Chapter 1956 – Will That’s Like A Blade

The net that was chilly and illusory like starlight was naturally the Overarching Heaven Net.

Even though Bai Muchen’s body had recovered after he was restrained by it, he was utterly unable to struggle free no matter how hard he tried.

“AH!!” As the net contracted incessantly, Bai Muchen finally felt terrified, and he let out a loud, shrill, and miserable cry that carried deep unwillingness.

He’d tried to transform into fine streams of water to escape the net. However, he noticed to his despair that the net was like an iron wall that was densely covered in terrifying energy, causing all his attempts to have been done in vain.


In the end, under the astounded gazes of everyone, Bai Muchen’s body was restrained by the net and transformed into a fist sized ball of water. After that, Chen Xi tossed him forcefully to Shi Yu.

At this point, Bai Muchen had been crushed!

“Next!” Killing intent coiled all around Chen Xi’s body because he couldn’t be bothered to conceal it anymore. His clothes fluttered along with his hair, and while he was standing there without motion, he emanated an imposing aura of supremacy.

“Chen Xi, you’re bound to just perish here in the end, so why resist stubbornly?” Along with a low and influencing voice, another black robed figure flashed out, and then transformed into an extremely delicate and charming woman with snow white skin.

A mysterious diagram of green vines coiling around the sky while all living beings lay prostrated on the ground was branded on the center of her forehead, and it was like an ancient totem or tattoo that flowed with divine radiance.

Chen Xi noticed that this woman wasn’t simple because the aura that suffused her body was even more formidable than the auras of Rui Wen and Bai Zhe when they’d joined forces.

“You’re probably not aware that this era has come to its end, and the Last Days are about to arrive. At that time, everything in this world will be destroyed. All things will collapse while all living beings will cease to exist. Only we Ancient Shamans will be able to survive.” The Woman wasn’t impatient to enter into battle, and she spoke slowly in a unique voice. “Your current resistance against us is clearly extremely unwise.”

Aruye frowned. He seemed to be displeased but didn’t obstruct all of this in the end.

“You’re merely exaggerating to arouse fear in us!” A wisp of disdain arose on the corners of Chen Xi’s mouth.

“No, you don’t understand. We Ancient Shamans survived the obliteration of the last era, so we naturally possess a clearer understanding of all of this.” The woman had a serious and calm expression, and she seemed very sincere. “Now, I can make the decision and give you a chance. So long as you side with us, then not only will you be able to survive the Grand Abyss of Catastrophe, you’ll be able to avoid the calamity of destruction that’ll befall this era in the future when the Last Days arrive. You’ll be able to live eternally with our Ancient Shaman line!”

Chen Xi was stunned. He was slightly surprised that she would actually try to persuade him like this right now.

“How laughable! I never entrust my fate to others!” Chen Xi said coldly, “Not to mention that if I’m unable to kill all of you heretics who intend to bring calamity to the world, then would living have any meaning?”

The woman shook her head and sighed. “You’re wrong. Even until now, you’re unable to understand how terrifying the calamity of an era is. It’s an unstoppable situation! It’s not just you, everyone in the world will be unable to escape this calamity that’ll sweep through the era! At that time, you won’t think that I’m just exaggerating to arouse fear in you.”

She paused for a moment and continued. “Earlier, you saw the Door of the Last Days as well. Do you know what all of that means?”

Chen Xi frowned. He was unable to figure out what sort of tricks this woman intended to play.

“You’re wrong. The calamity of this era isn’t impossible to stop!” Right at this moment, Jia Nan stood up with a solemn expression on his face, and he said in a low voice, “Since the Ultimate Path hasn’t appeared in the eras of the past, it’ll definitely appear in this era. So long as one arrives at the end of that path, then all danger can be resolved while the fate of the era can be remade!”

The Ultimate Path!

It’ll appear in this era!

It wasn’t just Chen Xi who was shocked when he heard this, the Ancient Shamans were the same. They revealed all sorts of expressions and had various thoughts in their hearts.

“Even if what you said is true….” The woman took a deep breath and said, “Up until now, there hasn’t been a single person in the Ancient God Domain who has accomplished that, right?”

Jia Nan’s expression remained unchanged. “But it doesn’t represent that no one can accomplish it. According to my knowledge, some supreme existences amongst the five extremes of the Imperial Region have come into contact with its threshold!”

“Impossible!” This time, it wasn’t her but Aruye who spoke. His expression was icy cold and carried disdain as he said, “I travelled the Ancient God Domain for 18,000 years, and I’d long since confirmed that not a single one of those so-called supreme existences had accomplished that!”

“Have you gone to the three dimensions?” Jia Nan answered with a question.

The three dimensions? Aruye was stunned, and then he chuckled with ridicule. “That sort of trash place can’t even compare to the Ancient God Domain at all. How could I have wasted my time there?”

The three dimensions…. At this moment, Chen Xi’s heart couldn’t help but shake while he recalled too many secrets.

“You haven’t been there, so… you wouldn’t understand.” Jia Nan didn’t speak anymore after he finished speaking these words.

“Hmph!” Aruye grunted coldly with disdain. He felt that Jia Nan was being deliberately mystifying in order to deceive them.

“Chen Xi, have you finished considering it? I’m currently pointing out a path to survival for you. You should consider it well because it’s your only chance.” Meanwhile, the extremely charming and delicate woman spoke once more.

“I’ve finished considering it.” Chen Xi’s expression was indifferent.

The woman frowned when she saw this, but she still asked. “What’s the decision?”

“I’ll kill all of you heretics before I consider whether that calamity of an era exists!” Chen Xi strode forward and pressed down step by step towards her. The ground shook violently and split apart while terrifying cracks swept out.

The woman continued. “Will you really not reconsider?”

