Chapter 196 – Reincarnated Heavenly Immortal

Chapter 196 – Reincarnated Heavenly Immortal

“Stinking kid, so you’re here!” Pei Zhong and Xue Chen noticed Chen Xi as well, and Pei Zhong slightly frowned, yet Xue Chen instead laughed coldly. “I let you escape the last time, let me see where you flee this time!”

As he spoke, Xue Chen suddenly swung out his hand as nine sapphire colored paintings gushed out from his body. Every single painting formed different patterns on their surfaces. There were mists and clouds, hills, spirit beasts, and many twisting runes, yet most of them were covered in white cranes that were entirely snow white with wings that were like blades, and the red crown on their heads were brilliant like a ball of flames that leaped about. These white cranes in the paintings flapped their wings as they charged into the sky and cried out with their heads held high, and they occasionally transformed into numerous twisting runes, causing the paintings to seem extremely mysterious.

Most peculiar of it all was at the center of these nine paintings was actually a white haired old man with a youthful face that seemed to be flickering and moving about. He was actually shadowboxing, and every move he made was powerful and swift like a white crane flapping its wings. Every punch he struck out developed a myriad of white crane images that flew out, and it was extremely miraculous.

As soon as the nine paintings flew out from Xue Chen’s body, they seemed to circulate like the orbit of stars, and an enormous force of suppression instantly enveloped Chen Xi.

“Ninespirit Myriadcrane Drawing!”

“A supreme Magic Treasure that formed a grand formation from nine earth-rank Magic Treasures!”

“This is the inheritance Magic Treasure of the Whitecrane Sect in the central plains, and it’s the most difficult to refine. Even within the Whitecrane Sect, there are few people that are able to refine it successfully. Rumors say that this Ninespirit Myriadcrane Drawing requires one to extract the blood essence and souls of a few tens of thousands of Violet Palace Realm spirit cranes to be sealed within it. Once it’s refined successfully, a soul of the mass of cranes would be condensed within the drawings, and it possesses boundless might!”

“Even though they aren’t heaven-rank Magic Treasures, every single drawing is a top-grade earth-rank Magic Treasure! Their might is even much more formidable than ordinary heaven-rank Magic Treasures, and by relying on this Magic Treasure, one is completely capable of surmounting a realm to fight an opponent!”

“Formidable! This fellow is surely a Core Disciple of the central plains Whitecrane Sect. He actually possesses a set of Ninespirit Myriadcrane Drawing, truly amazing!”

There were many cultivators purchasing swords in the Sword Pavilion. Everyone was minding their own business, yet along with Xue Chen’s sudden withdrawal of the Ninespirit Myriadcrane Drawing, the entire sword pavilion instantly resounded with exclamations of shock.

No wonder Junior Brother Xue Chen hasn’t advanced to the perfection-stage of the Golden Core Realm until now. According to the facts, his natural talent isn’t inferior to me. So it turns out that he wasted time refining this Ninespirit Myriadcrane Drawing. With this treasure in his possession, there will probably be a position for him in the Allstar Meeting that’s held five years from now. The nearby Pei Zhong was lost in thought.

“Kid, there’s still time for you to hand over the Six-Winged Blood Dragonbat’s Inner Core now! After that, kowtow in apology to me and I can spare your life. Otherwise, even if the guards of the Treasure Heaven Pavilion move out, they’ll be unable to save you!” After he withdrew the Ninespirit Myriadcrane Drawing, Xue Chen’s entire bearing changed, and his Daoist robe fluttered in the wind as he spoke with a resonant voice that pressed straight onto Chen Xi.

“That Whitecrane Sect is a large sect of the central plains, and its disciples aren’t kind people. Looks like if I encounter them in the future, I must be careful.”

“This Golden Hall Realm kid is finished. But being able to die under the Ninespirit Myriadcrane Drawing is enough for him to be proud. After all, his opponent is a Core Disciple at the Golden Core Realm of the central plains Whitecrane Sect that is extremely respected, and he’s far from something a little cultivator at the Golden Hall Realm can compare to.”

“Indeed. That Whitecrane Sect is an exceedingly large sect with extremely great amounts of resources and reserves. The Treasure Heaven Pavilion will probably not stand up for the sake of a kid at the Golden Hall Realm.”

The surrounding people discussed animatedly, and all of them shot gazes of pity at Chen Xi as they shook their heads and sighed.

“I’ve already swallowed the Six-Winged Blood Dragonbat’s Inner Core. As for kowtowing in apology, only a stupid pig would speak such wildly arrogant words, right?” Chen Xi spoke indifferently, yet his heart jerked. Because he noticed that under the suppression force of the Ninespirit Myriadcrane Drawing, his body was actually unable to move!

