Chapter 195 – Qing Xiuyi

Chapter 195 – Qing Xiuyi


Right when Chen Xi completely consumed all the Starsoul Meteorites, the Shaman Energy in his entire body arrived at the most perfect state and the nine Shaman Markings on his back transformed into the shape of the nine palaces, taking form with a bang!

At this instant, countless profound variations emerged, the five elements, Yin, Yang, Wind, Lightning… The various variations and derivations of the profundities of the heaven and earth appeared one after the other in copious amounts, and it seemed like the trail of the Heaven Dao and the striations of Chaos. It was as if a divine being from ancient times was examining the secrets of the heavens, and as he lifted his head, boundless profound scenes were born naturally.

At this moment on Chen Xi’s back, the Fifth-Earth Shaman Marking was at the center spot, the Second-Wood Shaman Marking was at the west, the Seventh-Gold Shaman Marking at the east, the Ninth-Water Shaman Marking at the north, and the Third-Fire Shaman Marking at the south. These five Shaman Markings formed the state of mutual reinforcement and neutralization of the five elements that was an endless cycle.

The northwest and northeast were respectively the Great Yin and Great Yang Shaman Markings, and they were situated at the top two poles of the nine palaces. Yin and Yang circulating like a union of halves.

The southwest and southeast were respectively the Wind and Lightning Shaman Markings, and they occupied the lower two poles of the nine palaces. Wind and lightning interweaved, causing the myriad of beings in the world to be conceived.

These nine palaces also corresponded with the dimensions of the eight trigrams, and it just happened to be like the eight great sword moves of the Myriad Convergence Sword Scripture. But there was an extra Center Palace that was occupied tyrannically by the Fifth-Earth Shaman Marking like a central Emperor that commanded the world with a virtuous heart!

Moreover, Star Apertures had been developed within these nine Shaman Markings and had a luster that was contained within them, and numerous Star Bridges crisscrossed both horizontally and vertically and ran through each other. When looked at from afar, the nine palace diagram was like a profound and unfathomable star diagram that contained boundless secrets of the heavens. They were indistinct and flickered between dimness and brightness as if they were breathing, and it was extremely miraculous.

As soon as the nine palaces were formed, Chen Xi instantly felt as if his body had grown limitlessly. With a raise of his head, he’d already arrived at the vast and boundless starry sky, and his breathing, vital energy, thoughts… Everything seemed to be connected with the myriad of stars from afar. That feeling seemed as if he’d transformed to become the master of the starry sky and controlled the entire universe, and it was an indescribably wonderful feeling.

In this miraculous state, the surging energy within his flesh even seemed to steadily rise at a terrifying speed. Every single Shaman Marking was accumulating, tempering, developing, and delivering vast and mighty Shaman Energy, and the splendid feeling of ceaselessly possessing strength simply caused one to sink into it to the point of being unable to free oneself.

Chen Xi stood up and struck out with his fist.


Chen Xi’s instantly completely emptied out the air in the surroundings and directly caused space to collapse, and the will of his strike ran through the heaven and the earth. A single punch seemed as if the entire room was filled with the images of his fish. Over 10 types of Dao Insights transformed into horned dragons that coiled and transformed, surged and exploded, and possessed the strength to lift mountains and rivers, and it possessed the might to shake the universe!

“Chen Xi, receive a sword strike of mine!” After shouting out explosively, Ling Bai transformed into a dazzling gold light that slashed right at Chen Xi. This strike contained the supreme Nirvana Sword Insight that was neither alive nor dead, and seemed eternal. It was the peak sword strike of Ling Bai’s cultivation up until now, and not to mention a Golden Hall Realm cultivator, even an ordinary Golden Core Realm cultivator wouldn’t dare take it head on.

But Chen Xi neither avoided nor dodged, he took a step forward and stretched his hand before striking out with a punch. The desolate, ancient, vast, and terrifying Shaman Energy converged to a single point, and solely its aura caused the space to shatter and shook the wall in the surroundings to the point of shaking and emitting cracking sounds.


The strength of the punch was like a sledgehammer formed from a hill, a single strike instantly shaking the gold light to the point of emitting buzzing sounds, and it shook intensely as it flew out backward.

Stomp! Stomp! Stomp!

The gold light instantly transformed into Ling Bai’s appearance, and he seemed to be unable to control his body, causing him to successively retreat over 30m in the air before being barely able to stabilize his body.

“Formidable! An extremely simple punch is already sufficient to annihilate some Golden Core Realm cultivators. If you are to encounter that Chu Tianju once more, he’s bound to lose miserably under this punch.” Ling Bai exclaimed repeatedly with admiration.

