Chapter 1945 – Arriving Menacingly

A 300km tall door that was covered in bones had arisen from the ground, and as it stood towering there, it caused others to look up at it like they were ants.

It was truly too lofty and tall, and it emanated a strand of horrifying pressure.


Suddenly, wind and lightning raged throughout the surroundings. Bolt after bolt of lightning that was thick and large like a dragon coiled around the door. It was the Tribulation Lightning of the Last Days, and it possessed unfathomable might.

Every single inch of space here seemed to be filled with an indescribable aura of destruction, and it instilled terror in the hearts of all.

The Door of the Last Days!

Chen Xi and the others didn’t have to give it any thought before they determined that the mysterious 300km tall door was the legendary Door of the Last Days!

It was very mysterious, hidden at the bottom of the Grand Abyss of Catastrophe, and it had existed for countless years.

The Last Days!

It represented the destruction of all techniques and the collapse of all Daos!

Once the tribulation of the Last Days arrived, then all techniques and Dao in the world would be obliterated, and cultivators would lose the foundation that which they lived on!

According to legend, tribulation energy that was sufficient to destroy an era was stored within the Door of the Last Days.

At this moment, Chen Xi and the others had solemn expressions as they gazed at the mysterious and towering Door of the Last Days from afar, and their entire bodies felt slightly cold.

“Earlier, I tried to suppress all of this with my own strength. Unfortunately, only now did I realize that I was overestimating my ability….” Jia Nan coughed up blood, and he had a ghastly pale countenance and an extremely dim gaze. Moreover, his voice carried deep sorrow and helplessness.

Only now did the others realize that the reason Jia Nan was sitting cross-legged here and changing just now was actually for the sake of stopping the appearance of the Door of the Last Days!

Unfortunately, he’d failed in the end, causing him to cough up blood incessantly while he seemed dispirited and haggard.

“Fellow Daoists, I’m unable to be of any further help.” Jia Nan smiled bitterly and sighed.

“Jia Nan, you’ve already done a great deal for us. At the very least, if it wasn’t for you, then we would be utterly unaware about everything here.” Chen Xi took a deep breath and said, “Leave the rest to us. No matter what, I’ll definitely do all I can to lead everyone back to the Ancient God Domain!”

His voice was calm yet resolute.

However, only Chen Xi was clearly aware that if it was exactly as Jia Nan said, their only chance of leaving would be realized by opening the Door of the Last Days.

But in that way….

The consequences would be unimaginable!

What should I do? Chen Xi felt heavy pressure in his heart as he stared at the 300km tall Door of the Last Days in the distance, and he remained silent.

The Door of the Last Days was completely covered by bones, so it was impossible to lay eyes on its true appearance.

Jia Nan had said that only Chen Xi was capable of opening the mysterious door. But at this moment, Chen Xi didn’t have any idea about how to accomplish that.

“Chen Xi, why don’t we seize this opportunity to leave?” said Shi Yu in a low voice.

“It’s impossible.” Before Chen Xi could even speak, Jia Nan shook his head and said, “One may only enter but not leave the Grand Abyss of Catastrophe. Once one tries to leave, then one will suffer calamity and perish.”

“How can you know for sure without giving it a try?” said Shi Yu while he frowned.

“See all those bones and skeletons? They did that in the past, but they perished in the end.” Jia Nan sighed and said, “This is a dead end with no way out, and the only path out is by opening up the Door of the Last Days.”

All of their hearts felt even heavier when they heard this. They had no path of retreat, and the only way out was the Door of the Last Days. This simply placed them in an impasse.

After all, once they opened up the Door of the Last Days, then could any one of them bear the severe consequences of such an action?

Not to mention that countless people had tried to open this door since the ancient times. However, practically all of them had failed in the end. So, they may not necessarily be able to accomplish this!

“Jia Nan is right. Once you’ve arrived within the Grand Abyss of Catastrophe, then there’s no way out.” Right at this moment, the sound of laughter sounded out from far away above them, and along with this voice, a group of figures strode through space and arrived here.

The person in the lead wore a blood red robe and possessed a violent and icy cold aura. It was exactly Wang Zhong!

Over 10 black robed figures were following behind Wang Zhong. They wore cloaks, were completely covered beneath dense black mist, and they possessed icy cold auras that didn’t reveal any emotion.

In an instant, the pupils of Chen Xi and the others constricted.

Even though they were clearly aware that the descendants of the Ancient Shamans that had survived from the last era would definitely make an appearance, their hearts couldn’t help but feel slightly heavy when such a scene really occurred.

Especially surprising to them was that Wang Zhong had actually become their leader!

The atmosphere here was deathly silent, murderous, and confrontational to the point it was suffocating.

At this moment, Chen Xi and the others stood in midair while the 300km tall Door of the Last Days resided behind them.

On the other hand, Wang Zhong’s group resided 3km in front of them, and they were faintly in confrontation from afar.

“There are 16 of them, and their group is more than two times larger than our own. This isn’t the main point; the main point is the I suspect their strengths are probably not inferior to any one of us.” At this instant, Kong Youran’s clear eyes surged with a discerning gaze as she swiftly sent a voice transmission to the others. “If it’s really like that, then we’ll definitely have to fight a bloody battle in order to kill them.”

