Chapter 1962 – Samsara Appears

The Condemn Evil Brush!

The tip of the brush was like a blade, and it was suffused with an illusory glow.

When it came into contact with the last page of the Netherworld Register that was completely blank, a strand of an indescribable force suddenly effused out from the tip of the brush.

After that, he dragged a strike down. It was like a bolt of lightning that was branded on that empty page, and it emanated a unique aura.

This stroke was like a key that opened the door to Samsara!

In an instant, the entire Shaman Spirit Sacrificial Altar fell into an indescribably solemn, dignified, and deathly silent atmosphere.

The world was silence.

Space had frozen.

It seemed like everything had stopped at this instant.

Aruye’s roaring laughter had stopped abruptly along with this. His entire body seemed like a restrained wooden puppet that was stunned on the spot. His pupils had dilated while his face had stiffened, and the space between his brows was filled with astonishment.

He wanted to make a sound yet was unable to open his lips anymore.

He wanted to struggle yet noticed that this strength had been restrained by a mysterious force field, and he was actually unable to lift even a finger.

It was even to the extent that his senses had been chained down and were powerless to charge out from his mind!

At this moment, Aruye could only look helplessly into the distance. He was unable to control himself anymore, and it seemed like his fate wasn’t in his control anymore!

A strand of great terror suddenly arose within his heart, and it swept throughout his body like a cold torrent that made it feel like the blood within his entire body had frozen. He fell into an indescribable state of horror.

This is…. This is…. Impossible! This is impossible!! Aruye was roaring in his heart. He seemed like a prisoner that was on the verge of death. He was roaring with despair within a boundless abyss, and his voice carried boundless terror and unwillingness.

Shi Yu and the others were stunned as well, and it was like they’d been scared out of their wits. The emotions of existences at their level of cultivation had stopped being influenced by external factors.

Yet now….

A wisp of shock firmly occupied a place in their hearts.

They were unable to explain the reason for this, and they just felt like this expanse of the heavens and the earth was about to undergo a shocking change in Chen Xi’s hands!

Moreover, this shocking change was something that they’d absolutely not experienced since they’d started cultivating until now!

Jia Nan seemed like he was happy yet wasn’t and seemed like he was sorrowful yet wasn’t. It was an extremely strange expression as he muttered, and even he didn’t know what he was saying. “It’s here, it’s finally going to come true… After so many eras and countless years of time…. It’s finally going to appear in the world…. Nine really is the end of numbers…. The Buddha never deceives me….”

Hiss! Hiss!

Amidst this atmosphere where everything was motionless and deathly silent, only Chen Xi was moving. The Condemn Evil Brush in his hand seemed like it was held by the hand of the heavens, and he drew mark after mark on the blank page at the end of the Netherworld Register.

The marks were clean and ordinary, yet they were smooth like flowing water. Moreover, they emanated a unique and supreme aura that didn’t seem like something from this world.

When they gradually appeared on the blank page, numerous phenomena started to appear as well. There was the path illuminated by fire, the sea of misery, the sunset of Terminus, the six paths, the 18th levels of hell, the path of no return in hell, Granny Meng’s Hall of judgment….

These phenomena overlapped and fused together incessantly as they converged on the blank page, and they condensed into numerous strokes that were created by the Condemn Evil Brush.

Moreover, as this was being carried out, the atmosphere in the heavens and the earth grew even more deathly silent and solemn, and it exerted a boundless deterrent force onto the hearts of all.

It was too terrifying!

At this moment, no one could move anymore. Shi Yu and the others couldn’t, Jia Nan couldn’t, and even Aruye whose strength was comparable to a Ninth Star Region Lord was unable to move as well.

It was even to the extent that anyone who was here would probably be powerless to do anything.

What sort of atmosphere was this?

It was an atmosphere filled with a great dignified aura within the aura of great terror; and there was a great imposing aura within the great dignified aura as well. No one dared to be disrespectful to it, and it was an unprecedented scene!


Suddenly, the Condemn Evil Brush in Chen Xi’s hand stopped moving, and he moved it away from the last page of the Netherworld Register. At the same time, a strange and mysterious ripple of force swept out.

In an instant, an extraordinarily shocking scene appeared!

The eternal annals of time, the alternation of all things, the past, the present…. Everything seemed to have entered into a state of being rebuilt and transformed.

It felt like they were standing at the end of time, and they were looking down at the star and moon descending while the rivers flowed!

“Samsara! How could that damnable Samsara have appeared! Why!? Why!?” At this moment, Aruye somehow got the strength to shout loudly with shock, rage, and horror.

But in merely an instant, his entire body underwent a transformation like he’d fallen into the cycle of reincarnation. His skin, spirit, energy, essence, and even strength were declining sharply!

It was like the time he’d experienced was being turned around, and the energy he possessed was being recalled. Moreover, the life he possessed seemed to be returning to its source….

In a short period of a few breaths of time, Aruye’s entire body had transformed into the body of a young child, and his face was covered in a dazed expression.

His experiences were gone, his strength had vanished, and his memory had returned too far back in time….

At this moment, he was just a young boy. He couldn’t remember everything that was before him, and he felt a dazed and empty feeling from inside out!

This was extremely terrifying. He was clearly before a formidable enemy of his, yet he’d forgotten everything and returned to his youth. He clearly possessed a strength that was comparable to a Ninth Star Region Lord, yet his strength had flowed away completely, and he’d become extremely weak.

