Chapter 1950 – Venting

After the time for 10 breaths of air had passed, Lie Fuluo’s shattered body showed no signs of fusing back together.

This caused the expressions of Aruye and the others to sink.

After waiting for another 30 breaths of time, the situation remained the same.

This caused Aruye and the others to instantly realize that the situation was slightly bad.

Since Chen Xi stepped foot onto the Shaman Spirit Sacrificial Altar until he attacked, merely an instant had passed. The battle could truly be said to have ended quickly.

However, Aruye and the others were mentally prepared for this because they were clearly aware that Lie Fuluo who was a descendent of the Undying Fire Shaman tribe wouldn’t die so easily.

Conversely, his imposing aura would rise by a level every single time he was killed by his opponent. This was the ability possessed by the Undying Fire Shaman tribe.

But who would have imagined that a mishap would have occurred this time!?

“How could this have happened?” Many of the experts on Aruye’s side were surprised and bewildered.

Aruye’s expression was slightly gloomy as well. He was naturally clearly aware that Lie Fuluo had been careless just now, and if Lie Fuluo had been just a little bit careful, then such an incident would have definitely not occurred.

What an idiot! Aruye cursed in his heart.

Hiss! Hiss!

A wave of strange sounds resounded.

Aruye and the others instantly looked over. The flesh and blood that remained of Lie Fuluo’s body had actually started to vanish slowly at this moment. In the short period of a few breaths of time, they’d actually transformed into nothingness and had completely vanished as if they’d evaporated into thin air.

The pupils of those Ancient Shamans instantly constricted and were filled with disbelief.

It wasn’t just them, even Shi Yu, Jia Nan, and Qin Xinhui almost didn’t dare believe their eyes. The battle has only just begun yet Lie Fuluo has already been annihilated?

They clearly remembered how heaven defying Lie Fuluo’s combat strength was during his battle with Yea Chen, and he was impossible to kill.

But now, he was actually unable to withstand a single strike from Chen Xi!

This was too inconceivable!

On the other hand, Chen Xi stood upright on the Shaman Spirit Sacrificial Altar from the beginning until the end, and he had an indifferent expression while his tall and aloof figure was covered in unparalleled killing intent. He was like an emotionless god of death.

Obviously, he wasn’t surprised that he was able to kill Lie Fuluo, and it was even to the extent that it was unable to cause a trace of fluctuation in his emotions.

He was still waiting… waiting for the next opponent to enter the battlefield!

Because the rage and hatred that had been accumulated and suppressed in his heart for so long had just been released, and he still hadn’t had the opportunity to vent it!

“Terminus! Only the energy of Terminus is capable of annihilating an Undying Fire Shaman!” Aruye seemed to have realized something and shouted abruptly, and his gaze shot out explosively like a cold bolt of lightning to instantly lock onto Chen Xi. He said, “You’ve… actually grasped the energy of Terminus?”

His voice carried a wisp of surprise and bewilderment.

Needless to say, Aruye was extremely discerning as he’d pinpointed the crux of the matter with a single glance. However, Chen Xi would naturally not admit this.

He just gazed coldly at Aruye and said indifferently, “I’m waiting for my next opponent. It’s best that you don’t delay, otherwise, I’d think that all of you are afraid.”

His words caused Aruye’s expression to suddenly turn icy cold to the extreme, and then he stared fixedly at Chen Xi for a long time before he suddenly laughed coldly and said, “No, if you’ve grasped the energy of Terminus, then the Ancient God Domain would probably be unable to tolerate your existence!”

When he spoke up to here, Aruye suddenly turned around to glance at the other Ancient Shamans. In the end, his gaze descended onto Suo Lin who had eight arms and said, “You go take revenge for Lie Fuluo.”

Suo Lin nodded while a wisp of killing intent surged into his eyes.

“Lie Fuluo is dead. But he died because of his own carelessness. I hope that you don’t make such a stupid mistake again!” Aruye reminded in a cold voice.

