Chapter 1944 – The Door Of The Last Days

When they heard this, the others chimed in and nodded.

Indeed, every single one of their hearts were filled with countless questions. It would be too troublesome if they were to ask question by question, so it was better to ask Jia Nan to explain everything to them.

Jia Nan didn’t refuse Chen Xi’s request. However, before he did explain, he said, “Fellow Daoists, please come here with me. I expect that it won’t be long before those descendants of the Ancient Shamans would arrive here.”

The descendants of the Ancient Shamans that he spoke of were those heretics that had survived the last era.

Presently, Chen Xi and the others were clearly aware of this. So, their hearts shook when they heard this, and they didn’t refuse Jia Nan’s suggestion to flash over to the ocean of bones where Jia Nan resided.


As soon as he arrived here, Chen Xi instantly sensed a practically suffocating aura of death curling up from the bones beneath his feet. It caused his entire body to feel uncomfortable, and he grew even more careful.

“I noticed that there was something off about Wang Zhong since the Dao Discussion, but I wasn’t able to confirm his true identity….” A wisp of recollection surged through Jia Nan’s eyes, and he started to describe everything he knew.

“When we entered the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos, I’d roughly determined that Wang Zhong wasn’t the real Wang Zhong, and he was a descendant of the Ancient Shamans that resided here!

“After I advanced into the ranks of Region Lords and completely grasped the Mind’s Eye technique, I was even more certain about this judgement of mine.

“Perhaps Fellow Daoists are already clearly aware that Ancient Shamans was a method of address for the cultivators from the last era. We’re called cultivators while they were called Shamans.

“This sort of Shaman is unlike the Fiendgod Body Refiners within our cultivation world, and it’s also different from the 10 Shaman Ancestors from the primeval times who were born in the three dimensions. It’s merely a title. However, they are true body refiners.

“In short, in the records of my Buddhist Sect, the title of Ancient Shaman referred to a system of cultivation for the cultivators during the last era.

“Wang Zhong is a descendant of Ancient Shamans.

“They survived the destruction of the last era. However, they’re unable to resist the energy of the Heaven Dao from this era, so they were trapped in the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos in the end. So, to all of us cultivators, they… are naturally existences akin to heretics.

“In the past, I wasn’t certain that Ancient Shamans existed in the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos, but that was until I saw this Grand Abyss of Catastrophe. I finally confirmed that the prophecy left behind by the ancestor of my Buddhist Sect was actually true….”

Shi Yu couldn’t help but ask. “What prophecy?”

“The last days resides in the grand abyss, the karmic tribulation of Samsara rises!” Jia Nan didn’t mind being interrupted. Conversely, when he spoke of this prophecy, a wisp of worry that couldn’t be eliminated had appeared on his face.

“The Last Days is when everything is destroyed and all Daos collapse! If it really occurs, then all the Daos and techniques grasped by the cultivators of the world would be completely stripped away!

“Once something like this happens, then cultivators wouldn’t be cultivators anymore, and their existence would lose all meaning.

“On the other hand, in the opinion of my Buddhist Sect, Samsara represents the movement of fate. If the last days descends on an era, then it’s bound to move towards destruction. This is what the karmic tribulation of Samsara represents!”

When he spoke up to here, Jia Nan’s tone had become slightly heavy.

“I presume all of you’ve already noticed that the Door of the Last Days in hidden at the bottom of the Grand Abyss of Catastrophe and opening it might lead to the rise of the karmic tribulation of Samsara….”

When they heard this, a wisp of coldness couldn’t help but arise in all their hearts, and a chill ran down their spines. Could it be that the rumor Jia Nan spoke of is true?

Once the Door of the Last Days is opened, the current era would be obliterated?

This is a little too astounding!

If all of this was based on Jia Nan’s own guesses, then they would definitely snicker with contempt. However, when all of this had the prophecy of the ancestor of the Buddhist Sect to prove it, they had no choice but to treat it seriously.

However, Chen Xi frowned instead because he didn’t agree with Jia Nan’s definition of Samsara.

Because since the moment he’d obtained the Condemn Evil Brush and Netherworld Register, he’d started to come into contact with the true profundities of Samsara!

What was Samsara?

It was a form of energy, yet it was a type of order as well!

It could judge the sins of the world and it could bring order to good and bad in the world to give peace and justice to the world!

In the end, the cycle of reincarnation was one that considered good would be repaid with good while evil would be rewarded with evil, and it allowed all chaos and disorder to enter into an orderly cycle.

It was precisely because this energy was too much of a taboo that the Third Netherworld Emperor had been jointly crushed by the almighty figures of the world and perished in the end.

When Chen Xi grasped the core Dao Insights of Paramita, Oblivion, and Terminus that formed the energy of Samara which represented reincarnation, he obtained even greater knowledge about how terrifying it was.

It wasn’t just a simple form of energy or order.

This was Chen Xi’s understanding of Samsara. So, when he heard Jia Nan’s understanding of Samsara was merely related to the ‘movement of fate’, he naturally didn’t agree with it.