His glory, memory, experiences, and even the secrets hidden in the depths of his heart had transformed into nothingness during this unexpected and shocking change!

How pitiable was all of this?

He hadn’t even accomplished his wishes, yet everything had instantly transformed into nothingness!

This was simply crueler than killing someone. At the very least, one would know who his enemy was before death, and one could still feel anger, still feel resentment, and still have regrets.

Yet now, it was like everything had been evaporated!

This wasn’t a reversal of time because time was unable to take memories and experiences away.

This wasn’t a path of reincarnation to rebuild one’s self because one’s memories and experiences would be sealed up and preserved before the reincarnation.

This was….


The cycle of reincarnation!

It was a supreme Dao that was formed by the three supreme Grand Daos of Paramita, Oblivion, and Terminus. It was a taboo that instills extreme fear in the gods of the world!

During the boundless years of the past, there were too many rumors about Samsara, but how many had actually seen Samsara?

Practically none could be found.

Shi Yu and the others hadn’t seen it as well. However, at this moment, they were sure that it was the energy of Samsara! Because the unexpected change that was happening to Aruye right now was exactly the effect of Samsara!

Countless years had passed while innumerable rumors had been passed down through the generations. But at this moment, Samsara had finally appeared in the world!

The shock cause by all of this caused Shi Yu and the others to be dazed, and their minds were blank.



So it actually exists….

Outside the Shaman Spirit Battle Domain and in the sky above the Grand Abyss of Catastrophe, the sky had suddenly shattered into pieces and fell to the ground. Moreover, the Grand Dao collapsed while order ceased to exist.

The stars and ocean of fire that were originally descending from the sky seemed to have been grabbed by an invisible hand, and they rumbled as they shattered into pieces before transforming into nothingness at this moment.

In practically a short moment, this place had fallen into chaos!


At this moment, the scenes of the passage of time and the rise and fall of all things were occurring in every single area of the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos.

As these scenes extended towards the surroundings, everything became blurry and warped.


At this moment, the enormous Door of the Last Days which was covered in bones at the depths of the Grand Abyss of Catastrophe had started to tremble violently.

The bones seemed to have lost all their energy, and they fell successively from the Door of the Last Days and trickled down to the ground.

In the end, the true appearance of the Door of the Last Days was revealed.

Outside the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos.

In the boundless starry sky, the figure of the Dean of the Dao Institute, Liu Shenji, had suddenly shook as he meditated there, and then he swiftly opened his eyes. Universes circulated within his deep and boundless gaze, and then a terrifying glow arose within them. It seemed like he was able to see through the secrets of the universe.

At practically the exact same instant that Liu Shenji had opened his eyes, the Daolord Cai Ya, Wu Xuechan, Daolord Xue Ling, Daolord Xu Tuo, and Daolord Xuan Ming had suddenly opened their eyes.

They’d been meditating here for many years, and they were just waiting for 10 years to be up before they would join forces to open that passageway to the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos once more and bring their disciples back.

But at this moment, the 10 years weren’t up yet. However, they’d simultaneously noticed something instead, and they’d awakened from their meditation. This was clearly not ordinary at all.

“An unexpected and shocking change has occurred!”

“What exactly is it?”

“My heart is ill at ease…. How many years has it been? I thought I wouldn’t encounter such a situation anymore.”

“Is it fortune? Or misfortune?”

Wu Xuechan and the others fell silent while they deduced in their hearts with all their power. However, they noticed to their surprise that their deductions were completely blurry and chaotic. They were utterly unable to find any clues.

This caused their expressions to grow even more serious, and it had even become slightly solemn. Because it was very rare for existences like them to be unable to see through any secrets!

Daolord Cai Ya guessed. “Could it be that the true secrets of the Ultimate Path towards the Dao have appeared?”

The eyelids of the others twitched slightly. If it’s true, then it isn’t anything bad.

“There’s no need to guess blindly. This unexpected event has great implications. I’m afraid that a great change is about to occur in the Ancient God Domain from now onward….” Liu Shenji stood up, and then he stared at the extremely chaotic area of space in the distance before he sighed with emotion.

He seemed to have noticed something yet didn’t dare confirm it, and his voice carried a secretive tone.

Liu Shenji was an existence who rivalled the Master of Oracle Mountain, the Master of Nuwa’s Dao Palace, the Master of the Sovereign Sect, and the Dean of the Divine Institute. Since even he’d spoken in such a manner, it caused Wu Xuechan and the others to fall silent while they each had their own thoughts.

“Perhaps… we’ll be able to find out the truth once those little children return!” Liu Shenji sat down cross-legged and entered into a meditative state after he’d finished speaking these words.

Wu Xuechan and the others exchanged glances while their hearts were unable to calm down for a long time. All of them were guessing what Liu Shenji’s words from before meant.

This unexpected event has great implications?

What exactly is that unexpected event?

At this moment, an unexpected event had similarly occurred far away in the Ancient God Domain on Godrank Mountain!

The Godrank Chart that was eternally enveloped by chaos in the sky had suddenly started emanating world shaking rumbling as it appeared above the world, and it emanated boundless and dazzling radiance. It seemed like it had been infuriated by some sort of force, and the radiance didn’t disperse for a long time.

This scene instantly alarmed those might figures who were sitting cross-legged around the God Attainment Altar.

It caused them to awaken successively from their meditation before swiftly shooting their gazes towards the Godrank Chart.

In the end, a single thought had appeared simultaneously in the minds of these mighty figures — A great change is arriving!

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