Suo Lin nodded again. He’d naturally discerned that Lie Fuluo’s death was entirely because of Lie Fuluo’s own carelessness. Because if he really fought Chen Xi, then it would definitely be impossible for Chen Xi to defeat him with such ease.


Suo Lin’s figure flashed onto the sacrificial altar, and as he swung his eight arms, they were like eight extremely sharp and bloodthirsty saws that emanated a terrifying and sharp aura.

“Chen Xi, kill him and avenge Senior Sister Kong!” Shi Yu’s voice carried a strand of sorrow. Earlier, Kong Youran simply seemed as if she’d suffered a thousand cuts. Her bones were faintly visible while there wasn’t an inch of unharmed skin on her entire body. So, Shi Yu was on the verge of going mad with hatred when he watched her being reduced to such a miserable state.

“Alright!” Chen Xi’s answer was very simple, and it was just a single word. However, it carried an unquestionable and firm answer.

“You? You’re wishfully thinking of killing me? How laughable!” Suo Lin laughed with ridicule. Even though he spoke in this way, he didn’t underestimate Chen Xi at all because he would absolutely not allow himself to make the same mistake as Lie Fuluo had.

“Right, me!” At this moment, the essence, energy, and spirit within Chen Xi’s entire body seemed as if it was on fire while his black hair fluttered. He seemed like a peerless god of war that was arrogant and ferocious. “You won’t be the last. All of you Ancient Shaman bastards will die today!”

As he finished speaking, killing intent that covered the heavens and the earth charged out and swept through the world.

Moreover, numerous grand divine talisman diagrams had appeared around him. They pierced through space, resonated with his voice, and surged through the nine heavens!

This was a form of imposing aura, and it wasn’t the effect of a technique.

At this moment, Chen Xi really was unlike before. He’d become ferocious, arrogant, and seething with killing intent, causing the surroundings to tremble before the astounding aura he revealed.

He yearned for battle, and he yearned to kill all the enemies before him and vent the hatred in his heart!

“Haha!!” Suo Lin roared with laughter when he heard this. He wasn’t afraid. Conversely, he felt that Chen Xi had been overwhelmed by hatred and had become a madman.

“How truly laughable. Just moments ago, the cultivators from your Ancient God Domain were miserably defeated in succession and captured. They were simply unable to withstand a single blow, yet you actually dare to boast like that? How ignorant and laughable is that!” Suo Lin’s voice carried disdain and a form of pride that came from the feeling of superiority.

In the distance, the other Ancient Shamans laughed with ridicule as well while revealing expressions of contempt. Does this fellow, Chen Xi, really think he can reign supreme after killing Lie Fuluo?

“Is it laughable?” Chen Xi’s gaze was deep and shocking.

“Of course it is! All of you cultivators from the current era are simply lowly to the extreme, and you’re utterly unaware of what a true expert is! Do you know that those arrogant words of yours is like the words of an ant that had been forced to madness and was threatening a Holy Shaman that rulers of everything? It is so absurd, lowly, laughable, and amusing!” These words were ear piercing and infuriating because he looked down upon the cultivators of this era. This was simply like an extraordinary humiliation.

It caused Shi Yu and Qin Xinhui to grit their teeth without end. That damnable bastard actually dared to think of us as lowly ants!

“Suo Lin, cut the crap and quickly capture him!” Some Ancient Shamans frowned and was slightly impatient. They couldn’t understand why Suo Lin would waste his breath on an ant.

“Don’t be impatient. I’ll slowly destroy his pride, and trample on him until he loses everything he possesses!” Suo Lin recovered his cold bearing, and then he pointed his eight arms at Chen Xi and said, “Lowly prey, from this moment onward, the existence of your destiny is meaningless!”

He was very conceited, calm, and composed. It was a bearing of absolute domination. He hadn’t underestimated Chen Xi, but he wouldn’t be fearful or hold back because of that.


His voice hadn’t finished resounding through the air when he’d attacked ferociously. He swung his arm like a dazzling blade, and it was peerlessly resplendent as it slashed down at Chen Xi.

