Chapter 1968 – Astounding Transformation

The myriad of fine strands of obscure energy seemed like the tentacles of an octopus as they surged into Chen Xi’s body, and then they moved incessantly along his bones and apertures.

They moved swiftly all along the way in an aggressive manner, and it was completely different to how cautiously they’d acted for the last two times.

They seemed to be very confident that their formidable strength would be sufficient for them to smoothly attack and capture the target.

As the obscure energy started to surge into his body, Chen Xi’s body started to tremble noticeably, and it seemed like he’s instinctively sensed danger.


This time, a strand of mysterious fluctuation had suddenly effused out from the depths of Chen Xi’s soul before they could even enter Chen Xi’s sea of consciousness.

In an instant, it transformed into a huge net that completely enveloped the obscure energy that were charging towards Chen Xi’s sea of consciousness.


The two completely different forces entered into battle within Chen Xi’s body, and they fought ceaselessly like fire and water. It was an extremely terrifying sight.

This scene was inconceivable indeed.

No matter if it was the obscure energy that surged over from the outside world or the mysterious fluctuation that came from the depths of Chen Xi’s soul, both of them carried extremely terrifying auras that were extremely rare in the entire world yet completely different. So, as soon as they started fighting, they caused extremely great destruction to Chen Xi’s already tattered body.

Pu! Pu! Pu!

During the following period of time, blood was noticeably erupting from every single inch of Chen Xi’s body from time to time, and it was a horrifying sight.

If such a situation were to continue, then Chen Xi’s entire body would explode into pieces before the outcome of their battle was determined!

But it just so happened that Chen Xi seemed to be completely unaware of everything during such an extremely dangerous moment, and he remained in that unconscious state from before.

The muddy pool of water started to turn dark red while bubbles gurgled from within it, and the bubbles were dyed with trace of a bloody glow.

It wasn’t long before it seemed like the pool was boiling, and it had transformed into a pool of blood, whereas, Chen Xi’s extremely damaged body floated within it, causing this scene to seem extremely horrifying.


Suddenly, Chen Xi’s entire body stiffened before his entire body besides his head exploded into pieces, and it transformed pieces of flesh and blood that became a part of the muddy pool of blood.

At the same time, the strands of obscure aura were like sharp blades and had charged into Chen Xi’s sea of consciousness. They were charging madly to assault Chen Xi’s soul.


A strand of lethal danger swept through Chen Xi. If the obscure energy were to succeed in its objective, then it would probably be eternally impossible for Chen Xi to come back to life.


Right at this instant, the image of the River Diagram fragments had appeared in his sea of consciousness, and they emanated a strand of strange fluctuations.

At practically the exact same moment, an ethereal image of a brush and book appeared along with the River Diagram fragments. Surprisingly, it was the energy of the Netherworld Register and Condemn Evil Brush.

In other words, the energy of these three mysterious treasures, the River Diagram fragments, the Netherworld Register, and the Condemn Evil Brush, had appeared within Chen Xi’s sea of consciousness!

“That’s!!! A voice that was surprised and furious resounded from the strands of obscure energy.

After that, those strands of obscure energy exploded into pieces and transformed into a rain of light while that furious and shocked voice vanished.

All of this occurred in an instant that was inconceivably swift, and the scenes that had appeared were unimaginable and astounding.

If it was any other person, that person would probably be unable to imagine exactly what formidable existence had sent those strands of obscure energy because it was actually capable of forcing the River Diagram fragments, the Netherworld Register, and the Condemn Evil Brush to act jointly in order to crush it.

However, this wasn’t the end of everything.

After those strands of obscure energy were crushed and transformed into a rain of light, regardless of whether it was the River Diagram fragments, the Netherworld Register, or the Condemn Evil Brush, all of them hadn’t vanished and continued to emanate fluctuations instead….


At this moment, the entire muddy pool of blood was boiling and rumbling while strands of mysterious energy emerged from the pool of blood and converged together.

Chen Xi was still completely unaware of all of this.

It was even to the extent that he wasn’t even aware that he only had a head now.

Along with the passage of time, the pool of blood boiled even more vigorously while the accumulated mysterious energy grew stronger and stronger. It was an astonishing sight.


In the end, thunderous lightning, raging wind, flowing rays of blood, and various other terrifying phenomena had appeared in the sky above the pool of blood, and it threw the surroundings in the chaos.

It was even to the extent that numerous chaotic lotus flowers had appeared in the grey and hazy sky. All of them were formed from supreme profundities of the Grand Dao, and they descended down and floated into the pool of blood.

Such phenomena could be described to be world shocking and unimaginable. Because the energies within them were too mysterious and not energy that could be possessed in the outside world.

They could only be seen within the Door of the Last Days.

Along with the passage of time, the lightning grew more and more turbulent. The entire sky was covered in terrifying grey lightning, and it enveloped this entire area.

The chaotic lotus flowers of the Grand Dao seemed infinite as they descended incessantly into the boiling pool of blood, and they fused with the blood to transform into the purest form of energy and were nourished within the pool.

After an unknown period of time, an ethereal body could be clearly seen to have appeared beneath Chen Xi’s head.

Streams of blood converged in the body, threads of mysterious energy seethed within it, and pure strands of the aura of the Grand Dao enshrouded it…. They started to fuse in a unique manner and pulse incessantly. It was like they were breathing, and their rhythm was slow and profound.

