Chapter 1961 – Sunset

The pages of the book were translucent and clear like they were made of jade, perfectly square, and suffused with an indescribable solemn, ancient, and icy cold aura.

On the other hand, there were two large words inscribed with forceful strokes on the front of the book — Netherworld Register!


At this instant, the Netherworld Register had suddenly opened up. The heavens and the earth were overturned, and it seemed like a new era and a cycle of reincarnation had been started!

The first scene had appeared was that of an expanse of flaming flowers that were dazzling like blood. They covered the surrounding space as they swayed about, and they were bright red, brilliant, and emanated an indescribable strand of energy that could take the soul away.

The ocean of Paramita Flowers!

The Paramita Flowers were also called Red Spider Lilies or the flowers of hell that guided the souls of the dead to the Netherworld. Paramita was one of the supreme laws of the Netherworld.

At this instant, the Paramita Flowers bloomed throughout the heavens and the earth. They were red like an ocean of blood, and it seemed like the door to the Netherworld had been opened. It was an extremely shocking scene.

That lethal attack Aruye executed was extraordinarily terrifying. However, as soon as it came into contact with the ocean of Paramita Flowers, it had melted like snow in water, and it instantly vanished without causing the slightest ripple!

All of this took some time to describe but was actually completed in an instant. No one had expected that such a world shocking scene would have actually appeared at this critical moment.

An expanse of dazzling blood red flowers had actually appeared soundlessly and dispersed Aruye’s lethal attack!

“Hmm?” Aruye’s expression changed slightly while he revealed a rare wisp of terror in his eyes. Paramita Dao Insight — the path illuminated by fire!

“That’s….” The figures of Shi Yu and the others had stopped abruptly. They’d originally intended to charge onto the Shaman Spirit Sacrificial Altar to rescue Chen Xi. Yet never had they imagined that such a turn of events would actually occur at this critical moment.

What’s that?

The Energy of Paramita?

Shi Yu and the others were horrified, and their figures stiffened on the spot.

“Paramita has appeared and Samsara is within reach!” Jia Nan’s heart shook and was unable to calm down for a long time. At this instant, the prophecy that the Buddha had left behind all those years ago seemed to be reverberating in his ears — The last days resides in the grand abyss, the karmic tribulation of Samsara rises!

The surroundings were deathly silent. It seemed like the heavens and the earth were illuminated by the Paramita Flowers and were dyed brilliant red. It was a scene that emanated a horrifying aura.

At this moment, Chen Xi’s entire body was bathed on blood and on the verge of falling apart. However, his eyes were still bright, indifferent, and cold. It was like he’d become a completely different person.

The Netherworld Register was glowing brightly in front of him, and it emanated a solemn and icy cold aura that was obscure like an abyss and unfathomable. It caused his imposing aura to change completely, and he revealed a dignified and grand aura that struck directly at the heart.

It was like he’d lost all emotions and transformed into a supreme god that ruled over the Netherworld, stood proudly through the passage of time, and was looking down upon the world.


Aruye’s heart shook. The unexpected event that he was most unwilling to see happen had still occurred in the end!

He didn’t have the time to feel regret, and he practically instinctively emanated a myriad of strands of divine light as he shouted loudly and attacked once more with the Divine Sword of the Shamans in his hand.


At this moment, the images of numerous ancient and mighty figures had appeared around his sword, and they were like extraordinary shamans who were from the last era!

They chanted an obscure shaman chant that resounded through the world and emanated boundless might that converged completely onto the sword.

Crack! Crack!

At this moment, the ground of the Shaman Spirit Sacrificial Altar seemed to be unable to endure the might converged within the sword, and it started to crack apart while space shook. Everything was being crushed by the vast energy within the Sword.

The might of this attack was actually much even more terrifying that before. It caused Shi Yu and the others to shudder with fear while their countenance instantly turned ghastly pale. Moreover, a strand of terror that couldn’t be restrained had arisen in their hearts, and it made them truly wish for nothing more than to turn around and flee.

