Chapter 1965 – The Blood Red Shadow Reappears

The passageway was like a bridge of light that linked the outside world to the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos, and it was suffused with an illusory and misty glow as it stretched across the sky above the Grand Abyss of Catastrophe.

There was no doubt that this was the passageway that was jointly created by the five extremes of the Imperial Region!

“Disciples of the various sects, quickly return right now!” The dignified voice of the Dao Institute’s Dean, Liu Shenji, emerged from within the passageway, and it surged through the world and swept into the Grand Abyss of Catastrophe.


At the bottom of the Grand Abyss of Catastrophe, Kong Youran, Yea Chen, Jia Nan who resided far away from the enormous Door of the Last Days had swiftly raised their heads, and then a wisp of excitement appeared on their faces. We can finally return?

But right after that, some hesitance appeared on their faces.

Since Chen Xi entered the Door of the Last Days, an entire three years had passed now, and there was still no news about him until now. His fate was unknown.

So, how could Kong Youran and the others disregard Chen Xi and leave at such a time?

Shi Yu took a deep breath before he stated with a firm expression. “If all of you are leaving, then leave now. I’ll wait here for Chen Xi.”

He’d been through situations of life and death with Chen Xi, and they were good friends since the time they were in the three dimensions. So, he would naturally not leave by himself at such a time.

“If it wasn’t for Chen Xi, then I would have probably suffered calamity and died a long time ago. I don’t intend to leave for now as well.” Unexpectedly, Zhao Qingyao was the first to make her stand clear after Shi Yu.

“This event has great implications. Life and death aren’t important to me any longer. All I seek is to be able to watch all of this come to a complete end.” Jia Nan spoke with a tranquil expression. Obviously, he refused to leave right now as well.

In an instant, the others started looking at each other.

All of them were clearly aware that Shi Yu, Zhao Qingyao, and Jia Na weren’t playing around, and they absolutely hadn’t made such a decision because of a temporary desire to display their loyalty.

Perhaps, the reason they’d acted in this way was because the person who entered the Door of the Last Days was none other than Chen Xi!

Merely this name alone was sufficient to make them announce their stand towards the situation without the slightest hesitation!

“I’m staying back,” said Yu Jiuhui.

“Count me in,” said Qin Xinhui.

Yea Chen stated. “The only thing we can do right now is wait. If even our right to wait is taken away, then we would be eternally haunted by our regrets even if we were able to return safely.”

In an instant, the others made their decisions as well.

Indeed, the passageway to return to the Ancient God Domain had appeared, and it would undoubtedly be a blessing to them if they were able to return from the extremely dangerous Forgotten Grounds of Chaos.

However, when compared to all of this, Chen Xi’s safety was undoubtedly more important to all of them.

Because they were very clearly aware that it was absolutely impossible for them to have survived the dangers that they’d faced this time without Chen Xi’s help!

This was a form of acknowledgement.

Before they entered the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos, Chen Xi absolutely didn’t possess such great charm that could even make geniuses like Kong Youran and the others feel convinced of his superiority.

However, it was different now. Everything they’d experienced in the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos had allowed Chen Xi to establish a form of an irreplaceable prestige and influence in their hearts.

It was exactly their experiences of going through thick and thin together that made Kong Youran and the others stay behind willingly and without the slightest complaint.

Suddenly, Kong Youran stood up and spoke slowly. “According to the agreement from before, the passageway can be maintained for 3 years of time. So, instead of just waiting here, why don’t we take some active action instead. Let’s me see if I can contact those seniors who are waiting outside the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos. If I’m able to obtain their guidance, then perhaps we ‘ll be able to hasten Chen Xi’s return.”

The others nodded successively.


In the next moment, Kong Youran vanished on the spot.

Three years ago when Chen Xi entered the Door of the Last Days, the Grand Abyss of Catastrophe had soundlessly undergone a transformation.

The most obvious change was that the Dao Restrain Tribulation Energy that filled the entire abyss had started to gradually vanish.

In the end, all the dangers within the abyss had vanished without a trace.

This change had occurred after Chen Xi entered the Door of the Last Days, but no one knew exactly why such changed had occurred.

However, all of this wasn’t important. The important thing was that the changes in the abyss was sufficient for them to leave safely, and they weren’t trapped here anymore.

But none of them had left throughout these three years of time!

Even if Kong Youran had charged out of the abyss right now, she didn’t have any intention to leave.

The passageway was like a divine ray of light that stretched across the sky above the abyss, and it seemed extraordinarily striking amidst the grey and hazy world here.

Kong Youran’s gaze had been immediately attracted by the passageway upon leaving the abyss. But in next to no time, she calmed her emotions and revealed a serious expression.

“Junior is Kong Youran from Nuwa’s Dao Palace. Greeting Seniors.” Kong Youran bowed while she sent her consciousness through the passageway with the intent of getting in contact with those great figures outside the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos.

There was no reaction from within the passageway at all, and it was deathly silent. Right when Kong Youran was slightly disappointed, Liu Shenji’s voice had suddenly resounded from within the passageway. “Has some sort of mishap occurred?”

Kong Youran’s heart shook. She’d never imagined that Liu Shenji would have actually guessed what happened from just a few words she’d spoken.