The blood was formed from Chen Xi’s original body that had exploded into flesh and blood.

The threads of mysterious energy and the aura of the Grand Dao came from the lotus flowers of the Grand Dao that descended from the sky and the strange fluctuations emanated by the River Diagram fragments, the Netherworld Register, and the Condemn Evil Brush.

Presently, all of these forces were fusing together to remold Chen Xi’s body. It seemed extremely inconceivable.

Time flower by swiftly. Chen Xi’s seemingly ethereal body had started to gradually become material, and it seemed like he was undergoing a transformation akin to rebirth.

This transformation was completely out of Chen Xi’s control, and it was triggered by a string of variables. It was even to the extent that Chen Xi himself was completely unaware of it.

At this moment, he was still in that unconscious state. His consciousness was blurry, and he was completely unaware of everything that was occurring in the outside world.

In the end, the lightning that covered the sky, the violent gales that raged through the air, the blood red glow that streamed down like a storm, and the lotus flowers of the Grand Dao that floated down from the sky…. All of them had started to gradually weaken before vanishing in the end.

The world returned to its grey and hazy state from before, and it was completely deathly silent. Even the pool of blood had stopped boiling and transformed into a muddy color once more.

The only different thing was Chen Xi!

At this moment, he possessed a practically flawless body. His skin was clear and translucent like jade or glass, and it was suffused with a divine glow of the Dao and possessed copious vitality that was vast like an ocean!

If one looked carefully, the striations on every single inch of his skin seemed like the marks of the Grand Dao. They were filled with a mysterious aura of the Dao and emanated divine radiance that revealed boundless profundities.

Laying eyes on these striations was like gazing upon the true Grand Dao, and if one comprehended it carefully, then one could even comprehend all sorts of profundities from them!

All of this had transformed into a part of Chen Xi’s body. It was simply like the Grand Dao had become the base of his body, and his body was like a marvel of nature!

On the other hand, every single inch of the tendons and bones within his body seemed as if they were made out of jade, and they were dazzling and resplendent. If one were to strike them, they would even emanate the tune of the Grand Dao that sounded like the morning bell, and it contained boundless mysterious energy.

Besides that, the essence, energy, and spirit in his body seethed and surged, and they were dyed in a layer of seemingly material violet gold color. Moreover, they circulated incessantly within his body as if they were carrying out a perfect cycle of the Grand Dao.


Besides that, numerous universes floated while a myriad of stars circulated in the boundlessly vast, brilliant, and divine region within Chen Xi’s body.

Entering the region within Chen Xi’s body was like arriving at a real region. It was filled with the Order of the Divine Dao and thick divine energy converged endlessly within it.

When compared to before, Chen Xi’s entire body was simply brand new, and it had undergone a tremendous transformation.

Everything was moving and improving towards a perfect state.

On the other hand, Chen Xi’s Soul Divine Flame within his sea of consciousness had been lit ablaze once more, and it blazed brilliantly like eternal light.

The Violet Gold Imperial Sovereign Star was like a scorching sun above Chen Xi’s soul. It glowed brilliantly and even illuminated his entire sea of consciousness, causing his entire soul to be illuminated and glistening.

Everything seemed as if they’d attained new life!

At an unknown moment in time, the River Diagram fragments, the Netherworld Register, and the Condemn Evil Brush had all vanished from Chen Xi’s sea of consciousness and fell to deathly silence.

But up until now, Chen Xi’s consciousness still showed no signs of awakening, and this seemed extremely strange.

He’d clearly undergone a world shocking transformation throughout his body, and it was like he’d been reborn and was more than two times stronger than before.

However, it just so happened that Chen Xi’s consciousness seemed as if it wasn’t able to obtain any strength from this transformation, and it was still in a dazed and unconscious state.

Time flowed by swiftly like an arrow, and another 10 years of time had quickly passed since Chen Xi’s entire body had undergone that transformation.

During these 10 years of time, Chen Xi still hadn’t awakened, and his entire body floated in the muddy pool as if he was dead.


During these 10 years of time, an entire two Violet Gold Imperial Sovereign Stars had appeared above his Soul Divine Flame!

In other words, if it was merely based on his cultivation alone, then Chen Xi was currently a Third Star Region Lord!

If he was in the outside world, then such a shocking speed of advancement would definitely astound the other Region Lords.

The most absurd part was that Chen Xi hadn’t cultivated at all, and all of this had occurred naturally. It was even to the extent that he wasn’t aware that he was a Third Star Region Lord now….

This wasn’t just absurd, it was even to the extent that no one would believe such a tale!

However, all of this had occurred behind the mysterious Door of the Last Days, so if one thought about the numerous world shocking legends about this door, then the changed that Chen Xi experienced weren’t so surprising.

In 10 years of time, Chen Xi’s cultivation had risen by two level, but he still wasn’t able to awaken, and his entire body floated in the muddy pool as if he would never be able to awaken.

It was also on this very year that a hunched and aged figure walked over from the grey and hazy world in the distance.

His entire body was enveloped beneath a black robe while he held a dark wooden cane in his hand as he staggered forward, and every single step he took seemed to be extremely difficult.

However, every single step he took seemed as if it passed through boundless space and the annals of time. There was no force that could obstruct him!

In the blink of an eye, he’d arrived before the muddy pool. His dark and cold gaze was like a bolt of lightning as it shot through his black robe and descended onto Chen Xi who was floating in the muddy pool.

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