“Die!” Aruye shouted loudly with an arrogant bearing, and his might was violent and boundless. He simply seemed to intent to rely on this attack to forcefully create a new expanse of the heavens and the earth.

However, no one knew that a wisp of horror which couldn’t be eliminated had arisen in Aruye’s heart.


Chen Xi still stood there on the spot without moving. He seemed as if he hadn’t noticed everything that was occurring in his surroundings, and only his eyes were gazing indifferently at Aruye who resided in the distance.

On the other hand, when Aruye had executed this attack, another page of the Netherworld Register had flipped open.

In an instant, the ocean of Paramita Flowers had vanished, and it was replaced by a vast and seemingly boundless sea that was extremely muddy.

The sea was vast and filled with the energy of Oblivion. It seemed like countless Fiendgod were roaring and innumerable sages were howling with sorrow from within the sea because they were eternally suppressed there and unable to escape.

The sea of misery!

Attaining enlightenment was the only way out of the sea of misery. So, once one fell into it, it was equivalent to eternal damnation!

Shockingly, this was the second supreme Grand Dao within the Netherworld — the Grand Dao of Oblivion!


An astounding scene that could shock the world appeared. The attack Aruye executed was originally enshrouded by numerous mighty figures. However, as soon as it entered into the sea of misery, it was forcefully suppressed by an invisible force, and it sunk completely into the depths of the sea!

They howled and struggled but it was in vain in the end!

On the other hand, the energy that filled Aruye’s attack had practically been instantly crushed by the ceaseless impact of the sea of misery, and it was dispersed into nothingness.

It was even to the extent that if Aruye hadn’t evaded in time, then he would have almost been trapped within the vast sea of misery!

This was extremely inconceivable.

Chen Xi had clearly just advanced into the ranks of Region Lords while Aruye already possessed a strength that wasn’t inferior to a Ninth Star Region Lord. Earlier, he’d even crushed Chen Xi with absolute strength to the point Chen Xi couldn’t even withstand his attacks and had almost suffered calamity.

Yet now, the situation had suddenly turned around!

Aruye’s attacks were even more terrifying than before, and he’d even aroused killing intent and stopped holding back. However, he was actually obstructed over and over again. Not only was he unable to harm Chen Xi, he’d almost been struck by Chen Xi’s attack instead!

If all of this hadn’t happened before their very eyes, Shi Yu and the others would almost be unable to believe it.

But in next to no time, they determined that all of these unexpected events had occurred because of that book which floated in front of Chen Xi.

The Netherworld Register!

It was a supreme treasure that was left behind by the Third Netherworld Emperor!

But it was revealing its might at this moment. So, could it be that it was an omen of something?

“Oblivion!” Aruye’s voice seemed as if it was squeezed out from his chest, and it carried shock, rage, disbelief, and extreme fear.

When compared to the calm and composed appearance he had just now, Aruye’s current display was extremely unusual. He was restless, uneasy, shocked, and furious. Moreover, he seemed to be fearing something.

“Kill!” Aruye practically didn’t hesitate to attack once more.

At this moment, his entire body seemed as if it was on fire. Divine light shot into the sky while his entire body seemed as if it had transformed into the body of god, and he emanated an extraordinarily majestic aura.

On the other hand, the sword in his hand emanated waves of ear piercing rumbling that shook the nine heavens, and its might was activated to its limits.

Yes. At this moment, Aruye hadn’t held back at all, and he’d exerted all his strength in this attack!


The heavens collapsed.


The earth split apart.


Everywhere this attack passed, it seemed to have blasted open boundless space and traversed the annals of time. It carried a brilliant imposing aura that was seemingly heroic.

At this moment, Shi Yu and the others wondered if the real end of the world had descended because everything seemed to be drowned in great calamity, and everything had been transformed into nothingness.


Suddenly, a wisp of the glow of sunset surged into appearance. It spread incessantly through the world, and it covered everything in the tragic and moving color of twilight.

