Chapter 1948 – Undying Fire Shaman

The head of a snake, scales that cover the entire body, and blood red pupils.

During the last era, Ying Long was an Ancient Shaman of noble birth, and he was from the Devilhowl Snake Shaman tribe.

The strongest innate divine technique of the Devilhowl Snake Shaman tribe was the Devil Howl! It was a terrifying ultimate technique capable of destroying the land and shattering the stars with a single howl!

It was very easy for one’s soul to be obliterated and perish on the spot from being struck by this howl!

The attack he executed just now was the Devil Howl technique, and it had injured Zhao Qingyao’s soul with a single strike and almost caused her to lose her life.

“Miss Zhao!” In the area outside the battlefield, many others shouted loudly while horror filled their hearts, and they wished for nothing more than to charge over immediately to rescue Zhao Qingyao. However, the laws of the Shaman Spirit Battle Domain stopped them from approaching Zhao Qingyao.

Coupled with the fact that a group of heretics were in confrontation with them from afar and glaring fiercely at them, they didn’t dare act rashly.

Zhao Qingyao’s figure shuddered while blood flowed from the corners of her mouth. She still continued persisting tenaciously and attacked once more because the dignity in her heart had made her forget both life and death!


The battle continued. The tenacity Zhao Qingyao revealed caused Ying Long to be slightly surprised. However, he laughed coldly right after that.

He was clearly aware that she wished to die gloriously in battle than fall to disgrace.


It wasn’t long before Ying Long executed another Devil Howl. The invisible soundwave was like a myriad of mountains that struck forcefully against Zhao Qingyao, causing her to cough up large mouthfuls of blood while innumerable bones throughout her body had been broken.

At this moment, she was heavily injured and in imminent danger!

However, she forcefully endured it and persisted once more!

This caused Chen Xi and the others to be visible moved. Besides feeling shocked in their hearts, they grew even more anxious and worried. Many of them had even started gnashing their teeth with hatred while their eyes seemed to be on the verge of emanating flames of rage.

“I’ll kill that fellow! I’ll definitely kill that fellow! He’s going too far….” Yea Chen muttered while his eyes were filled with cold hatred.

The others had similar reactions as well.


The injuries she’d suffered were too heavy. Even if Zhao Qingyao had persisted until now, she was being constantly being struck by Ying Long’s attacks to the point of coughing up blood repeatedly.

In the end, the bones throughout her body had shattered while her entire body was bathed in blood. She was merely supporting herself with a strand of a tenacious will to fight.

“How troublesome.” At this point in the battle, Ying Long had frowned slightly as he hadn’t expected he would encounter such an extremely tenacious opponent.

He really could kill her with ease, but he absolutely refused to do that.

Because since the start of this battle, Ying Long’s objective had never been to kill her, and it was to utilize this battle to seize everything she possessed and make it his own!

In order to accomplish that, he had to utilize an absolutely superior combat strength to defeat her. Not only did he have to crush her in terms of strength, he had to crush her confidence, will, and dignity!

Only in this way could he obtain the most complete form of everything she possessed!

This sort of unique method of killing was called ‘Destiny Stripping’ by the Ancient Shamans.

This was the reason why Ying Long had repeatedly insulted and ridiculed Zhao Qingyao since the battle began. It was firstly to infuriate her before crushing her will and conviction at her at the moment she felt the most fury and despair!

“Hmph!” Ying Long bit his teeth, and then he executed the Devil Howl technique once more.


At this moment, no miracles occurred. The howl directly destroyed the last line of defense in Zhao Qingyao’s heart, and it caused her figure to stiffen before it crashed to the ground.

“Bastard!” Many of the others who were spectating the battle cried out loudly while their eyes almost split apart from rage, and their figures flashed as they charged forward. However, they were forcefully blasted back by the energy of the laws that covered the surroundings of the Shaman Spirit Sacrificial Altar, causing them to be unable to approach it at all.


