Chapter 1959 – Divine Sword of the Shamans

Step! Step!

Amidst the deathly silent atmosphere in the surroundings, Aruye raised his feet and started moving step by step towards the Shaman Spirit Sacrificial Altar.

He had his hands behind his back, and he seemed rather outstanding. As he strode, a strand of dazzling divine light swept out from beneath his feet. It was an expanse of divine, mighty, and dazzling light that caused him to seem like a god of war that had descended to the world.


The heavens and the earth started to tremble, and it seemed to be submitting to Aruye.

This was an extremely extraordinary scene. It was like Aruye had instantly became a completely different person. He was like a peerless divine king that had descended to the world, and he revealed a peerlessly elegant bearing.

Space trembled and droned while an invisible, vast, and divine force field that seemed to have been suffused by the Grand Dao covered the entire Shaman Spirit Battle Domain.

Shi Yu and the others were horrified.

In their vision, Aruye really had changed. His imposing aura was rising incessantly and transforming without end. Every single stride he took seemed to improve his cultivation by a level, and it was too inconceivable.

In the end, his entire body was suffused by divine light that was otherworldly and peerless. He revealed a form of inviolable dignity.

“The energy of a Holy Shaman! He’s a descendent of the Supreme Holy King of the Ancient Shamans!” Jia Nan suddenly stood up while a wisp of shock arose on his face. “The Supreme Holy King was the only terrifying existence during the last era who’d attained a status comparable to the only overlord of the entire era, and he was even more formidable than the masters of the five extremes of the Imperial Region!”

The Supreme Holy King!

The only overlord!

The expressions of Shi Yu and the others changed slightly when they heard this. How could they have imagined that Aruye’s identity would actually be so shocking?

This fact hadn’t caused even a fluctuation in Chen Xi’s emotions. The true source of his shock was the imposing aura that Aruye revealed right now.

If Aruye’s imposing aura was like that of a Region Lord at the First Star of the Imperial Monarch Realm earlier, then his cultivation had broken through and advanced incessantly right now. At this point, it was already able to exert pressure on Chen Xi, and he wasn’t able to see through Aruye’s cultivation anymore!

This was extremely shocking!

Even though Chen Xi had guessed that Aruye was entirely different from the other Ancient Shamans, how could he have imagined that the strength Aruye possessed would actually be so terrifying?

“Chen Xi, this fellow is extremely dangerous. You must be careful. During the last era, he was a terrifying existence akin to the son of the overlord, and he possesses inconceivable might!” Jia Nan’s reminder resounded by Chen Xi’s ear, and it caused Chen Xi to be even more vigilant and cautious.

This was the final battle. So long as he killed Aruye, it would be equivalent to killing all the others. So, Chen Xi would absolutely not allow himself to make the slightest mistake at such a moment.

Even through the imposing aura Aruye revealed right now was extremely terrifying, Chen Xi was utterly unafraid because he had a trump card that he hadn’t utilized as well!


Aruye stepped foot on the sacrificial altar. At this moment, his blood red robe fluttered while every single inch of his skin emanated a divine glow. As he stood there casually, he seemed like the backbone of the world and the pillar of all things, and he emanated a dignified and imposing aura of supremacy.

“His strength is comparable to a Ninth Star Region Lord at least. How can Chen Xi even fight this battle?” In an instant, Jia Nan’s expression had changed to reveal a rare solemn expression. He’d determined that Aruye’s current imposing aura was actually not inferior to a Region Lord at the Ninth Star Imperial Monarch Realm!

The Ninth Star Imperial Monarch Realm was the last barrier of the Imperial Monarch Realm, and it was the Daolord Realm that stood up above it!

On the other hand, Chen Xi had merely just advanced into the Imperial Monarch Realm. So, no matter how heaven defying his combat strength was, how could he possibly defeat such an opponent?

The gap was too huge!

The gap between them was more than just a level wide, and it was an entire eight levels instead!

So, how could Chen Xi possibly fight such a battle?

