Chapter 1958 – The Mystery Of The Eras

15 Ancient Shamans had suffered crushing defeats!

When they witnessed these battles, Shi Yu and the others had become slightly numbed from the shock for some time now, and it was even to the extent that they weren't surprised anymore.

He was too formidable!

Chen Xi and his sword had become an unshakeable scene on the Shaman Spirit Sacrificial Altar, and he’d taken everyone’s breaths away.

In the past, no one would have imagined that such a scene would appear.

After all, Chen Xi was merely a Region Lord, and his true cultivation was merely at the first star of the Imperial Monarch Realm.

However, it just so happened that he’d obtained successive victories and defeated his opponents in succession under such a situation. All of this seemed extremely inconceivable.

If news of this were to spread to the Ancient God Domain, then there would probably be no one who would dare to believe it.

Outsiders were merely able to notice Chen Xi’s glory, and only Chen Xi understood how much pain and hard work he’d exerted in order to possess his current combat strength.

There was always too much loneliness and pain behind glory!

On the other hand, after he’d witnessed all of this, Aruye actually revealed a rare moment of calmness and silence at this moment. He was like an unconcerned party that didn’t show even a trace of rage and resentment.

This sort of display was very unusual. Or perhaps Aruye had expected that this would happen, so he wasn’t surprised?

Chen Xi didn’t pay any attention to all of this. After he defeated Wan Shuiqing who looked like a child, his gaze had locked onto Aruye while his expression was calm and indifferent.

The atmosphere here was slightly quiet as no one spoke.

Shi Yu and the others glanced at Chen Xi then glanced at Aruye who stood in the distance, and they inexplicably felt slightly nervous.

It was because they were clearly aware that all of this would end if Aruye was defeated. However, how could Aruye be so easy to defeat?

As the leader of the Ancient Shamans here, Aruye had always seemed to be concealing his strength. Even at this very moment, he still hadn’t emanated much of a shocking aura.

But the more it was like this, the more shocking it was, and no one dared to underestimate him.

If one considered it carefully, then Aruye had fought Chen Xi on more than one occasion while he was using the identity of ‘Wang Zhong’, and every single battle had ended with his defeat.

However, Shi Yu and the others were clearly aware that Wang Zhong was merely one of Aruye’s identities, and he wasn’t Wang Zhong anymore once he returned to the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos!

He hadn’t just fused with the strength of his original body, he’d even become the leader of the Ancient Shamans. So, how could such a figure be ordinary?”

Thus, even if merely Aruye remained right now, Shi Yu and the others didn’t dare relax at all. Conversely, they couldn’t help but become nervous and feel a strand of pressure when they knew that Chen Xi was about to fight Aruye.

Even Jia Nan was no exception.

Jia Nan had noticed something unusual about Aruye since the Dao Discussion, and since they entered the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos and until he met Aruye now, Jia Nan still felt that he was unable to see through Aruye.

Even if he utilized the supreme divine technique of the Buddhist Sect, the Mind’s Eye, he was still unable to see through Aruye’s true ability, and all of this caused Jia Nan to be vigilant and not dare be careless at all.

“Since the beginning of this battle, I’ve been constantly thinking about exactly which one of your destinies would be most suitable for me. Now, I’ve finally ascertained that so long as I kill you, Chen Xi, and seize your destiny, then perhaps… I don’t have to wait until the next era to step foot onto the end of the Ultimate Path!” After a moment of silence, Aruye had spoke abruptly with a calm expression. He gazed indifferently at Chen Xi who stood atop the sacrificial altar in the distance, and he seemed like he was talking with a friend and wasn’t oppressive at all.

Chen Xi’s brows raised, and he said, “Could it be that you intend to waste your breath before the battle as well? I’m not interested in listening to a long-winded speech from you.”

Aruye didn’t mind at all, and he said, “Could it be that you don’t want to know why I’m sure that you’ll be able to open to Door of the Last Days?”

Chen Xi was intrigued in his heart but didn’t answer.

But Aruye continued and said, “It’s very simple. You possess the River Diagram, so it represents that your identity is extremely different because of it!”

The River Diagram? Shi Yu and the others were stunned. They knew that since a long time ago that Chen Xi possessed the River Diagram, and it was exactly because of the River Diagram that the Sovereign Sect was so hostile towards him and wished for nothing more than to kill him.

However, when they heard Aruye now, it seemed like there were other secrets related to the River Diagram?

Jia Nan seemed to have thought of something, and his lips moved slightly. However, he seemed to have been slightly unsure and didn’t say anything in the end.

“Since the ancient times until now, more than one calamity of an era has descended. According to my knowledge, there were at least eight eras that were obliterated before this era.” Aruye had his hands behind his back, and he didn’t speak about the River Diagram. He said indifferently instead, “You ought to be clearly aware that every single era represents a different cultivation culture and an incomparably long cycle of reincarnation. When facing the course of nature, no matter how extraordinary your cultivation is, you’ll be obliterated along with the era and fully cease to exist if you don’t have a method to protect yourself.”

He paused for a moment and continued. “Why does every single era move unavoidably towards destruction? It’s simple. It’s because there was utterly no one in these eras who was able to step foot onto the end of the Ultimate Path!”

What was the end of the Ultimate Path?

No one knew.

But it existed!

It was just Chen Xi who was sure of that, even Shi Yu and the others were the same.

However, they’d never imagined that the destruction of every era was actually related to the Ultimate Path!

