Chapter 1957 – Triumph Over All Who Stand Before Him

Amoyun’s capture represented that nine experts from Aruye’s side had been defeated by Chen Xi!


This number was extremely normal. However, at this moment, it seemed to possess magic that shocked everyone.

For a time, an expanse of deathly silence filled this completely sealed off Shaman Spirit Battle Domain. Everyone was looking towards the battlefield, and they gazed at that man who seemed unrivalled like an emperor of war.

Chen Xi had successively killed 3 Ancient Shamans and captured 6 more alive. He’s swept through everyone by himself with peerless divine might, and he was simply unstoppable in battle!

If news of this were to spread to the Ancient God Domain, then it would definitely cause a huge stir that shook the world.

“Dammit!” Some Ancient Shamans gritted their teeth, and they clenched their fists tightly to the point their knuckles turned white and their veins bulged up. They wished for nothing more than to kill Chen Xi immediately.

However, an extremely cruel reality stood right before him. Chen Xi’s combat strength was too heaven defying. He seemed impossible to shake, and no one dared to guarantee that they were able to deal with him anymore.

Shi Yu and the others were delighted, and Jia Nan even couldn’t help but reveal a wisp of a relaxed and relieved expression on the corners of his mouth.

“Next!” Chen Xi’s voice was like an iron chisel that stabbed forcefully into the ears of the Ancient Shamans. It caused their hearts to tremble while a feeling of humiliation arose in their hearts. Moreover, they felt rage that couldn’t be restrained!

There was merely a single opponent, yet this opponent stood in their paths and was unrivalled until now. So, how could they accept this?

When they faced such a scene and heard the word ‘next’, it seemed extremely ear piercing to them.

As soon as Chen Xi finished speaking, his gaze swept coldly at Aruye and the others. His expression was indifferent, calm, and composed. However, he seemed like an overlord that was looking down at from above, and it carried a form of coldness, indifference, and contempt that pierced the bone.

This caused Aruye to be almost unable to control himself. The space between his brows was filled with a wisp of a gloomy expression, and his expression grew gloomy to the extreme.

“What? Are you feeling very aggrieved, helpless, and resentful?” A wisp of a piercingly cold arc arose on the corners of Chen Xi’s mouth. “You dare brag about crushing this era and both look down upon and trample upon the dignity of all cultivators with just this bit of ability? How truly laughable! You really overestimate yourselves! Bastards like all of you deserve to hide in the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos like stinking bugs and be trapped here!”

His voice was calm and indifferent as he shouted at them and looked down upon all the Ancient Shamans.

At this moment, Chen Xi suddenly thought of the late Imperial Monarch Yan Bing, and he recalled everything he’d heard on that day.

“When you become Region Lords, you’ll be captured like prey by those heretics!

“The Divine Dao Laws in your possession will be stripped away by them!

“Your energy, spirit, and essence will be devoured by their Shaman Beasts!

“It’s even to the extent that your bodies will be utilized by them, and you’ll become monsters that are neither human, ghost, god, or devil. You’ll be unable to pass away completely for eternity!”

It seemed like Imperial Monarch Yan Bing’s voice that was filled with extreme hatred and despair had resounded once more in his heart, and it caused Chen Xi’s killing intent to burn even brighter.

Those of a different era definitely have ill intent!

These Ancient Shamans who’d survived from the last era had cold and cruel dispositions, and they took all the cultivators of the Ancient God Domain to be ants. Moreover, they even intended to bring calamity to the world and destroy the current era!

When he faced bastards like these who had malicious intent and wanted to see the world burn, how could Chen Xi maintain his calm!?

He wished for nothing more than to annihilate all of these bastards!

“Chen Xi!” When he heard Chen Xi’s words that were filled with disdain, Aruye was utterly infuriated. It was like an ocean of fire was boiling in his eyes, and it seemed to be on the verge of incinerating the nine heavens.

