Chapter 1943 – Ocean of Bones

The abyss was bottomless and boundlessly vast.

As Chen Xi and the other flew within it, all they saw was darkness, and they were utterly unable to see anything else. It was like the abyss was completely empty.

It was very quiet here as well, and it was like they’d arrived at an unfamiliar world.

This world had a single characteristic — emptiness.

It seemed to have no boundaries, no landscape, and nothing to refer to. It was empty and deathly silent.

When everything was empty, then it seemed boundless!

It was the first time that Chen Xi and the others had arrived at such a strange place. Even though they hadn’t encountered any danger throughout their path forward, they didn’t dare relax at all.

Conversely, along with the passage of time and as they travelled deeper into the abyss, a wisp of terror had risen incomprehensibly within their hearts.

It was like some sort of extreme danger was hidden in the deepest depths of the abyss.

If it was any other cultivators, those cultivators would have probably been terrified by this mysterious place to the point of turning around and going back the way they came.

However, Chen Xi and the others didn’t.

Everything here wasn’t enough to make terror arise in their hearts or flee in panic.

On the contrary, the more mysterious this place was, the more curious they became, and they wondered if this place really hid the true secrets of the Ultimate Path towards the Dao.


Chen Xi and the others flew ceaseless. They crushed through space and whistled through the air, and it seemed to be especially ear piercing amidst this deathly silent atmosphere.

After 10 minutes had passed, Chen Xi who was leading the way had suddenly stopped, and he said, “Watch out!”

The hearts of the others shook. When they raised their eyes to look over, they saw that strands of grey and hazy mist had suddenly started covering the space extremely far away from them.

The mist was fine like threads and illusory. It curled up ceaselessly at that expanse of space, and it seemed soft and graceful.

However, when they first laid eyes on the grey and hazy mist, they sensed an indescribably terrifying aura of danger.

The Dao Restraint Tribulation Energy!

Dao Restraint Tribulation Energy that had taken material form!

In the past, they’d broken through Dao Restraint Tribulation Energy before they refined and absorbed a Region Quintessence. However, that tribulation energy was shapeless, colorless, and contained no light. It was practically impossible to see with the naked eye.

However, the tribulation energy before them had transformed into mist that was material. The mist was grey, hazy, and illusory. Moreover, while it seemed to be soft and gentle, it was extremely dangerous!

Their expressions turned solemn. None of them had imagined that the first danger they encountered after entering this mysterious abyss would be an expanse of Dao Restraint Tribulation Energy that had transformed into an expanse of mist.

Even though it seemed soft, gentle, and calm, every single strand was probably sufficient to annihilate them on the spot!

At this moment, even Chen Xi felt the situation before him was slightly difficult to deal with. He’d probed the tribulation energy within the energy of the Daoseal Mark. Even though he’d managed to shake the grey and hazy tribulation energy with great difficulty, it was extremely difficult for him to bring the entire group along with him.

It was even to the extent that he was able to determine that the tribulation energy was even much stronger than the wall of tribulation energy he’d encountered before the nine Region Quintessences which he’d refined and absorbed at that time.

“Hmm?” Right when Chen Xi’s brows were knit together, he’d inadvertently noticed that there was actually a rift amidst the tribulation energy that seemed like mist as it covered the entire area in the distance!

The rift was winding and concealed behind the grey mist, and it would truly be difficult to notice if one didn’t look carefully.


Chen Xi’s figure flashed, and he arrived before the rift. After he observed it carefully for a long time, Chen Xi’s pupils couldn’t help but constrict in the end while he revealed a slightly solemn expression.

Meanwhile, the others had rushed over successively when they noticed Chen Xi’s unusual actions. All of them couldn’t help but reveal a wisp of surprise when they noticed the rift within the grey and hazy mist.

“I presume all of you’ve noticed that someone has been here before us, and that person has already passed through this area that’s enveloped by Dao Restraint Tribulation Energy.” Chen Xi took a deep breath before he spoke in a deep voice.

“Could it be those heretics?” Yea Chen seemed to be lost in thought as he spoke.

“No!” Chen Xi answered without the slightest hesitate. According to his deduction, the heretics were probably hiding in the shadows while looking for an opportunity to act. It was absolutely impossible for the heretics to open up the way for them.

“Then who could it be?” The others were puzzled.

“No matter who it is, we’ll know once we go in and have a look.” Chen Xi said swiftly, “I’ve observed it earlier, and we can safely traverse this area by following along this rift.”

“Then let’s act.” The others had no further objections when they heard this. However, they became even more careful. Because even though they had a rift to travel through, the mist was ceaselessly moving, so it was naturally not harmful to be slightly more careful.

Chen XI immediately took the lead and led them forward along the rift.

All along the way, their nerves were strained while they remained vigilant to the extreme. They were deeply afraid that the threads of illusory grey mist would taint them.

Fortunately, this area covered in Dao Restrain Tribulation Energy wasn’t huge, and they’d safely traversed it after a mere moment had passed.

When they’d escaped that extremely dangerous area, many of them couldn’t help but heave sighs of relief, and it was like they’d taken a trip around the gates of hell.

Om! Om!

A wave of indistinct yet solemn Buddhist chanting suddenly resounded from extremely far away. It was faint, seemed to be far yet close, and carried a sorrowful aura.

Hmm? In an instant, the hearts of Chen Xi and the others shook. Buddhist chanting?