“A little brat at the Golden Hall Realm like you actually dares call me a stupid pig? You’re courting death!” Xue Chen instantly fumed with rage. His figure flashed out, and his hand had already fiercely clawed towards Chen Xi’s head. “You’re utterly unable to flee under the suppression of the Ninespirit Myriadcrane Drawing. Die!”


This claw of Xue Chen’s seemed like a divine craned charging down from the nine heavens and tore through space. Moreover, the tip of each of his fingers contained a layer of Dao Insight, and they were multicolored and flickered with runes. This claw strike had actually completely sealed all Chen Xi’s paths of retreat!

The Ninespirit Myriadcrane Drawing’s might was already exceedingly unbelievable and had suppressed Chen Xi to the point he was unable to move even after struggling with all his effort. If this drawing wasn’t present, he could rely on his formidable body to dodge this attack, yet with these nine drawings that were all top-grade earth-rank Magic Treasures and had formed a grand formation that possessed terrifying might, this level of suppression was simply able to go head on with a Rebirth Realm cultivator.

Under these circumstances, how could Chen Xi resist?

Everyone was able to discern that Chen Xi had already been completely suppressed at this moment, and he would lose his life in the next moment.

But as the person that was facing all this, Chen Xi’s expression was instead exceedingly calm, and it was even to the extent that a trace of a cold and grim expression suffused his eyes. An enormous hand that covered the sky suddenly appeared before Chen Xi, and it slapped towards Xue Chen’s claw that assaulted straight towards his face.


Sparks flew in the sky and the dense swords in the Sword Pavilion seemed to have sensed danger as all of them started to buzz. This enormous hand that covered the sky had an imposing aura that shot into the sky, and it emitted an ancient, desolate, and vast aura that was mysterious. It was precisely the Grand Astral Palm.

At this moment, even though the Grand Astral Palm only covered an area of around 20 meters, its strength was much more condensed, and compared to before, it even had the extra energy the Great Yin, Great Yang, Wind, and Lightning Shaman Energy. At the instant it appeared in the sky, merely its piercingly cold and terrifying aura shook the surrounding space to be extremely tattered, and even the Ninespirit Myriadcrane Diagram’s suppression force became sluggish.

Seizing this gap, the Grand Astral Palm took Xue Chen’s attack head on and followed its momentum to slap out!


Xue Chen’s claw strike was instantly dissolved, and he was even blasted flying by the Grand Astral Palm. If it wasn’t for him reacting in a timely manner, he would have almost been grabbed and smashed into a pile of mush.

“Divine Ability!”

“This kid actually cultivated in the School of Fiendgod Body Refinement?”

“What Divine Ability is that? The striations of the palm actually contained a myriad of stars circulation on it! How terrifying!”

Chen Xi escaping death and counterattacking to blast Xue Chen flying instantly caused the surrounding people to cry out, and their faces were covered in disbelief.

But everyone was able to discern that Xue Chen was careless after all. He thought that by relying on the Ninespirit Myriadcrane Drawing, he would be able to completely suppress Chen Xi and cause Chen Xi to be at his mercy. If he were slightly cautious and exerted the full strength of the Ninespirit Myriadcrane Drawing the instant the battle started, then he would have surely been able to instantly annihilate Chen Xi.


The Grand Astral Palm was still unable to go against the suppression force of the Ninespirit Myriadcrane Drawing in the end, and it instantly shattered into nothingness, causing Chen Xi to sigh in his heart as well.

He knew that since this attack was unable to kill Xue Chen, he’d probably not have another chance. After all, under the suppression of the Ninespirit Myriadcrane Drawing, he already felt it was extremely strenuous, whereas, there were still Qing Xiuyi and Pei Zhong glaring fiercely at him from afar. It could be said that he was in a situation of imminent danger!

I’ve already cultivated both my body refinement and qi refinement cultivation to the Golden Hall Realm. I originally thought annihilating a Golden Core Realm cultivator would be easy, yet I never imagined that a set of Magic Treasures were already capable of suppressing me to the point of immobility. It’s truly ironic. I wonder if all the Golden Core Realm cultivators of the younger generation that are entering the Oceanic Desert this time are similar to Xue Chen and possess a formidable Magic Treasure like this…? At this moment, Chen Xi deeply understood the importance of a Magic Treasure, and he urgently yearned to obtain some heaven defying weapons.

