Chapter 1955 – Unstoppable

The white lava transformed into an ocean of flames that incinerated the room, and it blazed terrifyingly.


Waves swept up into the sky and charged ferociously at Chen Xi from all directions.

The expressions of Shi Yu and the others changed. Even Chen Xi was slightly surprised because he hadn’t imagined that the joined forces of Rui Wen and Bai Zhe would possess such shocking might.

It was actually impossible to find a trace of them!


Chen Xi’s sword light was peerless, and it blasted onto the wave of lava with everything it had, causing monstrous waves shot up into the air. Even though he was unable to escape the ocean of flames, he wasn’t trapped and suppressed by it.

“Get the fuck out here!” Chen Xi shouted loudly while he slashed swiftly with the Talisman Armament. His brought forth the might of the Sword Emperor Realm’s 4th level to its limits, and he simply seemed as if he intended to mince the lava into pieces.


Suddenly, two thick and large pitch black chains soared into the sky. They were suffused with a mysterious and strange glow as they instantly enveloped this area, and then Chen Xi’s entire body was surrounded by them.

It was the Chains of Destruction, a grand divine technique passed down from the ancestors of the Bloodeye Devil Shamans, and it was capable of destroying all things!

Such a divine ability possessed inconceivable abilities of destruction, and coming into slight contact with it would cause one to suffer lethal destruction that was impossible to repair. It was extremely terrifying.


Unfortunately, it had encountered Chen Xi. As soon as the two Chains of Destruction had coiled around the space in Chen Xi’s surroundings, they were blocked by a violet gold colored halo.

The halo enveloped Chen Xi, and it was formed from the energy of Terminus!

In merely an instant, the energy of destruction and the energy of Terminus had collided, and they caused terrifying storms of energy to sweep towards the surroundings.

The spectators could clearly notice that the Chains of Destruction were actually breaking and collapsing inch by inch before transforming into nothingness!

Obviously, in terms of the might of the Grand Dao, the energy of Destruction wasn’t a match for the energy of Terminus at all! It was unable to compare to Terminus at all!

This caused Aruye and the others to be horrified, and they had a deeper understanding of how terrifying Terminus was. It had completely exceeded their imagination.

Even Shi Yu and the others couldn’t help but be astounded. No wonder the energy of Terminus is seen as a taboo. It really is heaven defying to the point that even the Heaven Dao is unable to tolerate it.

“Kill!” Chen Xi’s imposing aura grew even stronger. The divine halo of Terminus circled around his body while violet gold energy seethed and enshrouded his entire body. He seemed like a peerless and invincible exalt of the sword that could sweep through the world with a single strike of the sword.

In next to no time, the white ocean of lava rumbled and exploded into pieces. It was completely obliterated and vanished.

At the same time, the body that was shared by Rui Wen and Bai Zhe had appeared. They staggered back without end while their expressions changed indeterminately.

Obviously, they’d similarly never imagined that their joint forces would actually be unable to harm Chen Xi as well.


At this moment, Chen Xi didn’t waste his breath at all. He moved with profound footwork while his figure was like a rock, and his sword was like a torrent that slashed through the universe.

Such might seemed peerless, boundless, and world shocking!


It wasn’t long before Rui Wen and Bai Zhe were heavily injured. Their entire bodies were heavily wounded, and blood flowed incessantly from them. In the end, they were crushed by Chen Xi amidst a wave of disgruntled and furious shrill cries, and they were captured alive!

“Shi Yu, keep an eye on them.” As soon as he attained victory, Chen Xi seemed as if he’d accomplished an extremely ordinary deed. He kicked both Rui Wen and Bai Zhe off the Shaman Spirit Sacrificial Altar, and they were jointly restrained by Shi Yu and the others.

The joint forces of Rui Wen and Bai Zhe had been crushed!

When this battle came to an end, the expressions of Aruye and the others was gloomy to the extreme. Their faces were filled with extreme disbelief, surprise, and bewilderment.