“Get up here if you’re disgruntled!” Chen Xi spoke in an icy cold voice and was utterly indifferent towards Aruye’s extreme rage.

The atmosphere here instantly became murderous to the extreme. Everyone thought that Aruye would be unable to restrain himself and fight Chen Xi.

However, in the next moment, Aruye seemed to have made some sort of decision. He fell silent for a short moment before he actually roared with cold laughter and said, “How laughable! It’s truly laughable! The board is set, and the situation is in my favor. No matter if it’s you or the entire era, everything will be crushed into nothingness!”

“I don’t care about all of that. At this moment, all I want to do is kill all of you!” Chen Xi’s voice was resolute and extremely overbearing.

“Haha! You ant! Do you really think you can turn the situation around? I’ll allow you to understand the gap between us once I make a move!” Aruye roared with laughter, but his voice was icy cold to the extreme.

As he spoke, he flicked his sleeve, and then he turned around swiftly to gaze at the last six Ancient Shamans that remained. “Do as I said just now and fight him one by one. If it really comes to it and no one is able to defeat that bastard, then I… will do everything in my power to annihilate him!”

As soon as these words were spoken, it caused Chen Xi to frown, and he said coldly, “Is constantly sending others to their deaths the style of the Ancient Shamans?”

He wanted to infuriate Aruye and deal with this fellow first.

Unfortunately, Aruye seemed to have not noticed at all. He seemed to be extremely calm at this moment, and he couldn’t even be bothered to argue with Chen XI and didn’t say anything.

This caused Chen Xi to have a faint feeling that there was something strange about Aruye’s actions. Could it be that this fellow is hesitating about something?

“I’ll kill you!”

“I’ll do it!”

Loud shouts had resounded successively before Chen Xi could even figure it out. Even though the Ancient Shamans were arrogant, they weren’t afraid of battle.

In the end, a man who entire body was crimson red like flames and seemed like the sun had ascended the battlefield. He was extremely dazzling and resplendent.

“Kill!” The man was called Tai Gen, and he was from the True Flame Spirit Shaman tribe. He was born with the ability to control all fire, and he possessed boundless might that was capable of incinerating the sky and boiling the ocean.

As soon as he stepped foot onto the sacrificial altar, Tai Gen had attacked ferociously. His entire body transformed into a brilliant and scorching sun that emanated blazing divine flames with the intention of incinerating Chen Xi.

Needless to say, Tai Gen was very strong, and he wasn’t inferior to Suo Lin and Amoyun. However, he clearly seemed to be inferior when he faced a heaven defying figure like Chen Xi.

After 10 minutes passed.


A wisp of dazzling sword qi swept through the sky and forcefully pierced a hole through Tai Gen’s chest, and then he was blasted flying by the impact, utterly defeated, and captured.

“You overestimated your strength.” Chen Xi spoke in a light voice.

After that, Aruye seemed to have completely become an unconcerned party. He watched coldly and silently, and no one knew exactly what he was thinking.

On the other hand, the Ancient Shamans on Aruye’s side seemed to have made a decision. They stopped fearing Chen Xi and challenged Chen Xi successively as Aruye had instructed.

The 11th battle.

Lei Yunba, a descended of the Steel Turtle Shaman tribe.

His entire body was golden while a bronze turtle shell covered his back. The shell was branded with dense and strange Shaman Markings that were extremely striking, and it seemed as if they possessed a boundless aura of the Dao.

His arms were like pillars that could support the sky. They were thick, large, hard, and comparable to weapons. However, he was most skilled at defense instead!

In other words, as a descended of the Steel Turtle Shaman tribe, Lei Yunba’s strongest innate divine ability was his defensive ability!

There was practically no one present here who could rival his defense.

When the battle erupted, Lei Yunba had revealed vividly displayed this advantage, and he made all of Chen Xi’s lethal moves to fail before him.