Chen Xi was extremely satisfied by this punch as well, but he knew instead that by relying on his current body refinement cultivation, he would at most be able to annihilate some initial-stage Golden Core Realm cultivators. After all, there were many types of Golden Core Realm cultivators that possessed varying strengths, and they couldn’t be grouped up together.

I’ll cultivate slowly. The next step is the Golden Core Realm in body refinement. At that stage, at the instant the vital energy and blood in my body are circulated, it would be able to form a sphere of vital essence above me that seemed like signal smoke. When dealing with some ordinary cultivators, just the might of the sphere of vital essence is enough to scare them out of their wits and all evil will be unable to invade my body! Chen Xi clenched his fist and revealed strong confidence.

After his body refinement cultivation advanced to the Golden Hall Realm, his body and strength had risen explosively by a few times. Moreover, the vital energy in his entire body seemed like a well trained army, causing every move he executed to be condensed as one, and a light clench of his fist was able to crush profound-rank Magic Treasures. If he were to execute the Grand Astral Palm, he might even be able to annihilate Golden Core Realm cultivators.

In short, no matter if it was his body refinement cultivation or qi refinement cultivation, Chen Xi had currently attained a height that was inconceivable amongst others with a similar cultivation, and he was extremely formidable and abnormal, causing it to not be difficult for him to surmount a realm and annihilate his enemies.

“Chen Xi, let’s go. Today is the day the Oceanic Desert enters into a period of dormancy!” Ling Bai leaped up onto Chen Xi’s shoulder and spoke excitedly.

“What? Three days have already passed?” Chen Xi spoke with surprise. He never expected that he’d only charged into the Golden Hall Realm, yet three days had actually passed.

“Let’s go. We’ll first go purchase some top-grade profound-rank swords, as yellow-rank Magic Treasures are already unable to exert my entire strength.” Chen Xi thought for a moment before pushing open the door and leaving.

When he left the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect, he was still at the Violet Palace Realm and was only able to utilize yellow-rank Magic Treasures, so he’d prepared a few tens of top-grade yellow-rank swords. But during the battle with Han Guyue, practically all of these swords had instantly shattered and had almost been completely destroyed. Now that he’d already advanced to the Golden Hall Realm, he was able to utilize profound-rank Magic Treasures, and coupled with the unknown dangers in his journey to the Oceanic Desert this time, he naturally had to properly prepare some Magic Treasures to protect himself.

The Treasure Heaven Pavilion had a tremendous background and possessed great wealth, and it gathered all the rare and strange treasures in this world, so it naturally had no lack of profound-rank Magic Treasures. Actually, it wasn’t just profound-rank Magic Treasures, even if it was earth-rank Magic Treasures or heaven-rank Magic Treasures, all of them could be purchased at the Treasure Heaven Pavilion. It was precisely because of this that the Treasure Heaven Pavilions shocking resources and reserves were revealed.

This main hall of the Treasure Heaven Pavilion looked to be only 300m in area, yet there were numerous doors with passageways the lead to different places, and these passageways were divided according to Magic Treasures, cultivation techniques, medicinal pills, formations, spirit materials… When the halls that were divided into different categories and the space they occupied were added together, it was 500 km in area, and was extremely vast.

The Magic Treasure Hall was divided into the Sword Pavilion, Saber Pavilion, and so on and so forth.

Chen Xi refused the guidance of the female attendant and wandered about the Treasure Heaven Pavilion by himself. All along the way, he saw many precious and strange treasures that were ordinarily rare to come by, like the skin of the Fissure Whaleshark and Crimsonblood Coral that was produced in the eastern sea, the Dragonhorse Spikes and Ice Spongefruit from the northern barbaric lands, and there were even some beautiful women that weren’t of the human race and lived at the outer fringes of civilization that were taken as goods to be sold. These non-human women had brown hair and jade green eyes, their skin snow white, and their figures were hot and voluptuous, causing them to be loved by cultivators that had the habit of keeping slaves.

All of this caused Chen Xi’s horizons to be widened greatly. But he also noticed that there were extremely numerous cultivators in the Treasure Heaven Pavilion today. Most of them were cultivators from outside the southern territory. Through their conversations, Chen Xi gradually understood that these cultivators from outside the southern territory had come to purchase some medicinal pills and Magic Treasures for the sake of making preparations for unexpected needs when they entered the Oceanic Desert, and their thoughts were similar to his.

