Chapter 1960 – Overturned


After he withdrew the Divine Sword of the Shamans, Aruye’s imposing aura grew even stronger, and he seemed as if he was truly invincible and capable of crushing everything that stood before him.

On the other hand, the trace of an advantage that Chen Xi had gained from executing the Godslaughter Burst vanished along with this.

Chen Xi was ceaselessly blasted flying like an ant that could only be trampled upon. He coughed up blood repeatedly, wan powerless to struggle, and his entire body was drenched in blood.

His extremely miserable and horrifying appearance caused Shi Yu and the others to be unable to bear to watch, and they felt anxious, aggrieved, and worried to the extreme in their hearts.

Aruye was too strong. He’d already possessed the might of a Ninth Star Region Lord, and now that he’d withdrawn a sword that possessed unfathomable might, his terrifying strength simply aroused despair in the hearts of others.

However, even then, Chen Xi actually seemed as if he was unable to sense pain or frustration at all. Every single time he was blasted back, he would stand up resolutely and fight desperately.

He seemed as if he’d forgotten life and death, and his persistent and extraordinary appearance caused Shi Yu and the others to feel pain, anger, and hatred in their hearts. Their emotions were complicated to the extreme.

As the battle continued, even Aruye couldn’t help but feel surprised because the will to fight that Chen Xi revealed was too strong, and it seemed as if it was impossible to crush.

But right after that, Aruye smiled in a carefree manner and paid no further attention to all of this.

Because the more Chen Xi acted in this way, the more ruthless he became in his heart. He wanted to crush Chen Xi’s will and completely trample upon Chen Xi’s dignity, so that Chen Xi would completely collapse and be reduced to a lowly prey that lied prostrate beneath his feet!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Under Aruye’s absolute suppression, Chen Xi was blasted back over and over again. Blood dyed the sky red while his entire body was covered by injuries. There was actually not a single unharmed spot on him.

If this were to continue, then Chen Xi would be utterly crippled even if he could avoid death!

What should we do? The minds of Shi Yu and the others were blank. They were frustrated and at a loss for what to do.

No one had imagined that Chen Xi who’d attained successive victories in the battles would actually be crushed by Aruye’s absolute strength during the final battle. The difference between these two situations was too huge, and it made it difficult to accept.


“Let me see how long more you can struggle for.

“See, this is the gap between you and me. So what if you possess the River Diagram? You’re dead even if a Daolord comes here!

“Just give up! This is the Grand Abyss of Catastrophe, and it’s the territory of my Ancient Shaman line. No one can survive while I control this place, and you’re no exception.

“You’re still trying to struggle? You really do have backbone. However, a like people like you the most because only in this way would I feel a sense of accomplishment after I seize your destiny for myself.”

As the battle continued, Aruye spoke incessantly, and he ridiculed, mocked, and humiliated Chen Xi to the extreme.

When these words entered into the ears of Shi Yu and the others, it angered them to the point of being on the verge of exploding with rage, and they were unable to restrain themselves from cursing Aruye.

However, Aruye remained indifferent towards all of this. His gaze was locked onto Chen Xi as if only killing Chen Xi could arouse his interest right now.

The situation of the bottle was horrifying!

The battle was bound to be unfair since it had begun because the gap between their respective combat strengths was truly too huge.

At this point in the battle, Chen Xi’s face was covered in blood, causing him to seem terrifying. Only his eyes were still firm, persistent, and hadn’t wavered.

For no rhyme or reason, Shi Yu and the others were overcome by a feeling of sorrow. They felt a form of indescribable sorrow, and they simple wished for nothing more than to go berserk against Aruye.


Why did it become like this?

Could it be that Chen Xi is really going to… suffer calamity this time?

Shi Yu and the others were frustrated. They felt helplessness and despair for the first time, and it was the first time that they were full of hatred yet helpless and at a loss for what to do!

Their hatred was monstrous!

Aruye’s ridiculing voice resounded frequently from the battlefield, and it was like numerous malicious needles that pierced into their hearts, causing their hearts to be on the verge of shattering.

However, they didn’t know that a wisp of annoyance had arisen in Aruye’s heart as well.

He hadn’t imagined that while Chen Xi had clearly suffered a heavy injury and was on the verge of death beneath his absolute strength, Chen Xi was actually able to persist until now! He felt that it was simply like a miracle!

But it just so happened that Aruye couldn’t strike a killing blow right now.

It wasn’t that he wanted to play with Chen Xi, and it was instead because he wanted to fully seize Chen Xi’s destiny. If he wanted to accomplish that, then he had to destroy the defenses of Chen Xi’s Dao Heart, crush Chen Xi’s will, destroy Chen Xi’s dignity, and transform Chen Xi into complete trash.

This was the only way. So long as he accomplished that, then he would be able to smoothly seize Chen Xi’s energy, essence, spirit, Divine Dao Laws, and every other form of strength and energy that Chen Xi possessed!

This was what seizing destiny meant to the Ancient Shaman.

But it was very obvious that Chen Xi’s will hadn’t been crushed, his dignity hadn’t collapsed, and the defenses of his Dao Heart hadn’t wavered at all!

Aruye couldn’t help but frown because of this, and he felt that this was slightly troublesome to deal with. Moreover, a wisp of annoyance couldn’t help but arise in his heart.

He’s just an ant from the Ancient God Domain! Even if he has become the ninth Comprehender of the River Diagram during this era and is a worthy Savior, he’s still too weak in the end!

However, it was exactly such a fellow that was able to persist until now while being crushed by Aruye’s absolute strength. So, how could Aruye accept this?


