”

Chen Xi was stunned, and then he frowned and said, “How are territories divided?”

Shaman instantly fell silent.

Chen Xi seemed to have understood something when he witnessed this, and he seemed to be lost in thought. “Looks like strength is required to possess a larger territory.”

Indeed. The Land of Catastrophe was too mysterious. Even Shaman didn’t know its origins and could only call it the Land of Catastrophe.

At the same time, this place didn’t have a Heaven Dao or any Laws. It was like a desolate place, so it was naturally without any rules.

Since there were no rules, then strength replaced the effect of rules!

“You intend to seize my territory?” Shaman raised his head and couldn’t help but ask this question. Moreover, he seemed to be slightly nervous.

“No, I don’t intend to stay here forever.” Chen Xi shook his head and spoke with a flat voice that carried an indisputable tone.

However, when these words entered into Shaman’s ears, it caused him to laugh with ridicule. “It’s impossible. The eight of us have endured countless years of time and practically search this entire place. However, we were unable to escape in the end. So, do you think you have any chance of leaving?”

His voice even carried a trace of ridicule.

“How would I know without giving it a try?” said Chen Xi in an indifferent tone.

“Then what do you intend to do?” The ridicule on his face grew even denser, and he seemed as if he was be waiting to laugh at Chen Xi.

“I’m going to do as you said.” Chen Xi gazed at Shaman with a composed expression, and it seemed as if he didn’t possess any emotions.

“What I said?” Shaman weas stunned, and then he seemed to have realized something, causing his expression to change greatly.


Before he could react, his entire body was enveloped by a strand of terrifying violet gold divine radiance.

“NO!!! WHY!!! WHY!!!” Shaman let out an extremely miserable and shrill cry that surged with hatred.

In the end, his entire body rumbled as it exploded into pieces, and then it transformed into an extremely mysterious symbol. It was in the form of a ‘巫’ character that represented Shaman. However, the strokes that it was made up of were extremely dense. It seemed like they contained boundless profundities and possessed a unique aura.

During this entire process, Chen Xi had constantly remained silent while his expression didn’t change at all.

Up until the point he saw this mysterious ‘巫’ character symbol did a wisp of surprise appear in his eyes, and then he opened his mouth and swallowed it.


In an instant, it felt like an extremely vast secrets of inheritance erupted within him and surged into his sea of consciousness, and then it transformed into numerous comprehensions that entered his heart.

In his daze, it was like he saw a grand era, and it was the Shaman Era!

During that era, the myriad of living beings in the era cultivated in the ‘Shaman Dao’, and they searched for the method to gain eternal life.

They were called Warrior Shamans, Spirit Shamans, Master Shamans, Grandmaster Shamans, Saint Shamans, Divine Shamans, Holy Shamans, King Shamans….

It was a civilization that belonged completely to the ‘Shaman’. They tempered their bodies and vital blood, and they took the path of immortality through the body!

The aura of the entire Shaman Era was branded in the mysterious ‘巫’ symbol.

It floated in Chen Xi’s sea of consciousness, and it was ceaselessly emanating fluctuations.

This ‘巫’ symbol was the Shaman Seal! It represented the unique aura possessed by the entire Shaman Era and its unique inheritance!

It wasn’t exaggerated to say that so long as Chen Xi completely refined it, then he could gain insight into the entire civilization and inheritance of the Shaman Era.

However, Chen Xi restrained such thoughts of his in the end.

He returned to the side of the muddy pool, and then he sat cross-legged. Only after then did a wisp of a dazed expression appear on his tranquil and handsome face.

He recalled how he arrived here, he recalled how he fell unconscious, and he even recalled everything that occurred to him throughout these years.

But up until this very moment when he faced all of this wide awake, Chen Xi finally noticed that all of this was like a dream, and it was so unreal.

He couldn’t figure out why he would act arbitrarily and open the Door of the Last Days.

He was unable to figure out what exactly the row of strange words branded on the Door of the Last Days represented, or why he wiped away those words with the Condemn Evil Brush and then left behind a row of strange words that even he couldn’t understand….

