Chapter 1947 – Insult

After a short moment of silence, Zhao Qingyao strode forward.

“Miss Zhao, be careful!” Chen Xi took a deep breath and instructed seriously. He knew that the situation before them was impossible to change, and battle was the only way out of this situation.

“Miss Zhao, you must kill that monster!” Kong Youran and the others spoke successively from the side. They truly hoped that Zhao Qingyao won and annihilated that heretic from the last era.

Because they felt that these heretics were too detestable for treating all of them like prey who could be chosen and slaughtered at will. They felt that it was unforgiveable.

Zhao Qingyao was a disciple from the ancient True Phoenix Palace. She cultivated the supreme techniques of the True Phoenixes. Now that she’d advanced into the ranks of Region Lords, she couldn’t be compared to the past at all.

However, Chen Xi still felt extremely worried and anxious for her.

This wasn’t a spar in a discussion of the Dao, it was a life and death battle. Once she lost, then it meant death for her. It was extremely cruel and brutal.

Coupled with the fact that the opponent was the Ancient Shaman line that had survived from the last era, it was obvious how extraordinary their combat strengths would be.

Just think about it, the last era had been obliterated, but these heretics were able to survive until now. This itself was inconceivable. So, they couldn’t be underestimated at all.

At this moment, Zhao Qingyao’s expression was calm while her footsteps were composed, and her slender figure swayed from side to side as her jet black hair fluttered with the wind.

Moreover, surging flames of the will to fight blazed within her clear eyes!

“Eh, this woman’s Divine Dao Laws blaze like fire and carries an exuberant aura of a True Phoenix. If I’m able to strip away and seize her destiny, then I’ll absolutely be able to fuse it flawlessly with my own strength!” Suddenly, one of the cloaked black robed figures noticed something, and he couldn’t help but step forward while he spoke with a wisp of yearning in his tone.

He actually seemed to fight Ying Long who’d stood out before him to become Zhao Qingyao’s opponent!

“Ying Luan! That’s my prey!” Ying Long’s scarlet red snake eyes flashed with a gloomy expression, and his voice carried a wisp of a threatening tone.

“There are only seven prey while there are 16 amongst us. How would they be divided? I don’t want to miss this opportunity!” The black robed figure called Ying Luan didn’t shrink back at all, and he seemed extremely domineering.

As soon as these words were spoken, it caused the other black robed figures to become restless, and they seemed to be slightly unwilling to allow the others to choose before them.

“Ying Luan, get back here!” Aruye frowned when he witnessed this scene, and his expression turned indifferent.

“Lord Aruye, you ought to be clearly aware that this woman’s Divine Dao Laws, spirit, energy, essence, and even the techniques she cultivates are the most suitable to me.” Ying Luan was unwilling to accept this, and he couldn’t help but argue. “If I were to make a move against her, then I would be entirely capable of completely stripping away and fusing with everything she possesses!”

When these words entered into the ears of Chen Xi and the others, it caused them to be shocked in their hearts. They finally understood that the stripping away and seizing of the destiny that the heretic spoke of was absolutely not as simply as just killing them.

The fundamental objective of the heretics was actually to strip away the Divine Dao Laws, spirit, essence, energy, and even the techniques that they’d cultivated!

“Shut your mouth! Are you questioning my decision?” Aruye had clearly noticed that Ying Luan’s words had exposed a great deal of information, and his expression instantly sank while his voice carried an oppressive aura.

“Not at all!” Ying Luan’s entire body stiffened while he broke out in cold sweat. Because the Ancient Shamans adhered strictly to rank, so he didn’t dare offend Aruye at all.

The other black robed figures felt silence and weren’t restless anymore.


With a flick of his sleeve, a black sacrificial altar suddenly rumbled and surged into appearance from both sides of the completely straight boundary line between the black and white areas.

The black sacrificial altar was tainted with blood, mottled, and ancient. As soon as it appeared, it emanated an aura of bloody and slaughter that assaulted the face, and one could even faintly hear the rumbling of drums and the sound of metal colliding coming from it.

The black sacrificial platform expanded incessantly, and in the time of a few breaths, it had transformed from covering an area of over 30m to covering an area of 300km!

When looked at from afar, it truly seemed like an ancient battlefield.

It really was a battlefield. Half was at the area that was white as day while the other half was at the area that was dark as night. The ground of the battlefield was tainted with blood and completely mottled. It seemed as if they were the marks that were left behind after countless world shocking and bloody battles.

“The battles will be carried out on the Shaman Spirit Sacrificial Altar. Outsides are unable to interfere in the battles that are being held on the sacrificial altar, and this includes me as well.” Aruye had placed his hands behind his back and had a composed expression. Moreover, a grin of confidence in the victory of his side still hung on the corners of his mouth as he said slowly, “So, all of you can fight at ease and struggle with all your ability. You must be sure not to hold back at all.”

Such haughty words spoken in such an arrogant manner caused Chen Xi and the others to be infuriated in their hearts because Aruye didn’t take them seriously at all.

Right at this moment, Aruye suddenly shouted and said, “Ying Long, will you still not ascend the sacrificial altar?”


Aruye’s voice hadn’t finished resounding through the air when that heretic who was covered in scales, had a savage head of a snake, and possessed a cold and bloodthirsty aura had flashed onto the Shaman Spirit Sacrificial Altar.

“Beauty, quickly come up here. I’m already slightly impatient.” Ying Long flicked his scarlet red tongue while he revealed a wisp of abnormal yearning. He gazed at Zhao Qingyao as if he was staring at a supreme delicacy, and it was extremely horrifying.

Even with Chen Xi’s temperament, he couldn’t help but arouse a wisp of dense killing intent when he witnessed this. That damnable animal!

