Chapter 1963 – Acting Unusually

The Shaman Spirit Battle Domain.

Samsara flowed and revealed all sorts of phenomena that shocked everyone.

At this moment, Aruye had already transformed into a young child that stood on the spot with a dazed expression while his cultivation had been completely lost.

He seemed to be so innocent, ignorant, and dazed at this moment, yet Shi Yu and the others felt no pity for him.

Conversely, they had a feeling of delight from being able to get revenge instead!

Of course, Shi Yu and the others were most shocked by the ability that Chen Xi revealed right now, and it allowed them to finally understand how terrifying Samsara was.

In the blink of an eye, it had soundlessly seized away the memories, experiences, and strength possessed by a terrifying existence who was comparable to a Ninth Star Region Lord, and it had transformed that existence into a helpless young child!

How could any cultivator be willing to be reduced to such a state?

The glory, status, strength, experience, path towards the Dao…. Everything had transformed into nothingness. This… was simply more painful that death!

Most astounding to Shi Yu and the others was that the energy of Samsara was still ceaselessly entering Aruye, and it was changing everything about him without end.

In the end, Aruye actually transformed into a droplet of blood!

It was a droplet of dark golden blood that was suffused with the aura of a Holy Shaman!

This was extremely shocking. Who would have imagined that such a terrifying existence like Aruye would actually have been formed from a drop of blood?

Most importantly, who did this drop of dark golden blood belong to?

Shi Yu and the others were horrified. They suddenly recalled that Jia Nan had previous said that Aruye was from a descendent of the one and only overlord of the last era, the Holy King! So, his status was extremely lofty and respected.

So, didn’t this mean that the drop of dark golden blood belonged to that mysterious and unfathomable Holy King?

When they thought up to here, the hearts of Shi Yu and the others couldn’t help but turn cold. A single drop of blood was actually able to form a terrifying existence comparable to a Ninth Star Region Lord, so exactly how terrifying is this Holy King’s strength?

Moreover, since Aruye was able to survive the obliteration of the last era, doesn’t that mean that it’s very likely for that Holy King to be alive?

Perhaps he’s hiding right here in the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos?

The more carefully they thought about it, the more surprised and anxious they were in their hearts, and it had indirectly weakened the shock they felt towards the energy of Samsara.

Hiss! Hiss!

Right at this moment, the drop of dark gold blood had vanished as well. It transformed into nothingness and vanished completely from the world.

In other words, at this moment, Aruye who was being affected by the energy of Samsara had completely perished, and not a trace of him remained.

When they saw this, Shi Yu and the others instantly noticed that the energy of Samsara which suffused this expanse of the heavens and the earth was vanishing swiftly.

Moreover, they’d recovered their freedom at this moment, and they weren’t frozen on the spot like puppets anymore.

This allowed them to heave long sighs of relief, and then they stopped thinking about everything as they simultaneously gazed towards Chen Xi who stood on the Shaman Spirit Sacrificial Altar.

At this moment, it was just like before. Chen Xi was still bathed in blood while his body was on the verge of shattering. Moreover, his face was covered in blood, and only his eyes had become even more cold and indifferent.

He held the Condemn Evil Brush in one hand and the Netherworld Register in the other, and he seemed like he was standing amidst the annals of time as he watched time pass and all things experience the cycle of life and death.

At this moment, Shi Yu and the others had the incomprehensible feeling that he was unfamiliar. It was like the Chen Xi who stood before them was a different Chen Xi than the Chen Xi they knew, and it made it difficult for them to treat him as they’d done in the past. Moreover, a complicated feeling of fear and reverence had arisen in their hearts.

Was Chen Xi who’d taken control of Samsara the same Chen Xi from before?


Before Shi Yu and the others could recover from their shock, an explosion resounded. All the heavily injured Ancient Shamans who resided at the other side of the sacrificial altar had actually perished at this moment, and they transformed into nothingness!

What? Shi Yu and the others were astounded.

“I left a trace of the energy of Terminus within them when I captured them just now.” Meanwhile, Chen Xi spoke abruptly while residing on the sacrificial altar. His voice didn’t carry any emotion, and it was the first time he’d spoken after he killed Aruye.

The words he spoke provided a good explanation of the reason why the Ancient Shamans had suddenly perished, and besides feeling dazed by this, Shi Yu and the others felt admiration towards how skillfully Chen Xi had handled the matter. It turned out that he’d planned everything since the beginning, and he hadn’t intended to let them go at all!

At the same time, hearing Chen Xi speak allowed Shi Yu and the others to heave sighs of relief for no reason. It was like they’d found that old Chen Xi who they were familiar with.

They didn’t want Chen Xi to become a complete stranger to them because of Samsara.


In next to no time, the entire Shaman Spirit Battle Domain shook, and then it shattered inch by inch like glass before transforming into powder.

In the blink of an eye, Chen Xi and the others had appeared once more in the depths of the Grand Abyss of Catastrophe.

This indirectly proved what Aruye had said before. The two parties to the battle within the battle domain could only escape it after life and death was decided.

They were dead!

All those Ancient Shamans had been annihilated!

They had originally been planning for a long time and set up flawless plans of action. Moreover, they stopped at nothing to draw Chen Xi and the others into the Grand Abyss of Catastrophe, and it was naturally for the sake of seizing their destiny and opening the Door of the Last Days so that they could bring calamity to the world and obliterate the current era.

However, they’d perished before they could even carry this plan out to its end. They were defeated at Chen Xi’s hand and defeated by the energy of Samsara!