Of course, he hadn’t utilized the Sickle of Slaughter yet. With the Sickle of Slaughter’s peerless sharpness, it ought to be easy to break open this Ninespirit Myriadcrane Drawing. But the Sickle of Slaughter was a rare material used to refine an Immortal Artifact, and it contained a strand of killing intent of the heaven and earth within it, causing its intent of slaughter to surge like the sea. It could only be used as a trump card, otherwise, once it was exposed, it would probably cause countless people to covet it and fight over it.

“I never imagined that your concealed your strength so deeply, you’re actually a body refiner as well. But I only utilized 30% of my strength earlier, and I won’t give you a chance again this time!” Xue Chen’s expression was extremely gloomy as he gnashed his teeth and spoke.

Before he finished speaking, his arms shook, causing boundless white mist to gush out from the Ninespirit Myriadcrane Drawing, and there were even waves of crane cries resounding out from it. The sound was fierce and resonant, and the sound wave was like blades that pierced one’s eardrums to the point it almost exploded.

Chen Xi felt the suppression force on his entire body instantly rise explosively by more than double, and it was as if he was holding up a lofty mountain. If it wasn’t for him advancing his body refinement cultivation to the Golden Hall Realm recently, his body would probably be shattered by this pressure.

Dammit! Looks like I’m finished today if I don’t destroy this detestable Ninespirit Myriadcrane Drawing!  A cold light flashed within Chen Xi’s eyes and he was just about to make a move.

Right at this moment, a cold grunt abruptly exploded out in the Sword Pavilion. Although this cold grunt was only an extremely simple sound, it contained immense, vast, and surging supreme divine might that shook the people present to the point their blood roiled and their vital energy became chaotic, whereas, Xue Chen’s figure even shook as his expression went pale before stretching out his hand to grab the Ninespirit Myriadcrane Drawing back, and he didn’t dare make another rash movement.

“When have the disciples of the Whitecrane Sect dared to be so unbridled in my Treasure Heaven Pavilion? If it wasn’t out of respect for your Sect Master, I’d have annihilated you long ago.” Along with the low and deep voice, an aged and tall old man swiftly appeared within the Sword Pavilion. His face was gaunt, his figure proud, and he wore a black colored round cap on his head. Although his dressing was simple, his entire body emitted a supremely respectable aura, and he was precisely the Pavilion Master of the Treasure Heaven Pavilion, Feng Junhe.

“Old Devil Feng has actually been disturbed to the point of making an appearance, wasn’t he always in closed door cultivation to charge to the Earthly Immortal Realm?”

“Old Devil Feng?”

“Exactly. An old fellow that slaughters ruthlessly. All those years ago, a tribe elder called Man Ku from the Rowdy Grasslands caused trouble in the Treasure Heaven Pavilion. He was chased by Old Devil Feng alone all the way to the Rowdy Grasslands, and Old Devil Feng completely annihilated the entire tribe that contained a population of a few tens of thousand. That scene was bloody and ruthless, and it was too horrible to look at.”

When they saw Feng Junhe make an appearance, some of the surrounding cultivators revealed expressions of reverence, and they even didn’t dare whisper amongst each other and only dared to communicate via voice transmission, causing the atmosphere to become exceedingly quiet.

“Let’s go.” However, within the silent atmosphere, Qing Xiuyi who’s always been watching on coldly spoke out abruptly, and then this peerlessly beautiful woman that seemed to have walked out from behind a blurry mass of mist and rain seemed as if she completely didn’t notice Feng Junhe’s appearance and turned to leave.

She left extremely naturally, extremely calmly, with a carefree expression as if nothing in the world was worthy of her remembering nor was there anything worthy of her paying attention to, causing her bearing to seem even more mysterious and lofty.

She seemed as if she’d affirmed since long ago that Feng Junhe wouldn’t dare stop her.

Was she arrogant?

No one thought so. But it was precisely because of this that this woman seemed to be out of the ordinary, like a celestial maiden that had fallen from the heavens and was otherworldly.

This woman is extremely formidable! As he looked at Qing Xiuyi’s disappearing figure, a trace of unprecedented seriousness arose in Chen Xi’s heart without reason nor rhyme. He faintly felt that if he were to participate in the Allstar Meeting, then this woman would surely be a formidable adversary of his!

“I apologize for what you experienced earlier. Qing Xiuyi is a reincarnated Heavenly Immortal, and she has the Whitecrane Sect and Qing Clan as reliance. I’m helpless against her as well, and I hope that you can forgive me.”

The voice transmission of Feng Junhe that entered into his ears caused Chen Xi to instantly shudder as if he was struck by lightning. What? A reincarnated Heavenly Immortal?

—    End of Book Four —

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