The strengths of these cultivators from outside the southern territory were extremely strong, and practically all of them were Golden Core Realm cultivators. There were both men and women amongst them, all with young appearances and full of vigor and vitality. Moreover, the formidable aura that some of these people revealed even caused Chen Xi to be slightly shocked in his heart, and he didn’t dare look down on the outstanding figures in the world.

“Fellow Daoist, how about this flying sword? This is a sword formation formed from 36 top-grade yellow-rank Fish-Scale Swords, and there’s also a formation diagram. Not only can it be used to defend against enemies, it’s even capable of being set up into the Myriad Fish Lakeswallow Grand Formation. When used to guard an abode, it’s able to automatically circulate and kill your enemies.” Right when Chen Xi’s thoughts flew by swiftly, a clear voice sounded out by his ear.

When he concentrated his gaze and looked over, he realized that he’d already arrived within the Sword Pavilion.

A beautiful female attendant wearing fine gauze and possessing a graceful body stood at the center of the Sword Pavilion, and she was introducing a sword formation to Chen Xi with a sweet smile and a respectful manner, causing him to feel as if he was bathing in a gust of summer breeze.

This Sword Pavilion covered 3 km in area and was in a circular dome shape. When one took a glance around it, it was covered in a superb collection of swords that contained oppressive bright lights, and when one was situated amongst them, it was as if one had arrived in an ocean of swords.

Chen Xi even saw that within a screen of light at the center position of the Sword Pavilion hung three heaven-rank swords. The sword blades were thin as a cicada’s wings, completely pitch black like ink, and complicated and profound markings were set up at the upper area of the swords. They looked to be simple and ordinary, yet when looked at from afar, it caused one to feel a sharp qi that pierced the bone, and it seemed as if the blood in one’s entire body had frozen up.

As expected of a great trading company that can be found all over the Darchu Dynasty, even a set of three heaven-rank swords are hung here for sale. Extravagance, truly great extravagance! Chen Xi gasped in admiration in his heart.

“Chen Xi, the swords here are all formed from molds, and they’re far from being able to compare with Magic Treasures that are refined by one’s self or precious treasures inherited in sects. I think that really good things in the Treasure Heaven Pavilion ought to be in their auctions.” Ling Bai spoke via voice transmission, and his voice was filled with disdain towards the swords in the Sword Pavilion.

Chen Xi smiled, yet neither agreed nor disagreed with what Ling Bai said. Of course, he wanted to obtain some formidable swords as well, but unfortunately, he was only capable of purchasing some ordinary swords with his current wealth.

“Hmm?” However, right when Chen Xi intended to ask the female attendant where the top-grade profound-rank swords were placed, he abruptly noticed that the female attendant had abandoned him and actually gone to take care of other customers.

This was nothing. What caused Chen Xi to be astonished was he knew two of the three cultivators that stood by the female attendant!

These two people wore Daoist robes that had a white crane pattern embroidered on it. The crane’s wings were unfolded, intending to fly far into the nine heavens, and a desire to soar above the clouds appeared out of thin air from it, causing this young man to seem like a dragon amongst men, an unparalleled genius. They were precisely the central plains Whitecrane Sect’s Pei Zhong and Xue Chen.

These two people were both young geniuses at the intermediate-stage of the Golden Core Realm and above, and they possessed strengths that didn’t allow underestimation. Before this when Chen Xi hadn’t advanced to the Golden Hall Realm, he’d once come into conflict with these two people for the sake of a Six-Winged Blood Dragonbat’s Inner Core, and if it wasn’t for him fleeing swiftly, he’d have lost his life at the hands of these two people.

Of course, now that Chen Xi’s strength has risen explosively by many times, he was naturally unafraid of these two people, and the person he was unable to see through was the woman at the center of the two.

This woman wore a plain long dress. She had a pair of elegant eyes and a peerlessly beautiful appearance that seemed as if she’d come from a painting. Her long hair that was pitch black like ink and hung loosely on her shoulders fluttered gracefully and lightly. She seemed like a fairy that was obscure in a painting of mist and rain that veiled a distant mountain and made her seem otherworldly, and the aura in her entire body circulated naturally, causing her to look tranquil, yet her strength seemed to be unfathomable.

Before this woman, the limelight of Pei Zhong and Xue Chen were completely seized away, and they dimmed in comparison.

Could it be that this woman is the Senior Sister that Pei Zhong and Xue Chen mentioned, Qing Xiuyi? Chen Xi abruptly recalled that when he eavesdropped on the conversation between Pei Zhong and Xue Chan deep in the jungle, the two of them had mentioned this name once.

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