Chapter 1964 – Strange Marking Of The Dao

Nine is the end of the number? Shi Yu was stunned, and then he almost cursed aloud. What sort of lousy reason is that?

However, when Shi Yu noticed Jia Nan’s solemn expression and that Jia Nan didn’t seem like he was joking, Shi Yu had forcefully restrained himself in the end, and he didn’t continue on this topic.

“Then what should we do? Should we follow Chen Xi in or leave right now?” asked Qin Xinhui.

This was a problem indeed. Presently, Aruye’s group had been annihilated. Logically speaking, it was exactly the best opportunity for them to escape from the Grand Abyss of Catastrophe.

However, at this moment, everything was thrown into chaos by Chen Xi’s sudden actions, and it caused them to be in a dilemma.

“It’s very simple. We wait.” As he spoke, Jia Nan sat cross-legged on the ground, and he seemed that he intended to wait here for a long period of time.

“Wait?” Shi Yu and Qin Xinhui exchanged glances, and both of them frowned.

“Presently, even if Aruye’s group has been annihilated, it’s utterly impossible for us to leave the Grand Abyss of Catastrophe while relying solely on our own strength.” In next to no time, Jia Nan explained. “Moreover, we can’t approach the Door of the Last Days as well. The energy within it isn’t something that we can resist at all.”

At this moment, Shi Yu and Qin Xinhui had finally come to an understanding. Just as Jia Nan said, they could only choose to wait right now.

So, even if Shi Yu was filled with questions right now, he could only put them aside for now, and he started waiting on the spot like Jia Nan was.

During this entire process, Shi Yu had checked on Kong Youran and the others’ conditions, and he finally relaxed quite a bit when he noticed that they were slowly recovering from their injuries.

Earlier, while they were in the Shaman Spirit Battle Domain, Kong Youran, Yea Chen, Yu Jiuhui, and Zhao Qingyao had been crushed and captured successively, and their fates had been unknown. This caused Shi Yu and the others to really break out in cold sweat.

Now, not only had all of them escaped the predicament, Kong Youran and the others had started to recover slowly. Such an outcome could be considered to be really not bad.

The only source of worries for Shi Yu right now was Chen Xi who resided in the distance.

What exactly does he intend to do by approaching the Door of the Last Days?

Step! Step!

Chen Xi’s footsteps were neither fast nor slow as he strode through space. His expression remained completely tranquil, and not a trace of emotion could be discerned from him.

In next to no time, he’d arrived before the Door of the Last Days.

When compared to the enormous door that towered into the sky, he seemed extremely tiny like an ant.


The grey Last Days Tribulation Lightning transformed into dense bolts of lightning that flowed incessantly on the surface of the door, and they emanated an extremely terrifying aura.

Chen Xi stood there while seeming to have utterly not noticed the danger before him. He just stared fixedly at the door, and no one knew what he was actually thinking.

At this moment, Chen Xi was really acting unusually. He was clearly bathed in blood while his body was practically on the verge of shattering into pieces, but it seemed to have not aroused his attention at all.

His expression was completely tranquil while his bloodied face maintained an expression that was cold and indifferent to the extreme.


Suddenly, the Condemn Evil Brush appeared in Chen Xi’s hand, and then he exerted force with his palm, causing the tip of the brush to seem like a blade that could pierce through the sky as it stabbed deep into the dense expanse of Last Days Tribulation Lightning.

At this instant, the hearts of Shi Yu and the others who noticed this scene couldn’t help but constrict. All of them were worried that Chen Xi would suffer calamity.

After all, it was the Last Days Tribulation Lightning, so how could it be ordinary?

However, to their surprise, the dense grey arcs of Last Days Tribulation Lightning were actually easily broken through. It was as easy as tearing up a piece of cloth, and it was unable to harm Chen Xi at all.

Swish! Swish!

Chen Xi continued. The Condemn Evil Brush in his hand was like a sharp blade that was breaking through the obstacles before him, and it tore apart the Last Days Tribulation Lightning that covered the Door of the Last Days and caused them to disperse incessantly.

In the end, an area of around 10mwas exposed on the surface of the door.

“What’s that!?” The figures of Shi Yu and the others shook. Surprisingly, a row of extremely strange markings of the Dao was branded in that area!

Those markings of the Dao seemed as if they were created by nature, and they floated into appearance on the surface of the door. Moreover, they revealed a grey and hazy glow that made it seem as if they were formed from Chaotic Qi. Moreover, they emanated an indescribably supreme aura.

It was a terrifying pressure. It was like the supreme Laws that suppressed the universe yet also seemed like the original marks at the Quintessence of Chaos. It revealed an indescribably terrifying force.

At the instant that they laid eyes upon this row of strange markings of the Dao, Shi Yu and the others felt like they’d witnessed the true appearance of the Heaven Dao. Their Dao Hearts couldn’t help but shudder while a strand of reverence that couldn’t be restrained appeared in their hearts. They simply wished for nothing more than to kneel down and worship it!

It was too terrifying!

After all, Shi Yu and the others were Region Lords now. They could be considered as peak figures throughout the entire Ancient God Domain. They were overlords of a region.

Yet now, merely laying eyes upon that row of strange markings of the Dao had actually caused them to be unable to avoid feeling reverent, and they were powerless to control their own Dao Hearts. How shocking was that?

“All forces that were obtained to attack me will definitely be obliterated! All who going against my will as they cultivate will be judged!

