Chapter 1946 – Shaman Spirit Battle Domain

Choose how we die? All of them almost wondered if their ears were deceiving them, and they wondered where Aruye got such confidence that actually talk big like that!

“Is it funny?” Aruye’s expression was indifferent as he replied with a question.

“It isn’t just laughable, it’s very absurd.” Chen Xi spoke calmly.

“If it wasn’t for the sake of smoothly accomplishing the future plans of my Ancient Shaman line, all of you would have died as soon as you entered the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos.” Aruye’s expression turned even more indifferent. At this moment, he actually seemed dignified and arrogant to the extreme, and he revealed an oppressive imposing aura.

He remained silent for a moment before he said, “At this point, I can’t be bothered to conceal anything from all of you. We only have a single objective behind the great pains we’d taken to bring all of you here.”

“It’s to utilize a special method to strip away your destiny!” He spoke word by word, and his voice was filled with a murderous aura.

Strip destiny away! The gazes of Chen Xi and the others focused.


Suddenly, Aruye flipped his palm, and then a piece of ancient beast skin soared into the sky. Black and white energy sprayed out from within it, and then it transformed into circle after circle of illusory and dreamlike halos.

Chen Xi and the others instantly became vigilant. They accumulated strength and prepared themselves for battle.


The ancient beast skin suddenly trembled violently as the black and white energy shot into the sky. In an instant, a strand of indescribable energy swept through the entire surroundings.


In the next moment, Chen Xi and the others felt the world tremble around them, and they felt dizzy and dazzled as the world around them started to warp and transform.

However, in merely an instant, their senses were clear once more. However, their expressions instantly changed when they saw the surroundings clearly.

This was a strange world of only black and white.

One half was black like the night, and the other was white like day.

Between the black and white was a completely straight line, and it split the world into two completely different areas.

At this moment, Chen Xi’s group was standing at the area that was black as night, and the completely straight boundary line was 30m in front of them.

On the other side of the boundary line where it was white as day, Aruye’s group was surprisingly standing there!

Where are we? Chen Xi and the others had gloomy expressions. Never had they imagined that they would fall into Aruye’s trap within an instant and be brought into this strange world.

If they weren’t wrong, then this strange world was probably formed from the mysterious and ancient beast skin from before!

“Yin and Yang transformed into a world while black and white manage life and death. Watch out everyone, this is the extremely renowned Shaman Spirit Battle Domain from the last era!” Jia Nan spoke with a solemn tone.

The Shaman Spirit Battle Domain! It was a completely unfamiliar existence to Chen Xi and the others. But in next to no time, Jia Nan sent them a voice transmission to explain everything.

For the sake of preventing the destructive force of the battle from affecting the outside world and to avoid being disturbed by others, whenever there was any conflict or battles between the Ancient Shamans during the last era, they would choose to fight within the Shaman Spirit Battle Domain.

There was an extremely harsh rule that limited all those that were within the Shaman Spirit Battle Domain. The Ancient Shamans that resided in the black and white areas had to kill their opponents at the other area in order to leave the domain.

In other words, once they’d decided to fight within the Shaman Spirit Battle Domain, then it had to end with the death of one side. If that was impossible to accomplish, then both sides would be trapped here for eternity!

Aruye had utilized the Shaman Spirit Battle Domain to trap Chen Xi and the others, so he’d clearly decided to annihilate them.

However, Chen Xi was slightly puzzled by this. If he merely intends to kill us, then there seems to be utterly no need for this.

Could it be that we can’t fight in the outside world?

Or perhaps he’s worried that the battle would affect the Door of the Last Days and cause unpredictable events to occur?

“You really know a lot, monk. Yes, this is the Shaman Spirit Battle Domain. My Ancient Shaman line is upstanding and dauntless, and it rules the world by combat. Even though we’ve arrived at this new era, we will never forget the inheritance passed down in our line.” At the area that was white as day, Aruye had a haughty bearing, and his gaze was like a bolt of lightning while he revealed a mighty imposing aura of supremacy.

After they arrived here, Aruye seemed to be completely devoid of worries, and he seemed to have stopped holding back.

“Such unnecessary action.” Chen Xi lightly spoke three words because he’d noticed that there was no danger in the Shaman Spirit Battle Domain.

“No.” Aruye disagreed decisively and said frankly, “Only by battling here would we not come into contact with the energy of the Door of the Last Days.”

He paused for a moment before a wisp of a cold smile appeared on the corners of his mouth. “Most importantly, only by fighting here would we have sufficient opportunities to strip away your destinies!”

It was still the same words he’d spoken earlier. However, at this moment, it carried a wisp of killing intent that struck directly at the heart.


Chen Xi withdrew the Talisman Armament and held it casually in his hand, and then he gazed at Aruye and said calmly, “Then let’s see who’ll be able to leave the Shaman Spirit Battle Domain in the end!”

“Don’t be impatient.” Aruye chuckled. “Even though you’re anxious to die, I must give you a word of caution. There’s a restriction to the battles in the Shaman Spirit Battle Domain.”

“What restriction?” Chen Xi frowned.

“Every single battle can only be a one on one battle. What do all of you think? Isn’t this restriction very advantageous to you?” Aruye sighed and said, “Since it’s advantageous to all of you, then it’s unfair to us. However, this isn’t important because all of you’ll be dying in any case.”