Chen Xi used actions to answer her.


A wisp of sword qi soared into the sky. It was dazzling, brilliant, decisive, and merciless.


The woman’s skirt fluttered as numerous green vines suddenly shot out explosively and extended madly. Every single one of them was like a divine arrow that shot through space and enveloped down towards Chen Xi.

This was her innate divine ability. The vines were like divine swords, and there were millions upon millions of them. They covered the heavens and the earth, and they were extremely violent to the point of blasting space apart and completely destroying it.

Chen Xi spun the Talisman Armament like the circle of Taichi, and then it suddenly formed a vortex off the sword. Violet gold energy seethed within it, and it completely devoured all the green vines that shot towards Chen Xi.

The green vines were originally terrifying like divine swords that pierced through space, and every single one of them was like a divine weapon that possessed unimaginable might.

However, they’d been destroyed as soon as they appeared. The dense expanse of vines had been crushed into powder by the sword vortex, and it caused terrifying explosions to resound.


Divine radiance covered the surroundings, and it was a shocking scene.

“How could his combat strength still be so formidable after experiencing so many battles?” Aruye and the others were surprised and bewildered, and their hearts grew heavier.


After a short moment, the woman coughed up a mouthful of blood while her figure staggered back. She’d suffered a heavy injury.

Chen Xi strode through the air while his imposing aura grew even more blazing. Talisman markings were faintly visible around him while he seemed like an unstoppable emperor of battle that had come from the ancient time.

“Ha!” The woman’s red lips parted lightly while an obscure howled suddenly erupted from between them.

In an instant, the space here was calm while everything seemed normal. Everyone didn’t notice anything unusual. However, Chen Xi felt a piercing pain from the center of his forehead. It was like his soul had been impacted by a mysterious force, and it intended to slice his soul into pieces. His figure slowed down because of this.

“Ha!” When she noticed this, the woman’s howl grew even more intense. She emanated wave after wave of it, and they were like numerous extremely sharp and invisible blades made from will, and they ceaselessly struck Chen Xi’s soul.

Such a divine ability of will was simply too terrifying. It was invisible, immaterial, mysterious, and difficult to block.

Chen Xi frowned when his figure stiffened slightly and stopped in midair. In the eyes of people in the outside world, it seemed like he’d been possessed.

“Amoyun’s Soul Split Curse has grown stronger….” Aruye couldn’t help but heave a sigh of relief when he saw this.

Earlier, Chen Xi’s combat strength was shocking, and it seemed like nothing was able to harm him. It was difficult for Aruye and the others to accept that.

Now, when they saw Chen Xi being thwarted by Amoyun’s soul attacks, how could Aruye and the others no feel delighted?

“Ha! Ha! Ha!” How could Amoyun let such a superb opportunity slip by? She followed up with even more attacks. Obscure and mysterious sounds were being incessantly emanated from between her lips, and they swept out towards Chen Xi.

The expressions of Shi Yu and the others had changed. Even though they were unable to sense how terrifying Amoyun’s soul attacks were, when they saw Chen Xi’s stiffened figure and blank expression, they were clearly aware that Chen Xi was in a slightly bad situation.

Her will was like a blade that struck the soul, and the terrifying and mysterious energy of the curse was invisible and impossible to defend against.

It was clearly rather strenuous for Amoyun to utilize such a force. As she ceaselessly emanated the curses, her pretty face had grown ghastly pale and translucent while her entire body was drenched by sweat.

An Ancient Shaman spoke swiftly. “Amoyun is fighting desperately with the intention of crushing Chen Xi during this battle!”

“Wouldn’t it be better if she succeeded?” A wisp of burning desire and a gratified expression arose within Aruye’s eyes, and he seemed to be impatiently awaiting the moment that Chen Xi was crushed on the spot.

It was long before blood suddenly started dripping from the center of Chen Xi’s forehead. His entire body had stiffened like he was a statue, and he stood there motionlessly.


When she witnessed this scene, a wisp of bright light suddenly flashed through Amoyun’s eyes while she was on the verge of collapse.

In the next moment, her figure flashed while a dazzling and resplendent green vine appeared between her fingers, and it didn’t make a single sound as it struck towards Chen Xi.

Its target was Chen Xi’s throat!

The hearts of Shi Yu and the others constricted while their bodies tensed up, and they couldn’t help but shout loudly with the intention of warning Chen Xi about the approaching attack.


However, right at this moment, Chen Xi suddenly opened his eyes, and the Talisman Armament in his hand flashed out horizontally.

An enormous explosion resounded as the green vine in Amoyun’s hand had exploded into pieces, whereas, her entire body was blasted flying as if she’d been struck by a storm. Moreover, she coughed up blood incessantly, and it had dyed her clothes red.

All the spectators in the surroundings were astounded and filled with disbelief.

This unexpected event was too sudden. No one had expected that Chen Xi would actually regain his consciousness at such a critical moment and heavily injure Amoyun in one go.

“Impossible!” Amoyun’s sharp cry resounded through the battlefield, and it carried extreme despair and unwillingness.

She was utterly unaware that everything had been orchestrated by Chen Xi. Her soul attacks were terrifying indeed, but Chen Xi’s soul was extremely formidable and had the protection of the Daoseal Mark, so it was utterly unable to shake Chen Xi at all.

It was even to the extent that the blood from the center of his forehead was a trick that Chen Xi had utilized to deceive her!

“Fuck off!” At this moment, Chen Xi’s gaze was cold, emotionless, and fierce like a bolt of lightning as he struck with his sword. It forcefully slapped Amoyun flying, and she fell to the ground in front of Shi Yu. Moreover, countless bones within her entire body had broken, causing her to instantly fall unconscious on the spot.

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