However, Chen Xi didn’t refute Jia Nan. This sort of energy was too much of a taboo, so once he spoke of it, then what he said would definitely be exposed to others. The consequences of this were difficult to foretell.

“Those Ancient Shamans that survived the last era have been constantly trying to open the Door of the Last Days for a very long time. Because only in that way would they be able to escape the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos and obliterate everything that belongs to this era.” Jia Nan continued. “They’ve been planning for countless years in order to accomplish this objective. Now, it’s the moment that they put their plan into action!”

“Could it be that the reason of their existence is to destroy this era?” Kong Youran felt slight disbelief.

“No, this is just one of their objectives. Because only in that way would they be able to become existences that rule over everything during the next era.

“Not to mention that the secrets of the Ultimate Path towards the Dao are very likely to be hidden behind the Door of the Last Days. This poses a form of lethal temptation to the Ancient Shamans.

“If the secrets of the Ultimate Path towards the Dao existed during the last era, then perhaps… they wouldn’t have suffered the catastrophe of the last era and arrived at this era….”

As he spoke, Jia Nan suddenly laughed with self-ridicule. “Of course, this is merely my deduction, and no one is certain if it would come true.”

This topic seemed to be very heavy, and it caused their emotions to rise and fall. Moreover, they were actually at a loss for words.

It was originally a mere trip to the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos, and their objective was very simple. It was to advance into the ranks of Region Lords.

But who would have imagined that everything wasn’t simple anymore once they actually arrived here?

In the past, they’d never imagined that Ancient Shamans that survived from the last era would exist here.

Moreover, they’d never imagined that the Grand Abyss of Catastrophe at the mysterious area within the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos wouldn’t just be likely to possess the true secrets of the Ultimate Path towards the Dao, it was even related to the energy of calamity that could destroy the era!

All of this was too inconceivable to Chen Xi and the others. It was even to the extent that it felt absurd and bizarre to them. So, they were unable to digest such information in a short period of time.

“Hah! Even if something like this really occurs, how could those old geezers from the five extremes of the Imperial Region sit by idly and remain indifferent?” Yea Chen smiled in a carefree manner, and he maintained a doubtful attitude towards all of this.

Chen Xi asked instead. “Jia Nan, every single one of these corpses on the ground belongs to existences that intended to open the Door of the Last Days yet failed in the end. Why do they think that they’ll definitely be able to succeed this time?” 

As soon as he finished speaking, it instantly drew the attention of everyone else.

Right, they’ve practically never succeeded in the past, so why would it be successful this time?

Why did those heretics start this plan and wait until now?

At this moment, Jia Nan fell silent. After a long time, he raised his head, glanced at Chen Xi, and then said, “Because of you.”

It was merely three words, yet it caused Chen Xi to be completely stunned.

The others were astounded as well, and they opened their eyes wide. Because of Chen Xi? Isn’t this reason too inconceivable?

At this moment, Jia Nan’s expression was solemn to the extreme, and he didn’t seem like he was joking.

“Why is it because of me?” asked Chen Xi with a frown on his face.

“Because in their opinions, only you can open the Door of the Last Days.” Jia Nan spoke word by word.

This reason was very farfetched as well, and it even couldn’t be called a reason. Because he hadn’t said why those heretics thought that Chen Xi could accomplish it while others couldn’t.

The others were stunned and felt slight disbelief, and the gazes they shot at Chen Xi carried a wisp of surprise.

“Why?” Chen Xi’s brows knit together even more tightly as he pursued an answer.

Jia Nan shook his head and remained silent.

This caused the others to feel slightly disappointed.

Chen Xi suddenly said, “Since it’s like that, then wouldn’t the plans of the heretics fail if I don’t open the Door of the Last Days?”

“No, since the moment you appeared within the Grand Abyss of Catastrophe, you were bound to be unable to stay out of this. Unless you open that door, otherwise… all of us will become part of the bones that cover the ground here.” Jia Nan shook his head and spoke words that caused the bodies of the others to feel slightly cold.


Before Chen Xi could react to this, Jia Nan’s countenance suddenly turned pale, and then he suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood.

In the next moment, his entire body shook while his eyes instantly became extremely dimmed. He seemed as if he was on the verge of collapse.

“Leave! Quickly!” Jia Nan’s voice was hoarse as he flicked his sleeve, and he brought Chen Xi and the others along as he left this area that was covered in an ocean of bones to float in midair far away in the distance.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

At practically the exact same time, the boundless area that was covered in blood actually started to roil violently like tempestuous waves were going through it.

An indescribably terrifying aura swept out from the ocean of bones as well, and the aura filled with single inch of space.

The hearts of Chen Xi and the others shook fiercely, and their expressions changed.

What’s happening?


In the next moment, a world shaking bang resounded. Suddenly, an colossal and ancient door suddenly surged into appearance at the center of the ocean of bones, and it rose up ceaselessly into the air!

At this moment, the dense expanse of bones seemed as if they were being collected by an invisible hand, and they surged simultaneously into the mysterious and ancient door.

In a short period of a few breaths of time, the boundless ocean of bones had vanished, and what lay before their eyes was a door that shot 300km into the air and was covered in bones!

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