However, he was still defeated in the end.

He’d been struck a myriad of times by Chen Xi’s Talisman Armament, and every single stab was at the same point on the shell. In the end, a hole had been forcefully broken open, and the Talisman Armament pierced his body, causing him to be unable to struggle at all.

The 12th battle.

Xun Wujiu, an expert from the Goldcrane Blood Shaman tribe.

He was tall, handsome, and he had golden long hair, skin that was smooth and fair as jade, and a pair of extremely beautiful golden wings.

The wings were covered in a translucent blood red layer that seemed like glass while strands of blood red bolts of lightning enshrouded the are beneath that blood red layer, and they circulated there incessantly and interweaved together on the wing. It was an extremely shocking sight.

Xun Wujiu’s speed was extremely swift while his attacks were peerlessly fierce and quick. His golden wings possessed an inconceivable divine ability, they were able to deflect all attacks, so it was impossible to harm him at all.

However, Chen Xi had defeated him after merely 10 minutes had passed. The method Chen Xi utilized was extremely simple and crude. He first utilized the Copper Coin of Treasurefall to restrain Xun Wujiu, and then grabbed both of Xun Wujiu’s wings with both his hands before forcefully tearing them off. Blood sprayed down like rain while Xun Wujiu had let out a shrill cry and fainted on the spot.

The 13th battle.

Ye Youhen, a descendent of the Nether Berserker Shaman tribe.

After the time for an incense stick to burn, Chen Xi had chopped off his arms, pierced his stomach, and blasted half his body apart. Ye Youhen had almost perished from this, but he was defeated and captured in the end.

The 14th battle.

As battle after battle erupted, the battles grew more and more intense. Those Ancient Shamans utilized all their ability and even didn’t hesitate to fight desperately.

But in the end, they were crushed successively.

It wasn’t that they were too weak, and it was Chen Xi who was too heaven defying instead.

No one had imagined that after Chen Xi had experienced numerous battles in succession, he was still able to maintain a practically peak combat strength and didn’t seem to show any signs of weakening from exhaustion.

This caused the Ancient Shamans to be unable to help but feel a feeling of despair and powerlessness when they faced him, it was like he was impossible to shake.

They were all Ancient Shamans that had survived from the last era! Which one of them wasn’t a terrifying and unprecedented existence?

But it just so happened that all of them were crushed successively by Chen Xi and his sword. Even Shi Yu and the others wouldn’t be able to believe this if they hadn’t witnessed it with their own eyes.

After all, all of this was too world shocking and unimaginable.

This clearly showed that even though he’d just advanced into the ranks of Region Lords, Chen Xi’s combat strength had long since ascended to an astounding height.

The 15th battle.

His opponent was a strange Ancient Shaman who was around 1m tall, wore a fiery red dudou, and had the appearance of a six year old child. [1]

His name was Wan Shuiqing, and he was from the Cloud Spirit Shaman tribe. He possessed the innate inheritance of ‘Embracing All’, and he was able to transform into everything and all techniques!

When he fought, figures of him filled the entire sacrificial altar. It was like he had a myriad of clones. The fakes were mixed with the real, and it was simply unpredictable.

Moreover, his methods of battle were extremely shocking. He possessed numerous supreme Shaman Daos, and he was absolutely the most difficult enemy that Chen Xi had fought until now.

It was even to the extent that Chen Xi had suffered a slight loss during the battle. His left arm was torn apart, causing the flesh and skin on it to split open, and it had almost been broken off.

In the end, Chen Xi had relied on the Daoseal Mark to lock onto his opponent, and then he seized an opportunity to heavily injure Wan Shuiqing’s body, causing Wan Shuiqing to be crushed and captured.

At this point, all the 15 terrifying Ancient Shamans had been utterly defeated by Chen Xi, and only Aruye remained!

Such an accomplishment in battle could already be considered as one that would shine through the ages be celebrated eternally!

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