Even though he spoke like this, a wisp of a mysterious smile had suffused his face, and he seemed to really not mind that this restriction was advantageous to Chen Xi’s group.

One on one battle?! Chen Xi and the others really were slightly surprised when they heard this. After all, Aruye had 16 people n his group, and if they swarmed over towards Chen Xi’s group, then they would absolutely occupy a huge advantage.

However, they’d just happened to discard this advantage and chose to carry out one on one battles within the Shaman Spirit Battle Domain. This caused Chen Xi and the others to even feel slight disbelief.

Does such a kind enemy really exist in the world?

Obviously, it was impossible!

So, some sort of trap was definitely hidden behind all of this!

Chen Xi and the others didn’t dare lower their guards because of this.

“What? I’ve allowed all of you to gain a slight advantage, yet you don’t dare accept it? HAHAHA!!!”

When he saw the expressions of Chen Xi and the others have grown even more cautious, Aruye couldn’t help but roar with disdainful laughter, and then he said to those cloaked black robed figures. “See that?! That’s how the cultivators of the Ancient God Domain are!”

“Bastard! Come on! I’ll be the first to fight you!” Shi Yu was unable to restrain himself anymore after being repeatedly humiliated and mocked by these heretics, so he suddenly stepped forward and shouted loudly.

“You’re not a match for me.” Aruye glanced at Shi Yu with contempt as if he was looking at an ant. “It’s best that you withdraw yourself because only we can choose the participants of the battle, and all of you can only accept it!”

“That may not necessarily be the case!” Shi Yu’s face sank while the aura within his entire body surged. Space was blasted apart as he dashed through it, and he intended to attack Aruye. However, right when he’d just approached the boundary line, his figure was forcefully blasted flying by an invisible force, and his figure staggered back.

The others were shocked in their hearts.

Aruye and the others hadn’t done anything. So, in other words, Shi Yu was blasted back by the laws of the Shaman Spirit Battle Domain!

This indirectly proved that Aruye wasn’t exaggerating just now!

“Fool! Just stay there obediently and wait to be chose. This is destiny, and all of your destinies will be stripped away and seized today!” Aruye laughed coldly without end.

Shi Yu’s expression instantly changed indeterminately, and he was angered to the point he almost gnashed his teeth into pieces.

“Don’t get angry. The final outcome is still uncertain.” Chen Xi consoled Shi Yu via voice transmission while a trace of bewilderment still remained in his heart. He kept having the feeling that such a method of battle seemed too unusual.

Seize destiny?

Could it be that the battles within the Shaman Spirit Battle Domain aren’t as simple as just life and death?

Chen Xi couldn’t restrain himself from sending Jia Nan a voice transmission with the intention of asking about the Shaman Spirit Battle Domain. However, Jia Nan shook his head to display his lack of knowledge about it.

It was a treasure from the last era in the end, and Jia Nan had merely seen its name within a book.

However, Jia Nan was sure that even Aruye’s group couldn’t break the rules of the Shaman Spirit Battle Domain.

In other words, if they lost to the members of Chen Xi’s group, then they would definitely perish as well!

This allowed Chen Xi to be much more reassured. Even if he wasn’t aware of their true objectives, just knowing this was sufficient.

“Who amongst you will go first?” Meanwhile, Aruye gazed at the cloaked black robed figures.

“I will.” One of them stepped forward, casually removed the cloak that covered him, and revealed his true appearance.

He actually had the head of a snake! His pupils were blood red, a pitch black horn grew out of his head, a pair of curved and sharp fangs hung from the corners of his mouth, and he flicked his scarlet red, thin, and long tongue incessantly.


In an instant, his aura swept out and tore apart the black robe that covered his body, and he revealed a body that was densely covered in dark gold scales that were suffused within an icy cold and metallic sheen.

The strange thing was that his lower body wasn’t that of a snake, and it was a pair of legs that were covered in scales. This caused him to seem extremely terrifying.

Just a single look at this Ancient Shaman that seemed like a monster allowed the others to realize that his strength was extremely strong. Moreover, his entire body was filled with a cold, fierce, and bloodthirsty aura.

His imposing aura was comparable to that of a Region Lord!

In an instant, Chen Xi and the others determined that the strength of this Ancient Shaman wasn’t inferior to all of them who were Region Lords.

“Ying Long, whose destiny do you wish to strip?” asked Aruye in a light voice.

Obviously, that Ancient Shaman that looked like a monster was called Ying Long.

At this instant, Chen Xi and the others frowned while a wisp of indescribable rage arose in their hearts. Because this simply felt like they were prisoners that were selected to be killed at will.

“Monster, if you have the balls, then fight with me, your grandfather!” Shi Yu laughed with ridicule and provoked Ying Long.

“I really want to see how it feels to blast your snake head apart. It’s best if I’m the one to deal with him!” Yea Chen spoke coldly with a tone that was filled with killing intent.

Ying Long remained indifferent towards all of this. His gloomy and cold blood red pupils swept past Chen Xi and the others before his gaze descended onto Zhao Qingyao in the end.

Hiss! Hiss!

Ying Long flicked his thin and long scarlet red tongue, and his voice was sharp and ghastly. “I like the smell of this woman.”

He actually intended to choose Zhao Qingyao as his opponent!

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