Chapter 1952 – Next!

However, at that time, Aruye hadn’t imagined that Chen Xi’s grasp of the Terminus Dao Insight had actually arrived at such a height.

The Terminus Dao Insight and Terminus Divine Dao Laws were two completely different things!

One was merely Dao Insight while the other was a Law, and it was even a Divine Dao Law. Even though their roots were the same, there was a qualitative difference in their might.

As far as Aruye was concerned, it was only possible for Chen Xi to have grasped the Terminus Dao Insight because the Ancient God Domain would absolutely not allow the Laws of Terminus that was an energy regarded as a taboo to exist!

As an Ancient Shaman from the last era, Aruye had cultivated in the Ancient God Domain for a myriad of years, so he was extremely clearly aware of this.

So, it was very difficult for him to imagine how Chen Xi had survived upon grasping such a force and even became an extremely renowned peerless genius in the Ancient God Domain!

The Savior of an Era, the River Diagram, Terminus…. How many secrets are hidden within this fellow? Why is he unlike the Saviors of the past? At this instant, it was the first time that Aruye felt his knowledge of Chen Xi was still too incomplete!

It was even to the extent that he felt Chen Xi was simply an unfathomable freak!


When the name of such a taboo entered the ears of Shi Yu and the others, tempestuous waves couldn’t help but arise in their hearts as well.

However, they felt even more excitement. Unlike the seniors of the past, they didn’t think that Terminus was very terrifying.

Conversely, besides feeling shocked, they also felt astounded that Chen Xi was able to grasp such a force.

It was Terminus!

It was a force that could instill fear in the hearts of the gods, and just thinking about it aroused excitement in their hearts!

Of course, it was merely how Shi Yu and Qin Xinhui felt. If it was any other old senior from the Ancient God Domain, then the reaction that person had would probably not be like this.

The last days resides in the grand abyss, the karmic tribulation of Samsara rises…. At this moment, only Jia Nan was deeply influenced by this, and an indescribably complicated expressions surging into his eyes as he gazed at Chen Xi.

He was dead. After the death of the Undying Fire Shaman, Lie Fuluo, Suo Lin who was from the Eight Armed Ghost Shaman tribe had perished in battle as well!

The atmosphere in the surroundings was deathly silent. Aruye and the others were shocked, and they found it very difficult to accept that Suo Lin who possessed an extremely formidable strength amongst them had actually been slaughtered!

Shi Yu and the others, on the other hand, were extremely excited and delighted.

Only Chen Xi’s expression was still calm as he stood on the Shaman Spirit Sacrificial Altar. His body was ramrod straight like a pine tree that was rooted in the ground, and he didn’t move at all.

Actually, he could have killed Suo Lin right at the beginning of the battle. However, he hadn’t done that and fought Suo Lin over and over again in order to determine exactly what was different about these heretics from the last era.

Now, he had a rough evaluation of them in his heart.

“Next!” Chen Xi’s gaze was like a bolt of lightning that swept through Aruye’s group, and his cold voice resounded through the heavens and the earth.

“How arrogant!” Aruye reproached coldly.

“Cut the crap! Get up here and fight me if you’re disgruntled!” Chen Xi’s voice carried an arrogant and domineering tone as he spoke in a concise manner.

Earlier, these heretics were swelling with pride and looked down upon all of them who were cultivators of the Ancient God Domain. Moreover, these heretics had successively imprisoned Kong Youran, Yea Chen, and the others after mocking and ridiculing them to the extreme.

So, at this moment, Chen Xi was giving them an eye for an eye, and he was cleansing the humiliation they received while venting the hatred and resentment in his heart.

“You’re courting death! Do you think you’re invincible just because you’ve grasped the energy of Terminus!?” Before Aruye could react, the snake-headed and scaled figure of that descendant of the Devilhowl Snake Shaman tribe, Yin Long, had crushed through space and flashed swiftly onto the sacrificial altar.


Ying Long’s figure shook before his arms instantly transformed into two 3km long whips that flowed with light and mysterious markings and flickered with a strange and horrifying aura of destruction.

“Die!” He roared loudly as he attacked, and he utilized an extremely decisive attitude to display his resolution. In an instant, killing intent surged on the sacrificial altar.

Whip! Whip!

The whips danced through the sky like the Chains of Order that were in the hands of the ruler of the heavens. It struck through the world and destroyed everything in its path. The 3km long whips that were formed from his arms revealed a scene of obliteration as if it was the end of the world!


Chen Xi didn’t dodge, and his display was even more domineering. The Talisman Armament soared through the sky and emanated violet gold sword qi that were boundlessly brilliant.

All Suo Lin’s attacked were destroyed by a single strike of his sword!

“Devilseal Domain! Crush!” Ying Long roared loudly as he utilized his Innate Divine Ability. He chanted while a strand of a terrifying black soundwave swept out, and it dyed the heavens and the earth pitch black.

Once could clearly notice that this soundwave was condensed and didn’t disperse. It utilized Ying Long’s arms as a frame to instantly form a black cage that was covered in bloodstains.

Within the cage, the soundwave was like the roars of dragons, and it created all sorts of terrifying phenomena like the gods shedding tears of blood, the sages howling sorrowfully, and all things falling into chaos.

This was the inner divine ability of the Devilhowl Snake Shaman tribe, the Devilseal Domain!

Aruye and the others gasped when they witnessed this. This fellow, Ying Long, has actually utilized an ultimate technique amongst his innate techniques as soon as the battle began!

The Devilseal Domain was a domain formed from soundwaves, and the greater the number of enemies one killed, the strong the might of the domain would be.

Up until now, Ying Long had utilized the Devilseal Domain to kill countless people, and he’d accumulated a huge amount of resentment, incomplete souls, and the blood of the gods.