“Of course, all of this seems extremely unreal when spoken about right now. It isn’t just all of you, even I’m unable to confirm if it’s really the truth. Otherwise, how could we Ancient Shamans have been reduced to such an extent? Otherwise, how could your cultivation culture have emerged?” Aruye sighed with emotion, and his voice was slightly melancholic.

Chen Xi frowned. “What exactly are you trying to say?”

He had no desire to discuss the calamity of the eras or the end of the Ultimate Path with Aruye. Because all of that wasn’t related to him now.

Not to mention that Aruye was his enemy!

Chen Xi wasn’t interested in discussing all of this with Aruye.

“It’s very simple.” Aruye’s expression became serious while a wisp of a mysterious glow flashed in his eyes as he gazed at Chen Xi. He said, “Because a possessor of the River Diagram would open the Door of the Last Days before every single era was obliterated!”

He paused for a moment and continued. “In other words, the fuse that started the destruction of every single era was a possessor of the River Diagram!”


Shi Yu and the others were horrified, surprised, and bewildered.

It was the first time that they’d heard of such a rumor, and it was simply world shocking!

Even if it was Chen Xi, he couldn’t help but be extremely shocked at this moment, and his brows had knit together tightly.

“A person like you is a so-called Savior of an Era! You’re born because of the calamity, and you herald the arrival of the Last Days!” Aruye spoke word by word. His gaze burned with desire as he stared fixedly at Chen Xi, and his voice carried a strand of incomprehensible fervor. “Now, you ought to understand why I stopped at nothing in order to draw all of you into the Grand Abyss of Catastrophe, right? Because only you can open the Door of the Last Days, and only you can bring the calamity of the Last Days into the Ancient God Domain and obliterate this era!”

Chen Xi was very sure that all of this wasn’t a lie, but he still felt that it was extremely absurd and laughable.

Because according to his knowledge, he wasn’t the first existence to have obtained the River Diagram fragments, and both the Master of Oracle Mountain, Fuxi, and the Master of the Manku Period, Xuan, were Comprehenders of the River Diagram as well.

If it was really as Aruye said, then didn’t it mean that Xuan and Fuxi were ‘Saviors of an Era’ as well?

Most importantly, Chen Xi still hadn’t obtained the final River Diagram fragment until now. In other words, he still couldn’t be considered to be a true Comprehender of the River Diagram!

Under such circumstances, in Chen Xi’s opinion, every single thing Aruye said felt like it was an exaggeration to arouse fear.

As for Shi Yu and the others, they’d already become dumbstruck upon hearing this secret.

Aruye seemed to have seen through Chen Xi’s thought and chuckled. “I forgot to tell you. There are nine Saviors during every single era. Nine is the end of numbers, and it represents the limits of all things. In terms of the entire era, it represents the end of an era, and you, Chen Xi, are the ninth Savior of this era! If the Door of the Last Days isn’t opened by you, then I’m afraid even the heavens wouldn’t allow that to happen.”

Chen Xi frowned and fell silent.

Shi Yu and the others were surprised and bewildered. They didn’t know why Aruye spoke about all of this now, but they’d faintly determined that there was no need for Aruye to be deliberately mystifying at a time like this….

“But the strange thing is that I’ve sensed an aura that’s completely different from the Saviors of the past coming from you. Your fate can’t be determined, and you even possess the Terminus Dao Insight. This isn’t something that the other Saviors were able to possess.” At this moment, even Aruye frowned. It seemed like he’d hidden this question in his heart for a long time, and he couldn’t help but speak of it now.

“Are you done?” Chen Xi spoke coldly as if those words from before hadn’t caused any fluctuation in his emotions.

“I’m done.” Aruye’s eyes narrowed before he grinned in the end. “No matter what, once I kill you and seize your destiny, I’ll possess everything that you possess. At that time, I’ll be the Savior, and I’ll be able to enter the Door of the Last Days and look for the true secrets!”

As he finished speaking, his eyes emanated extremely blazing killing intent that couldn’t be concealed at all.

“Then get up here and fight me!” Chen Xi had an emotionless expression as he spoke these words.

“No, we have to make a trade before we fight.” Aruye shook his head.

“What trade?” asked Chen Xi.

“Release those subordinates of mine, and I’ll return your companions as well.” Aruye pointed casually at Kong Youran and the others who were restrained at the side and spoke in a light voice.

“Alright!” Chen Xi thought for a moment before he agreed. Even if he was using over 10 people in exchange for Kong Youran, Yea Chen, Yu Jiuhui, and Zhao Qingyao, he still felt that it was worth it.

As far as Chen Xi was concerned, the lives of Kong Youran and the others were clearly thousands of times more valuable than those heretics!

This was the attitude that Chen Xi treated his companions with, and it hadn’t changed since he started cultivating until now. It was precisely this mentality of his that allowed him to will over numerous genuine friends!

This time, no matter if it was Aruye or Chen Xi, they hadn’t played any tricks during the exchange. In the end, he’d gotten Kong Youran and the others back, and he’d handed them over to Shi Yu and the others to take care of them.

On the other hand, Aruye had gotten those Ancient Shamans back as well.

it seemed to be a satisfying outcome, but all of this hadn’t come to an end yet!

Because this was the Shaman Spirit Battle Domain, and they were bound to be unable to leave it until they determined life and death between each other!

On the other hand, this outcome would be determined by this final battle. It would be determined by the impending battle between Chen Xi and Aruye!

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