Chapter 1951 – The Divine Dao of Terminus

Blood shot into the air while Chen Xi stood proudly on the spot while remaining completely unharmed.

On the other hand, Suo Lin’s face had warped as he howled in pain. His arm had been forcefully slashed off, and blood sprayed towards the surroundings while his arm was instantly transformed into powder.

How shocking was this?

As a descendent of the Eight Arm Ghost Shaman Tribe, Suo Lin’s arms were said to be like peerless blades that weren’t inferior to any Natural Spirit Treasure. However, it was slashed off with a single slash of Chen Xi’s sword!

“You’re courting death!” Suo Lin was utterly infuriated. He was unable to believe that Chen Xi’s combat strength was so heaven defying and a single strand of sword qi would actually be able to destroy an arm of his.

However, even though Aruye and the others were slightly shocked when they witnessed this scene, they quickly revealed a wisp of displeasure and frowned without end.

One of them even shouted loudly. “Suo Lin, this isn’t your style at all. Could it be that you intend to admit defeat!”

“Shut your mouth!” Suo Lin shouted explosively while his face warped.

In an instant, a short scene occurred. A new arm had actually instantly grown out from the place where Suo Lin had been injured, and it was peerlessly sharp!

“This….” The faces of Shi Yu and the others fell while the excitement in their hearts was replaced by surprise and bewilderment. Regrowth of an arm? Could it be that he possesses a similar ability as the Undying Fire Shaman, Lie Fuluo?

“I told all of you just now. Even though they are unlike the Fiendgods of the current era, all these Ancient Shamans can be considered to be body refiners.” Jia Nan frowned as he reminded. “Body refiners can be reborn from a drop of blood or a single strand of thought. So, they are definitely extremely formidable. Not to mention that these Ancient Shamans possess various supreme divine abilities!”

It was just as Jia Nan had said. Compared to the body refiners of the current era, all of these Ancient Shamans possessed various inconceivably formidable abilities.

For example, the Undying Fire Shaman, Lie Fuluo, possessed the Undying Blood that made him practically impossible to kill.

For example, the Eight Armed Ghost Shaman, Suo Lin, possessed eight arms that were sharp like weapons, and they weren’t weaker to any Natural Spirit Treasure.

On the other hand, even though the body refiners of this era could cultivate all sorts of divine abilities like the Heavenly Transformation and Deity Transformation, all of these techniques were cultivated and not possessed innately. So, comparatively speaking, it was much more inferior to the Ancient Shamans.

At this moment, Chen Xi seemed to have realized this as well. However, his expression was still calm and indifferent while the killing intent in his eyes hadn’t reduced at all.

“Lowly prey! You’re aroused the killing intent in me. I won’t hold back. This is the end!” Amidst an extremely icy cold voice, a swish resounded as Suo Lin’s figure shot forward like a bolt of lightning. His arms were like blades that could tear the heavens apart. They emanated cold glows as he rotated them swiftly and assaulted Chen Xi.

The sharp rays of light they emanated were too dense to the point it seemed like a blade formation, and it even minced the world into pieces. The heavens and the earth wailed incessantly while its terrifying might simply seemed to be on the verge of obliterating everything!

Unfortunately, all of this was of no threat to Chen Xi.


At practically the exact same instant that Suo Lin attacked, the Talisman Armament in Chen Xi’s hand droned as it flashed forward like a ray of light.


A world shaking sound of collision resounded. The space here collapsed while divine radiance blazed through the surroundings, and the world was filled with the scenes of chaos. On the other hand, Suo Lin’s attack was actually crushed by this terrifying attack!


Fresh blood sprayed into the air. Suo Lin wasn’t even able to evade in time before two of his arms were chopped off simultaneously, and they transformed into a rain of blood while his figure was forcefully blasted flying.

When they witnessed this scene, the expressions of Aruye and the others had finally turned solemn, and they started to reevaluate Chen Xi’s combat strength!

“Dammit! Lowly bastard! You can’t kill me!” Suo Lin let out a world shaking roar because of the intense pain he felt, and it was even to the extent that his face had warped.


Two new arms that were like blades had actually grown out from where his arms were previously severed!

This was why the Ancient Shamans were terrifying. They possessed strengths that weren’t inferior to Region Lords, and since they were able to survive the destruction of the last era, they themselves were elites amongst elites, experts amongst experts.

Coupled with their terrifying abilities of body refinement, it was obvious how terrifying their strengths were.

Earlier, the reason that Zhao Qingyao, Kong Youran, Yea Chen, and Yu Jiuhui had suffered miserably defeats and been captured in succession was because they’d just advanced into the ranks of Region Lords. Their methods of combat and combat abilities had undergone transformations. So, even though they’d become extremely strong, it was a form of completely new strength in the end, and they were unable to control it in a skillful manner.

On the contrary, the Ancient Shamans had lived for countless years, and their history could even be traces back to the last era. Under such circumstances, it was truly extremely difficult for Zhao Qingyao and the others to resist these Ancient Shamans.

However, it was obvious that Chen Xi wasn’t included in this.

He’d refined and absorbed the energy within nine Region Quintessences, and a unique Violet Gold Imperial Sovereign Star had been condensed above his soul.

Coupled with the transformation of his cultivation in the Sword Dao. Even though he was still a First Star Imperial Monarch right now, his overall combat strength had far surpassed his peers, and it could simply be described as being heaven defying!

Not to mention that he even possessed a form of energy that was like a taboo — the energy of Terminus!


Suo Lin was furious, and he attacked explosively once more. The entire sacrificial altar was practically filled by the sharp glow that he emanated, and it seemed capable of destroying everything before it.

It was too terrifying!