Why would Buddhist chanting be coming from this bottomless and mysterious abyss?

At this moment, a figure had simultaneously appeared in all their minds — Could it be the Buddhist Sect’s Jia Nan? They didn’t converse with each other and continued flying towards the depths of the abyss.

All along the way, they didn’t encounter any other dangers, and only the solemn and sorrow Buddhist chanting gradually grew clearer and louder.

Later on, it was simply like the sound of the morning bell, and it struck at the depths of their hearts!

Meanwhile, a horrifying scene had gradually appeared in their fields of vision.

It was an expanse covered in bones. The bones were seemed like snow as they lay there, and they densely covered the ground as if there was no end to them.

There were too many!

It was like an ocean formed from bones, and the ghastly bones were floating in it. Moreover, it seemed like a vast battlefield of purgatory that was piled up with the corpses of countless brave warriors!

Who could have imagined that so many corpses would actually be piled up at the depths of this abyss? Who did those corpses belong to?

What sort of misfortune did they occur to be buried here in the end?

It was a horrifying sight!

Such a sight had utterly exceeded their expectations. They originally thought that it was a place of fortune that was related to the true secrets of the Ultimate Path towards the Dao. Yet now it seemed like a purgatory of slaughter!

At this moment, at the end of the bones that covered the ground was a figure seated cross-legged there. He wore a moon white monk’s robe, his back was ramrod straight, and his entire body was suffused with a holy, pure, and grand glow. Shockingly, it was Jia Nan!

However, at this moment, he was seated cross-legged with his eyes tightly closed while he chanted, and his entire body emanated an aura of sorrow and compassion.

Chen Xi and the others were instantly stunned.

None of them had imagined that Jia Nan would have actually arrived below the mysterious abyss before them.

Moreover, it was even a greater surprise to them when they saw Jia Nan seated cross-legged on the ocean of bones while chanting. He was actually helping the countless spirits here attain release and reincarnation.

All of this seemed to be slightly inconceivable, and it was to the point that Chen Xi and the others were unable to recover from their shock.

Right at this moment, the grand Buddhist chanting had suddenly vanished, and then Jia Nan who sat cross-legged in the distance had opened his eyes.

He seemed to not be surprised when he saw Chen Xi and the others, and his expression remained solemn, tranquil, and compassionate.

“All of you’ve come here in the end.” Jia Nan sighed, and then he stood up, pressed his palms together, and said to Chen Xi and the others, “Buddha be praised.”

Only then did he say. “I presume Fellow Daoists have numerous questions after travelling all the way here. Even though my knowledge is limited, I’m still willing to help resolve these questions.”

Chen Xi and the others relaxed slightly when they heard this. Jia Nan was still the Jia Nan they knew, and his disposition hadn’t changed.

“Where are we?” Shi Yu was the first who was unable to restrain himself from asking a question.

“The Grand Abyss of Catastrophe.” As expected, Jia Nan answered thoroughly. “According to rumor, the true secrets of the Ultimate Path towards the Dao are hidden here, and it also seals a calamity that can obliterate this era.”

The Grand Abyss of Catastrophe!

Their hearts shook when they heard the rumor Jia Nan spoke of. It was the first time they’d heard that besides containing the true secrets of the Ultimate Path towards the Dao, this place actually held a calamity that could obliterate the current era!

This was something that felt slightly absurd to them.

Obliterate an era?

Doesn’t that mean that even the entire Ancient God Domain would be obliterated?

What a joke!

The Ancient God Domain has experienced the passage of countless years until now, and it’s called an eternal domain that exists for eternity. How could it possible be obliterated just like that?

“Rumors really are rumors. They are too absurd and can’t be trusted.” Yea Chen remained carefree and shook his head without end.

Jia Nan didn’t refute this, and he remained silent.

Kong Youran asked. “Then what’s this place that’s covered in bones? What are you doing here?”

In an instant, everyone perked up their ears because they were shocked and puzzled by this as well.

“This is where the Door of the Last Days resides.” Jia Nan pointed at those bones while he spoke with a low and calm voice. “More than half of these bones are from the descendants of the Ancient Shamans from the last era, and a small portion of them come from the cultivators of the Ancient God Domain.”

He paused for a moment before he continued. “No matter if it’s the descendants of the Ancient Shamans or the cultivators of the Ancient God Domain, all of them came here to open the Door of the Last Days with the intention of obtaining some sort of indescribable fortune. However, practically all of them failed and perished here in the end.”

The Door of the Last Days!

The descendants of the Ancient Shamans from the last era!

As they gazed at the endless expanse of bones around them and heard the secrets that Jia Nan revealed, their hearts were slightly unable to calm down.

They came for the sake of opening the Door of the Last Days, yet they perished here in the end? Then exactly what sort of world shocking secrets are hidden within the Door of the Last Days?

Meanwhile, Chen Xi suddenly raised his head, and he gazed at Jia Nan who stood in the distance before he said, “Jia Nan, can you tell us everything you know?”

There was a slight relationship between him and Jia Nan. Even though they hadn’t formed a close relationship, their relationship still couldn’t be considered to be ordinary. It was even to the extent that if he considered it carefully, he still owed Jia Nan an enormous favor.

Because it was Jia Nan who’d utilized the secret treasures of the Buddhist Sect to save Zhen Liuqing’s life all those years ago!

So, at such a moment, Chen Xi would absolutely not believe that Jia Nan was deceiving them on purpose.

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