Ying Long flicked his sleeve, and then a cage formed by strange black colored markings appeared. It instantly caged Zhao Qingyao’s figure within it before Ying Long carried it down the sacrificial altar with him.

She was dead and caged!

The others were sorrowful and enraged when they witnessed this scene, and their hatred was impossible to calm. Chen Xi even wished for nothing more than to immediately head over, annihilate Ying Long, and then seize Zhao Qingyao’s bloodied body back.

After Ying Long returned to the group of Ancient Shamans, he sat down cross-legged, and he seemed to be utilizing a secret technique to obtain something from Zhao Qingyao.

However, before he could even start, Aruye spoke in an icy cold voice and stopped him. “Ying Long, all the other preys have not been captured yet, so now isn’t the time to completely strip away her destiny!”

Ying Long seemed to be extremely unwilling, and he let out a low roar yet didn’t continue in the end. He stood up instead and said, “Then I’ll wait a while longer.”

“Miss Zhao seems to still be alive.” When he witnessed this scene, Chen Xi who’d fallen into extreme rage had suddenly calmed down, and he spoke swiftly via voice transmission.

The hearts of Kong Youran and the others shook, and they investigated carefully as well. Sure enough, they noticed that while Zhao Qingyao was bathed in blood, extremely heavily injured, and had lost consciousness, but a trace of faint and weak aura was still present around her. She hadn’t perished completely.

This allowed Kong Youran and the others to heave sighs of relief. However, they couldn’t help but burn with rage.

Yes, she really wasn’t dead, but she was trapped in a cage like prey. Such humiliating and insulting methods were even more unbearable than being killed.

“Ying Luan, you can choose an opponent for the 2nd battle.” This time, before those black robed figures could even fight for an opportunity, Aruye had spoken directly and decided that Ying Luan who’d argued with Ying Long earlier would be the one to fight in this round.

“Thank you, my Lord!” Ying Luan was couldn’t wait any longer, and Ying Luan’s figure had flashed onto the sacrificial altar before Ying Luan’s voice had even finished resounding through the air.

Hiss! Hiss!

Strands of extremely icy cold and silver colored divine radiance effused out from Ying Luan, and it froze the black robe and cloak that covered Ying Luan’s body. After that, rumbling resounded as they shattered into pieces of ice that fell to the ground, and then Ying Luan’s true appearance was revealed before the eyes of everyone.

She was actually a woman with a slender and proud figure. She had straight silver hair that hung down from her head, and her appearance was beautiful and icy cold.

The most horrifying aspect was that a pair of silver bolts of lightning were actually hanging from her fair ears, and they were like earrings that flickered and emanated a horrifying aura of destruction.


Her gaze was sharp like a bolt of lightning, and it instantly locked onto Yu Jiuhui before a wisp of an arc that was sharp like a blade appeared on the corners of her mouth. She lightly spat out three words. “Get up here!”

It was merely a few words, yet it actually carried such an extremely arrogant and mighty aura that was like a supreme queen giving out an order.

When compared to Ying Long, her entire body emanated an icy cold and sharp aura. Ying Luan was clearly even more terrifying and didn’t waste her breath at all.

However, when she chose Yu Jiuhui as her opponent, it caused Chen Xi and the others to be slightly surprised, and it made Kong Youran, Shi Yu, Yea Chen, and the others feel aggrieved.

They urgently desired to do battle, and no matter how strong their opponent was, they were unwilling to watch helplessly as a similar scene was repeated.

However, the reality before them was one where they could only wait like lamb that were waiting to be slaughtered. They could only be chosen and couldn’t take the initiative to attack.

This wasn’t just aggrieving; it was a form of humiliation!

Yu Jiuhui had a similarly reserved bearing. A strand of cold light erupted from his eyes when he heard her, and in the next moment, his figure had arrived on the Shaman Spirit Sacrificial Altar.


He withdrew a black pike, and then he didn’t waste his breath at all before he directly launched an attack. Moreover, he’d utilized his strongest ability.