“Don’t be anxious. I impatiently desire to cut off your head and make wine with it as well!” Zhao Qingyao’s expression was icy cold while she strode up the sacrificial altar. Her clothes fluttered with the wind while her entire body emanated strands of seemingly material killing intent as she stood in confrontation with Ying Long from afar.

The atmosphere here became murderous and tense to the extreme.

Even if they were very confident in Zhao Qingyao, they couldn’t help but be anxious and worried for her at this moment.

After all, even though they could determine that the combat strengths possessed by the heretics weren’t inferior to Region Lords, they were unable to discern exactly how formidable these heretics were.

“Haha! Good! Good! Beauty, if you give up your destiny obediently, then I might keep your beautiful skinsuit intact.” Ying Long’s aura grew even colder while his blood red pupils were suffused with a strange glow that carried a wisp of fervor.

“What a bunch of nonsense. If you’re here to talk, then get the fuck off this sacrificial altar right now!” Zhao Qingyao spoke in an extremely frank manner.

“Dammit!” A wisp of a cold glow erupted from Ying Long’s blood red pupils. His figure flashed and charged forward, and his right arm actually seemed like a soft whip that whipped forcefully towards Zhao Qingyao.


At practically the exact same moment, Zhao Qingyao moved as well. She withdrew a shining green sword, and she seemed to have become a goddess of the sword that surged with killing intent.


The battle erupted!

At this instant, the Shaman Spirit Sacrificial Altar emanated a strand of invisible energy that covered the entire 300km area that it occupied.

In this way, the aftershocks of the battle were unable to spread to the outside. At the same time, the outside world would be unable to disturb the two participants of the battle.

Divine radiance surged while sword qi intersected. Peerless strands of sword qi were like numerous green colored blazing suns that slashed spare into piece, destroyed the world, and emanated dazzling light that illuminated the world.

At this moment, Zhao Qingyao vividly displayed the strength of a Region Lord that she possessed.

However, to the shock of Chen Xi and the others, such attacks were actually unable to harm Ying Long at all!

Ying Long’s style of battle was very strange. His arms that were densely covered by scales seemed like a pair of soft whips, they he struck with them in an extremely tricky, ruthless, fierce, swift, and terrifying manner.

No manner how formidable Zhao Qingyao’s attacks were, all of them were dealt with by a wave of his arms, and he seemed to be fighting her with ease.

“If all of these heretics possess such combat strengths, then we’re in slight danger….” Kong Youran muttered while her beautiful brows were already knit together tightly.

The others revealed solemn expressions as well. Because this battle allowed them to possess an extremely clear understanding of the combat strengths possessed by those heretics.

Pa! Pa! Pa!

On the sacrificial altar, world shocking explosions were resounding ceaselessly, and it was the fluctuation created by Zhao Qingyao’s successive attacks that were blocked over and over again. It seemed extremely ear piercing, and it caused many of the others to shudder with anxiety when they heard it.

Zhao Qingyao is in danger! A wisp of anxiousness surged into Chen Xi’s heart.


After a short moment, Ying Long suddenly stomped the ground before he made a tearing motion with his hand, and he actually forcefully tore Zhao Qingyao’s attack apart. Moreover, her body staggered back from the collision while her pretty face turned pale.

In an instant, the hearts of Chen Xi and the others jerked.

However, Ying Long didn’t seize this opportunity to launch a lethal attack. On the contrary, he actually abandoned such a superb opportunity to annihilate Zhao Qingyao and chuckled. “Beauty, your strength is too weak. If I didn’t take pity on your, then I would be able to kill you in less than three moves.”

His voice revealed a wisp of dense contempt and a feeling of superiority.

Zhao Qingyao’s face was livid while an unprecedented feeling of humiliation arose in her heart. She suddenly gritted her teeth, emanated blazing divine radiance from her entire body, and then charged forward once more.


The space here was obliterated and transformed into an ocean of flames. It was the strength of the True Phoenix line, and it was an extremely violent force capable of incinerating the heavens and boiling the oceans.

“It’s not enough. It’s still too weak!” Ying Long shook his head and seemed to be rather disappointed. As he spoke, he made a clawing motion with his hand, and a storm of blood descended from above. It carried shocking corrosive force that instantly dissolved the attack Zhao Qingyao had executed in her rage.

Zhao Qingyao’s face sank. She took deep breaths in succession, completely released all the strength she possessed and attacked at full force.

She was very clearly aware that once she lost, then she wouldn’t just perish, Ying Long would even seize everything that she possessed!

Such an outcome was something she was absolutely unwilling to see.


The battle continued, and it was extremely intense.

“Beauty, put a little more strength behind it.”

“Haha! You intend to kill me with such ability. It’s truly slightly laughable.”

“Pitiable, truly pitiable! Could it be that Region Lords from your Ancient God Domain are all so weak?”

Ying Long’s voice that was filled with mocking and disdain ceaselessly resounded from the battlefield, and it caused Zhao Qingyao’s face to turn livid while she was furious to the limit in her heart.

Even Chen Xi and the others who were watching the battle from the outside burned with rage. That damnable heretic! He’s clearly insulting her and trampling on her dignity!

On the other hand, Aruye and the others seemed carefree as if they weren’t surprised that Ying Long could accomplish this.

“How boring! How truly boring! Since it’s like that, then let’s end this!” Suddenly, Ying Long opened his mouth and roared.


In an instant, Zhao Qingyao seemed as if she’d been struck by lightning. Her body shook violently while she coughed up large mouthfuls of blood, and the region within her body was even on the verge of collapse.

This roar was extremely ear piercing, and it was filled with an icy cold energy that could take the soul away. It was Ying Long’s true ability, and it was extremely terrifying.

Just a single roar had caused the soul of a Region Lord like Zhao Qingyao to be injured while the region within her body had almost split apart!

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