However, when she thought about it carefully, she felt that it was very understandable. Logically speaking, they probably wouldn’t hesitate at all upon noticing the passageway that led back to the Ancient God Domain, and they would charge into it at the first possible moment. How could they have possibly tried to contact the outside world like Kong Youran had?

Perhaps Liu Shenji had perceived this, and that was the reason why he’d instantly discerned the situation Kong Youran and the others were in.

After she heard Liu Shenji’s voice, Kong Youran didn’t give it any further thought. She organized the thoughts in her mind before she slowly described everything that had occurred in the Grand Abyss of Catastrophe.

After 10 minutes had passed, Kong Youran returned to Shi Yu and the others, and her face carried a strange expression that was impossible to eliminate. Moreover, she’d remained silent throughout this time.

Shi Yu, Yea Chen, Jia Nan, and the others had quickly noticed this.

Shi Yu couldn’t refrain from asking. “Something unexpected happened?”

“Senior Liu Shenji said….” Kong Youran hesitated for a moment before she said, “If Chen Xi’s alive, then a door is unable to trap him. If he has suffered calamity and perished, then it would be useless even if we wait for an eternity.”

She paused for a moment, took a deep breath, and continued. “Most importantly, if we resolutely choose to continue waiting here after three years from now has passed, then we’ll only face a single outcome.”

“What?” The hearts of everyone had jerked.

Kong Youran lightly spat out a single word. “Death!”

In an instant, all of them were stunned, and they fell silent.

“Chen Xi won’t die,” said Jia Nan in a firm tone.

In the opinion of the others, there was clearly no need to say that because they similarly firmly believed that Chen Xi would be fine.

However, even if Chen Xi didn’t die, it didn’t mean that he could return from the door within three years of time! This was the crux of the matter.

“Then what should we do? I’ll be eternally unable to eat and sleep in peace if I’m unable to see Chen Xi return safely!” said Shi Yu with a frown on his face.

“We can choose to wait for three years, and we must leave if Chen Xi is still unable to return by then.” Even though Kong Youran wasn’t willing to mention this topic, she was very clearly aware that they had to decide right now.

“According to Senior Liu Shenji, the entire Forgotten Grounds of Chaos will experience great calamity in three years from now. At that time, we’ll definitely be buried here if we haven’t left by then.”

When she spoke up to here, Kong Youran glanced at the others and said, “What do all of you think?”

The others fell silent once more.

In the end, all of them accepted Kong Youran’s suggestion, and they really hoped that Chen Xi would be able to return within these three years of time….

Time flower by soundlessly.

Three years late, in the sky above the Grand Abyss of Catastrophe. Not only did Kong Youran and the others feel zero excitement as they gazed at the passageway that pierced through space, they felt boundless disappointment instead.

Up until now, Chen Xi had… still not returned!

“We can’t wait anymore. We should leave.” Kong Youran spoke with slight difficulty. She knew that these words seemed slightly cruel at this moment, but she had no choice but to speak them.

“Yes, let’s go. I’ll be heading to Oracle Mountain to continue waiting after we return to the Ancient God Domain.” Shi Yu stared blankly as he said, “I won’t leave until he returns.”

His voice was heavy and bleak yet extremely firm.

When they heard this, the emotions of the others rose and fell, and they were unable to calm down.


The passageway suddenly shook violently and started to become unstable. It seemed as if it would collapse and be destroyed at any moment.

“Let’s go! Quickly!” Kong Youran’s expression immediately turned solemn when she saw this.

The others stopped hesitating as well, and they followed Kong Youran as they charged into the passageway and vanished.

After a short moment, a practically ethereal blood red shadow suddenly appeared in the sky above the Grand Abyss of Catastrophe. There was practically not a trace of an aura throughout his body, and it caused others to be utterly unable to notice his existence.

However, as he stood there casually, he emanated an indescribably terrifying might, and he seemed like he was the overlord of the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos.

“Those little bastards have finally left….” That blood red shadow muttered with an aged and indifferent voice that carried a tone of boundless wisdom through experience. It was like a vast howl of the wind that came from the last era.


That voice hadn’t finished resounding through the air when the passageway suddenly started to collapse inch by inch, and it emanated terrifying explosions and illuminated this grey and hazy world.

Suddenly, a huge palm that was covered in clear and brilliant radiance stretched out from within the collapsing passageway, and it instantly transformed into a state where it blotted out the sky before grabbing forcefully at the blood red shadow who was seemingly ethereal.


At this instant, the world was blasted into pieces and all things were obliterated beneath the might of that palm. It seemed to be terrifying to the extreme.

If one looked carefully, one would notice that the striations on that palm were formed from the Grand Dao. They contained supreme profundities of the Dao, and they seemed to embrace all things and possessed extraordinarily vast might!

“Hmm?!” The blood red shadow seemed to be surprised and bewildered, and then he flicked his sleeve before swiftly charging into the Grand Abyss of Catastrophe and vanishing.

That palm that blotted out the sky was actually unable to obstruct him!

“Hmph! A cold grunt sounded out from within the passageway, and then it vanished as the passageway was obliterated.

Moreover, the palm that blotted out the sky had vanished along with the passageway as well.

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