The battle from before had allowed Yu Jiuhui to be clearly aware of how terrifying their opponents were, so it was naturally impossible for him to hold back at all.

As a disciple of the Dao Institute, Yu Jiuhui definitely possessed a combat strength that wasn’t inferior to Yea Chen at all. However, he was reserved and kept a low profile, so his reputation seemed to be inferior to Yea Chen.

However, there was no doubt that Yu Jiuhui would definitely not be inferior even if he was compared to Qin Xinhui, Shi Yu, and Kong Youran.

“Kill!” Yu Jiuhui attacked. His black pike carried supreme might as it crushed space and swept forward horizontally.

Unfortunately, Ying Luan was too strong, and she was even more terrifying than Ying Long. As soon as the battle began, Yu Jiuhui was forcefully suppressed.

The scene of the battle simply caused the expressions of Chen Xi and the others to change while their hearts grew even heavier.

In merely 10 minutes of time and after less than 300 exchanges between them, Yu Jiuhui had still lost even after he’d utilized all his ability and executed a secret technique that ignited his spirit to bring his combat strength to an unprecedented extreme!

Ying Luan’s silver hair fluttered as she moved her slender figure, and her method of combat was extremely sharp, decisive, and straightforward instead. She took a stride forward, and a silver thundercloud appeared in her hand as she raised the blade in her hand and slashed with it.


A strand of gorgeous yet horrifying blood erupted while Yu Jiuhui’s figure froze on the spot. A blood red mark had appeared at the center of his forehead before his figure crashed to the ground.

A wisp of disdain appeared in the space between Ying Luan’s brows, and then she stretched out her hand and made a grabbing motion. She caged Yu Jiuhui’s body as well, and then brought him down the sacrificial altar with her.

“This prey is barely acceptable.” Ying Luan turned around and left, and as her gaze that was filled with sharp and oppressive disdain swept inadvertently past Chen Xi and the others.

“Dammit!” Yea Chen clenched his fists tightly. He was on the verge of going mad with rage, and he felt extremely humiliated.

The expressions of the others weren’t any better. Their companion had been heavily injured to the point of being on the verge of death before being taken away by their enemies while they were humiliated and provoked in such a manner. This caused them to be on the verge of being unable to restrain the rage in their hearts.

However, their hearts felt extremely heavy. Two successive battles had ended in defeat. Such an outcome was truly too cruel.

In next to no time, the third Ancient Shaman had entered the battlefield and chose Yea Chen as his opponent.

This Ancient Shaman was called Lie Fuluo. His bare upper body that had muscles bulging from it seemed as if it was made from steel, and he seemed to be filled with explosive energy.

His entire body was branded with dense tattoos, and even his face was covered in strange tattoos, causing him to be suffused in a horrifying and shocking aura.


As soon as he ascended the sacrificial altar, Yea Chen who’d been unable to control his hatred for a long time had immediately attacked ferociously. The impetus of his attack was vast, and he controlled the brilliance of boundless eternal night as he executed a supremely grand divine technique.


Lie Fuluo remained motionless. A strange flower tattoo appeared on his palm, and then it bloomed silently before it stood before Yea Chen’s attack.

However, in merely an instant, the flower tattoo had been destroyed, and even Lie Fuluo’s entire body was blasted into pieces that shot towards the surroundings.

He’d been killed by a single move!

Chen Xi and the others were stunned and felt slight disbelief.

Yea Chen couldn’t help but be slightly stunned as well.

Only Aruye and the others had slight cold smiles on the corners of their mouths.


In the next moment, Lie Fuluo’s body that had been blasted into pieces had actually started to wriggle and join together, and he recovered once more.

When compared to before, not only had his aura not weakened at all, it had actually improved by a great deal instead! He’d become even colder and oppressive.

“Watch out. It’s very likely that he’s a descendent of the Undying Fire Shaman tribe that was the most mysterious during the last era!” At this instant, Jia Nan seemed to have discerned something, and he was visibly moved as he cried out involuntarily with surprise.

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