Chapter 1954 – Bloodeye Devil Shaman (Part 1)

After Kong Youran, Yea Chen, Zhao Qingyao, and Yu Jiuhui were crushed and captured, they’d been locked up in cages, and their fates were unknown.

According to Aruye, he intended to wait for everything to come to an end before they were to act and seize the destiny of these cultivators from the Ancient God Domain.

The so-called action of seizing the destiny that they spoke of was to seize the Divine Dao Laws, essence, spirit, energy, and even bodies of the cultivators from the Ancient God Domain.

However, at that time, Chen Xi and the others were utterly unable to determine whether Kong Youran and the others were dead or alive.

At this moment, when they heard Aruye use their lives as a threat, Chen Xi finally dared to ascertain that Kong Youran and the others were really alive!

This was undoubtedly a piece of good news to him. However, under such circumstances, this good news couldn’t be considered as a pleasant surprise at all.

Because he only lacked a single attack before he could kill Ying Luan!

So, being threatened at a time like this was undoubtedly extremely bad for the following battles that Chen Xi would be participating in.

In the end, Chen Xi gave up on launching that final strike, and he just gazed coldly at Aruye as he said, “Are you sure you want to threaten me?”

His voice was calm and without any fluctuations of emotion. However, it caused a trace of fear to arise in the hearts of Aruye and the others when they heard it.

But right after that, Aruye chuckled and said, “No, this isn’t a threat. It’s just a form of exchange.”

He paused for a moment before he continued. “You ought to have noticed that I haven’t really kill your companions. Under such circumstances, your actions of killing these subordinates of mine can’t be justified at all.”

Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed as he said, “So, your conditions of exchange are that regardless of the outcome of the battle, I can’t kill any of you bastards?”


Aruye’s eyelids couldn’t help but twitched when he heard this term, and then he said with an emotionless expression, “Yes, if you’re unable to do it, then I… can only kill these companions of yours!”

“How despicable!”

“According to the rules of the Shaman Spirit Battle Domain, the winning side can only leave the domain after life and death is determined. If we do as you’ve said, then when would we be able to decide the final outcome?”

When they heard Aruye’s threats, both Shi Yu and Qin Xinhui revealed furious expressions, and they gnashed their teeth with hatred while they couldn’t help but shout loudly.

They felt that this fellow was truly too despicable. Not only had he interrupted Chen Xi’s attack at the critical moment, he’d even used the lives of Kong Youran and the others to threaten Chen Xi. They simply felt that he was shameless to the extreme.

Aruye was completely indifferent towards this, and he said slowly, “Don’t worry, life and death will definitely be decided at the end of the battles.”

Shi Yu couldn’t help but ask. “What if Chen Xi is defeated during one of the following battles?”

“He’ll naturally be killed.” Aruye answered without the slightest hesitation, and then he couldn’t help but laugh. “Don’t forget that there’s absolutely no need for fairness in these battles. If we wanted to kill all of you, then we could have annihilated all of you a long time ago in the outside world. Then, how could all of you even have had such a chance?”

His voice was neither fast nor slow, and he spoke in a composed and calm manner.

However, when his words entered into Shi Yu’s words, it was clearly detestable and shameless. It was simply despicable to the extreme!

It was even to the extent that it angered them to the point they were unable to speak.

They can kill Chen Xi, yet Chen Xi can’t kill them?

They’re fucking going too far!

“Alright, I agree!” Chen Xi who’d remained silent until now had spoken abruptly, and he stopped Shi Yu and the others with his gaze and signaled that there was no need to speak further.

Chen Xi was very clearly aware that it was utterly useless to say anything else when facing these extremely despicable heretic bastards.

“Haha! This decision is very wise!” Aruye clapped and roared with laughter. He felt indescribably delighted when he saw Chen Xi and the others being aggrieved and compliant like this.

However, in the next moment, he wasn’t able to laugh anymore.


Chen Xi’s figure suddenly flashed on the sacrificial altar, and his palm was like a bolt of lightning that caught Ying Luan off guard, caught Ying Luan by the throat, and forcefully lifted her up.