On the other hand, the Netherworld Register that floated in front of Chen Xi seemed like the blood red sun during sunset, and it caused space, light, and everything else to fall into the end of its existence.

At this moment, Chen Xi’s entire body was still bathed in blood and on the verge of falling to pieces. However, his entire body was enveloped by a wisp of an extremely dense aura of sunset. He stood amidst the twilight with the sunset as his crown, and the space between his brows was filled with a solemn and indifferent expression.

The glow of sunset seemed to have torn the light and darkness apart. It dyed everything in the color of twilight, and it was a grand, magnificent, and desolate scene.


The Sunset of the Gods!

This force wasn’t just terrifying, it seemed to be capable of putting an end to time, bringing the universe to the end, and making all forces and lives fall to judgment.

After the sunset was eternal silence and darkness, and it was prepared for the establishment of the new beginning at dawn!


An explosion resounded. As soon as Aruye’s Divine Sword of the Shamans was dyed by a wisp of the glow of sunset, it actually cracked inch by inch before transforming into nothingness.


On the other hand, Aruye seemed as if he’d been struck by lightning. His figure was blasted flying, and he coughed up blood while revealing a wisp of astonishment on his face.

His full force attack had actually been mercilessly crushed beneath the glow of sunset!

This was the energy of Terminus.

It was the core that formed Samsara.

Early on during the primeval times of the three dimensions, countless rains of blood had been caused because of this taboo, and it caused the great figures of the various worlds to be infuriated. In the end, it came to an end with the death of the Third Netherworld Emperor.

Since then, this taboo had been obliterated in the annals of time, and it had never again appeared in the world. However, no one had imagined that the Sunset of the Gods would appear once more at this moment!

At this instant, Shi Yu and the others were dumbstruck while their hearts were drowned in shock.

Jia Nan’s lips trembled slightly as he muttered repeatedly. “It’s really coming true! It’s really coming true….”

“Impossible! Impossible! The Last Days are coming, and Samsara has ceased to exist for a very long time. It’s… it’s… it’s… absolutely impossible for you to possess the energy of Samsara!” Aruye roared loudly in a distressed tone. His face had warped while his hair was disheveled, and his voice carried extreme hatred and terror. At this moment, he seemed as if he’d gone mad and was unable to accept everything that had occurred before him.

However, no matter how furious he was, he didn’t dare approach Chen Xi at all and enter the area covered in the glow of sunset. It seemed as if danger that could threaten his life existed amidst the glow of sunset.

But even if Aruye didn’t dare attack, the Netherworld Register was still undergoing changes. It was ceaselessly revealing various phenomena that were strange and unusual.

A path illuminated by fire that was brilliant and blood red, a boundlessly vast muddy sea of misery, the six paths that were in perfect order, the hall that judged good and evil, the 18 levels of hell that were filled with boundless sin….

They were so breathtaking!

So horrifying!

in the end, the Netherworld Register had flipped to the last page.

However, the last page was empty. It seemed extremely unexpected. It was completely empty, and it caused others to feel a strand of disappointment.

It’s empty? What does that mean?

“HAHAHA! Where’s Samsara? Samsara has ceased to exist since a very long time ago! Without Samsara, all your struggles have been in vain!” When he witnessed this scene, Aruye who originally seemed to have gone mad was briefly stunned before he suddenly roared with laughter, and he seemed like a heavy burden had been lifted from his shoulder while the terror in his heart had been wiped away.

Moreover, the gaze he shot at Chen Xi had become icy cold and cruel once more.

Huh? Shi Yu and the others were astounded while they cried out in their hearts. Shit!

Jia Nan was stunned while he started deducing madly in his heart. How could it be like that?

At this moment, Chen Xi who’d been standing motionlessly on the spot until now seemed to have awakened from his deathly silence. He stretched out his right arm, and a pitch black and icy cold brush that was suffused with an obscure glow had suddenly appeared in his palm.

After that, he gently lowered the tip of the brush onto the last and empty page of the Netherworld Register.

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