Chapter 1954 – Bloodeye Devil Shaman (Part 2)

An expert! Chen Xi swept this Ancient Shaman with his gaze but wasn’t afraid. Even though he knew that his opponent was probably even more formidable than Ying Luan, he still remained calm and composed.

“A descendent of the Bloodeye Devil Shamans!” Jia Nan frowned and spoke quickly via voice transmission. “Chen Xi, this fellow’s origins are extraordinary. He possesses an inconceivably terrifying divine ability, the Chains of Destruction, and it contained the profundities of the Destruction Shaman Dao of the last era. You must be careful. It’s impossible for you to recover once the Shaman Energy of Destruction invades your body!”

The Destruction Shaman Dao? Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed.

When they saw this Ancient Shaman with a hideous appearance and the physique of a demon god step forward, the others seemed to heave sighs of relief and reveal relaxed expressions.

They seemed to feel that there was no need to worry once this Ancient Shaman headed to battle.

Only Aruye frowned and said, “Rui Wen, you alone are not enough!”

Hmm? The other Ancient Shamans were instantly stunned. He’s not enough? Could it be that Lord Aruye thinks that even a descendent of the Bloodeye Devil Shamans that possesses the greatest destructive ability, Rui Wen, is unable to do anything to Chen Xi?

Even Shi Yu and the others were slightly surprised. They seemed to have never imagined that Aruye would actually act so cautiously at this moment instead of being arrogant as he was before this.

The Ancient Shaman called Rui Wen said in a low voice, “Lord Aruye, could it be that you’re looking down upon me?”

Aruye shook his head and said indifferently, “I’m not looking down upon you. It’s because we absolutely can’t underestimate Chen Xi at a time like this!”

As he spoke, he raised his hand and pointed at a black clothed figure at the side. “Bai Zhe, kill that kid with Rui Wen!”

As soon as Aruye finished speaking, Chen Xi instantly frowned. Two together?

“How despicable! According to the rules, only one on one battles can be carried out on the sacrificial altar. Could it be that you intend to break the rules?” Shi Yu couldn’t restrain himself and roared loudly in a fierce voice.

Meanwhile, the black robed figure called Bai Zhe accept his orders. He slowly removed the cloak that he wore, removed the black robe that covered him, and then stretched his entire body before he nodded and said, “Since Lord Aruye is so cautious and careful, then there’s no reason for I, Bai Zhe, to refuse.”

Bai Zhe was a handsome young man that possessed golden hair that was brilliant like the sun. His skin was fair like jade, and an innocent smile hung from the corners of his mouth.

He seemed to be extremely innocent, and he didn’t seem like an expert at all.

However, when he saw Bai Zhe step forward, the slightly displeased descendent of the Bloodeye Devil Shamans, Rui Wen, instantly shut his mouth.

“Break the rules of the Shaman Spirit Battle Domain? Haha! You truly think highly of me.” Meanwhile, Aruye seemed to be reassured, and he chuckled lightly. “Open your eyes wide and have a look. They aren’t two people that are joining the battle together.”

As he spoke, Bai Zhe suddenly started laughing as well, and then his figure flashed and actually transformed into a ray of white light that charged swiftly into Rui Wen.


In an instant, an extremely terrifying strand of pure white flames surged out explosively from Rui Wen’s body, and it shot into the sky and incinerated the surrounding space into nothingness.

At the same time, a head actually grew out from Rui Wen’s thick shoulder. This head had a handsome appearance, brilliant gold hair, and a smile on the corners of its mouth. Surprisingly, it was Bai Zhe.

When looked at from afar, it was like Rui Wen had two heads. One had ferocious fangs, a pair of blood red double pupils, a hideous appearance, and was like a demon god; the other was handsome, holy, innocent, and emanated a pure aura.

They were like twin stars that represented good and evil, and they shared a single body!

Moreover, their auras had actually fused flawlessly with each other without conflicting at all. On the contrary, they echoed in cooperation with each other, causing the imposing aura of the entire body to rise explosively.