Shi Yu and the others were even certain that if Chen Xi wasn’t here with them, then Aruye’s group would have definitely been able to capture all of them without any difficulty.

It was even to the extent that if Chen Xi hadn’t utilized the energy of Samsara at the critical moment, then they would be annihilated as well.

After all, Aruye was truly too strong. His strength was comparable to a Ninth Star Region Lord, and merely Aruye alone was sufficient to sweep through all of them!

So, to be precise, the reason they were able to survive was entirely because of Chen Xi’s energy of Samsara!

At this moment, when they returned to the Grand Abyss of Catastrophe once more, Shi Yu and the others recalled the dangers they’d experienced all along the way, and they actually became dazed and felt as if ages had passed.

But in next to no time, their gazes had been drawn over by the enormous Door of the Last Days in the distance.

The bones that piled up on the surface of the Door of the Last Days had actually fallen to the ground while they were trapped with the battle domain, and they had formed the ocean of bones once more.

On the other hand, the Door of the Last Days had revealed its true appearance for the first time!

Its pitch black surface seemed as if it was made from Chaotic Rock that was only found during the ancient times, and it was suffused with a desolate, ancient, and icy cold aura.

Strands of grey bolts of lightning were flowing, flickering, and surging incessantly on the surface of the door, and they emanated a terrifying aura that caused a chill to run down one’s spine.

Last Days Tribulation Lightning!

Shi Yu and the others didn’t even have to guess before this name appeared in their minds. The dense grey colored bolts of lightning were surprisingly formed from the energy of Last Days!

When they looked at it even more carefully, everything they saw was blurry, causing them to be unable to discern anything. Because the grey bolts of lightning were flickering incessantly and enveloped the Door of the Last Days, and they caused others to be unable to avoid feeling piercing pain in their eyes when they looked over.

Shi Yu couldn’t help but sigh with emotion. “Everything those damnable heretics did was for the sake of opening this Door of the Last Days and releasing the calamity behind it so that calamity would descend to the world. Unfortunately, they’re unable to accomplish their objective anymore.”

Step! Step!

Right at this moment, Shi Yu suddenly noticed that Chen Xi had actually started striding towards the Door of the Last Days. Chen Xi’s feet emanated muffled taps as he strode through space, and the sight of this caused Shi Yu to be instantly horrified.

“What’s that fellow doing?” Shi Yu’s expression changed slightly. He opened his mouth with the intention of calling out to Chen Xi, but he was stopped by Jia Nan who’d already noticed what Chen Xi was doing.

“Don’t stop him.” At this moment, Jia Nan’s expression was slightly strange. His gaze was like a bolt of lightning as he stared at Chen Xi, and he actually seemed as if he was waiting for something.

“Why? What if that fellow, Chen Xi, opens the Door of the Last Days? Wouldn’t that be the end of everything?” Shi Yu frowned. He felt anxious as a bad feeling had appeared in his heart.

Since Chen Xi had utilized the energy of Samsara, Shi Yu noticed that Chen Xi seemed to have become a completely different person. Now, when he saw Chen Xi approaching the Door of the Last Days without saying anything, it made him realize an extremely serious problem.

Earlier, Aruye had said that throughout the world, only Chen Xi alone was able to open the Door of the Last Days.

Because Chen Xi possessed the River Diagram and was the ninth Comprehender of the River Diagram during this era. Moreover, Chen Xi was worthy of the title of ‘Savior’!

During the last eight eras, it was exactly because of figures like Chen Xi who’d opened the Door of the Last Days, over and over again, that those eight previous eras had been obliterated.

Moreover, all of this was exactly why Aruye and the others had exercised forbearance until now, and it was also the reason why they’d resolutely chosen to act now.

Aruye wanted to seize Chen Xi’s destiny. He wanted to replace Chen Xi as the Savior of this era and open the Door of the Last Days!

It was exactly based on such understanding that Shi Yu had such a huge reaction when he saw Chen Xi moving step by step towards the Door of the Last Days.

Shi Yu suspected that Chen Xi’s consciousness had been completely suppressed, and his body was being controlled by a strange force that intended to open the Door of the Last Days.

“Don’t forget the rumors about the Door of the Last Days. Besides being able to bring calamity to the world, it’s very likely that the true secrets of the Ultimate Path towards the Dao are hidden within it!” Shi Yu couldn’t help but be stunned when Jia Nan spoke these words.

Even Qin Xinhui who stood by Shi Yu’s side seemed as if she’d woken up from a dream, and she recalled the rumors.

“So, Chen Xi intends to search for the true secrets of the Ultimate Path towards the Dao?” Shi Yu was still full of worry. “But in this way, it’s equivalent to indirectly triggering the Calamity of the Last Days. What… what… what should we do?”

When he spoke up to here, he couldn’t help but turn to look at Jia Nan. “Are you sure that he’ll really be fine?”

Jia Nan pondered deeply for a long time before he said, “Do you know which era we’re at?”

“The ninth.” Shi Yu didn’t give it any thought before he’d spoken these words.

Earlier, he wasn’t aware of this. But after he heard Aruye just now, he understood that eight eras of this world had been obliterated before this current era.

Jia Nan continued. “Then do you know what number Chen Xi is in the line of Comprehenders of the River Diagram during this era?”

Shi Yi still didn’t give it any thought before he answered. “The ninth.”

“Nine is the end of the number.” Jia Nan had lightly spat out these few words, yet the meaning behind his words seemed very incomprehensible.

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