“Chen Xi! You….” Aruye exploded with rage as he thought Chen Xi was about to go back on his word.


Chen Xi tossed casually and tossed Ying Luan to Shi Yu’s side like he was tossing a piece of trash.

Chen Xi spoke swiftly via voice transmission. “Keep an eye on her. We’ll use her life in exchange for Kong Youran and the others later!”

At this moment, Shi Yu and the others finally understood Chen Xi’s intentions. Obviously, he intended to give them a taste of their own medicine by restraining these Ancient Shamans and preventing Aruye from acting rashly!

Even though Aruye was both shocked and infuriated when he witnessed this scene, he still heaved a sigh of relief in the end. In his opinion, it was fine so long as Ying Luan was still alive!

Ying Luan was crushed and captured in this battle.

Presently, she was already the fourth Ancient Shaman who’d lost to Chen Xi. However, unlike Ying Luan, the other three had perished and transformed into nothingness. So, it was impossible for them to be resurrected anymore.

No matter what, this string of unexpected events was definitely a heavy blow to Aruye’s group.

They were very clearly aware that Chen Xi had refined and absorbed nine Region Quintessences, and they were well aware that Chen Xi possessed the energy of Terminus. However, it just so happened that the experts of their side had been successively defeated by Chen Xi.

It wasn’t that they weren’t strong, and it was because Chen Xi’s combat strength was immeasurable instead!

“Next!” In next to no time, Chen Xi’s cold, indifferent, and emotionless voice resounded again. It was like a sound that pushed others to their death. It caused Aruye and the others to be furious while their dignity suffered a form of unprecedented provocation, but they felt even more terror in their hearts because of it!

Earlier, Chen Xi had said the word ‘next’ on more than one occasion. At that time, many Ancient Shamans had sneered at it, and they felt that Chen Xi was ignorant, arrogant, and courting death.

But now, it was different. After four consecutive battles had ended with Chen Xi’s victory, could any one of them dare to underestimate him when such an impressive achievement in battle was right before their eyes?

He’s absolutely a terrifying cultivator!

The Ancient Shaman that possessed a body that seemed as if it was made of iron and had a metallic sheen gritted his teeth as he spoke in a ghastly tone. “Dammit! This prey has been provoking us repeatedly, and he doesn’t take us seriously at all. He truly deserves to be tortured to death!” He’d wanted to make a move against Chen Xi since the beginning, but he was clearly slightly hesitant now and rather fearful of Chen Xi.

Even Ying Luan who was a descendent of Holy King Yunlan had been crushed, and it had terrified many of the Ancient Shamans here.

“All of them just keep talking nonsense yet don’t dare to ascend the battlefield. They’ve obviously been scared out of their wits!” Shi Yu laughed with ridicule from afar, and he mocked them without holding back at all.

After he’d confirmed that Kong Youran and the others weren’t dead and coupled with Chen Xi’s successive victories, Shi Yu’s spirits were greatly raised, and he wasn’t so stifled as he was just now.

When they heard such ridicule, the expressions of those Ancient Shamans instantly grew even gloomier.

“We’ve been provoked by an existence that’s like an ant. Could it be that all of you’re really afraid?” Aruye’s face fell while strands of black mist effused out from his entire body. He was like a demon god of darkness, and his tone was icy cold and indifferent. He hadn’t flared-up, but he caused all of them to shudder incessantly with fear.

The expressions of the other Ancient Shamans changed indeterminately.

“I’ll fight him!” A black robed figure stepped forward, and then his figure actually transformed to a monster that was 6m tall, robust like a mountain, had ferocious fangs, and double pupils that were blood red!

A pitch black, thick, and large chain was coiled around his arm while a bloody necklace that was made of bones hung from his neck. Coupled with his hideous appearance, his imposing aura became extremely terrifying, and he was like a demon lord that had come from beneath the abyss.

Especially his pair of blood red double pupils. They revealed the scene of a mountain of corpses and an ocean of blood that flickered within his double pupils. It was simply like hell itself was reflected in his blood red double pupils!

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