“I’m supreme, infinite, and boundless!

“So, I exist everywhere!”

At this instant, Jia Nan’s clothes fluttered while shocking light erupted from his eyes, and he stared fixedly at the strange markings of the Dao while he spoke.

Every single word he spoke seemed to carry some sort of force that shook the heart and threw the world into disorder!


Shi Yu and the others felt like they’d been struck by lightning. Their minds went blank while their thoughts were devoured by tempestuous waves.

That’s the meaning contained within that row of strange markings of the Dao?

Who exactly left it behind?

All forces that were obtained to attack me will definitely be obliterated….

All who going against my will as they cultivate will definitely be judged….

How arrogant!

Who dared to call himself supreme, boundless, and infinite?

Who dared to say that he existed everywhere?

This is simply like comparing himself to the Heaven Dao!

It was unimaginable to them.

These words that were like the quintessence of the Dao had been spoken by Jia Nan, and they carried a force that shook the soul. It caused Shi Yu and the others to be dumbstruck on the spot, and they were unable to return to their senses for a long time.

Perhaps anyone who arrived here and heard those words would be unable to maintain their calm and composure.

Even Jia Nan himself had fallen into a form of extreme horror. He noticed to his shock that he didn’t recognize those strange markings of the Dao at all. However, it just so happened that it was he who spoke those words, and it was even to the extent that he was unable to stop himself from saying it….

This was extremely horrifying!

Right amidst this extremely shocking and deathly silent atmosphere, no one had noticed that Chen Xi had utilized the Condemn Evil Brush to instantly eliminate the strange markings of the Dao!

The place where it was had become blank, and not a trace of it could be found anymore.

After that, Chen Xi exerted force with his wrist to make the tip of the brush move about, and he actually started writing a row of extremely strange markings of the Dao as well. Moreover, they seemed as if they were created by nature.


Right when the row of strange markings of the Dao was formed, they suddenly started to surge about before they swiftly condensed into a vortex that appeared at the blank area.

After that, an irresistible suction force was released from within the vortex. In an instant, it actually sucked Chen Xi’s entire body into the vortex, and then the vortex vanished completely from the Door of the Last Days!

It was exactly this instant that Shi Yu and the others recovered from the incomprehensible shocked state from before, and they couldn’t find a trace of Chen Xi when they gazed once more at the Door of the Last Days.

It was even to the extent that the blank area had recovered to its original state, and it was enveloped by grey arcs of Last Days Tribulation Lightning.

Shi Yu spoke while in a daze. “What… happened just now?”

“I clearly remember that Chen Xi opened up a blank area on the Door of the Last Days. Why has it suddenly vanished?” Qin Xinhui was slightly anxious and bewildered.

“He has gone in….” Jia Nan remained silent for a long time before he took a deep breath and lightly spat out a few words. Moreover, his voice carried a rare trace of a dazed tone.

Shi Yu frowned as he pondered bitterly. “But I clearly remember seeing a row of mysterious and strange markings of the Dao. But why am I unable to recall it at all?”

“Right, I saw it as well. But… but… I’ve forgotten the meaning of those markings of the Dao. This….” Qin Xinhui was even more anxious and bewildered, and she even stuttered slightly because of this.

“Both of you can’t remember it as well?” Jia Na sighed, and then he gazed at the Door of the Last Days as he muttered. “Our memories have probably been soundlessly wiped away.”

Yes, even he had forgotten it. It seemed as if he’d never spoken those words just now.

However, Jia Nan was clearly aware that it wasn’t an illusion, and it was instead because a mysterious force had wiped away all the memories in his mind that were related to it!

Why has this happened? At this moment, he fell into an indescribably dazed and shocked state. All of this seemed like a mystery that couldn’t be unraveled, and it caused him to feel extremely powerless.

“Perhaps it was a taboo, and it wasn’t something we could pry into. In the end, it’s because our strength is too inferior.” Jia Nan recovered his calm and said in a light voice, “There’s no need for us to continue thinking about all of that. We can confirm that Chen Xi has already entered the Door of the Last Days, and we can only do one thing now — wait!”

Shi Yu and Qin Xinhui fell silent while their emotions were complicated to the extreme. But no matter what, they could only do as Jia Nan said and wait silently.

They could only wait for Chen Xi to return from within the Door of the Last Days….

However, never had they imagined that there would actually be no sign of Chen Xi after an entire year had passed.

During this year of time, the Grand Abyss of Catastrophe was deathly silent, and no further unexpected events had occurred. Even the towering Door of the Last Days stood there silently and didn’t change at all.

In the second year, Kong Youran, Yea Chen, Yu Jiuhui, and Zhao Qingyao had recovered and awoken. However, Chen Xi still hadn’t returned….

On the third year, Shi Yu and the others were unable to maintain their silence any longer. Because this year was the 10th year since they entered the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos!

According to the agreement between the five extremes of the Imperial Region, the five extremes of the Imperial Region would once again establish the passageway that led to the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos from the outside world so that they could return.

But now, there was still no news about Chen Xi….

Why is it like this?

Could it be that Chen Xi has suffered some sort of unforeseen mishap in the Door of the Last Days?

A wisp of worry was coiled around all of their hearts.


After a few more months passed, an extremely enormous rift was torn open in the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos. After that, a dazzling and brilliant passageway was established through that rift and extended down incessantly….

In the end, the passageway actually seemed as if it possessed intelligence and arrived in the sky above the Grand Abyss of Catastrophe!

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