If such an existence entered the Ancient God Domain, then he could even crush many Region Lords who had made a name for themselves a very long time ago!

However, his opponent was a monstrous genius that could never be judged by convention, and this battle was bound to be unusual.


A wisp of sword qi rose into the air while Chen Xi’s figure remained on the spot without moving, whereas, this round of attack from Suo Lin had been destroyed once more.


A severed arm flew into the air while blood poured like a fountain.

Suo Lin had lost an arm again!


At this moment, Suo Lin had gone completely berserk. Even though he was defeated over and over again, his arms were being grown back without end, and he showed no sights of being injured or crushed at all.

Such a scene was sufficient to shock anyone. After all, if this continued, then the advantage that Chen Xi possessed couldn’t be considered as an advantage at all….

Shi Yu and the others shuddered in fear from this sight, and they were extremely worried.

On the other hand, Aruye and the others seemed to be extremely composed as they watched coldly. Not a single shred of emotion could be discerned from them.

They’d similarly discerned that if it was in terms of combat strength, then Suo Lin really was much inferior to Chen Xi. However, the Dao of body refinement that Suo Lin possessed was similarly something that Chen Xi couldn’t compare to at all!

This was why the Ancient Shamans were terrifying, so how could it be so easy to kill one of them?

Chen Xi seemed to have utterly not noticed all of this, and he seemed to have utterly not realized anything different about this battle.

He held the Talisman Armament in hand as he attacked incessantly, crushed Suo Lin without end, and ceaselessly transformed Suo Lin’s arms into powder.

It was even to the extent that there were many occasions later on where Suo Lin’s head was severed, his throat was pierced, his chest was cut open, his legs were cut off….

But in the end, Suo Lin recovered to a whole state over and over again, and he simply seemed impossible to kill.

“Dammit! Fuck! I’ll kill you!” Even though he’d quickly recovered every time he was crushed, it still made Suo Lin burn with rage, and he fell into a berserk state and roared loudly without end.

He was unable to accept such a situation where an extremely lowly prey had caused him to be embarrassed over and over again. Moreover, he was utterly unable to do anything to his opponent. Suo Lin was unable to accept such an outcome.

However, he felt aggrieved and helpless because Chen Xi really was too strong, and he was utterly unable to change this situation.


For a time, severed arms and blood flew throughout the Shaman Spirit Sacrificial Altar. It was a horrifying sight while the battle had fallen into a stalemate.

“HAHAHA! You can’t kill me! Just give up! All your attacks are useless to me!” Suo Lin roared with laughter, and he seemed to have gone mad.

At this point in the battle, Suo Lin had given up on attacking Chen Xi, and he’d changed his strategy. He intended to exhaust Chen Xi to death by relying on his advantage which was the fact that he was impossible to kill!

“This fellow….” Aruye chuckled while the other Ancient Shamans in the surroundings laughed with ridicule as well. But no matter what, they were still filled with confidence towards Suo Lin.

“Can you really not be killed?” Right at this moment, Chen Xi suddenly stopped attacking, and he stood in midair while a wisp of a cold arc had arisen on the corners of his mouth.

His actions seemed extremely incomprehensible and rather sudden. After all, this was a battle, and the slightest bit of carelessness might cause one to fall into a hopeless situation.

But Chen Xi had actually… stopped attacking!

“Kill!” When he saw this, how could Suo Lin give up such a superb opportunity? He immediately let out savage laughter as he swung his eight arms and caused an expanse of surging sharp rays to arise.

However, his movements stopped abruptly at this moment!

The surging sharp rays had even been released when he seemed to have been frozen on the spot. He was frozen in midair, and even his expression was frozen.

He was like a statue.

This scene seemed extremely strange. As soon as Chen Xi stopped attacking, Suo Lin’s figure had stiffened right after he was just about to attack, and this caused everyone outside the battlefield to open their eyes wide and feel extremely astounded.

What’s going on?

All of this took a long time to describe, yet it actually occurred in an instant. Before all of them could even recover from their shock, cracking resounded like dense rumbling of a drum.

After that, they watched in shock as Suo Lin’s entire body seemed as if it was sliced apart by a myriad of blades. His arms, legs, head, body…. Everything had exploded into pieces of flesh and blood in an instant!

When it came to body refiners, even if it their body was destroyed, they could still recover completely if they left just a single thought behind.

However, at this moment, not only did Suo Lin’s flesh and blood not fuse back together, they actually started to vanish bit by bit in midair, and then they completely transformed into nothingness!

It was even to the extent that his spirit, energy, and essence had vanished completely, and he didn’t leave even a trace behind!

A terrifying existence amongst the Ancient Shamans had actually vanished just like that without emitted a single sound….

Such a bizarre scene simply shocked Aruye and the others to the point their eyes opened wide, and they were completely stunned and filled with disbelief.

It wasn’t just them. Shi Yu and the others had gasped as well, and they fell into unprecedented shock.

How exactly… did that fellow die?

No one knew the answer to this question.

It was exactly because of this that it seemed extraordinarily shocking.

After a long time passed, there was still not a shred of movement on the sacrificial altar, and Suo Lin who’d vanished didn’t show any sign of coming back to life. This caused Aruye and the others to finally ascertain that Suo Lin had really died! It wasn’t just his body that had been destroyed, even his thoughts and everything he possessed had been completely obliterated!

“Terminus! It really is Terminus…. This fellow hasn’t just grasped the Terminus Dao Insight, he has even cultivated it to the point of attaining the Terminus Divine Dao!” Aruye muttered while a wisp of an extremely shocking and blood red glow arose in his eyes.

He’d noticed this when Chen Xi killed Lie Fuluo just now, but at that time….

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