The others realized this as well. Since Wang Zhong’s group dared to make such a fearless and arrogant appearance here, then they’d definitely made sufficient preparations.

“Don’t worry, let see what happens first.” At this moment, Chen Xi seemed to be extremely calm while his expression was calm and composed. He sent a voice transmission to the others. “Presently, the Door of the Last Days hasn’t been opened yet, so they probably won’t be impatient to make a move.”

These words caused Kong Youran and the others to feel much more reassured.

All of this took some time to describe, but it was actually completely in a short period of a few moments. Experts that possessed cultivations at the Imperial Monarch Realm like Chen Xi and the others could communicate in an instant via voice transmission.

“Fellow Daoists, we meet again.” As soon as he arrived here, Wang Zhong placed his hands behind his back as he stopped in midair, and his blood red robe seemed beautiful and striking amidst the wind in the surroundings.

A smile hung on the corners of his mouth as he glanced at Chen Xi and the others like a hunter that was observing his prey, and he revealed a bearing of supremacy.

Only when he saw Jia Nan was Wang Zhong slightly stunned, and then he seemed to have thought of something as he said, “Looks like there’s no need for me to explain our identities.”

These words alone allowed Chen Xi and the others to further confirm that ‘Wang Zhong’ really was an Ancient Shaman from the last era!

“Wang Zhong, stop putting on airs!” Shi Yu couldn’t stand the sight of Wang Zhong’s arrogant and haughty bearing, and he couldn’t help but shout coldly.

“Fool! I’m called Aruye. That piece of trash Wang Zhong can’t compare to me at all.” Aruye who’d once disguised himself as Wang Zhong spoke with a tone that was filled with disdain.


Obviously, this was Wang Zhong’s real name.

Shi Yu’s expression instantly sank when he was called a fool, and he was just about to speak when Chen Xi stopped him.

“I’m really curious. This door hasn’t been opened yet, so why have all of you shown yourselves impatiently?” Chen Xi’s expression was indifferent while his eyes locked onto Aruye.

“To tell you the truth, the outcome was inevitable as soon as all of you arrived here, so it doesn’t make a difference if we make an appearance earlier or later.” Aruye spoke slowly with a tone of absolute control. Just as Chen Xi had guessed, he wasn’t anxious to make a move against them at all.

“Oh, then why are all of you so sure that the Door of the Last Days would definitely be opened this time?” Chen Xi’s expression remained calm and composed.

They weren’t anxious to attack and so was he, and it couldn’t be any better if he was able to obtain some information from Aruye.

A wisp of a strange arc suddenly appeared on the corners of Aruye’s mouth. He stared at Chen Xi as he said, “Chen Xi! Oh! Chen Xi! I never expected that you still haven’t figured out that you’re the key to opening the Door of the Last Days?”

As soon as these words were spoken, the hearts of Kong Youran and the others shook fiercely, and they finally confirmed that Jia Nan was actually right!

Chen Xi was actually the key to opening the Door of the Last Days!

At this moment, Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed while his voice remained calm and composed as he said, “Why me?”

Chen Xi had asked Jia Nan this same question, but Jia Nan had merely shaken his head and remained silent.

On the other hand, when Aruye heard this question, he shook his head and refused to answer as well. He merely grinned and said, “Since you don’t know, then it’s better than you don’t know forever.”

Chen Xi frowned and said, “Aren’t you afraid that I wouldn’t open it?”

Aruye started laughing. He roared with laughter as if he felt that Chen Xi’s question was extremely immature, and he finally restrained his laughter after quite some time. He said, “Looks like all of you are still unaware that your destiny has long since escaped your control!”

As he finished speaking, his voice already carried a tone of confidence in his ability to attain victory.

“What a joke!”

“All you know how to do is exaggerate to instill fear in others and make an empty show of strength. Looks like all of you descendants of the Ancient Shamans aren’t really great!” Kong Youran and the others sneered at Wang Zhong’s words because he dared to speak arrogantly about controlling their destiny.

Aruye laughed with even more delight when he heard this, and then he pointed at them and said, “Just look at all of you geniuses from the Ancient God Domain, the leading figures of the younger generation from the five extremes of the Imperial Region. Yet now, all of you’re like extremely stupid fools. The heavens are simply blind to have allowed idiots like all of you to take possession of the entire Ancient God Domain!”

His words were sharp and no different from insults.

When had Kong Youran and the others suffer such insult? All of their faces immediately sank while rage arose in their hearts.

Damnable heretic! He really thinks we’re prey that he can slaughter at will!?

“Everyone be careful. It might be a trick! This fellow is probably infuriating us on purpose.” Chen Xi’s gaze was piercingly cold as he reminded the others.

Right at this moment, Aruye’s expression suddenly turned calm, and it was even indifferent as he said, “Out of consideration that all of you’re about to die, I can tell all of you frankly that we Ancient Shamans have been planning this for a very long time, and we’ve waited for a long time as well. It’s absolutely impossible for all of you to resist us with merely the strengths you possess.”

He paused for a moment before he continued. “Perhaps all of you don’t believe me. However, it’s not important anymore.”

When he spoke up to here, a mysterious smile suddenly arose on the corners of his mouth, and then Aruye’s gaze swept past all of them before he continued. “Of course, for the sake of displaying the sincerity of my Ancient Shaman line, all of you can choose how you die.”

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