Shi Yu was instantly stunned when he witnessed such a bizarre scene, and he finally understood why Aruye had spoken those words from before.

Two Ancient Shamans had actually instantly fused into one!

Moreover, it wasn’t a simple form of fusing together. If one wasn’t aware that they had two separate bodies before this, one would wonder if Rui Wen and Bai Zhe had been a single person since the beginning and just had two different souls!

This was extremely inconceivable, and it was even more bizarre and terrifying that the ‘merging technique’ that’s spread through the Ancient God Domain.

Even Chen Xi couldn’t help but be slightly surprised when he witnessed this scene. He was able to sense that Rui Wen and Bai Zhe’s strengths had fused into one as if they were a single entity. However, it just so happened that they weren’t just a single person, and it was extremely strange and mysterious.

But right after that, Chen Xi laughed coldly and said, “I never expected that you heretic bastards would be able to play such tricks. This is fine as well. One or two, I’ll still kill them all. So, there isn’t any difference at all.”

Aruye and the others glared angrily at Chen Xi, and their eyes emanated killing intent. This fellow is really growing more and more arrogant. Could it be that he thinks he can continue winning?

“Haha! What an interesting prey. Lord Aruye, let me notify you in advance. If we kill this bastard, then his destiny will belong to me, Bai Zhe.” Bai Zhe’s head chuckled, and then it turned to look at Rui Wen who was right beside him. “Do you have any objections?”

Rui Wen’s hideous face grunted coldly, and then he lightly spat out a single word from between his lips. “No!”

“Good!” Bai Zhe roared with laughed. In the next moment, their robust figure that was large like a god of demons strode forward.

Bang! Bang!

Every single step they took caused an expanse of white flames that seemed like lava to seethe, and it incinerated the space beneath their feet, causing black holes to appear and ceaselessly spread towards the surroundings. The destruction created by them was shocking to the extreme.

When they stepped foot onto the sacrificial altar, their imposing aura was seething to the extreme. It was shocking to the point the world dimmed in comparison and the surrounding were thrown into disorder. It was a scene of chaos!

“You really are a monster that’s neither human nor demon.” Chen Xi ridiculed in an extremely cold voice when he witnessed this.

Just these words alone caused the expressions of Aruye and the others to freeze while flames of rage blazed in their hearts. This damnable bastard simply can’t be forgiven!

“Kill!” At this moment, Bai Zhe and Rui Wen didn’t waste their breaths, and they roared furiously as they pounced towards Chen Xi.


Rui Wen’s eyes opened up before an expanse of blood red divine light erupted from within them. It was like a crimson cloud that was soaring into the sky, and it was like a blood offering was flowing and destroying everything.

The space here was destroyed. It was heavily damaged to the point of being unable to recover, and a scene of great destruction and collapse appeared here.

Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed. This is the strength of the Destruction Shaman Dao? It really is as Jia Nan said. Once something is destroyed by the Destruction Shaman Dao, it’s unable to recover anymore.

However, Chen Xi wasn’t afraid. He released the region within him as he stood there, and his Violet Gold Imperial Sovereign Star illuminated him from above. After that, it instantly transformed into a halo of the Grand Dao that surged with divine light and was invulnerable to all techniques!

It was a halo formed from the energy of Terminus!


At the same time, Chen Xi held the Talisman Armament in his hand as his figure swiftly vanished on the spot. In the next moment, he’d arrived in from of his opponent, and he slashed down with his sword.


Rui Wen’s blood red divine light was forcefully slashed apart by Chen Xi’s attack, causing its force to disperse towards the sides.

However, before Chen Xi could complete this attack, bai Zhe had suddenly shouted loudly. “Restrain!”

In an instant, Rui Wen’s figure transformed into a seething ocean of white lava. It incinerated the world as it formed a white tempestuous wave that shot through the sky. It was an extremely shocking sight!

When looked at from afar, it was like an ocean of white lava was sweeping through the nine heavens!

On the other hand, Chen Xi was instantly trapped within the surging ocean, and he suffered an omnidirectional attack from the white wave of fire!

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