At this moment, Shi Yu and the others finally understood why Aruye seemed so confident and composed earlier. It turned out that he’d been concealing his true combat strength!

Chen Xi had obviously noticed this as well, and his eyes couldn’t help but narrow while he revealed a rare wisp of a solemn expression.

The vital energy in his entire body seethed while the region within his body rumbled as it circulated. It seemed as if his entire body was on fire and surging and vast violet golden divine radiance coiled around him.

At this moment, Chen Xi seemed to have revealed his full strength without holding back at all!

But even then, Chen Xi still couldn’t help but feel indescribable pressure when he faced Aruye who stood in the distance.

This was pressure that was caused by the gap in their cultivations, and it made it impossible for even Chen Xi to completely negate the oppressive force from this.

This clearly showed how terrifying Aruye’s combat strength would be once he revealed it in when the battle began.

“I’d been observing just now. If it’s in the Ancient God Domain, then the combat strength you possess right now is sufficient to go against Region Lords at the Fourth Star Imperial Monarch Realm. If you fight desperately, you can even go up against a Fifth Star Region Lord. It’s absolutely unprecedented, and it’s probably impossible to find a single person comparable to you in the entire world.” Aruye grinned as he spoke with a calm and composed tone. “Unfortunately, no matter how heaven defying you are, you’re nothing before me.”

As he finished speaking, a wisp of absolute confidence arose on his face. He was dignified, arrogant, and terrifying.

“I really didn’t expect that you would have concealed so much strength. But the outcome of this battle is still undecided.” Chen Xi had remained silent for a moment before his expression had turned extremely cold and calm. Even if his opponent had suddenly become extremely strong, he was still completely unafraid.

“No, you’ll definitely lose this time.” Aruye’s expression was calm, and he seemed to have victory in the palm of his hands and control over the entire world.


The heavens and the earth split apart while horrifying whistled and rumbling swept through the surroundings.

Aruye had attacked ferociously and smashed his fist forward. Divine light surged while the sacrificial altar started trembling. He was too strong, and he was far from something any one of those other Ancient Shamans could compare to.

At this moment, Aruye revealed a peerless demeanor. He was confident and arrogant, and merely a single punch of his revealed an aura of absolute power!

This caused the expressions of Shi Yu and the others to change, and they were on the verge of being suffocated.


Even if Chen Xi tried to resist with all his might, he was forcefully blasted flying by the might of this punch, and the bones within his entire body had almost split apart.

At this instant, Shi Yu and the others felt cold as if they’d fallen into an icy pit. This is… too terrifying!

Too weak! Feel free to utilize any ability you possess. Otherwise, it won’t be long before your destiny will belong to me.” Aruye had a warm smile on his face while divine light flowed within his eyes, and it was like a region with boundless divine might was circulating within his eyes.

He strode forward as he spoke, and his palm was like a blade as he swung it lightly.


Space was like a canvas that was easily torn into pieces while peerless divine light shot forward. It seemed as if they’d traversed the annals of time, broke through the barriers of space, and were impossible to stop.


Chen Xi gritted his teeth. The Talisman Armament glowed and was suffused with violet gold light. It seemed like the Talisman Armament was burning as a myriad of talisman markings converged on it and illuminated the heavens. He’d displayed the might of the 4th level of the Sword Emperor Realm to its extremes.


But in merely an instant, his attack was blasted into pieces like it was weak as paper. On the other hand, Chen Xi seemed as if he’d been struck by a myriad of mountains, and he was forcefully blasted flying once more. He coughed up blood in midair while his countenance swiftly turned pale, and the vital blood in his entire body roiled without end.

He’s too formidable! This is simply a form of absolute destruction!

How can this battle even be carried out?

The eyes of Shi Yu and the others had almost split apart from rage when they witnessed this scene. They clenched their fists tightly and wished for nothing more than to charge forward and fight by Chen Xi’s side.