Similarly, during the years that he was unconscious in the muddy water, he didn’t know why his body had undergone such a tremendous transformation. Moreover, it wasn’t just his body that have been remodeled and transformed, even his cultivation had risen to the Third Star of the Imperial Monarch Realm in one go.

All of this seemed extremely inconceivable! It was completely out of Chen Xi’s control! So, besides feeling worried, he even felt horrified when he recalled all of it.

This feeling of losing control made him worry that he would lose himself one day and become a completely unfamiliar and different form of himself.

Chen Xi detested such a feeling!

The River Diagram, the Netherworld Register, the Condemn Evil Brush, Samsara, the Door of the Last Days…. Exactly what sort of secret is hidden behind all of this? After a long time passed, Chen Xi couldn’t help but sigh. He was even clearly aware that if Shaman wasn’t heavily injured just now, then he would be utterly unable to kill Shaman by relying on his own strength!

“No!!! How could this be possible? We’re all Saviors, but why was he able to bring the River Diagram into the Door of the Last Days!?”

“This…. This…. This isn’t the energy of the River Diagram!”

Shaman’s extremely terrifying howl seemed to resound by his ears.

All of this allowed Chen Xi to roughly determine that it was either the River Diagram… or the energy of Samsara that heavily injured Shaman!

When he thought up to here, Chen Xi couldn’t help but mutter. Right, why was I able to bring the River Diagram in here with me?

The last eight eras had been destroyed because the Saviors of those eras had entered the Door of the Last Days.

The reason they were able to accomplish this was because they possessed the River Diagram!

In other words, every single one of the Saviors including Shaman had been Comprehenders of the River Diagram.

However, if it was based on this, then once those Saviors opened the Door of the Last Days, the River Diagram would be left outside the Door of the Last Days. Otherwise, how could it have been passed down continuously until now?

So, if Chen Xi’s inference wasn’t wrong, then the River Diagram had been passed down for 9 eras now!

Under such circumstances, it just so happened that he’d brought the River Diagram with him into the Door of the Last Days, and he hadn’t lost it outside the door. This was clearly unusual.

Perhaps it’s because my River Diagram is incomplete, so I was able to accomplish this? A thought arose inadvertently in Chen Xi’s mind. The River Diagram he possessed right now wasn’t complete. He still lacked a piece in order to fully complete it.

But if it was like that, then how could an incomplete River Diagram open the Door of the Last Days?

Was it Samsara? A wisp of a bright light arose in Chen Xi’s eyes.

Up until now, he was still unable to figure all of this out. However, he was sure that the unusual events that occurred to him were definitely linked to the energy of Samsara that he possessed.

Just think about it, a Comprehender of the River Diagram that possessed an incomplete River Diagram and the energy of Samsara. Just this seemed extremely shocking and extremely unusual.

Perhaps it was precisely because of this unusualness that this string of unexpected events had occurred to Chen Xi.

Chen Xi took a deep breath, stood up, discerned his directions, and then flashed towards the grey and hazy world in the distance.

Shaman had said that so long as he refined and absorbed the Era Brands possessed by the others, then there was a chance for him to comprehend the true secrets of the Ultimate Path towards the Dao.

Now, even though Chen Xi had annihilated Shaman and obtained the Seal of the Shaman, he still couldn’t confirm this.

However, he intended to give it a try.

He wasn’t just doing it for the sake of the true secrets of the Ultimate Path towards the Dao, he was also doing it for the sake of leaving this place!

Seven days later, a grand, lofty, and seemingly boundless city had appeared in the grey and hazy world in the distance. It was like an ancient Roc that was nested there, and it emanated a strand of monstrous aura.

A city? Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed, and he stood silently on the spot.

After he obtained the Seal of the Shaman, Chen Xi had obtained some of Shaman’s memories as well, so he’d recognized this grand city with a single glance.

It was the Martial Emperor’s City!

This was a world that was personally created by the 7th Savior!

Entering the city was no different than entering a territory controlled by the 7th Savior, and he would suffer merciless attacks from the 7th Savior and might even lose his life!

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