Aruye practically didn’t hesitate to attack even ferociously, and his methods grew more ruthless and fiercer as he tortured Chen Xi incessantly.

Despicable! Truly too despicable!

Shi Yu and the others were angered to the point their entire bodies trembled. Because Aruye could just kill Chen Xi immediately, but he was ceaselessly torturing and humiliating Chen Xi with such extremely despicable methods. So, Shi Yu and the others felt that it was simply unforgiveable!

However, how could Aruye possible pay any attention to them? At this moment, flames of rage were burning in his heart, and he was attacking Chen Xi in a frenzied manner.

In the end, Chen Xi seemed as if his entire body was mangled and in pieces. It was horrifying and miserable to the point that others didn’t dare to look at him.

“Hmm?” Suddenly, Jia Nan seemed to have noticed something, and then a wisp of surprise suddenly arose in his eyes.

Unlike Shi Yu and the others, Jia Nan had tried hard to maintain his calm throughout this time, and he was watching Chen Xi closely.

He seemed to desire to notice something. Unfortunately, he’d come up empty handed until now, and he couldn’t help but feel despair and slight frustration because of this.

But right at this moment, he suddenly noticed that there was something wrong in the state Chen Xi was in!

Under ordinary circumstances, any Region Lord would have been unable to hold on after suffering such suppression.

But it just so happened that Chen Xi had persisted. On one hand, it was indeed because Chen Xi’s will to fight was extremely tenacious; but on the other hand, it was from the support of an invisible force!

This force couldn’t be seen nor touched, and it was impossible to sense its exact shape. But Jia Nan was sure that it existed!

Moreover, it was ceaselessly accumulating, converging, and strengthening within Chen Xi….

It seemed like it grew stronger every single time Chen Xi was struck down, and it was exactly because of this force that Chen Xi was able to constantly stand up once more after being struck down successively!

What sort of force is that? Jia Nan was shocked. It can’t be seen, felt, and sensed. Isn’t it a little too ethereal?

Even he didn’t dare confirm it because he’d deduced it through some clues, and he hadn’t actually sensed it.

What exactly is it? In an instant, Jia Nan’s attention had been drawn by it.

The battle was still going on.

Even though Chen Xi was struck down over and over again while his appearance grew more and more horrifying, he still hadn’t shown any sign of giving up or being defeated.

This caused the agitation in Aruye’s heart to grow stronger, and a trace of gloominess and viciousness appeared in his composed and calm expression.

Something’s not right! Before long, Aruye seemed to have noticed something, and he suddenly awakened completely from his agitated state.

He suddenly stopped attacking while terrifying divine light flowed within his gaze as it locked coldly onto Chen Xi, and he scanned Chen Xi carefully as if he wanted to detect something.

This sudden change of events caused Chen Xi, Shi Yu, and the others to be stunned. What’s this fellow doing?

Especially Jia Nan, his heart couldn’t help but jerk. Could it be that this fellow noticed something as well?

Wait! Even though Aruye was unable to notice anything in the end, a wisp of an insecure feeling suddenly surged into his heart. It felt as if it wouldn’t be long before a shocking and unexpected event would occur to Chen Xi.

He took a deep breath while the glow of the Divine Sword of the Shamans in his hand grew brighter. Moreover, its might grew ferocious to the extreme, and it threw the surroundings into disorder.

“Damnable Bastard! Looks like I have no choice but to kill before I seize your destiny. Even though I wouldn’t be able to obtain your complete strength like that, it’s better than allowing a mishap to occur….” His intuition told him that if he still didn’t kill Chen Xi, then an unexpected and unpredictable event would definitely occur. So, he practically didn’t hesitate to attack ferociously with the intent to kill!


His sword soared through the sky while numerous ancient and mysterious diagrams appeared on it. Moreover, divine radiance enshrouded it and illuminated the heavens and the earth in a layer of divine light.

The Divine Sword of the Shamans slashed forward!

Space rumbled explosively while all things collapsed. The might of this attack was so powerful and dazzling that it caused the bodies of Shi Yu and the others to stiffen. Even their blood seemed as if it had been frozen, and it was to the extent that their souls almost left their bodies while they were on the verge of suffocation.

It was too terrifying!

This fellow clearly intends to kill Chen Xi with a single strike!

In an instant, the expressions of Shi Yu and the others changed abruptly. They were unable to restrain the worry in their hearts any longer, and they charged madly towards the sacrificial altar.

At this moment, Chen Xi stood on the spot. His entire body was bathed in blood and heavily damaged, and it seemed as if he was terrified by this attack and had stopped moving.

However, his gaze was still bright and firm as he gazed at the sword qi that was slashing at him.

Is seemed as if he was… waiting for death?

Or perhaps, he knew he was powerless to resist it and had given up on struggling?

Aruye didn’t know the answer, but this didn’t affect his determination to annihilate Chen Xi, and it was impossible for him to stop this attack as well.


The wisp of terrifying sword qi that carried boundless killing intent was about to smash down onto Chen Xi.

Shi Yi and the others were charging madly towards the sacrificial altar.

Aruye had already revealed a cold smile of victory.

Time seemed as if it had frozen at this instant. All sorts of strange and unusual scenes flashed before Chen Xi’s eyes, and then his gaze suddenly became indifferent, cold, and completely tranquil.

At practically the exact same moment, an ancient book silently opened up in front of him.

It was like it had opened up an era.

It was like it had started a cycle of reincarnation.

At this instant, the heavens and the earth were overturned!

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