How could this be possible? How could he be so strong?That was the joint forces of Rui Wen and Bai Zhe! Yet they were actually unable to do anything against a fellow that just advanced into the ranks of Region Lords?Aruye and the others were unable to figure it out no matter how they wracked their brains.

The atmosphere was deathly silent.

Since the battle had begun, Chen Xi’s side had suffered four successive losses and four of their companions had been caged up. However, Chen Xi had never lost since the 5th battle began!

Lie Fuluo, Suo Lin, and Ying Long had been killed, whereas, Ying Luan, Bai Zhe, and Rui Wen were captured…. Their losses were so huge that it was even heavier than the losses of Chen Xi’s side!

“Next!” Chen Xi stood upright on the sacrificial altar while he revealed a cold, indifferent, and merciless expression.

His familiar voice drifted through the heavens and the earth, but it seemed so ear piercing to Aruye and the others, causing their expressions to turn even gloomier.

It wasn’t the first time that this word had entered their ears, but the meaning represented by this word had been completely different every single time it resounded. At this point in the battles, this word represented a form of absolute confidence and the resolution to sweep through all enemies by himself!

This caused Aruye and the others to feel infuriated and extremely humiliated. Their dignity suffered a form of unprecedented trampling.

“All of you go challenge him one by one. Even if you’re unable to defeat that bastard, you’ll still be able to exhaust his strength. There’s no need to worry even if all of you are really unable to defeat him in the end. Because he wouldn’t dare to kill all of you while we have these hostages.” Aruye took a deep breath and forcefully calmed himself before he spoke swiftly via voice transmission to the other Ancient Shamans.

“As for me, I’ll head into battle at the most suitable time and annihilate that kid in one go to put an end to these battles!” As he finished speaking, his voice carried a wisp of hatred and killing intent.

The other Ancient Shamans were stunned. After that, a wisp of a resolute expression flashed on their faces while they nodded in agreement.

They seemed to not doubt Aruye at all, and this indirectly displayed that they possessed absolute confidence towards Aruye’s strength and decisions.

Indeed, they’d lost repeatedly during the last few battles, but it wasn’t the end of everything, and the final outcome was still unknown!


A black robed figure strode forward. He was thin like a spear, had a pair of hark eyes, green hair, and a pair of golden wings.

He was a descendent of the Goldfeather Wind Shamans, Yin Rufeng!


Yin Rufeng’s figure was like a bolt of lightning, and he executed his movement technique as soon as he arrived on the sacrificial altar. His golden wings were suffused with brilliance as he flickered and teleported indeterminately through space.

His speed was extremely and inconceivably swift like a bolt of lightning. He swiftly dodged and evaded after executing every single attack, and he seemed to not be seeking success but to avoid any mishaps.

Obviously, Yin Rufeng’s strategy was extremely simple. He’d adopted an evasive strategy to fight a battle of attrition with Chen Xi!

Yin Rufeng’s innate divine ability was called ‘Ethereal Wind Shaman’. It was a supreme movement technique that made him impossible to be tracked by relying on one’s gaze alone, and it was even to the extent that one’s will was unable to lock onto him as well.

Because he was too swift!

He was swift beyond imagination!

This made Yin Rufeng’s confidence in battle to multiple. As far as he was concerned, even if he was unable to go head-on against Chen Xi, no one would be able to do anything to him if he were to take up evasive measures.

Even Aruye couldn’t help but nod to himself when he witnessed this scene. He knew that such a strategy was undoubtedly the wisest choice.

Unfortunately, Yin Rufeng had miscalculated this time because his opponent was unlike his opponents of the past!

Indeed, Chen Xi was unable to lock onto Yin Rufeng by relying solely on his eyes or will. However, Chen Xi had another mysterious force that was inherited from the River Diagram fragments — the Daoseal Mark!

Not to mention Yin Rufeng’s body, even his aura and will were clearly detected and locked onto under the detection of the Daoseal Mark.