“You’re still too weak. Chen Xi, where’s those airs that you put on earlier? You dare challenge me when you only possess such little strength?” Aruye’s smile grew even more brilliant while he strode slowly as if he was strolling through his own backyard, and his voice was filled with dense disdain and ridicule.

“Idiot!” Chen Xi lightly spat out a single world from between his lips that had blood flowing out of them, and his figure flashed as he took the initiative to attack.


A clear howl erupted from the Talisman Armament as it descended from the sky. It was covered in violet gold sword light that surged like an ocean, and it seemed to carry the might to obliterate the world and destroy everything within it.

Idiot? Aruye’s narrow and long eyes narrowed while he swung his palm with force.


A strand of divine light descended like a bolt of lightning and blasted Chen Xi’s attack into pieces, and then it pierced a bloody hole through his left shoulder and almost took of his entire left arm!

“There’s no rush. Let’s take it slow. I’ll allow you to understand the gap between us and how living can be worse than death!” Aruye spoke word by word, and every single word of his carried a murderous aura as it reverberated through the world.


He took a step forward. Divine light shot out from beneath his foot, and it transformed into the diagram of divine lotuses. These lotuses swept out towards the surroundings and confined the heavens and the earth here.

At this moment, Aruye simply seemed like an invincible king of legend, and he controlled numerous Grand Dao and was utterly unshakeable.


At this moment, Chen Xi finally realized how serious the problem was. The aura throughout his body suddenly erupted while his pitch black long hair swiftly turned snow white, and his imposing aura was an entire two times stronger than before!

The Godslaughter Burst!

At this critical moment, Chen Xi hadn’t hesitated to utilize this divine ability that had been passed down in the Yazi Clan.


He attacked once more with the Talisman Armament, and its might was completely different from before. It crushed through the heavens and the earth, and it a horrifying strike.


Their attacks collided head-on once more.

Their grand battle on the sacrificial altar was extremely dazzling. The light from the collision had simply enveloped the entire sacrificial altar and crushed the heavens and the earth.

Such a battle had long since exceeded the imaginations of Shi Yu and the others, and it wasn’t a battle between ordinary Region Lords anymore. It was sufficient to astound all the cultivators in the world.


World shocking sounds of explosions resounded incessantly. It was like this expanse of the heavens and the earth was burning. Divine radiance swept out in all directions, and it simply seemed like the end of the world had arrived.

Even though Shi Yu and the others were unable to discern exactly what was happening, their hearts that were in their throats had eased up slightly. At the very least, it seemed like Chen Xi who’d executed the Godslaughter Burst was barely able to resist Aruye.

However, before they could even feel happy, a cold grunt had suddenly resounded from Aruye.


In the next moment, a divine sword suddenly appeared in the heavens and the earth, and it seemed like it could obliterate all living beings. The extremely bright edge of the sword seemed to illuminate the ages and collapse the universe. It was too shocking.

It had appeared out of nowhere and was grasped in Aruye’s hand. Merely the imposing aura it revealed was simply on the verge of obliterating the world and severing the river of time!


Merely a single strike with this sword caused Chen Xi to be forced back while the Talisman Armament in his hand trembled incessantly. Moreover, he ceaselessly coughed up blood.

Strands of peerlessly violent and sharp energy charged into his body and raged havoc within him, and it caused his vital energy to almost fall into disorder!

“What an extraordinary technique! It’s truly not bad as you were able to make me utilize the Divine Sword of the Shamans! I’d be happy to cultivate that technique once I’ve seized your destiny.” A wisp of an enchanting smile arose on the corners of Aruye’s mouth, and it was dazzling and resplendent while he seemed as if victory was within his grasps.

“Idiot!” Chen Xi spoke the same words once more. Even though his countenance was pale, the space between his brows was still filled with a persistent and firm expression. He wasn’t afraid at all.

Just this word alone caused Aruye’s eyelids to twitch imperceptibly. He didn’t say another word, and he held the Divine Swords of the Shamans in his hand and created divine lotus diagrams beneath his feet as he moved to assault Chen Xi!

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