At soon as it was activated, it was obvious how terrifying it was.


The black bloodstained domain rumbled as it descended along with world shocking phenomena, and it intended to confine Chen Xi within it.

“What sort of lousy technique is this? You dare to use such a technique in public? Break!” With the experience he obtained during the battle with Suo Lin, Chen Xi seemed to be extremely overbearing and domineering at this moment. He shouted loudly while violet gold light seethed from his body, and the Talisman Armament in his hand seemed like it was covered by a golden lake. It was like jade yet wasn’t, and it was glistening, translucent, and carried supreme might.


A wisp of sword qi shot out explosively!


A vast region appeared above Chen Xi. The universes within it circulated while the stars glowed brightly.

After that, the Violet Gold Imperial Sovereign Star above his soul emanated brilliant radiance, and it improved his imposing aura to its limits.

In the blink of an eye, Chen Xi was like an ancient weapon that had its seal removed, and he emanated wave after wave of terrifying might.

In the end, rumbling resounded as cracks appeared on the Devilseal Domain, and then it was slashed into two, causing a storm of bloody rain to descend as it collapsed completely.


The destruction of his innate divine ability caused Ying Long to cough up a large mouthful of blood, and his figure staggered backward while his countenance had turned ghastly pale. He’d suffered a heavy injury because of the backlash!


Chen Xi wouldn’t hesitate again, nor would he give Ying Long a chance at all. As soon as he’d charged forward, he’d already slashed with the Talisman Armament, and a myriad of strands of sword qi flashed forward and were blasted at Ying Long.

“No!!” Ying Long was utterly horrified as he’d sensed the smell of death. How could he have imagined that even though he’d utilized his strongest attack upon stepping foot on the battlefield, he would still not be a match for Chen Xi?

Pu! Pu! Pu!

in the end, Ying Long was unable to evade and was annihilated amidst despair. His entire body was stabbed by the myriad of strands of sword qi to the point he seemed like a hornet’s nest!

He was a body refiner as well, but he was clearly not as lucky as Suo ling. Chen Xi didn’t give him any chance to revive himself before he was directly killed, and then his entire body and all his thoughts were utterly obliterated and transformed into nothingness.

Obviously, Chen Xi had utilized the energy of Terminus in this attack as well!

At this point, the third formidable existence amongst the Ancient Shamans had been annihilated!

The surroundings were perfectly silent while the atmosphere was oppressive to the point of being suffocating.

Compared to when he killed Suo Lin, Ying Long had undoubtedly been defeated too quickly. Ying Ling had merely stepped foot onto the battlefield, executed his innate divine ability, and then he was annihilated on the spot. It was swift to the point that the spectators were simply unable to recover from their shock.

All of this made Chen Xi’s combat strength seem even more shocking. He was simply like an all-powerful and unparalleled god of war that was unstoppable wherever he pointed his sword towards!

This was shocking, and it caused the expressions of Aruye and the others to become solemn.

If Lie Fuluo was said to have died from his carelessness, then no matter if it was Suo Lin or Ying Ling, they’d been completely crushed by Chen Xi in a head-on battle!

As Ancient Shamans who were body refiners, they possessed a recovery that deemed them practically unkillable, yet they’d completely lost this advantage in the face of the energy of Terminus that Chen Xi possessed!

“Next!” Amidst the extremely deathly silent surroundings, Chen Xi spoke indifferently once more. He was domineering and arrogant, and he was doing just as he’d said. He intended to annihilate all the heretics that were standing before him.

“How arrogant!” Aruye and the others gritted their teeth with gloomy expressions, and their gazes were filled with fury as they stared at Chen Xi.

At this moment, they were completely infuriated by Chen Xi’s overbearing and domineering attitude as well!

“What? All of you’ve gone mute? Or are all of you heretics afraid?” said Chen Xi in an extremely cold tone.

These words were simply like a form of humiliation to Aruye and the others. Since when had existences which they thought to be lowly prey dared to casually ridicule them?

“Let me fight him!” Ying Luan stepped forward. Her slender and delicate figure glowed and emanated strands of silver droplets of light that rained down around her.

“Ying Luan, step back. Allow me to annihilate that kid!” Another black robed figure roared in a deep voice, and the clothed he wore were suddenly incinerated to reveal a figure that seemed as if it was made of iron and had a metallic sheen.

“Te Wen, it’s better if I’m the one who fights him! This kid has refined and absorbed nine Region Quintessences and he possesses the energy of Terminus, and that’s exactly what I like. Once I kill him, it’ll allow me to absorb even more flawless Shaman Energy of Destruction!” At practically the exact same time, another black robed figure had stepped forward and spoke with an icy cold and sharp voice.

“These lowly ants actually dared to threaten the annihilation of our Ancient Shaman line. They deserve death!” The other black robed figure spoke as well.

Obviously, they’d been utterly infuriated and were unable to remain indifferent as they had just now.

Chen Xi seemed to have directly disregarded this, and he didn’t say anything else. He repeated the same word in an indifferent manner. “Next!”

This sort of attitude, words, and tone became the most unforgiveable form of provocation in the opinions of Aruye and the others, and it caused the killing intent within the to surge and be on the verge of going out of control.

On the other hand, Shi Yu and the others heaved sighs of relief and were extremely excited.

Since the battles had begun, their side had been defeated in succession and their companions had fallen to the miserable fate of being captured. So, they were extremely aggrieved in their hearts.

Now, Chen Xi had won three battles in succession, and it was simply like Chen Xi had dispelled the clouds to allow sunlight to hit their faces. It swept away the misfortune and depression they experienced, and it caused their blood to boil.

The corners of Aruye’s mouth twitched imperceptibly while a cold glow radiated from his eyes. He stopped hesitating and made a decision.

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