At this instant, it was like the sickle of the reaper had flashed out from hell, and it intended to reap Chen Xi’s soul!

Even though he’d only utilized a single arm, its peerless edge was still oppressive to the extreme, and it seemed as if it was about to slash Chen Xi into half.


Chen Xi pressed his fingers together tightly, and they carried peerless violet gold divine radiance as he slapped his palm forcefully against the arm. It was like two unprecedented weapons colliding with each other. Divine radiance exploded through space, and this expanse of the heavens and the earth was blasted apart.

This battle had erupted!

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

This collision seemed to have allowed Suo Lin to ascertain the combat strength that Chen Xi possessed, and his confidence multiplied greatly. He was arrogant and domineering as he waved his eight arms through space.

For a time, dazzling and blazing light filled the sky, and his arms that were sharp like the sickle of the reaper even tore space into powder as they shot towards Chen Xi.

Earlier, Kong Youran had been crushed by exactly such an attack. She’d been forced back repeatedly while numerous horrifying injuries were left on her body, and then she finally crashed to the ground in the end.

Crack! Crack!

Terrifying sounds of explosion resounded on the sacrificial altar. Space collapsed, the landscape was thrown into disorder, and space was cut into powder by the peerless sharpness of Suo Lin’s arms. Suo Lin’s combat strength was terrifying indeed, and he revealed an all-powerful bearing wherever he passed.

At this moment, he seemed to be entirely unstoppable!

Suo Lin was clearly aware that Chen Xi had refined nine Region Quintessences, so he couldn’t be compared to the other cultivators from the Ancient God Domain. Moreover, it was very likely that Chen Xi possessed the energy of Terminus.

So, at this moment, he’d utilized his strongest move with the intention of crushing Chen Xi in one go!


At this moment, a sword howl resounded through the sky as Chen Xi withdrew the Talisman Armament, and his imposing aura was like a seething ocean as he executed a lethal move as well.

He’d been enduring it for so long, and he wanted to vent at this moment! He wanted to use the blood of his enemies to wash away the humiliation he’d received! He wanted to calm the surging hatred in his heart!

A completely round veil of light appeared above him while expanse after expanse of starry skies rose up within them. They revealed a boundless universe with a myriad of stars that circulated endlessly within it!

Besides that, the spirit, energy, and essence within his body had started to circulate completely and condense the energy of a Region Lord. This energy transformed into boundless violet gold divine radiance, and it enveloped his entire body.

When looked at from afar, it was like his entire body was enveloped in blazing divine radiance, and he was dazzling to the point he was impossible to look at! It made him seem magnificent, divine, and emanate the imposing aura of an overlord.


This expanse of the world warped and rumbled as it exploded into pieces. Meanwhile, all of Suo Lin’s attacks were actually obliterated by the imposing aura that Chen Xi emanated!


At practically the exact same moment, Chen Xi slashed with his sword.

What sort of strike was this?

A myriad of techniques arose in an instant while a Daos were obliterated in the blink of an eye. It blotted out all light, and none could compete in radiance with it!

This was the 4th level of the Sword Emperor Realm!

It was a supreme realm attained by stepping through the threshold of the Ultimate Path towards the Dao, and only peerless emperors of the Sword could utilize it.

At this instant, the atmosphere in the outside world was oppressive to the extreme. Everyone was staring at the battlefield without blinking at all because they were deeply afraid of missing the slightest detail.


When this wisp of sword qi vanished, an expanse of blood sprayed while a severed arm was instantly transformed into powder by the wisp of sword qi.

At this moment, Suo Lin had lost an arm, and he had a shocked and furious expression while he howled with rage and pain.

This scene instantly shocked everyone in the surroundings. It caused the pupils of all the Ancient Shamans to dilate because they were utterly unable to imagine that Suo Lin actually had his arm severed in an instant!

How could this be possible?

How could that fellow be so formidable?

On the other hand, Shi Yu, Qin Xinhui and the others who were originally nervous to the extreme couldn’t help but feel a wisp of excitement.

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