So, not long after the battle had begun, Chen Xi grabbed an opportunity and slashed with his sword. It surged and rage with formidable might, and it crushed all obstacles before finally blasting onto Yin Rufeng.


Yin Rufeng seemed as if he’d been struck by lightly. A bloody hole was torn open on his chest, and his body had actually been forcefully nailed to the ground by that wisp of sword qi!

“Too weak!” Chen Xi lightly spat out two words, and then he stretched out his hand and grabbed. He grabbed Yin Rufeng and tossed him over to be restrained by Shi Yu and the others.

This battle had actually ended in a short moment!

At this moment, Aruye and the others weren’t shocked anymore, and they even felt a form of terror. They stared fixedly at Chen Xi with their eyes wide open, and they still didn’t dare believe their eyes.

“One, two, three, four…. Oh, we have four prisoners already. Coupled with those three bastards that were killed, an entire seven have lost to Chen Xi.” Shi Yu spoke slowly from afar, and his voice carried a wisp of pleasure. Obviously, he was provoking and humiliating the Aruye’s group.

“I’ll do it!” This time, an Ancient Shaman was unable to restrain his rage before Chen Xi could even speak, and he headed to battle in anger.

This was a strange living being whose entire body seemed like flowing water. It seemed as if his body was condensed from water, and it was extremely mysterious.

He was a descendent of the Grand Radiance Water Shamans, Bai Muchen. His body was completely formed from an energy of the Shaman Dao called Sin Water, and he was extremely difficult to annihilate like the endless flow of water.


Bai Muchen transformed into a vortex of water that crushed through space and emanated a terrifying aura as it swept through the sacrificial altar.


In merely an instant, it was blasted apart by Chen Xi’s sword qi, and his figure transformed into a myriad of water droplets. But in next to no time, they fused together once more, and then he continued his assault. It was rather inconceivable.

This achieved the same effect as the Undying Fire Shaman Lie Fuluo, but it was accomplished via different means. Both of them didn’t possess much offensive ability yet were unfathomable.

“Damnable prey! Once out plans are executed smoothly, the entire Ancient God Domain will be reduced to the place where the calamity of the Last Days descends. All cultivators will prostrate themselves beneath the feet of us Ancient Shamans while we wield absolute power over them. They’ll be lowly like dogs and pigs!” Bai Muchen tried to disturb Chen Xi’s mental state as he attacked Chen Xi, and he intended to provoke and infuriate Chen Xi so that Chen Xi would lose his calm.

“Is that so!?” Chen Xi’s expression turned cold.


He vanished on the spot, and in the next moment, strands of violet gold sword qi shot into the sky. They were like a myriad of strands of divine light that enveloped the world.

“Chen Xi seems to be infuriated!” Shi Yu was surprised.

Chen Xi really was angry. Even until now, these damnable heretics were still humiliating all of them who were cultivators from the Ancient God Domain, and they took the cultivators of the Ancient God Domain to be like lowly slaves. Chen Xi felt that this was simply unforgiveable!


Needless to say, Bai Muchen’s divine ability was extremely formidable. Even though his body was instantly slashed into pieces by Chen Xi’s sword qi, he would recover once more in a very short period of time.

If Chen Xi utilized the energy of Terminus, then he would naturally be able to put an end to all of this with ease. However, he was unable to strike a lethal blow in order to protect the lives of Kong Youran and the others.

This caused his offense to be affected in the end.

“HAHAHA! The energy of Terminus is terrifying indeed, but you just happen to lack the guts to utilize it. You can only blame yourself for that!” Bai Muchen roared with laughter in an extremely arrogant manner. He felt that it was practically impossible for Chen Xi to defeat him under such circumstances.


Suddenly, a large net that was chilly and illusory like starlight had soared into the sky, and then it enveloped the surroundings.

What’s that? Bai Muchen’s pupils constricted.

However, before he could make any reaction, his body was slashed into a myriad of water droplets by a strike of Chen Xi’s sword, and then the water droplets were fully enveloped by the net before they could even fuse together and restore his body.

After that, the large net constricted swiftly!

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